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5.01.11 Well prophesied in Revelation 17-18

John T. Willis 2. "Sing" is vocal; "make melody" is instrumental. Psalms 33:2-3; 144:9; 149:1, 3 make this crystal clear. Amos 5:23 further verifies this reality.  People forget that God turned Israel over to worship the starry host because of musical idolatry at Mount Sinai. The Levites were under the KING and the COMMANDERS of the army: they made war and not worship. We will examine these passages in context.

Church is Ekklesia or Synagogue: both for instruction only: both exclusive of any performing arts: you don't do music when God's Word is taught.  I submit that you cannot be a Christian if you do not understand the meaning of "teach them what I have commanded to be taught."

3.11.11 Logos versus Mythos: Word versus Music Logos (modern) is rational of the word and STRAIGHT: Mythos and Sophia (postmodern) are irrational and Gender-Confused. Mythos Nomoi (traditional law)
(a) Eros is approved, and its excesses condoned, when directed towards superior youths approaching manhood.
(b) It appears to be condemned, in so far as parents forbid their boys to hold converse with “erastae.” The explanation of this ambiguous attitude must be sought in the principle laid down above, that the moral quality of an act depends upon the conditions of its performance.
GRACE is Kharizo 2. gratify or indulge a humour or passion, 3. in erotic sense, grant favours to a man,
give up as a favour by dropping a law aimed at him,
Those who willingly infiltrate and impose musical instruments into a peaceable church justify the deliberate sowing of discord based on false teachings of all of the "instrument" passages also preach that GRACE will cover them.

Grace Centered Magazine:  3.06.11.
This forum has a Church of Christ thread dedicated to abusing those who do not deliberately reject the clear teaching of the Word and recorded history. A common lie is that the Church Fathers had nothing bad to say about the use of instruments based on Scripture. We have refuted that to prove that NO ONE used instruments in the churches but refute the Jews who did because they had been abandoned to Canaanite Baalism or the worship of the starry host.

See Jay Guin Review for the list of New Wineskins papers.
Lynn Anderson  Psallo justifies Instrumental Music and sowing of Discord.
Rick Atchley says his promise not to add instruments on Sunday until Jesus returned really had no lasting falue. 

Faithsite: Lynn Anderson Dancing on the Rim of Mystery 

Lynn Anderson, FaithSite: Our mindset threatens to strip our faith of symbols, ritualsdramas, mystery, poetry, and story See Rubel Shelly and Max Lucado who claim that Jesus sent the Spirit person to be the song writer and dance master. We will show you that this CONFESSES the end-times Apollo (Seeker Center at Delphi) worship. Apollo is Abaddon or Apollyon or Satan or Lucifer. The musicians, consistent with 100% of history, were Apollo's muses who were locusts or musical performers who were prostitutes and PARASITES who were USED by the rhetoricians and sOPHISts (the serpents) to put you to sleep. Reviews of BANNED RESPONSES TO FALSE TEACHING on Instrumental Music.

Content from and Hope Network Ministries. Lynn Anderson in Red, my comments in black, other quotations in blue.

Holy Entertainment Pagan Parallels: Lynn Anderson.
Neo- Pagan Parallels: Lynn Anderson
Lynn Anderson Shepherding
Dancing on the Rim
Change Agents: Lynn Anderson Navigating the Winds of Change.
Max Lucado: Discipling Minister
The Jesus Proposal Rubel Shelly and John York

Dancing on the Rim of Mystery:

Here is the actual picture of men dancing on the rim. The Jewish clergy attempted to get Jesus involved in the dance and they truly hoped that John the Baptist was "soft."

The arrow points to the "Judas Bag" attached to the flute case. In the Classical world it is identified as "a bag for carrying the mouthpieces of wind instruments." It is derived from "speaking in tongues" and "Of the world." Psalm 41 prophesied that Judas would attempt to triumph over Jesus with pipes or wind instruments. Paul would say that they "were speaking mysteries" from their own spirit and therefore just speaking into the air.

