Jeff Walling: Eight Points Of Antiism

When God pours out his Wrath He sends BUFFOONS or Jesters as well as women musical and theatrical performers but rarely of a male. Contrary to Edward Fudge as a favorite instrumental promoter ALL of the use of instruments were to be deceptive or sorcerers are connected with being cast into hell to the sound of wind, string and percussion instruments or being CAST ALIVE INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE of the sorcerers who were craftsmen, singers and instrument players in Revelation 18. They were all lusted after fruits (same as in Amos 8).   Because they HAD once deceived the whole world that fits the pattern of them being unleashed from the smokey pit for one last just in KAIROS TIME to defeat the church while everyone is quiet and peaceful. As Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites (speakers for hire, singers, instrument players in Ezekiel 33) God HID form the wise (sophists) and Jesus did not pray for them which in a predestined sense were part of the Elohim who cast down the heavens and earth which fits the Sumerian pettern of c. BC4000 and the Jubilee 2000 as a date agreed by many noted historians. Right on Time, in 1995 Jeff Walling was warming the water to boil the frogs. If you don't blush at stand-up comedians and "musical praise teams" you are of the MOST who are invited but FEW who are chosen meaning picked out as acceptable to be Washed water INTO the Word (logos) or the School of Christ.  If they do not speak that which is written CHRIST says THERE IS NO LIGHT IN THEM and if they seek your own pleasure and SPEAK THEIR OWN WORDS they do not grasp that LOGOS is defined by simple simon Greek kids as The Regulative Principle opposite of rhetoric, singing, playing instruments, acting, dancing or being a buffoon or a DRACO angel of light.

The ACU Agenda: the NACC may USE these men but one doubts that the godly church members would tolerate them for a moment. When you say that Churches of Christ who founded ACU were SECTARIAN because they refused to have their INDIVIDUAL congregations confiscated by the Christian Standard and the "Organ and Society party" you fall into the list of those God will CAST ALIVE INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE: they are cunning craftsmen or sophists (speakers, singers, players, staff) John called sorcerers who HAD deceived the whole world once. In Revelation they are UNDER the Babylon Mother of Harlots; in Revelation 18 they are "lusted after fruits" (same as Amos 8) and are called SORCERS.

He Missed the CENI of Jesus who commanded men to GO and teach DOCTRINE which is contained in the Prophets and Apostles. Osburn 'DOCTRINATES' and fleeces yount people by substituting HIS Commands, examples and inferences.  If you deny the Word or Logos or Regulative Principle Jesus said THERE IS NO LIGHT IN YOU.  Paul said that God sends STRONG DELUSIONS and the LYING WONDERS are the hypocritic arts of "preaching other than the TEXT, singing, playing instruments, dancing, acting.  If you CONTINUE to "sell learning at retail" Paul said that you are CORRUPTING or PROSTITUTING the Word.  If you continue to sell RELIGION trumped by the school of Christ then all recorded history calls you a PARASITE.

Carroll D. Osburn: p. 14-15 An outdated curriculum from a sectarian past that placed emphasis upon transmitting doctrinaire positions will not suffice if we would engage convincingly the larger arenas of current religious thought. 

Our graduate programs must train students how to think, to investigate the biblical text afresh, to feel the pulse of the world around them, to sense where things ought to go, and provide the kind of experiences that will enable servants to go out into churches and communities and provide direction. Hall

With so many questions flying around and so much uncertainty being expressed in various quarters [universities], what an opportunity [KAIROS time]  for the various faculties of our Christian colleges and universities to help shape the future! These are the best of TIMES to be involved in Christian education! [Jesus said doctors of the law take away the key to knowledge]

If we are to have a truly significant impact upon the national and international scene, faculties of religion must play leading prophetic roles in channeling and facilitating whatever changes loom ahead.

"The Bible is not so much a
'heaven-sent answer book' as a historical book produced within and for a historical community-- yet it serves as Scripture today because people find themselves accountable to it. That is what make its Scripture"

Miriam and the Jacob-Cursed and God-abandoned Levites "prophesied with instruments." That is they were the Primary Parasites brought over from Egypt where the Levites wer and old infant burning sect.

"Higher Self is the term given to that divine part of each human being which knows ultimate Truth. Ascended Master is the name given to a great teacher such as Jesus, Buddha, Saint Germain, etc. by New Age devotees. Great White Brotherhood is a name for the collective group of Ascended Masters.

"Simply stated, Channeling is the process whereby a human host claims to enter into an altered state of consciousness thereby allowing a spirit entity or alien being from some distent physical or spiritual realm to take possession of their body and give instructions to New Age believers.

This is called Spiritual Formation through Centering Prayers and Ignatian Retreats where daily exercises prays to the MOTHER OF GODS.

John Mark Hicks Women in the Assembly: Prophesying
Charles Daily Women Prophets

1Sa 19:23 And he went thither to Naioth in Ramah:
        and the Spirit of God was upon him also, and he went on,
    and prophesied, until he came to Naioth in Ramah.

1Sa 19:24 And he stripped off his clothes also,
        and prophesied before Samuel in like manner,
        and lay down naked all that day and all that night.
        Wherefore they say, Is Saul also among the prophets?

"We find demon-possessed Saul 'acting like a prophet' by becoming semi-conscious and immobile when attempting to apprehend David at Ramah. The context of this passage makes it clear that Saul's behavior was not the ordinary behavior of the true prophets of God." (Christianity Today, March 12,

"'Played the prophet,' viz., by gestures and demeanor."--Driver. "Rather, he raved."--Keil. "The word 'prophesy' describes an ecstatic condition due to supernatural influence, good or evil; the result in the one case being prophetic inspiration or religious enthusiasm, in the other raving madness."--Cambridge Bible. 1971, p. 541)

LEGALISM is defined in the Latin and Greek almost exclusively as the talent, learning, practicing, performing, being judged or honored and being PAID for rhetoric, singing, playing instruments, acting, dancing, joking: Paul defined SELLING anything you have to sell as corrupting the Word meaning PROSTITUTE.  All such actors produced nothing and were called PARASITES.

Why is there such panic because the "Time (Kairos) is Short: the actors, like Judas, may not know that they are Purpose Drive.

Isaiah 57:20 But the wicked are like the troubled sea,
        when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt.

They DO it because they ARE impious
impĭus without reverence or respect for God, one's parents, or one's country; irreverent, ungodly, undutiful, unpatriotic; abandoned, wicked, impious
Tītan  g). Diana, as sister of Sol, Ov. M. 3, 173.—
(d). Circe, [CHURCH] as daughter of Sol. Ov. M. 14, 382; 14, 438. — thunderbolts of his son Jupiter, precipitated into Tartarus:
B. Tītānĭăcus , a, um, adj., of or belonging to Titan or the Titans, Titanic: dracones, sprung from the Titans' blood, Ov. M. 7, 398. —
C. Tītānis , ĭdis or ĭdos, adj. f., Titanic: “pugna,of the Titans, Juv. 8, 132: “Circe, as daughter of Sol, [church]
Quĭesco ,  “quiērunt Aequora,the waves are at rest, do not rise, standing waters,
2.  Act., to cause to cease, render quiet, stop, etc.: “laudes, Sen. Herc. Oet. 1584.—Hence, quĭētus , a, um, P. a., at rest, calm, quiet
4. To make a pause in speaking: quiescere, id est, hēsukhazein, ludendi est quidem modus
Silence: lūdo , B. To play, sport, frisk, frolic: “dum se exornat, nos volo Ludere inter nos,have some fun, dance,
Silence:  A. go sport, play with any thing, to practise as a pastime, amuse one's self with any thing “carmina pastorum,
Silence: B.  to sport, dally, wanton (cf. "amorous play," Milton, P. L. 9, 1045): “scis solere illam aetatem tali ludo ludere,Plaut. Most. 5,
Silence: C. Ludere aliquem or aliquid, to play, mock, imitate, mimic a person or thing imitate work, make believe work, 
Mŏdus 2. The measure of tones, measure, rhythm, melody, harmony, time; in poetry, measure, metre, mode: “vocum,Cic. Div. 2, 3, 9: musici, Quint. 1, 10, 14: lyrici,Ov. H. 15, 6: “fidibus Latinis Thebanos aptare modos,Hor. Ep. 1, 3, 12: Bacchico exsultas (i. e. exsultans) modo, Enn. ap. Charis [grace]. p. 214 P. (Trag. v. 152 Vahl.): “flebilibus modis concinere,Cic. Tusc. 1, 44, 106: saltare [dance] ad tibicinis modos, to the music or sound of the flute, Liv. 7, 2: “nectere canoris Eloquium vocale modis,Juv. 7, 19.—Fig.: verae 

