Jeff Walling Dares to Dance with God

Women and Children, Boys or Effeminate will rule over you. No Biblical or Historical Exception to the persona.

"Philodemus considered it paradoxical that music should be regarded as veneration of the gods while musicians were paid for performing this so-called veneration. Again, Philodemus held as self deceptive the view that music mediated religious ecstasy. He saw the entire condition induced by the noise of cymbals and tambourines as a disturbance of the spirit.

He found it significant that, on the whole, only women and effeminate men fell into this folly. Accordingly, nothing of value could be attributed to music; it was no more than a slave of the sensation of pleasure, which satisfied much in the same way that food and drink did.

Similar opinions may be found in the writings of Philo. On one occasion he spoke of the Jewish "Feast of Fasting," used by the Greeks for the Day of Atonement:

"Now, many a man from the false religions, which are not ashamed of criticising what is noble, will ask: how can there be a feast without carousing and overeating, without the pleasant company of hosts and guests, without quantities of unmixed wine, without richly set tables and highly stacked provisions of everything that pertains to a banquet, without pageantry and jokes,

bantering and merry-making to the accompaniment of flutes and citharas, the sound of drums and cymbals and other effeminate and frivolous music of every king,

enkindling unbridled lusts with the help of the sense of hearing. For in and through the same [pleasures] those persons openly seek their joy, for what true joy is their they do not know.

Women's singing was a vital part of all pagan worship. In very early times women became priestly singers of the gods in the temple.

"Women and girls from the different ranks of society were proud to enter the service of the gods as singers and musicians. The understanding of this service was universal: these singers constituted the 'harem of the gods'."  [Quasten)

"Before the establishment of the kingdom under Saul, it was the women who, as in every young civilization, played a major part in the performance of music. Such figures as Miriam, Deborah, Jephthah's daughter, and the women hailing the young hero David have become almost archetypes of female musicians.

"Characteristic of all these cases is the familiar picture of a female chorus, dancing and singing, accompanied by frenzied drum-beating.

This is the scene known to the entire Near East, and not "even the severe rule of Islam could wholly suppress this age-old practice." (Int Dict of the Bible, Music, p. 457).



If you are Daring to Dance with God and Jeff Walling at the Nashville Jubilee, and you try to DANCE WITH A Dancing God god you may end up in the arms of Baal or Lucifer. Remember the battle between God through Elijah and the Jezebel priests of Asherah and Baal? These priests and prophets tried to call their "god" into their presence through external means including music and dance. Like lemmings crowding to destruction as a result of overpopulation, churches repudiate the message of Jesus and are abandoning Scripture to Worship Leaders, Dance Teams, and Musical Worship Teams.
Often, Walling (as well as others) makes fun and slurs others who are sincerely striving to walk in the steps of the Saviour. In his book, "Daring to Dance with God" he advocates that God is inviting us to come and dance with him...not at arms length; rather he pulls us in tight, taking us for the "dance of a lifetime...." His play on words is offensive, as he associates the holy with the profane. He talks about Christians whose "dancing shoes are too light." They need to let go and loosen up a little, he teaches. Other Christians he calls the "Gospel Gestapos" as ones ever on patrol for those who do or say things not exactly as they think it should be. I suppose anyone who dares question anyone, or who exposed another for teaching falsely would be so labeled.
When God pours out His wrath the word is ORGE which identifies singing, dancing, clapping, playing and MUCH more.  Paul said that WOMEN should sit down and MEN should lift holy PALMS to PREVENT the outbreak of WRATH or the madness promoted by women in Corinth. The Hebrew means that God SENDS you jesters, clowns, buffoons, singers and actors.  When the people seem to laugh WITH you--as at the musical idolatry at Mount Sinai God says that YOU are the laughingstock.

I will post some background to the "marketable" theme of daring to dance with God..

So many of the New Style of Worship songs trivialise the high truths of salvation. Many are in a style which is simply not suited to the holy spirituality which is due to our God. Moreover, due to their pietistic, subjectivist roots, many of today's songs

are highly self-centred in their expression, and they pursue an almost obsessive musical celebration of "Me and My Wonderful Feelings" rather than the Lord and His amazing works.

Moreover, many of the New Style of Worship songs appear to have been designed to put a congregation into a state of blissful ecstasy --

especially if sung repetitively, as they most often are.
This induces a
pre-hypnotic 'Alpha-wave' brain-state condition,in which people are more easily susceptible to the expectations and the powerful suggestions of influential leaders. These are ideas which we will be developing.

In fact, many of the songs of today are pursuing an agenda which is not immediately apparent to the casual observer --

that is, until you know the 'buzz' words and phrases. Dynamic triggers such as "I'm building a people of power" --

a reference to the triumphalist, pseudo-miracle-working, 'Kingdom-Now' Dominionism which is so prevalent among the New Style of Worship songwriters --

are like rallying-calls to those suggestible enough to receive them.

Or what about the line "My feet start dancing, my hands rise up"? The agenda is clear enough here.

When repeated often enough over a period of time, these ideas begin to exert a real sway over the singer.

None of this has happened in a vacuum but is surely part of a major downgrade or even part of a much wider apostasy of mind-blowing proportions.

Yet, because of the stealth-like manner in which this is being executed, comparatively few professing Christians are aware of the seriousness of the issue...

This blowing out of the mind is precisely what the Charismatic phenomenon is all about. These also are the facts which account for the huge success of the Charismatic Movement in the so-called Third World countries, where magic, witchcraft, occultism and superstition hold sway.

The energy being manipulated in Pentecostal/Charismatic circles today -- which causes the unusual manifestations -- is what is known in Eastern mysticism as Kundalini energy, or Serpent-Power. These people are playing with fire -- occult fire. But they have no conception of the dance in which they are involved, and the outcome which is in store for them Alan Morrison

See more on Serpent Worship

Arnobius Was it for this He sent souls, that some should infest the highways and roads, others ensnare the unwary, forge (substitute) false wills, prepare poisoned draughts; that they should break open houses by night, tamper with slaves, steal and drive away, not act uprightly, and betray their trust perfidiously; that they should strike out delicate dainties for the palate; that in cooking fowls they should know how to catch the fat as it drips; that they should make cracknels and sausages, force-meats, tit-bits, Lucanian sausages, with a sow's udder and iced (frozen) puddings?