And here is the universal meaning of the New Wineskins. The "oxgoad" of the Shamgar fame is no longer able to keep them dancing. But, they are still "on the rim." However, their prayerful brinkmanship may have them slipping over the edge.

Their mystery was new wine and probably a narcotic from poppy to explain Huxley's meaning.

Lynn Anderson Dancing on the Rim

"Aldous Huxley once wrote that human beings are "multiple amphibians"--creatures designed to make our way through many worlds at once: social, spiritual, emotional, cerebral, aesthetic, sexual, psychological, and so forth. But, he added, since the industrial revolution harnessed our energies to production and the technological revolution turned us into information manipulators, we tend to live primarily in the two logical worlds: those of data and productivity. These worlds are crowding out our "other worlds," which are thus atrophying. As a result, we are losing touch with what it means to be human.

Sounds right to me, Mr. Huxley!

See some Huxley thoughts here. We worship mescaline as a deity because of the non-rational images that it produces. Peyote is used by the American indians for the same reason. However, researchers have discovered that adrenalin created in Navigating the Winds of change with music and drama decays and in the process produces something like mescaline. Another writer notes that:

When I was a fireman I was in a lot of burning buildings. It was a great job, the only job I ever had that compares with the thrill of acting. Before going into a fire, there's the same surge of adrenalin you get just before the camera rolls. Steve Buscemi

The non-rational vision we have after mass meetings is just another drug high. It is not "moving the worshipers into the presence of God after all."

"But adrenochrome probably occurs spontaneously in the human body. In other words, each one of us may be capable of manufacturing a chemical, minute doses of which are known to cause Profound changes in consciousness. Certain of these changes are similar to those which occur in that most characteristic plague of the twentieth century, schizophrenia.

Those who manipulate the mind in mass meetings believe that they are succeeding just like the ancient oracles or the Corinthian area, but Paul said that it was must madness, insanity. Or as Philo would say: "Enthus-o-mania" being ecstatic while trying to find the lost gods. Schizophrenic.

Huxley notes that After taking the pill:

"The change which actually took place in that world was in no sense revolutionary. Half an hour after swallowing the drug I became aware of a slow dance of golden lights. A little later there were sumptuous red surfaces swelling and expanding from bright nodes of energy that vibrated with a continuously changing, patterned life. At another time the closing of my eyes revealed a complex of gray structures, within which pale bluish spheres kept emerging into intense solidity and, having emerged, would slide noiselessly upwards, out of sight. But at no time were there faces or forms of men or animals. I saw no landscapes, no enormous spaces, no magical growth and metamorphosis of buildings, nothing remotely like a drama or a parable. The other world to which mescalin admitted me was not the world of visions; it existed out there, in what I could see with my eyes open. The great change was in the realm of objective fact. What had happened to my subjective universe was relatively unimportant.

Lynn Anderson Dancing on the Rim: Sounds right to me, Mr. Huxley! Something like this can happen to faith as well. The rational, informational, and linear-sequential worlds of productivity tend to dominate in our lives these days. Consequently, the rest of our worlds suffer neglect, and we are losing touch with much of what it means to believe.

In trying to produce the same drug effects with music he noted that:

"Instrumental music, oddly enough, left me rather cold. Mozart's C-Minor Piano Concerto was interrupted after the first movement, and a recording of some madrigals by Gesualdo took its place.

"These voices," I said appreciatively, "these voices - they're a kind of bridge back to the human world." And a bridge they remained even while singing the most startlingly chromatic of the mad prince's compositions. Through the uneven phrases of the madrigals, the music pursued its course, never sticking to the same key for two bars together. In Gesualdo, that fantastic character out of a Webster melodrama, psychological disintegration had exaggerated, had pushed to the extreme limit, a tendency inherent in modal as opposed to fully tonal music. The resulting works sounded as though they might have been written by the later Schoenberg.