Isaiah 57:21 There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.
Genesis 3:13 And the LORD God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat
Serpo   B.Transf., of things, to move slowly or imperceptibly, to creep along, proceed gradually,
II.Trop., to creep, crawl; to extend gradually or imperceptibly; to spread abroad, increase, prevail
per agmina murmur,(bestiascanam,

căno , cĕcĭni, cantum (ancient I.imp. cante = canite,
once canituri,Vulg. Apoc. 8, 13  to utter melodious notes, to sing, sound, play.
tibicen  cithara, crowing of a cock: “galli victi silere solent, canere victores,to crow,
to practice magic, to charm, Galli is a word for a Catamite: priest of the Mother Godesses.
Drak-izō , the buffoon, Gloss.
dra^keis , drakēnai , drakon , A.v. derkomai:—but draken: [WORK] energei, prassei, is prob. f. l. for dedraken, Hsch.
geloi-astēs , ou, ho, A. jester, buffoonLXX Jb.31.5, Poll.5.128, prob. in Luc.Merc.Cond. 4.
Job 31.5
, emptiness, nothingness, nullity, want of reality: orationis vanitatem adhibuerunt, opinionum vanitas,
măgĭcus , magici, that were invoked by incantations cantus,Juv. 6, 610: magicae resonant ubi Memnone chordae,
draken A.dragon, serpent, Il.11.39, al.; interchangeable with ophis, 12.202, 208, cf. Hes. Th.322, 825, Pi.N.1.40, A.Th.292 (lyr.); “aetos kai d. polemia
Rev. 12:17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman,
        and went to make war with the remnant of her seed,
        which keep the commandments of God,
        and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
Rev. 19:10 And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.
Rev. 13:11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth;
        and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.
The Beast is not likely to deceive anyone by having two literal horns on his head. The horn for making Worship Wars is connected to Abaddon or Apollyon who is unleased as the LEADER OF THE MUSES or LOCUSTS.

cornū ,b. A bugle-horn, a horn, trumpet. Connected with tubae, In a sarcastic double sense with a.: dum tendit citharam noster, dum cornua Parthus, Poët. ap. Suet. Ner. 39
c. The sides of the lyre, originally consisting of two horns, giving resonance to the strings,
Emblem of Power: Hence Bacchus, as a giver of courage, is represented with horns, Tib. 2, 1, 3; Hor. C. 2, 19, 30

Suet. Nero 39
To save himself, took off his loving mother.
” “Dum tendit citharam noster, dum cornua Parthus,
Noster erit Peean, ille hekatēbeletēs
” “His lyre to harmony our Nero strings;
His arrows o'er the plain the Parthiah wings:
Ours call the tuneful Paean, famed in war,

The other Phoebus name, the god who shoots afar.4
” “Roma domus fiet: Vejos migrate, Quirites,
  Si non et Vejos occupat ista domus.

4 The epithet applied to Apollo, as the god of music, was Pman; as the god of war, hekatēboletēs.

Hor. Od. 2.19
Bacchum in remotis carmina rupibus
vidi docentem, credite posteri,
Nymphasque discentis et auris
capripedum Satyrorum acutas
The Nymps and Satyric drama defines the BEAST in revelation
euhoe, recenti mens trepidat metu,
plenoque Bacchi pectore turbidum
laetatur. euhoe, parce Liber,
parce gravi metuende thyrso.

Whatever the character of Eve whom Paul said was wholly seduced so that Cain was OF that wicked one, Eve has always been worshipped specificially by women.
Theophilus.Autolycus.II.html This Eve, on account of her having been in the beginning deceived by the serpent, and become the author of sin, the wicked demon, who also is called Satan, who then spoke to her through the serpent, and who works even to this day in those men that are possessed by him, invokes as Eve.58 And he is called "demon" and "dragon," on account of his revolting from God. For at first he was an angel. And concerning his history there is a great deal to be said; wherefore I at present omit the relation of it, for I have also given an account of him in another place.

The word "abomination" is also key to understanding the context. In Hebrew, the word "to 'evah," (abomination) is almost invariably linked to idolatry. In the passages from which both verses are taken, God tells Moses to tell the people not to follow the idolatrous practices of the people around them, people who sacrificed their children to Molech, or who masturbated into the fire to offer their semen to Molech, for example. Chapter 20 starts off with the same warning.

"To 'evah" also means "something which is ritually unclean," not something evil in itself, like rape or theft. Eating pork or having sex during menstruation are ritually unclean.

Rev. 20:2 And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent,
        which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,

la^l-eō ,, chat, prattle, “hepou kai laleiAr.Ec.1058, cf. V.1135; “ men khelidōn to theros . . lalei
II. chatter, opp. articulate speech, as of locusts, chirp, Theoc.5.34; mesēmbrias lalein tettix (sc. eimi), a very grasshopper to chirp at midday, Aristopho 10.6; “anthrōpinōs 
al.; kheirsin hapanta lalēsas, of a pantomime, SPEAKS WITH HIS HANDS
III. of musical sounds, aulō laleōTheoc.20.29; of trees, v.supr.1.2; di'aulou ē salpiggos l.Arist. Aud.801a29; of Echo, D.C.74.14: also c.acc. cogn., magadin lalein sound the magadis, Anaxandr.35.

Matthew 9:[33] When the demon was cast out, the mute man SPOKE. [Lŏquor tone of conversation]
        The multitudes marveled, saying, "Nothing like this has ever been seen in Israel!"

Apollon, ephē, daimonias huperbolēs
! Id.R.509c.
daimonios tēn sophian”  sophia , Ion. -, , prop. A.cleverness or skill in handicraft and art in music and singing, in divination dēmēgorikos   also, cunning, shrewdness, craft
Plat. Rep. 509c And Glaucon very ludicrously said, “Heaven save us, hyperbole can no further go.” “The fault is yours,” I said, “for compelling me to utter my thoughts about it.” The banter here relieves the strain

kai ho Glaukōn mala geloiōs, Apollon, ephē, daimonias huperbolēs.

or geloiss , a, on, A. mirth-provoking, amusing, jests,
ludicrous, absurd, caricature
MOCKING is the easiest way to fool the foolish.

But as Theophrastus used to call the barbers' shops wineless entertainments; so there is a kind of an uncouth wineless drunkenness always excited either by anger, malice, emulation, or clownishness in the souls of the unlearned. Now wine, blunting rather than sharpening many of these passions, doth not make them sots and foolish, but simple and ingenuous; not negligent of what is profitable, but desirous of what is good and honest.
The BEAST is defined as "A new style of music or Satyric Drama" identifying the half goat PAN at the Gates of Hell.

Job 31.5 "If I have walked with falsehood, And my foot has hurried to deceit
kopr-ias , ou, ho, (kopros) in pl., A.buffoons, a word first used under the Roman emperors, D.C.50.28, 73.6: Lat. copreae, Suet. Tib.61. (Perh. so called because ek koprias anairethentes, or because of their obscenity.)

