The Thanksgiving Hymns (1QH) Dead Sea Scrolls.

Psalm 1
Thou art long-suffering in Thy judgments
and righteous in all Thy deeds.
By Thy wisdom [all things exist from] eternity,
and before creating them Thou knewest their works
for ever and ever.
[Nothing] is done [without Thee]
and nothing is known unless Thou desire it.
Thou hast created all the spirits
[and has established a statue] and law
for all their works.
Thou hast spread the heavens for Thy glory
and hast [appointed] all [their hosts]
according to Thy will;
the mighty winds according to their laws
before they became angles [of holiness]
...and eternal spirits in their dominions;
the heavenly lights to their mysteries,
and stars to their paths,
[the clouds] to their tasks,
the thunderbolts and lightenings to their duty,
and the perfect treasuries 9of snow and haik0
to their purposes, thie mysteries.
Thou hast created the earth by Thy power
and the seas and deeps [by Thy might].
Thou hast fashioned [all] their [inhabi]tants
according to Thy wisdom,
and hast appointed all that is in them
according to Thy will
[And] to the spirit of man
which thou hast formed in the world,
[Thou hast given dominion over the works of Thy hands]
for everlasting days and unending generations. their ages
Thou hast alloted to them tasks
during all their generations,
and Judgment in their appointed seasons
according to the rule [of the two spirits,
For Thou hast established their ways]
for ever and ever,
[and has ordained from eternity]
their visitation for reward and chastisements;
Thou hast allotted it to all their seed
for eternal generations and everlasting years...
In the wisdom of Thy knowledge
Thou didst establish their destiny before ever they were.
All thing [exist] according to [Thy will]
and without The nothing is done.
These things I know
by the wisdom which comes from Thee,
for thoust unstopped my ears
to marvelous mysteries.
And yet I, a shape of clay
kneeded in water,
a ground of shame
and a source of pollution,
a melting-pot of wickedness
and an edifice of sin,
a straying and perverted spirit
of no understanding,
fearful of righteous judgements,
what can I say that is not foreknown,
and what can I utter that is not foretold?
All things are graven before Thee
on a written Reminder
for everlasting ages
and for the numbered cycles
of the eternal years
in all theit seasons;
they ar not hidden or absent from Thee.
what shall a man say
concerning his sin?
And how shall he plead
concerning his iniquities?
And how shall he reply
to righteous judgment?
For thine, O God of knowledge,
are all righteous deeds
and the counsel of truth;
but to the sons of men is the work of iniquity
and deeds of deceit.
It is Thou who hast created breath for the tongue
and Thou knowest its words;
Thou didst establish the fruit of the lips
before ever they were.
Thou dost set words to measure
and the flow of breath from lips to metre.
Thou bringest forth sounds
according to their mysteries,
and the flow of breath from the lips
according to its reckoning,
that they may tell Thy glory
and recount Thy wonders
in all Thy words of truth
and [in all Thy] righteous [judgments];
and that Thy Name be praised
by the mouth of all men,
and that they may know Thee
according to their understanding
and bless Thee for ever.
By Thy mercies and by Thy great goodness,
Thou hast strengthened the spirit of man
in the face of the scourge,
and hast purified [the erring spirit]
of a multitude of sins,
that it may declare Thy marvels
in the presence of all Thy cratures
[I will declare to the assembly of the simple]
the judgments by which I was scourged,
and to the sons of men, all Thy wonders
by which Thou hast shown Thyself might [in me
in the presence of the sons of Adam]
Hear, O you wise men, and meditate on knowledge;
O you fearfuk, be steadfast!
Increase in prudence, [O all you simple];
O you fearful, be steadfast!
In crease in prudence, [O all you simplej];
O just men, put away iniquity!
Hold fast [to the Covenantj],
O all you perfect of way;
[O all you afflicted with] misery,
be patient and despise no righteous Judgment!
[but the fool]ish of heart
shall not comprehend these things.

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