Linear-sequential to this engineer means that it is the way God designed us: if there is a problem it means that "there is no feedback." Theatrical performance in speaking, drama and music as the modern "scientific" method of inducing a "religious" feeling allows for and permits no feedback. If there is a problem it is because of a violation of a direct command to "dialog" or speak one to another using Biblical facts. Not even the president of the United States is immune from questioning and dialog: the preacher is the only person left who permits no feedback.

For instance, we cannot respond: "That is a lie. God didn't use the Exodus event as a model of Christian community and worship." And performers love to have it so.

This creates schizophrenia and not "spirituality." Jesus called it a "burden laded upon the people" being used by the performers like pack animals. He used a word meaning "spiritual anxiety created by religious ritual." He said that He came to give us rest: taking our ease to sit at His feet and listen.

Lynn Anderson Dancing on the Rim: The mind-set of the times threatens to strip our faith of symbols, rituals, dramas, mystery, poetry, and story,

which say about life and God what logic and reason and rationalism can never say. See Volkism

Jesus neither prescribed any symbol other than baptism and the Lord's supper and the early church did not "do the acts" or engage in mystical symbols. Church was not a pagan worship center where acts were performed and the "drug high" was peddled as "worship." Worship occurs only in the mind and is never the work of human hands such as hand clapping to worship the gender-confused theatrical performers. Worship is in truth and the only way Paul described it is to "give heed" or give attendance to the reading of the Word.

"If this seems overstated, consider the thesis put forth by Leonard Shlain in his 1999 book The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: the Conflict Between Word and Image:

Goddess worship, feminine values, and women's power depend on the ubiquity of the image.
God worship, masculine values, and
men's domination of women are bound to the written word.

Word and image, like masculine and feminine, are complementary opposites. Whenever a culture elevates the written word at the expense of the image patriarchy dominates. [Then we can also assume that when a culture elevates the image at the expense of the written word, matriarchy dominates-as in Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno and Donna Shalala and female Supreme Court justices ad infinitum.] (Qtd. on page 6 of the June 1999 The Quality Paperback Book Review.)

Osburn and the ACU Agenda: Train Prophetic roles, Channelers and Facilitators the method of subverting the 'hierarchial" views of Jesus and Paul. the end-time subversion is the beginninng-time version which is "Feminist hermeneutics stands over against patriarchal hermeneutics" its goal achieved "by small, often unnoticed acts of SUBVERSION. Numerous such incremental changes, like EROSION, will eventually bring down the FORTRESS " ( WOMEN IN THE CHURCH: Reclaiming the Ideal p. 32).

"As an obviously agnostic and feminist (and possibly pagan) "scholar," Shlain fails to grasp the true significance of his discovery that (in the words of the June 1999 The Quality Paperback Book Review), "the very act of reading an alphabet reinforce[s] the brain's left hemisphere (linear, abstract, predominantly masculine) at the expense of the right (holistic, concrete, visual, feminine)."

"It's hardly surprising, then, that in our culture literacy and morality decreased and goddess worship increased following a rising emphasis on images (picture magazines and books; television; viewscreens; video games; computer icons), or that antichrist will employ an image to further enslave people in the tribulation. Nor is it surprising that there was no success in any "women's movements" until Great Britain and America both abandoned the AV 1611 in favor of counterfeit "bibles", nor can there be any ecumenical success unless men abandon the AV 1611 in favor of the words of a "woman" (Rev. 17-18).... Those who abandon the true masculine words of God will inevitablygive themselves over to "profane and old wives' fables" (1 Tim. 4:6-7). Daryl Coates

God didn't present the WORD in comic book style but for mature adults who can read and hear. Anderson and crew have gotten dissociated and hallucinated the idea that creating a theatrical spectacle is worship: it is not and is indeed pagan worship of self.

God is a rational God and can communicate in words; the pagan gods needed the symbols of food, housing, clothing, entertainment with music and even sex from the "musical worship team" which was "always know as the harem of the gods."

The Catholic church introduced symbols which are IDOLS to become "the textbook of the ignorant." Perhaps, it is only preachers who need the symbols. However, Lynn is not defining Christianity but all ancient paganism and even witchcraft:

A. The Need to Change the Wiring in our Brains For Witchcraft or Goddess Worship

1. Learning to work magic requires that a certain amout of neurological re-patterning of our brains takes place.

a. To be effective, we have to change the way we use our brains.