Was it for this He sent souls, that beings (things) of a sacred and august race should here practise singing and piping;

that they should swell out their cheeks in blowing the flute; that they should take the lead in singing impure songs, and raising the loud din of the castanets, (Scabilla: feet castinets) by which another crowd of souls should be led in their wantonness to abandon themselves to clumsy motions, to dance and sing, form rings of dancers, and finally, raising their haunches and hips, float along with a tremulous motion of the loins?

Was it for this He sent souls, that in men they should become impure, in women harlots, players on the triangle (Sambuca: stringed instrument) and psaltery; that they should prostitute their bodies for hire,

should abandon themselves to the lust of all, ready in the brothels, to be met with in the stews, ready to submit to anything, prepared to do violence to their mouth even?

One of the ways to learn how to parade yourself into the presence of God is through the Joe Group which is identically patterened after the ancient Jubal or Genun theme incarnated later in Gnosticism.

See the Origins of the Feminist religion forcing males into musical worship.

See another version in Hypostasis of the Archons

See the History of the Effeminate Zoe Movement.

See why Jude And Enoch said that God will come with ten thousand saints for these Effeminate Musical perverters.

Nashville Jubilee planned for music, worship leaders NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UMNS)--More than 500 lay people and clergy, volunteers and professionals, singers, accompanists, writers, preachers, dancers, artists and others will gather this summer with one common goal: to enrich worship throughout the church. It is not who you think!

"Jeff Walling, of the Providence Road church in Charlotte, North Carolina, has been making this argument (for instrumental music) for years. For example, as far back as 1981 he publicly took such a stand. That year the church of Christ at 816 N. Andover Rd, Andover, Kansas held a youth rally at the high school. Brother Walling was a guest speaker.

"During a panel discussion, which was moderated by Church Northrop (whom I know and have confidence in, ps), a question was asked about the scripturalness of instrumental music in worship. Northrop correctly affirmed such was not authorized and showed from Ephesians 5:19 and other Scriptures that acappella music is authorized. At this point Walling, who was not on the panel, came to the platform and in the presence of the young people literally pushed Northrop away from the podium and declared instrumental music in worship is simply 'a matter of opinion...a gray area.' Walling has continued to advocate that same position over the years (See Behold The Pattern, 5114 Montclair, Colleyville, TX 760343, p. 215).

Almost by definition one has to be fairly immune from the Bible to be popular in the world. To declare that instrumental music is just a grey area ignores the overwhelming testimony in the Ancient Near Eastern documents, the entire Old Testament, the experiences of Christ, the direct command of Paul to replace speaking or preaching with external melody and the entire history of the church Fathers including the Catholic Encyclopedia.

The clergy including Judas tried to "triumph over" Jesus with wind instruments but they failed. The sign of their success would be that Jesus would sing the sad songs and join the "girls" in the effeminate choral or Greek chorus dedicated to Dionysus.

See how they did this: actual pictures.

The methodists like most other religious groups have signed on to the false notion that a skilled dancer or singer can lead the worshippers into the presence of God. This shows a blatant disrespect for Lord Jesus Christ who refused to be a dancing God. However,

If the head of the family is fond of tambourine,
It is no wonder why the whole family dances!
Muslim poem
Dancing in the Arms of God Finding Intimacy and Fulfillment by Following His Lead

Synopsis: A woman's true fulfillment cannot come from a man, a career, or even from within, but it comes only from a dynamic relationship with God. - Women / Christian Living

We would like to think that appealing to pagan forms of worship is just a tricky way to attract interest. However, we are pre-warned that agents of change use secret code words which, in the words of Joseph Campbell in Myths to Live By, become affect images. As the errected Asherah pole or column can support the portico of a power-flaunting aristocrat, it can also say: "my things are superior to your things." Usually such symbolic "totem poles" were built with slave labor.

Words like dance, wine and wineskin carry actual power which gets past the rational or spiritual mind. -- Ask any politician or advertising agent. Campbell notes that wine was once alive but is now a dead chemical. Yet, it has the magical power to intoxicate. Wine-induced intoxication was believed -- by the ignorant -- to prove that you were "in the presence of the gods." Therefore, wine is treated as a dead god still conveying mystical power. It must be contained in new wineskins or it will burst the old, weak "religious institutions."

In the absence of wine, religionists still do the whirling dance often seen in the Old Testament, to induce a "spirit." The dizziness from the spin was (is) also considered the presence of the gods within. Any self-induced or team-induced change to the physical (carnal) senses is believed to be spiritual and people will emotionally murder you if you refuse -- as did Jesus -- to get involved.

The Scripture is dismissed and the Gnostic religion is adopted to force Jesus to be a dancing God.

The familiar spirit of the witch of Endor was an empty wineskin or waterskin. It had been hardened in its wine-inflated state. It could then be used as a drum or tambourine at their "jubilees." The sounds from this "musical instrument" were believed to be the voice of the gods. Yobal or Jubal (From which we get Jubilee) used these wineskins to triumph over others. The meaning of the empty wineskin is almost identical to the meaning of several musical instruments and the "Nabal" (vile person) who played them in the attempt to "move into the presence of the gods." Campbell notes that the American Indians who when deprived of food (Amos 5, 6, 8) reverted to archaic forms of worship including the peyote cult and ideas borrowed from the Aztecs.

Speaking in tongues (modern sermonizing and singing sentimental poetry) is defined by Paul using the more technically-advanced hollow brass drum or vase:

THOUGH I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding (confuesd echo) brass, or a tinkling cymbal. 1 Corinthians 13:1

Chalkos (g5475) khal-kos'; perh. from 5465 through the idea of hollowing out as a vessel (this metal being chiefly used for that purpose); copper

From Revelation 18 these will be used in the end-time Babylonian form of worship.

Look at this material as a resource which you can use to defend or reject the growing idea of music and dance as a way to fill the halls of religion. This writer has no mercinary "dog in this fight."