Christ in Isaiah 30 and Jesus casting out the musical minstrels LIKE DUNG is based on the fact that the same official regulated the flute-player prostitutes as well as the dunghill
kopr-ia , , (cf. koperra) A.dunghill anaireō , A.take up, anelontes apo khthonos having raised the victim from the ground, so as to cut its throat. 2. take up and carry off, bear away, II. make away with, destroy, of men, kill, 2. of things, abrogate, annul laws.  blasphēmias
III. appoint, ordain, of oracle's answer to inquiry, [the musician]
take up for oneself, take up, pick up INFILTRATE AND STEAL THE PROPERTY AND FLOCK OF OTHERS
2. take up and carry off, snatch,
The Heretic or Sectarian was the slaughter priest who lifted up the lambs to cut their throats. This is the same Areskos or Placeo as self pleasure Paul condemned as "creating mental excitement" to enable the ONE PIECE PATTERN of "using one mind and one mouth to speak that which is written for our learning." Is that hard to read? No, of the sophists in Expesians 4 as speakers for hire, singers and instrument players THEY ARE LYING IN WAIT TO DECEIVE.
Jer. 6:13 For from the least of them even unto the greatest of them every one is given to covetousness;
        and from the prophet even unto the priest every one dealeth falsely.

făcĭo ,Cic. Verr. 2, 1, 17, § 45: “poëma,to compose, id. Pis. 29, 70: “carmina,Juv. 7, 28: versus,id. 7, 38:sermonem, Cic. Fam. 9, 8, 1; cf. litteram,id. Ac. 2, 2, 6: ludos, to celebrate, exhibit = edere, id. Rep. 2, 20; id. Att. 15, 10; “also i. q. ludificari,Plaut. Capt. 3, 4, 47: opinionem alicui,id. Div. in Caecil. 14, 45: orationem,
părăsītus , i, m., = parasitos, lit. one who eats with another; hence, I. In gen., a guest (pure Lat. conviva): parasiti Jovis, the gods,
one who, by flattery and buffoonery, manages to live at another's expense, a sponger, toad-eater, parasite (syn. scurra):
parasitorum in comoediis assentatio,Cic. Lael. 26, 98: “edaces parasiti,” “
The tutelar deity of parasites was Hercules, Plaut

Athenaeus: the Deipnosophist
'That the parasites of the Acharnians shall sacrifice to Apollo.'

"And the word parasite is now used in a disreputable sense; but formerly those people were called parasites who were selected to collect the sacred corn, and there was a regular Hall of the parasites; on which account the following expressions occur in the law of the king -
And that the parasites of the Acharnians shall give a sixth part of a medimnus from their collection of barley to the guild of priests of Apollo. And that there was a regular Hall for the parasites

cōmoedĭa , lifted up on a buskin, which he called tragoedia, Plin. Ep. 9, 7, 3.
assentātĭo (ads- ), ōnis, f. assentor. I. A flattering assent, flattery, adulation
Cyrus was told how to NEUTER the captives so they could not resist: history knows of no exception to the PERSONA:

Grant, then, forgiveness to the Lydians, and to make sure of their never rebelling against thee, or alarming thee more,
send and forbid them to keep any weapons of war,
         command them
to wear tunics under their cloaks,
         and to put buskins upon their legs,

.........and make them bring up their sons to cithern-playing (Kitharizein),
singing (psallein),
.........and shop-keeping (Hucksterism). [Corrupting the Word, prostitution]
So wilt thou soon see them become WOMEN instead of men,
and there will be no more fear of their revolting from thee."
ALL smiting or plucking of an instrument point to people wanting to SMITE you spiritually dead to steal your property and flock.

The PSALLO word used to GRASP POWER is an Abaddon word from plucking the Bow String to kill you or plucking the Lyre to mollest you.

-Arassô ,of any violent impact, with collat. notion of rattling, clanging, as of horses, hoplais, pound in a mortar, strike with a shower of stones.
a). kitharēn strike the lyre, Orph.A.382; humnon, melos, etc., Nonn.D.1.15,440, etc.
2. c. dat. modi, arassein tina oneidesi, kakois, assail with reproaches or threats,
II. Pass., to be dashed against, dash one against the other
Pound in a mortar, “holmō a.Nic. Th.508
Psallo has never in recorded history can never mean MUSICAL MELODY: that is why Paul said to keep it in your heart or mine menaing Keep It Silent Silly.
So, any Disciples of the Word would grasp that PSALLO has never and can never mean to PLAY THE GUITAR. Related to PLUCKING Alexander the Great plucked his harp so skillfully that it shamed his father but he was grooming a young boy whose pubic hairs had been PLUCKED.  ALL of the plucking used by the NACC to justify their SECTARIANISM and LEGALISM points to older men grooming a young boy.  Apollo or Apollyon used his lyre to shoot LOVE arrows into his male of female friends.

Jeff's fellow comic says that "a" spirit told HIM that this is what he should command at HIS church.  I doubt it not because the SPIRITUS is defined as the spirit of Apollo, Abaddon or Apollyon. For Bible readers the unleased LOCUSTS are the MUSES as Apollyon's musical worship team: they were know as dirty prostitutes which word defines Corrupting the Word or selling learning at retail.

Jeff Walling, Mike Cope, Pepperdine and the Christian Church
The Christian Church Today This past week, the North American Christian Convention, Pepperdine University, and Mike Baker, senior pastor at Eastview Christian Church in Normal, IL and 2015 NACC president, debuted the website for its "Next Gen Preacher Search." High school and college students interested in preaching are invited to submit a five-minute video of their preaching for review, feedback, and coaching. 40 submissions will be chosen as semi-finalists and the selected students will be assigned a "mentor preacher" who will work with them for six months.

Next February the semi-finalists will attend a training event with Jeff Walling, Trevor DeVage, and other leaders, and from these forty students, four will be chosen to preach at gatherings like the NACC, the Pepperdine Bible Lectureship, and the Winterfest conferences.
Jeff Walling: A new wave of Antiism has reared its ugly head opposed to the Word rather than opposed to human invention.

Plat. Sym. 202e 
“‘Well what?’
“‘As I previously suggested, between a mortal and an immortal.’
“‘And what is that, Diotima?’
“‘A great spirit, Socrates: for the whole of the spiritual is between divine and mortal.’
“‘Possessing what power?’ I asked.
“‘Interpreting and transporting human things to the gods and divine things to men;
        entreaties and sacrifices from below,
        and ordinances and requitals from above:
        being midway between, it makes each to supplement the other,
        so that the whole is combined in one.
Through it are conveyed all divination [mantikē] and priestcraft concerning sacrifice and ritual
Epōdē , A. song sung to or over: hence, enchantment, spell, oute pharmaka..oud' au epōdaiPl.R. 426b
Epōd-os , on, (epadō A. [select] singing to or over, using songs or charms to heal wounds, b. Subst., enchanter,e. kai goēs” A goes is A. sorcerer, wizard 2. juggler, cheat, “deinos g. kai pharmakeus kai sophistēs
Mantikē   prophetic inspiration, 2.tekhnē m. faculty of divination, prophecy, Poets, “mantikēn Apollōn [Abaddon, Apollyon] anēurenSmp.197a entheos
 m. mukhoi,[a soul that sees in darkness, i.e. is full of deceit] thronoi,
entheos full of the god, inspired, possessed, e. gunaikes, of the Bacchantes
II. of divine frenzy, inspired by the god,  frenzied rites

Thronos , ho, 3. oracular seat of Apollo, Dios [Zeus, Baalam, Beelbosoros] Zeus Beelbosoros   the lord of the mansion Lord of the flies at sacrifices. Dung god.
thronoi   Apollōni th. exelein [Heresy, sectarian]  2. Med., take out for oneself, [III. remove people from their country
Daimones and to daimonion represent the mysterious agencies and influences by which the gods communicate with mortals.