(1) Magic requires the development and integration of the right hemisphere (feminine) way of thinking with the left hemisphere way of thinking.

(a) The spacial, intuitive and holistic patterns of awareness that characterize the right hemisphere modes of consciousness must be able to communicate and work in harmony with the verbal, analytical and linear patterns of awareness so characteristic of the left hemisphere.

(b) A person's growth, creativity and personality is deeply influenced during this process and it eventually leads to a person who is truly functional as a whole person.

B. The language of magic is expressed in symbols and images.

1. Images bridge the gap between the verbal and non-verbal modes of awareness.

a. Symbols and images implant certain ideas in Younger Self who passes them on to High Self.

(1) By allowing the critical and analytical functions of Talking Self to relax, Younger Self may respond fully and emotionally to what happens during your magical workings.

(a) Ritual, which is defined as "a specific set of images and symbols attached to certain actions", allows us to deliberately alter our states of consciousness so that we may perform works of magic.

Much of the Bible is mystery. It was written in parables from the foundation of the world to hide the truth from those who would use it for commercial purposes (Matthew 13; Isaiah 48). The only way to get in on the secret:

And we have the word of the prophets made more certain, and you will do well to pay attention (a worship word) to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts. 2 Pe.1:19

You cannot "give heed" to the word when it has been trivialized in 'praise songs' sung as a mind altering effort believing that the drug-high is spirituality. Now you know why they rush past you to get out of the "church house."

Huxley also said and we quote to assist Lynn Anderson's Dancing on the rim:

Abused as we abuse it at present, dramatic art (preaching) is in no sense cathartic; it is merely a form of emotional masturbation. It is the rarest thing to find a player who has not had his character affected for the worse by the practice of his profession.

Nobody can make a habit of self-exhibition, nobody can exploit his personality for the sake of exercising a kind of hypnotic power over others, and remain untouched by the process. From Source

A man who strains himself on the stage is bound, if he is any good, to strain all the people sitting in the stalls. Bertolt Brecht

The actor searches vainly for the sound of a vanished tradition, and critic and audience follow suit.

We have lost all sense of ritual and ceremony -- whether it be connected with Christmas, birthdays or funerals -- but the words remain with us and old impulses stir in the marrow.

We feel we should have rituals, we should do something about getting them and we blame the artists for not finding them for us.

So the artist sometimes attempts to find new rituals with only his imagination as his source: he imitates the outer form of ceremonies, pagan or baroque, unfortunately adding his own trapping -- the result is rarely convincing. And after the years and years of weaker and waterier imitations we now find ourselves rejecting the very notion of a holy stage.

It is not the fault of the holy that it has become a middle-class weapon to keep the children good. Peter (Stephen Paul) Brook

This calls everyone back to the primitive religion promoted by Satan and which destroyed Israel at Mount Sinai:

"During the erotic dance ritual, the priestess would actually become the Goddess in all Her glory. According to the ancient texts, during the erotic dance ritual the priestesses would achieve visionary orgasm in which great truths were revealed.

"Het Heret was the over-arching sky cow Goddess, associated with fertility and bounty and plenty. Married couples would go to the temples of Het Heret for fertility rites that would hopefully lead to a successful pregnancy. The temples were filled with sweet smelling incense.

Typically sweets and red beer or golden ale would flow freely.

The priestesses of Het Heret would dance to the rhythms of live drumming. (hand clapping)

When the couples were sufficiently aroused, they would engage in sexual intercourse on comfortable pillows.

However, the "mystery" is something previously hidden but now revealed. God came into the physical world to teach us how to live in the physical world. Too many religious are unhappy that they cannot move you into the spiritual world. The test is how we manage to live in the physical world as we are guided by the Word which Jesus died to deliver to us. Paul could then say:

Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God--this is your spiritual [reasonable or rational] act of worship. Romans 12:1

Logikos (g3050) log-ik-os'; from 3056; rational ("logical"): - reasonable, of the word.