If you try to DANCE WITH A god you may end up in the arms of Baal or Lucifer. Remember the battle between God through Elijah and the Jezebel priests of Asherah and Baal? These priests and prophets tried to call their "god" into their presence through external means including music and the whirling dance. God told Elijah, back at Mount Sinai,m that He speaks through the silence of the whispered wind. That is, prophets of carnal religion appeal to external means, and seemingly filled with emptiness, can hardly bring themselves to us more than a token excerpt from the Voice of God through His Word.

David danced with God as he removed the worship center from Gibeon to which he could never again go to inquire of God. He, too, stripped off his clothes and "made himself vile" (halal) hoping to appease God so that He would not be destroyed. The clergy tried to dance with Jesus but He called them musical children and insinuated that they were looking for John the Baptist hoping he wore soft clothing.

This vile dancing was recorded by the Spirit of Christ in four important events:

At Mount Sinai as Israel returned to Apis worship in play (singing and dance)
Samson as he was forced to
sport or play (singing and dance)

David as he moved God's worship center at Gibeon to a national, like the nations, worship center in Jerusalem.
Paul as he warned Corinth that they were involved with the madness of Sinai.

David's first musical move of the Ark of the Covenant with dance involved the whole "congregation of Israel" in violation of the Law in Numbers 10:7 and the move failed. The second move was permitted because it involved the clergy, army and city officials. That is, it was an act of the "like the nations" civil or temple-state ritual. This dance even embarassed David's wife.

The concept of music, dance and drama is a growing affect image device to use commercial means to attract the non-seekers not interested in spiritual worship to do what they would do if they could define worship for God. Rather than being directed to a mature, spiritual mind, these methods are the product of the play instinct which we should have overcome by now.

Historians and researchers now know that you don't begin to dance until you have moved out of the rational and into the near-mad state where the body takes over. I have tried to interpret religious dance and believe that it is the whole-body speaking in tongues thing. I have tried to think while "worship teams" are performing and it isn't possible. Therefore, body worship is a return to the ancient worship of paganism

When God gave Israel The Book of the Covenant at Mount Sinai, Israel rejected it and "rose up to play" which meant that they sang, danced and played music which literally stripped them naked. They were seekers after a different god to lead them back into slavery.

Dance as an early seeker device is later documented in Judges. This is the usual motive for "ecumenical" or break down the walls movements -- "let's steal your daughters":

And see, and, behold, if the daughters of Shiloh come out to dance (the child birthing twist) in dances (dance companies like the Dionysus chorus), then come ye out of the vineyards, and catch you every man his wife of the daughters of Shiloh, and go to the land of Benjamin. Judges 21:21

Seeker forms of "worship" make it clear that they are trying to attract the young and affluent and often use the "daughters" caught in their dance. Even Job spoke of those who are under-employed and over paid and turn to the frolic of children. This is an early record of the fertility rituals of those who trusted the stars and did not want to hear from a sober God:

They send forth their little ones like a flock, and their children dance. Job 21:11
They take the timbrel and harp, and rejoice at the sound of the organ. Job 21:12
spend their days in wealth, and in a moment go down to the grave. Job 21:13
they say unto God, Depart from us; for we desire not the knowledge of thy ways. Job 21:14

It is self-evident that one who speaks their own words, sings their own songs and performs their own dance are not, cannot be, interested in what Christ would say using the same time and invitation to the festival.

The dance of the idle, urban rich was:

Raqad (g7540) raw-kad'; a prim. root; prop. to stamp, i. e. to spring about (wildly or for joy): - dance, jump, leap, skip.

Like the noise of chariots on the tops of mountains shall they leap, like the noise of a flame of fire that devoureth the stubble, as a strong people set in battle array. Joel 2:5

Dance and other symbols may be a code word for forms of worship which produce feelings of exhilaration (Rubel Shelly, Randy Harris, The Second Incarnation, p. 13) in the body. However, others speak of dance in a literal sense. Some speak of "wine" as symbolic of exciting, bubbling worship services from a new wineskin; others advocate wine or even LSD slipped into the communion wine as a shortcut to produce the same exhilaration. Therefore, when wine or dance is used even in a symbolic way, it may promote the literal use of drugs or dance to create the feelings believed to be spiritual. If the gospel is the "bubbling, fermenting wine" then don't we have Jesus endorsing a dangerous drug?

For instance, if it is "spiritual" to induce feelings of mild or extreme ecstasy through manipulating the mind which creates a morphine-like drug, then why isn't it acceptable to save money on the Familiar Spirit Manipulator and just buy cheap wine?

This appeal to emotions produced from outside may be a frantic urge to reincarnate the Aztecs (who held their own form of Jubilee) and Babylonians to lead us into the presence of the lost gods.

"Our" form of mind-manipulating may be understood by reviewing some of the more neo-pagan forms. For instance: The Wardancers, in myth, had to move in a shadowy world of emotional brinksmanship and it is hard to trust people's words. We, God's ordained, have to move you out of your comfort zone:

Diety: Taymarr the Dancer. Sphere: Dance and the Performing Arts
Wardancers Move Silently and Hide in Shadows as a Ranger.

affect image of dance and music also carries mystical power which still works on those refusing to be informed. Ancient and modern pagans believe that musical instruments, which always accompanies the dance, contained the gods. They believed it because, like the familiar spirit of the witch of Endor, they could produce sounds marketed as coming from the god. Click Here. It turns out that most of these early "musical" devices were just ways to disguise the voice of the "god manipulator" so that the buying public would think that it was the actual voice of the gods. This is always the Baal-Asherah or effeminate method of replacing the masculine Word of God which works only when delivered in a "whispered silence."
For a moment,
we are within each other.
We become both
Pagan and Princess
Goddess and Servant
Warrior and Priestess
Seeker and Sage.

was the Babylonian patron god of music and magical spells. Inanna got him drunk and forced him to give her the magical powers or me. Music and magical incantations or songs were a very powerful combination. We see her in the area ruled by Marduk as people were enslaved by the magic of music at the foot of the tower of Babel. All pagans believe that the most important gods are the gods of wine, women, music and dance. For instance, in myth:

Donandar (duh-NAN-dahr) God of Music and Dance
"Donandar is the god of music and dance. His present-day worshippers include wayfaring minstrels, jugglers, musicians, actors, carnivals, dancers, and circuses.