Matthew 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
Phrissō ,
3. of the rippling surface of smooth water (cf. “phrix1), “ph. thalassai . . pnoiēsiD.P.112,
3. feel a holy thrill or awe at,en hierō ph. hapanta kai proskuneinPlu.2.26b; “tous theous pephrikaJul.Or.7.212b
4. thrill with passionate joy, “ephrix' erōtiS.Aj.693,. in the sense of shuddering, fearing, Pl.R.387c, Phdr.251a
Erōs , love, mostly of the sexual passion, II. pr. n., the god of love,
IV. name of the klēros Aphroditēs,= third klēros,  topoi,
     Topos , ho (fem. by attraction III. metaph., opening, occasion, opportunity,en t. tini aphaneiTh.6.54 (but tropō is prob. cj.); orgē didonai t.Plu.2.462b; “ didote t. diabolō Ep.Eph.4.27; dote t. orgē leave room for the wrath (of God), i.e. let God punish,
1Timothy 2:8 I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.

Women likewise were to be SILENT so that the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD could be taught.

Boulomai oun proseukhesthai tous andras en panti topō, epairontas hosious kheiras khōris orgēs kai dialogismōn.

org-aō,  fruit, swell as it ripens,ho karpos pepainetai kai orga
swell with lust, wax wanton, be rampant, explains it epithumētikōs ekhō) ; “ho ep' aphrodisiois mainomenos . . orgōn”, orgōntes krinein judge under the influence of passion, Id.8.2
Soph. Aj. 693
I shiver with rapture; I soar on the wings of sudden joy! [695] O Pan, O Pan, appear to us, sea-rover, from the stony ridge of snow-beaten Cyllene. King, dancemaker for the gods, come, so that joining with us you may set on the Nysian and the Cnosian steps, [700] your self-taught dances. Now I want to dance. And may Apollo [Abaddon, Apollyon], lord of Delos, step over the Icarian sea [705] and join me in his divine form, in eternal benevolence!
[At Megalopolis, Arkadia] is an enclosure sacred to the Great Goddesses [Demeter and Persephone] ... Before it stands a table, on which are carved two Horai (Seasons), Pan with pipes, and Apollon playing the harp. There is also an inscription saying they are among the first gods." - Pausanias, Guide to Greece 8.31.1
Plat. Rep. 3.387c  but we are in fear for our guardians lest the habit of such thrills make them more sensitive and SOFT than we would have them.
and phrikē are often used of the thrill or terror of tragedy
Some say, to frighten the wicked, but more probably for their aesthetic effect. Cf. 390 Aei de tina allēn hēdonēn parekhetai, Laws 886 C.
Revised 5.31.13

SEE how Jeff Walling told the NACC how he TRANSISTIONED HIS church to instrumental "worship" after the NACC transistioned Jeff Walling

Thou has Turned My Mourning into Dancing. Perhaps by God's design, they didn't read enough to understand that this is the GENDER mark well documented by Christ in Isaiah 3.

Jeff Walling Daring to Dance with God One
Jeff Walling Daring to Dance with God Two
Jeff Walling Daring to Dance with God Three

Jeff Walling Instrumental Music in Worship.  The problem with preachers getting their information from other preachers intent on converting them is that they never get around to reading the story line and defining words. Jesus said that parables had hidden the truth from the Scribes and Pharisees from the foundation of the world. He called them hypocrites (actors) by referring to the Ezekiel version byChrist who named slick speakers, singers and instrument players.

Being lovingly stroked by the NACC makes Jeff and others think that the Lord LED them to sow discord even though it takes the "spirit' several decades to boil the frogs.

   Jeff Walling Winterfest 2013 Denies that Scripture replaces BEING LED BY THE LORD.  The leaders of this effort claim that they expose YOUR youth to lots of musical bands TO TEACH THEM TO LEAVE YOUR MOVEMENT.

  Jeff Walling and Women in Ministry.  Paul claims to be led by Jesus into all truth. Paul denies BOTH the women and Jeff Walling etal ANY role in a Biblical School of Christ. Since Jeff is LEAD without the Scriptures and any other source of material he does NOT know "all about Eve" as did Paul and any reader of the Word. The command is to PREACH the Word by READING the Word for Comfort and Doctrine.

  David Skidmore on Ephesians two the NEAR and FAR. David is one of the band at Winterfest. His sermon on the NEAR and FAR fails to read the whole chapter to see that those FAR AWAY are exactly those involved in the pagan musical festivals.  Grace through Faith is to save us FROM that crooked race.

  Mike Cope will be teaching your youth to LEAVE YOUR MOVEMENT. He has been hired by Pepperdine.

As we prepare the future of Bible Lectures and Church Relations at Pepperdine, Mike Cope and I are committed to doing all we can to build a network around and supportive programs for these young preachers. Though they have freed themselves from sectarian constrains, many have chosen to stay with their churches. At least  for now. In the coming years, churches of Christ will need to respond, demonstrably, to the Restoration cry coming from this young generation and in so doing may restore their full role of influence in the unfolding Christian story.
He means that Churches of Christ REFUSED to have instruments imposed when there is not a jot or tittle of evidence from Genesis up to the Campbells of substituting instrumental noise for what Christ and the Campbells called A School of Christ.

The first Abomination of Desolation in Jerusalem involved the worship of Zeus, Dionysus and others with wine, women (and men) and music. It may be happening in the end-times.

Note the connection between the Vineyard, Dionysus and effeminate worship.
In another fragment, we noted that Willow Creek churches such as Woodmont Hills under Rubel Shelly have hired a "worship facilitation minister" who must be trained in music and dramatic performance to help "bring the worshiper into the presence of God." Because this is one of the methods of the change agentry efforts it is interesting that Dionysus is the god of NEW WINE IN NEW WINESKINS and the THEATER:
"dionysus is a strange god. Although he is best known as the god of wine, he is also a vegetation deity, a god of the liquid element,
        a death god,
        a god who comes into and changes, often irrevocably, the normal community life,
        and lastly the god of the theatre.
 "The duality of dionysus is related to another of his attributes, which is that of loss of identity.

Nietzsche (in The Birth of Tragedy) treats Dionysus as a dynamic of time
........... that destroys old forms and brings forth the new

(one reason for his role in the Mysteries) with 'an indifference to the differences'. Nietzsche contrasts this to Apollo who is the God of light, and of forms in particular.

Of course, Dionysus was honored at Apollo's shrine at the Oracle of Delphi.
Click to see how a Seeker System restores the ancient pattern of Apollo who is Appolyon or Abbadon.

> "Agave is certainly not herself when she tears her son to pieces, acting in unison with her sisters. In this respect they are behaving in the same way crowds often do, in which the individual is subliminated by the mob. dionysus induces mass hysteria, he is the god of mob fury.

"This loss of individuality is demonstrated in the theatre not only by the masks which the actors wear, but also by the chorus.

"They dance and sing in unison, all chanting the same words. The members of the chorus have no identity, each is merely an insignificant part of the whole, with no separate will. All individuality willpower must be given up to dionysus, when the god choses to take it. From

See how Hitler informs the modern NAVIGATING THE CHANGES system of SHEPHERDING and DISCIPLING.

Quoted Source: The 1995 Campus Minister's Conference Don Blackwell. His Notes in BLACK
This reviewer's comments in blue.
"I have in my hand a copy of a tape of Jeff Walling's presentation at the 1995 Youth Minister's Conference held in Memphis, Tennessee. I must admit that the first time I heard the tape it nearly brought tears to my eyes. Without a doubt, it was the most blatant and outright attack on the Lord's church that I had ever heard.
Although Walling's "talk" was totally devoid of dignity,
I believe it is the most honest and comprehensive outline of the Change Movement that I have ever heard.
"I have set out to review this tape. I believe the best way to expose Walling and his error is to do so with his own words. For this reason, I have listed various headings indicative of the Change Movement, and then typed quotations from Walling's presentation. I have also added some words of review.
The bad thing about an article of this type is that you can not hear the laughter in the auditorium and the various silly voices that Walling does during his presentation. I assure you that even after reading the article, you will not have gotten the full effect until you hear the tape. It is not my intention to misrepresent Jeff Walling, and lest anyone think I have, I would be willing to send you a copy of the tape so you can hear it first hand.