Logos (g3056) log'-os; from 3004; something said (including the thought); by impl. a topic (subject of discourse), also reasoning (the mental faculty) or motive; by extens. a computation; spec. (with the art. in John) the Divine Expression (i.e. Christ): - account, cause, communication, * concerning, doctrine

Musicologists know that they are manipulating the rational mind to bypass it and get the message into the brain without the logic-strainer ever knowing what is happening.

Theatrical performers admit that "drama works because we know that it isn't true and the actors know that we know that it isn't true. Imagine the inane movie made from the rough takes. Irrational and not marketable. Now, let the editors and musicians at it and they will convey to you what is never, can never, be in the visual and logical images.

Lynn Anderson Dancing on the Rim: Instead, we attempt to analyze and explain God. Scripture becomes mere religious information and faith simply the progressive realization of moral or "religious" goals.

From this perspective we cannot expect anything but flatness. One-dimensional faith, like a tent with only one peg, easily collapses. Yet, we Americans tend to secure our faith primarily with the one peg of logical thought.

Paul in First Corinthians chapter two defines the Spirit of God to us as the Mind of Christ. God created mankind with ears and eyes and a logical (spiritual) mind. He did not provide an antenna for receiving mysterious messages. Paul in 2 Corinthians said, however, that the message is veiled until we "turn to Christ." Spiritual discernment happens only when we believe that Christ imaged a Son as one who speaks exactly what He hears from the Father. The human spirit and the human mind are essentially the same and Jesus said that worship is "in spirit" and that means in the God-created human mind.

What Lynn Anderson wants to use this mysterious tent peg for is to explain that which is not explained in the Biblical text. Lord Jesus Christ is God imaged in the flesh so that whatever we need for our spiritual lives comes from looking to Jesus and His Word.

For instance, theologians for 2,000 years explained ritual or musical worship using the Scriptures and had no problem with it. It has been in our lifetime that a hatch of preachers have decided that we have moved out from under the umbrella of the Biblical text and into a PostModern, post Christendom era and need, as Israel often did, a "better deal" which would allow spectacle worship.

The Word which can be preached is the only "leg" which props up faith. When you give up on the Word "as it has been taught" the result is faith in the preacher or theatrical performer but not in Jesus.

Lynn Anderson Dancing on the Rim: Faith that is only cerebral in content and only goal-oriented in activity is "one-dimensional." There is nothing wrong with trying to understand our faith. But many of us try too hard. We attempt to explain the unexplainable, find out the indefinable, ponder over the imponderable, and unscrew the inscrutable. A life of real meaningful faith can't be treated that way. Trying to do so only leaves people with swollen heads and shrunken hearts.

That is what we have been trying to say. However, it has been the Wind Navigators taking away the key to knowledge in an attempt to artificially induce change among people who see no need to change from say, beliving in the mystery of baptism to rejecting it as a pure symbol of the act of an irrational, non-rational God.

Lynn Anderson: God is too vast and mysterious to be confined to linear-sequential thinking and production-oriented activity.

Fred Peatross: Earlier generations grew up in an oral world where they engaged the world through proverbs, stories, and relationships. Issues were dealt with in terms of their effect on their family, neighbors, and the relationships, they had.

After this there came a literate world where people thought in terms of propositional claims, theory, and conceptualization, and where they developed ideas in linear discourse.

But, now we only do symbols! Nonesense.

God laid aside his "garments" of glory and took on the form of a human being who has a brain and uses words (logos) and mouths (double-edged sword) and ears and brains (spirits).

He deliberately refused to "sing and dance" when the clergy "piped" in an effort to pollute or prostute Him by engaging Him in the feminine or effeminate ritual drama of Dionysus. He tossed out "more or less violently" the musical worship team trying to conduct the dead girl to her home and to prevent her as a "demon" or ghost from troubling them.

Not even images have any meaning until they are translated into words. That is why Paul called the experiences in Corinth "speaking in tongues" because they have to be translated.