"Donandar himself is said to wander the world incognito as an ordinary wayfaring songster, bringing warmth and cheer to the folk he meets. People everywhere are careful to welcome and be hospitable to entertainers in the hope that they may someday host Donandar himself, bringing good luck forever after to their house. (Don't question him or he will put you down among your companions)

"Most travelling troupes have a mobile shrine to Donandar. No particular spirit magic or sorcery is forbidden to initiates, but the cult itself teaches none.

Donandar is usually represented as a locally popular musical instrument or as a man playing same.

"Candidates for priesthood in Donandar's cult must be master level with at least two entertainment skills, among other requirements. They have access to divine magic involving illusions and dance. (Modern form: "To lead them into the presence of God.)

If you want to understand the familiar-sound, hidden parable of Donandar incarnated in contemporary priests and priestesses, Click Here.

Jesus warned about those trying to seduce him (and us) into the feminine dance while the clergy played the flute (In Hebrew, Halal or Chalal meaning to play the flute, pollute or prostitute). He identified the clergy as children whose play instinct never disappeared. Therefore, hear a modern tune:

God's Child (Dance With Me)
(Hey - Hey - Hey - Hey)
(Ho - Ho - Ho - Ho)
Who calls this child to walk on her own?
(Hey - Hey - Hey - Hey)
Who leads her down this treacherous road?
dancing to a song we can't hear
(Hey - Hey - Hey - Hey)
Ooh, come on down
Ooh, ooh, ahh, ahh
Ah, set me
free (I want to be free) ha!
Come dance with me (dance with me)
Ooh, ahh, with me

A lot of modern forms of worship are borrowed from Judaism (Psalms, david's music and naked dance, or from Jung or Kung). It is not surprising that we see everyone following the latest fad "affect image" to seduce people. For instance,

Dancing With God : Everyday Steps to Jewish Spiritual Renewal

: "Dosick has his finger firmly on the baby boomer's spiritual pulse: Native American influenced environmentalism, angels, astrology, crystals, affirmations, past lives. He addresses all of these, and makes an argument for their Jewish origins. What's not here is any discussion of why mainstream rabbis abandoned a practice like astrology. This kind of historical insight would have been interesting and useful.

Dancing With God : Americans Who Have Encountered the Divine

: "This reader found Germaine Curley's vision of God particularly intriguing: "He has no face and He has no body. He's just two giant-sized puffy beautiful arms." Wall writes that he hopes to grow closer to God by interviewing people who have encountered the deity firsthand. This book is brought to you by the cowriter and photographer of the breakthrough and highly influenttial book WISDOM KEEPERS."

A Glance: The Witches' God : Lord of the Dance

The religious dance is perhaps an end-time sign as "in the days of Noah." Many writers advocate the literal dance because they know, that it is, like the word halal, an appeal to the carnal flesh. If you can create feelings in the flesh it is interpreted as also seducing To a Dancing God:

Sam Keen

To A Dancing God
Sam Keen describes the new "wineskin" religion of carnality. The reader should be aware that "wineskin" is not used as a metaphor. Rather, it is a world-swept "paradigm" created by turning the Word's of Jesus upside down. Its premise is that worship should be celebrative and exhilarating to "bring the worshippers into the presence of God." To that end, worship is "performed" for the watching audience by those talented and trained to move the emotions through external means. Remember that we noted above that a performing priest or priestess in Donandar's cult must be master level with at least two entertainment skills,

The goal of such worship is to "upset their equilibrium" or "comfort zone" or "bring them to the brink of mental and emotional disaster just so they can be jerked back at the last possible moment." This will condition them, like Pavlov's dog, to salivate when the "worship facilitator" or "worship manipulator" rings his little ding-dong.

Sam Keen is honest in that he knows that such worship is "primitive" which means that it appeals to the carnal senses. In this sense, it is identical to the worship of the Jews when they fired God and demanded a king like the nations so that they could worship like the nations. These lusted-after nations were the Babylonians, Egyptians and Canaanites.

They said to him, "You are old, and your sons do not walk in your ways; now appoint a king to lead [a] us, such as all the other nations have. 1 Samuel 8:5

They also wanted to worship like the nations and they did especially under David and Solomon. However, they would never get away with it:

You say, "We want to be like the nations, like the peoples of the world, who serve wood and stone." But what you have in mind will never happen. Ezekiel 20:32

As with the drum beating of the Keeper's attempt to worship Jesus as "a phallic kind of guy--

"Primitive religion is not believed, it is danced."  "The word must be discovered in the flesh."  "If the church fails to develop a visceral theology and fails to help modern man rediscover his flesh and his feelings it will neglect a common source of grace as well as the seed from which compassion grows." 

With all phychologically-driven change devices, the goal is to know self and even worship self or a charismatic figure "used" in the idolatry of talent:

"The more I know of myself the more I recognize that nothing human is foreign to me."  "In the depth of each man's biography lies the story of all men."  "The Sunday morning barrier against being touched or moved except by words addressed to the congregation audience should be torn down."  "Authentic life is not governed by a spirit of seriousness.  It is graceful, light and playful." 

However, "From the time when the rites were held promiscuously, with men and women mixed together, and when the license offered by darkness had been added, no sort of crime, no kind of immortality, was left attempted. There were more obscenities practiced between men than between men and women. Anyone refusing to submit to outrage or reluctant to commit crimes was slaughtered as a sacrificial victim. To regard nothing as forbidden was among these people the summit of religious achievement. Men, apparently out of their wits, would utter prophesies with frenzied bodily convulsions: matrons, attired as Bacchantes, with their hair disheveled and carrying blazing torches, would run down to the Tiber, plunge their torches into the water and bring them out still alight - because they contained a mixture of live sulfur and calcium. Men were said to have been carried off by the gods - because they had been attached to a machine and whisked way out of sight to hidden caves; or to submit to violation." Titus Livy, History of Rome, Book 39.13

Keen continues: "The time is ripe to return to the primitive, the carnal -- there is a time for words, it has lasted from the time of the Reformation to the present, now we are sick of being inundated in an ocean of verbiage -- the word must be rediscovered in the flesh, religion must return to the dance." 