One very obvious area that is attacked by the Change Movement is Doctrine. If it is going to be changed without opposition, it must first be relegated to a position of non-importance. Notice the way Walling does this through the use of humor. He says...
Jeff Walling Quoted: And then somebody says, "Will you come and speak to the, you know,
        the ministerial conference, with the senior ministers?" We don't call em that, but, you know, the
preachin' guys.
        And that always gives you a headache cause they want to ask you all these questions
        about stuff that
nobody else cares about,
........... you know what I mean?

"What's your position
on this?" and I feel like saying, "When was the last time a lost person asked you that question,
........... you know?"
Nietzsche (in The Birth of Tragedy) treats Dionysus as a dynamic of time that destroys old forms and brings forth the new (one reason for his role in the Mysteries) with 'an indifference to the differences'.
If someone is going to pay you to do a job not on the Church Organization Chart--one not funded at that--why isn't it mocking your employers to deny them the right to know what you know or believe--if anything?

A believer is interested in every word which comes from the mouth of God! He knows that doctrine just means "the teachings of Jesus." Who can one not be interested in every view which came from the Mind of God (the Spirit) and the pen of the apostles moved by Christ the Spirit.

Lost people don't normally ask too many things: they may not know that the are lost. That is whay Jesus doesn't permit us to wait for the seeker but to go out seeking the lost. They may know enough to ask: "What is your position on ridiculing and judgmentally condemning sincere believers who believe that the teachings (doctrines) are not to be mocked without mocking the Incarnate God of the universe?

That is why "doctrine" or the "teachings of, by and about Jesus" is
fundamental teaching. The "gospel?" Sure. But what if they don't know a position about the existence of God? Or what if someone has told them if they don't use instrumental music they are sectarian, racists, legalists and are attending a cult? But if they know a position about God they may still ask: "So what?" Isn't your position about God, the temporary nature of the natural world, the need of a Redeemer, Who is the Redeemer, How dows He redeem?

Or, "Everyone says that baptism is a supernatural
sign that you have been predestinated for salvation and if they don't get the supernatural sign they can't be baptized?" Don't we have positions about the role of the church, professional non-evangelists, pyramidal structures of the Israelites, or 'do I have to tithe?'


It is hard to plumb the profound depth of the ignorance of people who present themselves as "apostles of a post-modern religion" and don't know anything about the sad history of substiting sense stimulation for spiritual awareness of the Spirit God.

It is a motive which only God can grasp to either preach in total ignorance or to deliberately grasp the fact that "David danced" without grasping that he also danced naked. And that this was a result of ignorance of the Law and the presumption that as king of a "like the nations" city-state he was the designated agent of Yahweh.

Or how astounding that one does not grasp that this was a recapitulation of the "rising up to play" practiced by Israel at the foot of Mount Sinai as the separated themselves from God.

Or how utterly beyond the pale not to know the universal association of music "as" worship throughout the Old Testament and all of church history. And yet:
  And that always gives you a headache cause they want to ask you all these questions
            about stuff that
nobody else cares about,
........... you know what I mean?

An online article notes that:
In 1981... "the church of Christ at 816 N. Andover Rd, Andover, Kansas held a youth rally at the high school. Brother Walling was a guest speaker.

During a panel discussion, which was moderated by Church Northrop (whom I know and have confidence in, ps), a question was asked about the scripturalness of instrumental music in worship. Northrop correctly affirmed such was not authorized and showed from Ephesians 5:19 and other Scriptures that acappella music is authorized.

At this point Walling, who was not on the panel, came to the platform and in the presence of the young people literally pushed Northrop away from the podium and declared instrumental music in worship is simply 'a matter of opinion...a gray area.' Walling has continued to advocate that same position over the years (See Behold The Pattern, 5114 Montclair, Colleyville, TX 760343, p. 215).
But Jesus defined performers as hypocrites and we know that
"Using the artifices of mimesis and comedy they pointed out and
defused their opponents' anxieties about music, theater, and sexuality, creating a space for players in the cultural mainstream."

But all of the world's history fairly screams out that attempting to worship a Spirit God with the stimulation of the carnal senses places one totally outside of the cultural mainstream of the Word of God and squarely in the middle of the highway of contemporary, distorted culture.

A second prominent area that is being attacked by Walling and others with the same agenda is music.
........... The trend is to make our worship in song more modern and contemporary.
........... One way in which this is being done is through the use of "praise teams."
........... Praise Teams are nothing more than a group of men and women who are talented singers
........... who stand before the congregation and "lead" the song service.

Notice Walling's comments on the "praise teams" at this function.
Jeff Walling Quoted: ...two fantastically gifted praise teams have reminded me how much things have changed in the last few years.
I mean,
I remember coming to Campus Ministries' Seminar when we thought it was cool one song leader used overheads. Whooa, whew, cutting edge man, look out! And now, Lordy, I walked in the back door late, and thought I'm in the wrong building here.
I mean, you know?
I have to admit though, the last group had something, you guys were fantastic, but the last group had something you guys don't have,
and that is one of the best looking Christian sister singers that I have seen anywhere.
We cannot know the minds of people who carelessly use phrases. However, the almost universal opinion is that the original CHANGE AGENTS used by Satan were devoted to the ARTS AND CRAFTS. These were the Cabiri or Kabiri. Music and the CUTTING EDGE was what allowed them to subjugate others into the ritual of the GAY BROTHERHOO
"These first shamans became the itinerant blacksmiths, who in later mythic lore appeared as dangerous wizards producing "immortal thunderbolt matter" made from crude rock. Miracle of miracles, it was "analogous to that of spiritual, whereby the individual learns to identify himself with his own immortal part."
And Zillah, she also bare Tubal-cain, an instructor of every artificer in brass and iron: and the sister of Tubal-cain was Naamah. Gen 4:22
Choresh (h2794) kho-rashe'; act. part. of 2790; a fabricator or mechanic: - artificer.
Tuwbal Qayin (h8423) too-bal' kah'-yin; appar. from 2986 (comp. 2981) and 7013; offspring of Cain; Tubal-Kajin, an antediluvian patriarch: - Tubal-cain.
Yabal (h2986) yaw-bal'; a prim. root; prop. to flow; causat. to bring (espec. with pomp): - bring (forth), carry, lead (forth).
Qayin (h7013) kah'-yin; from 6969 in the orig. sense of fixity; a lance (as striking fast): - spear.
Quwn (h6969) koon; a prim. root; to strike a musical note, i. e. chant or wail (at a funeral): - lament, mourning woman.
Thus saith the Lord of hosts, Consider ye, and call for the mourning women, that they may come; and send for cunning women, that they may come: Je.9:17

Tubal-Cain is a Kabir, "an instructor of every artificer in brass and iron"; or, if this will please better, he is one with Hephaestos or Vulcan -- Vul-cain, the greatest god also with the later Egyptians, and the greatest Kabir. The god of time was Chium in Egypt, or Saturn, or Seth, and Chium is the same as Cain.

Jabal is taken from the Kabiri -- instructors in agriculture, "such as have cattle," and Jubal is "the father of those who handle the harp," he, or they who fabricated the harp for Kronos and the trident for Poseidon.

In the Sons of God

No. 4 on the list, Ammenon is the Babylonian Ummanu, meaning "artificer," and is the equivalent of Kenan (Cainan) which means "smith."

[Genun is "Jubal" in the musical sense and Kenan in the "smith" sense]

No.7 on the list, Edoranchos may also be read as Euedorachos, a form which can hardly be different from Emmeduranki, a legendary King of Sippar, the city sacred to the sun-god Shamash.

8. The right claimed by certain "sons of judges" to take the maiden heads of poor men's brides is, apparently, the ancient and well-known jus primae noctis which, as the droit de cuissage, was still reputedly exercised by feudal lords in Europe during the Middle Ages (see 36:4).

Yet at a time when the Sons of God were regarded as divine beings, this story may have referred to a custom prevalent in the Eastern Mediterranean:
a girl's maidenhead was ritually broken by "equitation" of a priapic statue. A similar practice obtained among Byzantine hippodrome-performers as late as Justinian's reign, and is hinted at in records of the medieval English witch cult.