John Chrysostom Homily Homily XXXI.

3. "And when He came into the ruler's house, and saw the minstrels and the people making a noise, He saith unto them, Give place, for the maid is not dead, but sleepeth. And they laughed Him to scorn." [ Matt. ix. 23, 24. [R. V., "the flute-players, and the crowds making a tumult."]

Noble tokens, surely, these, of the rulers of synagogues; in the moment of her death pipes and cymbals raising a dirge! What then doth Christ?

All the rest He cast out, but the parents He brought in;

to leave no room for saying that He healed her in any other way.

And before her resurrection too, He raises her in His word; saying, "The maid is not dead, but sleepeth." And in many instances besides He doeth this. As then on the sea He expels tumult from the mind of the by-standers, at the same time both signifying that it is easy for Him to raise the dead (which same thing He did with respect to Lazarus also, saying, "Our friend Lazarus sleepeth [ John ii. 11] ;" and also teaching us not to fear death; for that it is not death, but is henceforth become a sleep. Thus, since He Himself was to die, He doth in the persons of others prepare His disciples beforehand to be of good courage, and to bear the end meekly. Since in truth, when He had come, death was from that time forward a sleep.

But yet they laughed Him to scorn: He however was not indignant at being disbelieved by those for whom He was a little afterwards to work miracles;

neither did He rebuke their laughter, in order that both it and the pipes, and the cymbals, and all the other things,

might be a sure proof of her death.

For since for the most raft, after the miracles are done, men disbelieve, He takes them beforehand by their own answers; which was done in. the case both of Lazarus and of Moses. For to Moses first He saith, "What is that in thine hand?" [ Ex. iv. 2. ] in order that when he saw it become a serpent, He should not forget that it was a rod before, but being reminded of his own saying, might be amazed at what was done. And with regard to Lazarus He saith, "Where have ye laid him?" [ John xi. 34, 39.] that they who had said,

"Come and see," and "he stinketh, for he hath been dead four days," might no longer be able to disbelieve His having raised a dead man.

Seeing then the cymbals and the multitude, He put them all out, and in the presence of the parents works the miracle;

not introducing another soul, but recalling the same that had gone out, and awakening her as it were out of a sleep.

The "rational" people of the time believed that the unknown gods could only be aroused or seduced with irrational worship rituals. This is why Paul said that the Corinthians would be seen as insane or mad or irrational.

The average believer is not production-oriented and God didn't produce such a system. It is the preachers turned pastors who have to fight for turf who restore the musical worship of David, or the pyramidal "ministry system" of the Midianites and of the Monarchy kings. The believer is called aside by Jesus to "still waters" to walk with Him and feed upon His word. The exception is a weekly gathering to learn the word and observe the Lord's Supper.

Lynn Anderson Dancing on the Rim That's true of people as well. There is far more to us than words and mouths and ears and brains.

Life is too full of mystery and majesty to be reduced to matters of information and production.

So why keep sowing discord among brethren by trying to restore the community with a Jewish "Jubilee?" Why try to use gradualism to introduce music during the Lord's Supper over objections when the Passover model demands absolute silence so that we can search for leaven in our own hearts?

So come dance with me on the rim of mystery. (More to come)

Lynn Anderson: So that you don't push them over the brink (rim)

Weave! Alternate between safety and disequilibrium. Teach new ideas a while, stretching your church out beyond comfort zones and into fresh thinking...Bend but don't break!

Employ prayerful brinkmanship!.. ("To the brink of war. The policy of pursuing a hazardous course of action to the brink of catastrophe." Webster)

"Douglass, who has developed the most successful Willow Creek-based church service in Germany, even maintained, "I think this approach is most applicable to the state churches. We have the people, even if they don't attend. We enjoy an incredible edge in confidence vis-vie the free churches." He cautioned, "The cost of this approach is hard work and loads of strife with church insiders." Christianity Today

When I looked up "rim of mystery" I found "protocol for sampling soils in landslides." Therefore, we urge you not to dance on the rim but sit down with Jesus on the Solid Rock and don't let Him finding you dancing or He will doubt your manliness. Also found "Pure Acid Mixtapes."