The Seekers, Keepers and Jubilators identify this as "The Post-Denominational World." You should know that it is just the spiritually-empty call for a second incarnation based on human phylosophy.

The dance, hand-clapping, hand-waving gestures, strutting around on the podium or dancing-while-preaching and many other external means are calculated to tranquilize the rational, judgment-making power in order to build on the flesh - the feelings of exhilaration. This is as violently charismatic as you can get. The poor souls do not know why they waste all of that human, carnal energy and the "audience" is still not "revived."

It should be self-evident that anything devoted to the human senses in the belief that it has some magical or spiritual power is, defacto, devoted to the flesh by people attempting to drown the church in another flood of words devoid of faithful Biblical content. This was how the antichrist tried to sweep the church off the face of the earth before it could really get started. THE CIRCLE DANCE RELEASES POWER

In a report on a gathering called "Catch The Fire II" in Moscow, Bill Cassada reports that power was released through dancing in a circle at Rosa Church, the largest charismatic church in that city:

"We were absolutely connected with the Holy Spirit during this glorious time of adoration to our Lord. There were approximately 1000 people in attendance, and everyone was gloriously entered in. Over towards one side near the front,

Kathleen Balassi danced in a circle of praise with several of the youth from the St Louis team and Russian children as well. Near the end of the worship time, the worship team played a tune well-known to us, "The River is here.' It was not difficult to sing along with that one!

Soon the place was really hoppin' as a dance chain quickly formed (not hard to do here, Russians love to dance!) and 50-60 people were leapin' and dancin' to the music around the sanctuary. Also, all during worship,

Russian women from the church danced before the Lord in their folk costumes. One of their team members is currently studying with the Bolshoi Ballet Troupe, so you know the quality of this dance group is excellent! They joined in the festivities with the other dancers, the end result being several of the troupe lying on the floor, blasted by the Holy Ghost! To say the worship was robust and meaningful would be somewhat of an understatement. You shoulda been there!"

In an "Update from Tula [Russia]: May 10th, 1996," we find another testimony of dancing in a circle "before the Lord":

"We had been so involved in the prayer with Lana that neither of realized what had begun around us. An exhuberant flow of worship had spread throughout the theatre. Everywhere people were dancing to the Lord in victorious praise. The prayer time had erupted into a party of thanksgiving and joy. Even my own two left feet seemed to be screeming at me, "Dance, you fool...Dance!" Just then a line of people swept past me. They had come dancing down the aisle from the back to the front of the theatre and were making the turn back when one of them grabbed my arm and pulled me along. I resisted initialy (sic), as I flashed back to a church I'd visited once in the States who regularly broke into this kind of line-dance. I remember how I'd ridiculed them and written it off as the kind of unbridled emotionalism I would never stoop to.

Lately I'm learning, with God to be careful what I say I'll never do, because I'll probably end up doing it. I threw the thought out of my [mind] and joined in, at least for a couple of laps. Within moments the chain of dancers spanned, unbroken, all the way down one aisle, across the front, up the other aisle and across the back to create a full circle."

The Charismatic Influence
If our presupposition, based upon our understanding of Scripture, is that the Charismatic and Vineyard movements are not of God (see our papers on the Vineyard Movement), then something is terribly amiss at the Promise Keepers conferences. Not only are the founders of Promise Keepers, many of the key leaders, and a number of favorite speakers Charismatic, but the very worship, music and methods of Promise Keepers spring from the Charismatics well. I believe that in a very real sense

Promise Keepers is the machinery that is moving the evangelical church wholesale into the Charismatic camp, without most even realizing it.

One example at the Clergy Conference will suffice at this time: Jack Hayford, one of the most often used speakers at Promise Keepers conferences, attempted to teach the thirty-nine thousand pastors how to "dance in the Lord." He said he had learned a little dance in Africa and later the Lord spoke to him directly saying,

"May I have this dance?" At this point he demonstrated his dance before the pastors.

Hayford and Promise Keepers were subtly introducing thousands of pastors to some of the heretical teachings of the Charismatic movement. The focus was on a Charismatic form of worship dancing in the Lord! The real issue, one that seemed to be missed by most of those pastors,

is that this man is claiming direct revelation from God!

Where was the outrage among those pastors? Are they being anesthetized by Promise Keepers to the extent that those who claim direct revelation are accepted without rebuke? If so, where will this lead?

The fact is that when you fall into a Charismatic fit as at Promise Keepers in Atlanta you have sold your birthright for a mess of effeminate soul food and you can no longer discern.

"The role of  'praise and worship' music according to those who are involved with it is to bring people 'into the 'presence of God'.  Religious ecstasy as seen in 'Toronto Blessing' or at Brownsville with the characteristic weeping and laughing, and being 'slain in the spririt'  is defined as the 'anointing of the presence of God.'  

"The extract from an article published in 1987 quotes John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard churches and his wife Carol who also instrumental in their founding in 1977.  The Vineyard church at Toronto Airport gives its name to Toronto Blessing, Bill McCartney founder of Promise Keepers is a member of a Vineyard  fellowship as are others on the Board of the organization.


After she had a dream in 1976 of standing preaching to a large crowd a seven-point sermon on the gifts of the Spirit, at the final point,  'a sensation like hot electricity' hit her head, travelled down her body, then up and out of her mouth. She awakened speaking in tongues. The sensation of heat and electricity is typical of that experienced in the current revival.  She said 'Soon God stopped showing me what he had wanted to do in the past and began to show me what he was going to do in the future.   I had a strong sense of God's desire for his bride, for the whole Church - Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox.' (Riding the Third Wave - 1987)

In the article "Worship: Intimacy With God the philosophy behind the 'praise and worship' found in the Vineyard churches it is explained that there is a 'well-thought out philosophy' guiding how God is worshipped through music and movement in order to achieve the goal through "Worship: Intimacy With God" .