9. Many details of the Genun story, taken from the fifth-century A.D. Ethiopian Book of Adam, are paralleled in midrashic writings.

Although Genun's name suggests "Kenan," who appears in Genesis V:9 as the son of Enoch, he is a composite Kenite character:
the invention of musical instruments being attributed in Genesis to Jubal,
and of edged iron blades to his brother Tubal Cain.

Genun was said to occupy "the Land of the Slime Pits," namely the southern shores of the Dead Sea (Genesis XIV:10), doubtless because the evil city of Sodom stood there (see 32:6).

Candidates for initiation into the KABIRI were crowned with a garland of olive and wore a purple band round their loins. The dancing was then begun.
In fact, homosexuality was part of the ritual, what the historians in their scholarly dungeons called their "most immoral tendencies." The purpose was
to evoke a passage beyond earth to a higher life.
That is, "to lead the worshipers into the presence of the gods."

That is, in their mystical dances, continued leaping into the air achieves a shamanic state of trance, a transfer of consciousness analogous to the transformation of the

magician into a bird whereby the apprentice masters his powers to join a gay brotherhood"who, by nature, are superior to other men." 14  "Smiths and shamans are from the same nest," also declares a Yakut proverb from early North America, cited by the mythologist Mircea Eliade. 15

Well, it is common knowledge that you cannot "praise the Lord" and look at sweet singer sister Sue at the same time. Females should grasp that according to history they are being used as bait to attract customers. Then, they bait and switch. In the ancient worship of Corinth you "went all the way" and the final "act" of worship was in the back room.

Jacob says I have waited for thy salvation, O Lord!" Of Simeon and Levi the patriarch remarks that they
Gen. 49:5 Simeon and Levi are brethren; instruments [Sword or Musical]
         of cruelty are in their habitations.
Gen. 49:6 O my soul, come not thou into their secret;
        unto their assembly, mine honour, be not thou united:
        for in their anger they slew a man, and in their selfwill they digged down a wall.

Habitations means "stabbing" from "a cooking range" or boiler, a pot or furnace. God knew that they had a lust for blood and flesh and that was the only rationale for the national or pagan sacrificial systems.

The Levites would be warriors and the latin is bellor To understand such words, the Greek and Latin literature must be read.

In Vergil Aeneit 11 the word Bello is used of the triumph over using music.

With such, return'd triumphant from the war,
Her maids with cries attend the lofty car;
They clash with manly force their moony shields;
With female shouts resound the Phrygian fields.

Pulso To strike or punish, military machines, of musical instruments.

Tŭmultus , 1. In milit. lang., a sudden or impending war, civil war, insurrection, tumult, sedition, rebellion 2. tremendo Juppiter ipse ruens tumultu, i. e. the roar of thunder, storm, etc.:

The sounds are the Halal praise sounds which means "to make self vile" as a threat more often than worship.

Ululu See Hillel, below.  This is the "lord, lord" form of prophesying Jesus does not hear.
B.Transf., of places, to ring, resound, re-echo with howling: căno  I. Neutr., to utter melodious notes, to sing, sound, play.

Gen. 49:7 Cursed be their anger, for it was fierce; and their wrath, for it was cruel:
        I will divide them in Jacob, and scatter them in Israel.

"Dan," he says, "shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse-heels, so that his rider shall fall backwards (i.e., he will teach candidates black magic)
Gen 49:17 Dan shall be a serpent by the way,
        an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels,
        so that his rider shall fall backward.
The Testament of Levi repeats the common understanding of what God warned Israel about when the elders demanded: "Set a king over us."
"And now I have learnt that for seventy weeks ye shall go astray, and profane the priesthood, and pollute the sacrifices. And ye shall
........... make void the law, and
........... set at nought the words of the prophets
by evil perverseness. And ye shall persecute righteous men, and hate the godly; the words of the faithful shall ye abhor."
And in the seventh (Jubilee) there shall be such pollution as I am not able to express, before the Lord and men, for they shall know it who do these things.
Therefore shall they be in captivity and for a prey, and their land and their substance shall be destroyed. And in the fifth week they shall return into their desolate country, and shall renew the house of the Lord.

"And in the seventh week
shall become priests, who are idolaters, adulterers, lovers of money, proud, lawless, lascivious, abusers of children and beasts. And after their punishment shall have come from the Lord, the priesthood shall fail"


A third area that is attacked by the
Change Movement is the role of women. The change is toward women having a more prominent role in the leadership of the church. See if you notice this tendency in Walling's remarks below.
Jeff Walling Quoted: It is exciting to be here at a place where the ability and the gift of a number of Christian ladies is recognized, and their contribution to what's happening to the brotherhood worldwide.
The ACU Agenda Carrol D. Osburn: Train as Prophetic roles to prepare Channelers and Facilitators to facilitate the changes.

The end-time subversion is the beginninng-time version which is "
Feminist hermeneutics stands over against patriarchal hermeneutics" its goal achieved "by small, often unnoticed acts of SUBVERSION. Numerous such incremental changes, like EROSION, will eventually bring down the FORTRESS " ( WOMEN IN THE CHURCH: Reclaiming the Ideal p. 32).
Now, I'm happy to say that specifically coming from California, cause right up the road from me, I know that you see Scott Lambert up here, and the one you didn't see up here is the one that makes Scott look so good, and that's my good sister and friend, and one of the
"ministers" of the Malibu church of Christ, Luoana Gill, and I know she's not alone.
know there are a number of other ladies, who whether they call you "minister," or call you "women's counselor," or call you, "oh that gal that helps," whatever title they give to you, praise God for the fact that we are able to tap into the wonderful gifts that God has given, the ladies that He's placed all around us. Amen? Amen! And we need to, let's praise God for that. That's 'propriate to do. (Round of applause goes up.)
Paul silenced women and limited senior males to lifting holy PALMS with no one waving effeminate arms. Paul the demanded that they conduct the ekklesia or school of the Bible WITHOUT wrath which is ORGE.


In 2 Timothy 3 paul repeats a common them of:

First, defining the pagan ritualism which identifies singing and music
Then, he defines the ekklesia or school of the Bible.
The command is to SPEAK that which is written.

Another understanding at the time of Jesus in The Testament o
f Judah:

The Testament of Judah repeats Judah's giving up his sceptre of the kingdom to "buy off" his daughter-in-law after using her as a "holy whore" or sacred prostitute. Tamar and Judah's family was all mixed up with Canaanite women. Tamar is one example of the "law" describing women who rule: 

For I gave my staff, that is, the stay of my tribe; and my girdle, that is, my power; and my diadem, that is, the glory of my kingdom.

Then I repented for these things, and took no wine or flesh until my old age, nor did I behold any joy.And the angel of God showed me that for ever do women bear rule over king and beggar alike;
and from the king they take away his glory,
and from the valiant man his strength,
and from the beggar even that little which is the stay of his poverty.

23. Now I have much grief, my children, because of your lewdness, and witchcrafts, and idolatries,

which ye will work against the kingdom,
........... following them that have familiar spirits
ye will make your daughters singing girls and harlots for divinations and demons of error,
........... and ye will be mingled in the pollutions of the Gentiles:
for which things' sake the Lord shall bring upon you famine and pestilence, death and the sword, avenging siege, and dogs (gays) for the rending in pieces of enemies,and revilings of friends, destruction and blighting of eyes, children slaughtered, wives carried off, possessions plundered, temple of God in flames, your land desolated, your own selves enslaved among the Gentiles, and made eunuchs for their wives.

Paul's warning about the female exercise of authority is because it means "sexual power." History is filled with females or effeminate men trying to move the worshiper into the presence of God. There simply cannot be any other motive for using "best looking sister singers" than to attract distorted men with "sexual authority."

Jubal "handled" the musical instruments. Handle means without authority and sexual:

Taphas (h8610) means to "seize, capture, take hold of, use unwarrantable authority. The organ he "thrust himself forward to handle" was the:
Uwgab (h5748) oo-gawb'; from 5689 in the orig. sense of breathing; a reed-instrument of music: - organ
Agab (h5689) aw-gab'; a prim. root; to breathe after, i. e. to love (sensually): - dote, lover.