Of a review of Huxley: "This is all good knockabout stuff. The problem is that some of it has been taken seriously. Science is usually portrayed as dehumanising. Brave New World epitomises this fear. "The more we understand the world, the more it seems completely pointless" (Steven Weinberg).

Certainly science can seem chilling when conceived in the abstract as a metaphysical world-picture.

We may seem to find ourselves living in a universe with all the human meaning stripped out: participants in a soulless dance of molecules, or harmonics of pointlessly waggling superstrings. Nature seems loveless and indifferent to our lives. What right have we to be happy?

The evidence is lacking. Paradise-engineering, by contrast, can deliver an enchanted pleasure-garden of otherworldly delights for everyone. Providentially, the appliance of biotechnology offers us the unprecedented prospect of enhancing our humanity - and the biological capacity for spiritual experience. When genetically-enriched, our pursuit of such delights won't be an escape from some inner sense of futility, a gnawing existential angst which disfigures so many lives at present. Quite the opposite: life will feel self-intimatingly wonderful.

Whether it is produced by music, dance, drama or performance-induced or "brinkmanship-induced" drugs as change agents, no attempt at momentary pleasure gardens, the effect will be momentary and ultimately destructive.

However, any Bible believer knows the spiritual high of having a "clear conscience" promised only by turning to Christ in baptism. This does not mean "preacher-absolved guilt from sin." Rather, it means to be able to understand the Word when we read it and grasp the 'mystery' which Christ was hidden from the foundation of the world in parables.

I speak the truth in Christ--I am not lying, my conscience confirms it in the Holy Spirit Ro.9:1

Here, the holy spirit is Paul's spirit made holy or set aside by Christ the Spirit.

As Christ told the other apostles that He would guide them He also told Paul that the "blinders" of his own spirit would be removed. Conscience means:

Suneidesis ((g4893) soon-i'-day-sis; from a prol. form of 4894; co-perception, i.e. moral consciousness; - conscience.

Mandaeands Sabians Iraq Christians

"Sabian" is a word derived from the Aramaic-Mandic verb "Saba" which means "baptised" or "dyed", "immersed in water". "dMandaeans" is derived from "menda" which means in the mandiac language "knowledge".

Thus, "Mandaean Sabians" means those who are baptised and who know the religion of God.

One half of our brain is logic-oriented. That means that it is spiritual meaning rational. When we allow the truth to come to us without mind-altering drug-producing music or spiritual anxiety created by "brinkmanship" the rational mind grasps the truth spiritually. Then the emotional nature can rejoice knowing that it has been "filtered" by the God-designed mind and not injected directly into the blood stream by music or drama.

Lynn Anderson

San Antonio, TX

Apparently the Exodus is the new "paradigm"

LONGING FOR A HOMELAND: EXODUS (7/27/2001) Dr. Lynn Anderson will be speaking on Exodus - Longing for a Homeland, at The Cove - the Billy Graham Training Center. Registration available through the Cove.... [more]

Because the Purpose Driven church and the new "paradigms" or patterns for musical worship are directly derived from the Old Testament you may want to read:

Dr. Shelly's Exodus Pattern for community and worship.

Henry Blackaby, Experiencing God, is one of the Key Resources of Southern Baptists. His thesis is that just as Abraham, Moses and Christ got their assignment from God, you can also get your assignment if you know how to hear God speak to you. Thereafter, you might be the christ for your age.

Click for Dr. Shelly's agreement with Blackaby who claims apostolic power for today.

Agreement on Personal Indwelling This has links to other Blackaby's teachings.

Experience God by Henry Blackaby If Moses along with Jesus is one of the earlier examples then it seems logical to understand the Exodus event as an approved example rather than a warning of failure through music and self-seeking.


See to a Dancing Jesus

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Fred Peatross and Lynn Anderson and Witchcraft Parallels.

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