"To understand how we worship God, it is helpful to learn about our fellowship's history, which goes back to 1977. At that time my wife, Carol, was leading a small group of people in a home meeting that evolved into the Anaheim Vineyard. I'll let her describe what happened during that time.

"After we started to meet in our home gathering, I noticed times during the meeting -- usually when we sang -- in which I experienced God deeply... occasionally we sang a song personally and intimately to Jesus, with lyrics like 'Jesus, I love you.'

Those types of songs both stirred and fed the hunger for God within me... Thus we began to see a difference between songs ABOUT Jesus and songs TO Jesus. "About that time we realised our worship blessed God, that it was for God alone and not just a vehicle of preparation for the pastor's sermon. This was an exciting revelation. After learning about the central place of worship in our meetings, there were many instances in which all we did was worship God for an hour or two.

"At this time we also discovered that singing was not the only way to worship God. Because the word worship means literally to bow down, it is important that our bodies are involved in what our spirits are saying. In scripture this is accomplished through bowing heads, lifting hands, kneeling, and even lying prostrate before God. ... we are blessed as we worship him.

He visits his people with manifestations of the Holy Spirit. "Thus worship has a two-fold aspect: communication with God through the basic means of singing and praying, and communication from God though teaching and preaching the word, prophecy, exhortation, etc. We lift him up and exalt him, and as a result are drawn into his presence where he speaks to us."

"In the Vineyard we see five basic phases of worship, phases through which leaders attempt to lead the congregation.... as we pass through these phases we are headed toward one goal:

intimacy with God.".... The fourth phase is described as "God Visits His People when "Expression then moves to a zenith, a climactic point, not unlike physical lovemaking... We have expressed what is in our hearts and minds and bodies, and now it is time to wait for God to respond.

Stop talking and wait for Him to speak, to move. I call this, the fourth phase, visitation:"

A "second blessing" style experience, the ability to speak gibberish, prophetic pronouncements, ecstatic feelings, sexual orgasms, falling down, trances, uncontrollable laughter and crying, psychic experiences of clairvoyance and clairaudience are all part and parcel of Eastern mystical practice.

The Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement is therefore regarded by the Eastern yogis of Hinduism and Buddhism as an immature variation of its own practices. Alan Morrison

The ME, Inanna - Ea - Gift of Wisdom and Music
He gave me the art of lovemaking.
He gave me the art of kissing the phallus.
He gave me the art of prostitution.
He gave me the resounding musical instrument.
He gave me the art of song.
He gave me the art of the elder.
He gave me the kindling of strife

The fifth phase is called "Generosity "The fifth phase of worship is the giving of substance. The church knows so little about giving, yet the Bible exhorts us to give to God. it is pathetic to see people preparing for ministry who don't know how to give. That is like an athlete entering a race, yet he doesn't know how to run. If we haven't learned to give money, we haven't learned anything... " From Source

Wouldn't you know it, pagan religions always charged for their worship rituals, their books, their trinkets.

"Guru Bwagwham Shree Rajneeshru tells one of his followers in his book, "Dance Your Way To God," 'just be joyful . . . God is not serious . . . this world cannot fit with a theological god . . . so let this be your constant reminder - that you have to dance your way to God,

to laugh your way to God' (p. 229).
Rajneeshru is referred to as being
'drunk on the divine,' and encourages his followers to come and 'drink' from him.\
spiritual 'wine' was often passed along with a single touch to the head.  Rodney Howard Browne who has passed the holy laughter on to others calls himself a Holy Ghost bartender dispensing the new wine."

Jeff Walling

(Note: Several e-mails make it clear that whether literal or figurative, the image of dancing with God is taken by people as the
authority to dance literally. Miriam and David are seen as supporting modern writers. One writer, who has the "fullness," believes that song, music and dance were given by God for his pleasure. He even lands on the dance team like a helicopter.

Jeff Walling, asks using similar terms:

"Don't you want to dance?

"I do. I want to be swept away on a cloud of music and laughter. I want to experience the sheer bliss of waltzing and gliding across the room to the sound of an orchestra in full swing. And not just with anyone. No, I want to dance with the one who invented dancing. I want to dance with God.

(Never had that dream. I would like to ask Him about black holes or how He still creates a human out of a single cell. No, God didn't invent dancing. We understand that it comes out of the young's (men or beast) play instinct.)

"And guess what? He wants to dance with me.
"And he wants to dance with you too.

My God said: "And I will walk (be conversant) among you, and will be your God, and ye shall be my people. Leviticus 26:12. Can't ever remember any comments about a real or mystical dance by God.

No. God didn't invent dancing. He put the play instinct into children so that they could learn to interact with others. However, when Paul became a man he put away childish acts and words. This is the play instinct which is misused by adults as they try to dance their way into the presence of God Who, according to Paul, is already in our midst wanting to speak to us through His Words as we speak to Him through our prayers. The dance was reserved almost totally to young girls or lost men trying to bluff men trying to find the Lost God -- David.

The One, Invisible, Incomprehensible, without-body-parts God of the universe manifests Himself to us as Jesus Christ in whom resides full Deity:

For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, Colossians 2:9

Of course Jesus, who promised to be in our midst, lives in a glorified sense as the One and Only Holy Spirit. He is enthroned at the seat of His kingdom which is "within you."

Now, we have to ask what we know about Jesus which would make us hallucinate that He wants to dance, literally or spiritually, with a male worshipper? We know for a fact that He was repulsed by the Dionysus-influenced Jewish clergy who tried to manipulate His emotions. For Him to have fallen into the chorus dance of the women or effeminate would have meant that Judas had really triumphed over Him in defiance of Psalm 41. This triumph was outlawed "when the congregation comes together" (Numbers 10:7):

Ruwa (h7321) roo-ah'; a prim. root; to mar (espec. by breaking); fig. to split the ears (with sound), i. e. shout (for alarm or joy): - blow an alarm, cry (alarm, aloud, out), destroy, make a joyful noise, smart, shout (for joy), sound an alarm, triumph.


In Daring to Dance With God by Jeff Walling, seeks perhaps a spiritual dance which produces the same effects on the body.