The SEXUAL AUTHORITY can be exercised by either sex:

Authenteo (g831) ow-then-teh'-o; from a comp. of 846 and an obsol. hentes, (a worker); to act of oneself, i.e. (fig.) dominate: - usurp authority over

Autos (g846) ow-tos'; from the particle au , [perh. akin to the base of 109 (blow air) through the idea of a baffling wind] (backward); "of one self."
Aer (g109) ah-ayr'; (to breathe unconsciously, i.e. respire; by anal. to blow); "air" (as naturally circumambient): - air.

Josephus and others use authority in this sense:

"The adored wife of the fallen Hector, is taken as a concubine by the authentes, who can command her domestic and sexual services. The word also occurs in a homosexual sense in a speech by Theseus, king of Athens, where love of young boys was considered a virtue trather than a vice." (Trombley, Who Says Women Cannot Teach, p. 174)

Paul's warning to Corinth needed little explanation because the "sisters" might have just come out of paganism as performers at the Oracle of Apollo.

Or perhaps been used by Lucian the Oracle Monger. Lucian and Apollo are clearly the "proof persons" for the modern Seeker form of "worship" which is as old as the Tower of Babylon where Nimrod did his best work by trailing along a ministry team of "best looking sisters."

There are no historical exceptions to the rule that the sister singers were the "harem of the gods." And, of course, of the god's agents.

"Women and girls from the different ranks of society were proud to enter the service of the gods as singers and musicians. The understanding of this service was universal: these singers constituted the 'harem of the gods'." Music and Worship in Pagan and Christian Antiquity, beginning on page 41


Very little needs to be said about this section. It seems quite evident that Jeff Walling is well aware of
his role as a leader in changing the church of our Lord. The fact, however, is that on the Divine side, the Lord's church is perfect. Those who are a part of "the cutting edge of change" will tell you they are seeking to change those imperfections on the human side.
The problem with that is that many of the areas being changed are areas that are unchangeable -- areas on the Divine side.
The worship of Zeus and Bacchus was the Abomination of Desolation involved in sacrifices in the Jerusalem temple. At the time of Jesus the clergy was still INFECTED. Their piping was in the hopes that Jesus was their BACCHUS messiah rather than Jehovah.

The INITIATION RITE was the Masculine Journey of homosexuality.
........... "One of the greatest of all Greek dramas, The Bacchae powerfully dramatizes the
........... conflict between the emotional and rational sides of the human psyche.
........... When the people of Thebes deny the existence of the god Dionysos,

he punishes them
by unleashing the full force of female sexuality, thereby destroying social order and driving them to certain tragedy.

"It is symptomatic of structures that have lost their elasticity, becoming too rigid to accommodate further development,

to intensify the semantics of self-reference as a sort of final act of self-reassurance.
The patterns of self-reference by drama to drama as we see them in The Bacchae of Euripides reflect a crisis in the very genre of tragedy,
in the context of drastic changes in Athenian society toward the end of the fifth century; the prospect is one of abrupt confrontation and loss." -- Nagy, Pindar's Homer p. 388

This person is always bearded, naked, playing the pipes and carrying a NEW WINESKIN where the spout was always a PHALLIC symbol and MORE than a symbol.

When the agents of change shout so loudly we should understand that many are lost souls trying to whistle their way through the cemetary after they have lost their faith by an older generation of change agents. According to the story of Genun or Jubal, when you have fallen for Lucifer's mix-sex teams and instrumental music there is no turning back, no turning back. The only solution is to try to gather companies upon companies to share the misery.

Walling said,
Jeff Walling Quoted: But I need to tell you, I really believe this is an awfully exciting and important time to be where you are. It's an exciting time to be involved in church of Christ ministry.
Wonder how one could be excited in a ministery whose major beliefs are discarded and ridiculed? Is the excitement caused by the sense of success in goats leading the sheep into another "fold?"
Jeff Walling Quoted: Of course, we always feel like this is the Golden Age.
I don't feel like this is the Golden Age.
I do feel like this is the
virtual age of, of some kind of virtual reality in churches of Christ,
where things are happening so quickly around us.
Where the
tension level is zooming, as those who would call themselves part of the cutting edge,...
See how this TENSION is connected to MUSICAL HERESY: a picture of a new WINE SKINNER.
Diatasis , eôs, hê, tension, dilatation, stretching across, vaginal obstruction, ension, exertion, pneumatos, contention, quarrel, Ektasis, mental tension, impulse
Jesus died to fire the TENSION CREATORS and to give us REST from "anxiety created by religious rituals."
The Greek word Heresy from Liddell and Scott: Haireô means "to take with the hand, grasp, hair. To take by force, to take a city, Il., etc.; to overpower, kill, often of passions, to take, catch, as in hunting, hairein tina kleptonta to convict of theft. To take for oneself. Another form means: take with the hand, grasp, seize as in the Komo or naked dance. Having taken up [the song].
Hide me from the secret counsel of the wicked; from the insurrection of the workers of iniquity: Psa 64:2
Who whet their tongue like a sword, and bend their bows
shoot their arrows,
bitter words: Psa 64:3
Homer To the Pythian Apollo (Abaddon, Apollon who USES the MUSES of Revelation 18:22) about the destruction of Charismatic music

182-206 -
Leto"s (mother of Apollo) - all-glorious son goes to rocky Pytho, playing upon his hollow lyre, clad in divine, perfumed garments; and at the touch of the golden key his lyre sings sweet.
Thence, swift as thought, he speeds from earth to Olympus, to the house of Zeus, to join the gathering of the other gods:
then straightway the undying gods think only of the lyre and song,
all the Muses together, voice sweetly answering voice,
hymn the unending gifts the gods enjoy and the sufferings of men, all that they endure at the hands of the deathless gods,
and how they live witless and helpless and cannot find healing for death or defence against old age.
The Puthôn (cf. Puthô) the serpent Python, slain by Apollo, Ephor.31(b)J., Apollod.1.4.1, Plu.2.293c.
paidiskê echousa pneuma Puthôna a spirit of divination, Act.Ap.16.16.
paidiskê 1 [Dim. of pais] [h]
I. a young girl, maiden, Xen.
II. a young slave,
courtesan, Hdt., Plut.
2. pl. Puthônes, ventriloquists, Plu.2.414e, cf. Hsch.
Notice that Haireô or heresy includes the word Anaireô which shows that the heretics may think that they have invented a NEW STYLE WORSHIP. Of their postmodernism it has been noted that when they lose connection with their "doctrine" and are no longer believers their new INVENTIONS revert to Satan and the cult of the dead.
Anaireô, anêirêka (aneir-dub. in Com.Adesp.18.6D.): (v. haireô): --take up, anelontes apo chthonos having raised the victim from the ground, so as to cut its throat (cf. aueruô), take up and carry off, bear away, esp. prizes. of oracle's answer to inquiry
II. make away with, destroy, of men, kill, Hdt.4.66; pollous anairôn A.Ch.990 ; se men hêmetera psphos a. E.Andr.517; thanatois a. Pl.Lg. 870d ; ek politeias toiauta thêria a. Din.3.19 , etc.
Saturn who in Chaldee is 666 will come again with his PRUNING HOOK (a musical instrument in Hebrew).
"As a king in Italy He was older and wiser, and when His Time came again, He knew it, and secretly left the land. It is said that to this day

"He lies in a
magic sleep on a secret island near Britain, and at some future Time
perhaps in the Reign of the Virgin), He will return to inaugurate another Golden Age. De Saturno
"The Roman Saturnalia was later considered to be like a "temporary return to the golden age". The story is that Saturn is buried somewhere and is only asleep, and that in the future, he will awake and return, in order to launch a new "golden age". (Yes, the concept "new age" actually comes from that also, believe it or not.)
One can feel the "reality of self" rapidly slipping away. One denounces his "church family" and falls in love with the lady on the computer screen. She always says, "Yes, you are lovely to behold and I want to hold you in my arms and dance with you." The patterns and paradigms have been sucked away from Dr. Rubel Shelly and he "internets" all of the way back to the Exodus as the virtual pattern for Christian community (commune) and worship. But, don't you know that Israel lost that video game by rising up to play with sex, dancers, singers and musicians?
Plato noted what is absolute truth:

See the Republic, x.2. By the Platonic doctrine,
........... the ideas of things in the mind of God were the realities;
........... the things themselves, as seen by us, were the images of these realities
........... and poetry, therefore, describing the images of realities, was only at the third remove from nature.  