Many "gospel" songs use the same motif to create self-pity in the listener which, of course, is translated as spiritual. Muslims reject instrumental music because it tends to accentuate whatever is going on in your own brain as you listen. This makes it self worship. Click To See for Yourself.

Jeff Walling: "For a while I accepted my misery quietly and put aside any dreams of dancing with God as fantasy. Don't pity me for this. You see, I had no idea how miserable I was. If you had asked about my burden, I would have responded like the country mule who, when asked by the city mule how he stood the weight of the huge pack on his back, replied, "What pack?" After all, few around me seemed to have any more joy than I. And the few who did were suspect. They obviously didn't know that Christianity was serious business.

This is the common theme of denying the value of Jesus, as the rural Shepherd who came to lead by still waters, as inadequate and we must look for an urban rapper or rocker to lead us into supercharged worship which, like morphine, removes the burden for the moment. I would suggest that we all quit looking at ourselves in the mirror and return to the Incarnate Word Who said:

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

The burden Jesus came to remove was "anxiety from religious ceremony" and is defined exactly as Jeff defines his burden.

Phortizo (g5412) for-tid'-zo; from 5414; to load up (prop. as aa vessel or animal), i.e. (fig.) to overburden with ceremony (or spiritual anxiety): - lade, be heavy laden.

The rest of us are tired of having burden laders rise again after Jesus put them on the unimployed role:


Tired of: 

orkheomai , dōsō toi Tegeēn possikroton orkhēsasthai to dance in or on, Orac. ap. Hdt. 1.66, cf. Lakōnika skhēmatia orkheisthai dance Laconian steps, Id.6.129 ; “o. pros ton aulon skhēmata” Id.Smp.7.5 , “tōn humnōn hoi men ōrkhounto hoi de ouk ōrkhounto” Ath.14.631d.

III. Act. orkheō , make to dance (v. Pl.Cra.407a), is used by Ion Trag.50, ek tōn aelptōn mallon ōrkhēsen phrenas made my heart leap (so codd. Ath., ōrkhēsai Nauck); but orkēsi in Ar.Th.1179 is a barbarism for orkhētai.

Tired of: phi^losophos , ho, A. lover of wisdom; Pythagoras called himself philosophos, not sophos, Cic Tusc.5.3.9, D.L.Prooem.12; “ton ph. sophias phēsomen epithumētēn einai pasēs” Pl.R.475b,
2. philosopher, i. e. one who speculates on truth and reality, hoi alēthinoi ph., defined as hoi tēs alētheias philotheamones, Pl.R.475e;

Revelation 2:1 Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write; These things saith he that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand, who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks;
Revelation 2:2 I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars:
Revelation 2:3 And hast borne, and hast patience, and for my name’s sake hast laboured, and hast not fainted.
phort-izō , phortia ph. tinas load them with burdens, Ev.Luc.11.46; perissē dapanē ph. ta koina
“hudatis -izousa ton ophthalmon” encumbering, Hes.Op.690; phortioumenos meli to carry away a load of honey,
Aenigma Sphingis (ap.Sch.E.Ph.50):
Now when the Sphinx was oppressing and ravaging our city, after my husband's death, my brother Creon proclaimed my marriage: that he would marry me to anyone who should guess the riddle of the crafty maiden. It happened somehow [50] that my son, Oedipus, guessed the Sphinx's song; [and so he became king of this land] and received the scepter of this land as his prize. He married his mother in ignorance, luckless wretch! nor did his mother know that she was sleeping with her son.


Rest From;

ana-pauō , poet. and Ion. amp- , fut. Med. anapausomai: aor. anepausamēn
make to cease, stop or hinder from a thing, “kheimōnos . . hos rha te ergōn anthrōpous anepausen” Il.17.550; a. tina tou planou give him rest from wandering, S.OC1113; tous leitourgountas a. (sc. tōn analōmatōn) to relieve them from . . , D.42.25, cf. 42.

Rest From;
, 2. perform religious service, minister, “epi tōn hierōn” D.H.2.22; “ Kuriō” Act.Ap.13.2, etc. (Written lit- in Rev.Et.Anc.32.5 (Athens, i B.C.), etc., cf. leitourgion, leitourgos.
D.H. 2.22
ei de kai dia gunaikōn edei tina hiera sunteleisthai kai dia paidōn amphithalōn hetera, hina kai tauta genētai kata to kratiston, tas te gunaikas etaxe tōn hiereōn tois heautōn andrasi sunierasthai, kai ei ti themis ēn hup' andrōn orgiazesthai kata nomon ton epikhōrion, tautas epitelein kai paidas autōn ta kathēkonta leitourgein:
Acts 13:2 As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them.
Acts 13:3 And when they had fasted and prayed, and laid their hands on them, they sent them away.

leitourg-os , III. in religioussense, minister, [theou] ib.Ps.102(103).21, Ep.Rom.13.6, al.; “tōn theōn” D.H.2.22, cf. 73; “tōn hagiōn l.” Ep.Hebr.8.2; theois litourgoi
IV. Astrol., leitourgoi, hoi, astral gods subordinate to the dekanoi, Iamb.Myst.9.2

2.  c. acc. only, put an end to, “boēn” S.Tr.1262; more freq. rest, make to halt, “a. strateuma” X.Cyr.7.1.4; “ lay it in a reposing posture, Ael.VH12.64, cf. NA7.29: abs., “anapauson” give me rest, Luc.Tyr.21.
2.  abs., take one's rest, sleep, Hdt.1.12, 2.95, al., E.Hipp.211, v.l. in Ar.Pl. 695, cf. Lys. 13.12, etc.
3.   rest or settle upon an object, “to tou Theou pneuma eph' humas anapauetai” 1 Ep.Petr. 4.14, cf. LXXIs.11.2; of shadow

After all, don't the same second incarnation people selling a new "paradigm" to soothe your troubled mind, load the burdens on us in their first incarnation as "pattern preachers?"

We will see what the man, Lord Jesus, thought of those who wanted to dance with Him in the choral or new wineskin-dance with the women of Dionysus.

"But understand this: the dance to which God invites you is not one of the physical realm--moving your body is a snap compared to getting your spirit's movement in time with God's tempo--no, the dance to which this book is dedicated is a dance of the heart, a dance of the soul. It's a dance that will change your life. "

Jeff's legitimate next wish is for more 'joy" in worship services. But, Jesus said that the Kingdom does not come with observation meaning religious operations or lying wonders.

"Or possibly you're just plain scared. Exuberant (Meaning: profuse, luxuriant, uninhibited, overly elaborate, flowery, extreme: Webster) expressions of praise and joy can rock a good, conservative Christian back on his heels (or Rap um onna haid?). And abuses of our freedom in worship have convinced some believers that the Puritans were right: too much celebrating of God's goodness turns the spiritual brain to mush. Every Hallelujah! is another step on the path to "sloppy agape" and "cheap grace."

The "biblical" joy in which we can rejoice has nothing to do with "joy as an extreme, uninhibited act of worship." We don't really live in "worship services," you know. Joy is:

Chairo (g5463) khah'ee-ro; a prim. verb; to be "cheer"ful, i.e. calmly happy or well-off; impers. espec. as salutation (on meeting or parting), be well: - farewell, be glad, God speed, greeting, hail, joy (-fully), rejoice.

This kind of joy is not there for "happy hour at the new wineskin pub." Rather, joy is a quiet, calm, inner peace first produced by receiving the Word of God into the heart at the hands of the only authorized "ministers"--

But he that received the seed into stony places, the same is he that heareth the word, and anon with joy receiveth it; Matthew 13:20

Jeff Walling: "But praise God for good news: the fruit of the Spirit is still joy. And we can and should experience it every day. What a relief to know that we are not called to be miserable! If real joy is not vibrantly alive in your faith each day, it's time you protest. If you have shared the feeling that there must be something more to your faith, take heart and read on.

Vibrant: "quivering or vibrating in such a way as to produce sound, throbbing with life and activity, radiant, sparkling, vivacious." Webster.

All that Christ gives us is to help us live as pilgrims in a foreign land. We are not to take roots and feed on the emotions of the carnal. Look at these fruit and see if you can find one which speaks of jumping joy in the worship service induced by charismatic, mind-manipulating devices. Our God is not the god of the vivacious:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Galatians 5:22

Meekness, temperance (self-control): against such there is no law. Galatians 5:23

Joy is:

Chara (g5479) khar-ah'; from 5463; cheerfulness, i.e. calm delight: - gladness, greatly, (be exceeding) joy (- ful, -fully, - fulness, -ous).

That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man; Epesians 3:16

Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness; Colossians 1:11

Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, Ju.1:24

Jeff Walling: "He demands that we open ourselves to the unexpected, the unpredictable, and even the unexplainable. The Bible is full of instances where God chose to work in outrageous and shocking ways: Walls fell down. Water stood up. Bread sprang from the ground. And the sun stood still.

When you turn yourself over to the unexplainable you might come up accusing the Incarnate God of the universe with being outrageous which is:

Outrageous: "having the nature of, involving, or doing great injury or wrong. Exceeding all bounds of decency or reasonableness.." Webster

Shocking includes: "highly offensive to good taste, propriety, extremely revolting."

It is hard to see how God can be seen this way, but different people have different needs.

"And the days of his surprises are far from over. (surprise means "to come upon unaware.")

"So if you have grown accustomed to an orderly and predictable Christianity, I understand that turning the God of all creation loose within you can be an unsettling concept. But trust him. As Jesus said, he will not give you a snake if you ask for a fish.

Isn't it surprising how many 'scholars' fall for the notion that the separated "Spirit" nature of God is cut loose to roam around inside the carnal body? We do not believe that Scripture teaches this.

The word unsettling in Greek is:

Throeo (g2360) thro-eh'-o; (to wail); to clamor, i.e. (by impl.) to frighten: - trouble

Thriambeuo (g2358) three-am-byoo'-o; from a prol. comp. of the base of 2360 and a der. of 680 (mean. a noisy iambus, sung in honor of Bacchus); to make an acclamatory procession, i.e. (fig.) to conquer or (by Hebr.) to give victory: - (cause) to triumph (over).

That is what they tried to do to Jesus. However, Psalm 41 says that these were the people with the Judas Bag using their little wind instruments trying to get Jesus to dance the Bacchus dance of the women or effeminate. It would not work.

Paul said that we are not to be unsettled by anything which is claimed to come by inspiration:

We are "not to become easily unsettled or alarmed by some prophecy, report or letter supposed to have come from us, saying that the day of the Lord has already come. 2Th.2:2

Jeff Walling: "Whether the well of your soul has been dry for a long time or you just want a little more passion in your piety and spring in your step, renewal and refreshment are available if you will take time to seek them. I pray that the simple biblical principles and steps you'll find in this book will help you venture out onto the dance floor and into his arms.

In following articles we hope to show that the "water of the Word" is the refreshment which Jesus came to give us. It is free of charge (Isa 55:1f)

"This book is designed to help you hear and accept God's invitation. He's been offering it to any who will listen ever since Jesus paid the ultimate price on a hill outside Jerusalem.

Many people apparently feel the need for a "worship facilitator to help lead you into the presence of God, lift your holy hands, lay your holy hands on others." This book will pick up where Christ's old wineskin busted: it will let you hear the Word and direct thy path to thy olde book shoppe. One Jubilator can even do what the Word claims for itself.

It may be dangerous to use literal dancing, which is not what God wants, as a model or paradigm for spiritual worship. It may give ones authority to practice literal dance in the worship services. In the same way a "wineskin" creed and making true worship like drunkeness and exhilaration gives our youth to tap into the literal wineskin with heavenly blessing. I would not be daring to dance with God.

In section two we will look at Rubel Shelly and Randy Harris as they connect the notion of a mediating priesthood, dance as worship and appeal to Plato as the "father" of the notion that God is an idea too big to get your arms around.

Now, I hear that you can even marry a "god." The SPIRITUS is that of Abaddon or Apollyon who unleashed the locusts of MUSES as dirty adulteresses SHEPHERDS and Apollyon is the LEADER OF THE MUSES.  Since all of the hypocritic artists get CAST ALIVE INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE I'll be there will be some Hot Dancing in the Old Town.

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