If you put the poetry to a TUNE, add modern complex harmony, play the flute, and DARE TO DANCE WITH GOD then you are well beyond a VIRTUAL REALITY into deep spiritual danger.

But that is the end-time game for the theater.

"This paper is about live dramatic performance as distinct from the technology-based phenomenon known as virtual reality (not in fact or name), which is the logical extension of film and computer technology and which promises to enable us to 'perform' in dramas of our own devising.

I would argue that live dramatic performances are themselves models of a kind of virtual reality. That is, in keeping with the etymology of the word, they are virtual in the sense of
'resulting in the effect
but not in fact' of something.
"Live theater also presents a kind of virtual reality in another sense of the word; it is virtual because it exists in the mind, in the imagination...
"The excitement of the stage relies on the very fact that we know that what is on stage is not true, 

that we know these are actually actors, and that the actors know we know it. As Wendy Lesser has written in an attempt to distinguish between theater and film: ' 

The central fact about theater is that it places us in the presence of fictional characters. In that element of fiction, it differs from reality; and in that element of presence, it differs from film.

"The Greeks believed that they were revealing a divinity eternally present in nature.

In reality they were creating new aesthetic norms and canons (new laws) expressive of a new view of life. "A similar movement, first from static to dynamic conceptions of reality, and afterward from religious awe to a disillusioned rationalism, can be traced in history from the other chief art form of the Athenian polis, the tragic drama.

And of course, A Capella can be traced to the tragedy or the GOAT SONG.  Capella is the Goat (Aix) constellation and points directly to the worship of the starry host to which God abandoned Israel at Mount Sinai BECAUSE of musical idolatry. 

These guys, including Lynn Anderson, tell you how to conduct prayerful brinkmanship in order to "facilitate" or "manipulate" change and then giggle like surprised girls that change is actually taking place: Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Don't you understan what I'm talking about?

Jeff Walling Quoted: you know there's like lots of people out in our brotherhood who would like to take a cutting edge to the cutting edge.
Do you understand what I'm talkin about here?
Because thou hast spoiled many nations, all the remnant of the people shall spoil thee; because of mens blood, and for the violence of the land, of the city, and of all that dwell therein. Hab 2:8
Woe to him that coveteth an evil covetousness to his house, that he may set his nest on high, that he may be delivered from the power of evil Hab 2:9

All who seek to set their nest on high follow, like the king of Babylon as Lucifer's change agent and Herod, are eventially eaten up by maggots and their noise will cease:

All your pomp has been brought down to the grave, along with the noise of your harps; maggots are spread out beneath you and worms cover you. Isa 14:11

Thou hast consulted shame to thy house by cutting off many people, and hast sinned against thy soul Hab.2:10

For the stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it. Hab 2:11
Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and stablisheth a city by iniquity Hab 2:12

Behold, is it NOT of the Lord of hosts that the people shall labour in the very fire, and the people shall weary themselves for very vanity? Hab 2:13

For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. Hab 2:14

Woe unto him that giveth his neighbour drink (from new wineskins or drunk on ignorance), that puttest thy bottle to him, and makest him drunken also, that thou mayest look on their nakedness Hab 2:15

Thou art filled with shame for glory: drink thou also, and let thy foreskin be uncovered: the cup of the Lords right hand shall be turned unto thee, and shameful spewing shall be on thy glory. Hab 2:16
For the violence of Lebanon shall cover thee, and the spoil of beasts, which made them afraid, because of mens blood, and for the violence of the land, of the city, and of all that dwell therein. Hab 2:17

David sang to awaken his lyre and all pagans believed that the gods lived inside musical instruments

What profiteth the graven image that the maker thereof hath graven it; the molten image, and a teacher of lies, that the maker of his work trusteth therein, to make dumb idols? Hab 2:18

Woe unto him that saith to the wood, Awake; to the dumb stone, Arise, it shall teach Behold, it is laid over with gold and silver, and there is no breath at all in the midst of it. Hab 2:19
But the Lord is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him. Hab 2:20
Below, Jeff will ask:
Jeff Walling Quoted: Am I gettin to you yet?
Have I offended you yet?
And Jesus answered: And if thy hand offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter into life maimed, than having two hands to go into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched: Mk.9:43
That is where the Babylon Whore will go with her musicians and instruments (Revelation 18)
I would they were even cut off which trouble you. Ga.5:12

Jeff Walling Quoted: There is a great deal of tension, which makes this an exciting time.

Click to see how this is the goal of ancient paganism.

Jesus came to relieve the tension by firing the troubling Jewish clergy who mocked God and His Word even as they laded tension upon people like pack animals. I have watched little children torturing animals and it truly made for an exciting time. My brother decided to leave home and join the Navy because of what he got for rubbing a dog's "but" with a turpentine-soaked corn cob. The dog died from too much excitement.

Know what I mean?

Of this Willow Creek or Navigating the Winds Dogma: "We enjoy an incredible edge in confidence vis-àvis the free churches." He cautioned, "The cost of this approach is hard work and loads of strife with church insiders." Christianity Today

The Germans largely reject this movement because they saw it in operation in the 1930s strife.

Know what I mean?

Hitler: Völkish State: Supporters (emotional) and Leaders (Intellectual)
Rubel Shelly: The Machiavelli FAX of Life Resisting Change
Machiavelli Prince Ch3-Ch6-Ch7
Mein Kampf Vol 1, Ch 6
Mein Kampf Vol 2, Ch5, Ch8, Ch11

And, do you understand what I'm talking about here: adults actually brag about a supernatural call to be a "doctor of the law" and about lading tension upon people. Exciting, don't you know, comes from the anxiety which causes pain which is relieved by the production of endorphins (morphine-line). But deliberately inducing a drug high among the excitable youth will create more damage than good.

Jeff Walling Quoted: It makes it an exciting time because things are changing, old habits are being questioned, old tradition,
I mean we've got the most sacred of cows being trodded through butcher shops all over this country in churches of Christ
where people are willing to ask questions that would have been heresy to even voice before.
And I'm not saying that we have lots of sacred cows that need to be slaughtered, but every now and then it's just good to check the herd to make sure you don't have a few goats in there,
if you know what I'm sayin.
Heard a known fact repeated today: when a man sees or confronts a beautiful person he literally goes out of his mind for a few minutes.  Paul outlawed AUTHENTIA authority which is both erotic and murderos.

Amos warns about the SACRED COWS OF BASHAN who were responsible for the religion of Israel.  History notes that religious musicians in paganism were always effeminate or worse.  While women were limited in "clergy" roles it was necessary for the males to act and perform as females.  When God abandoned Israel to the Monarchy the musicians prophesied with singing, dancing and playing instruments: that word means soothsaying or sorcery. Their dress, style of falsetto singing (Acappella is not congregational singing). That is becausse God had abaandoned them to worship the starry host.

A large percentage of the "owners" flee when the "musical worship team" claiming a mediating role:
"Of particular interest is the way that early modern
playwrights, music theorists, and theater apologists addressed this conflated language of the "enemy," by echoing the same connections between sexuality and playing found in the most virulent antitheatrical tracts. As this paper will demonstrate, by "playing" with the conflated language, these writers defended their art,
justifying their existence in a society that was both seduced and repulsed by them. By claiming the polemical antitheatrical language, these players escaped from the ideological margins to which their opponents had tried to relegate them.
Using the artifices of mimesis and comedy they pointed out and defused their opponents' anxieties about music, theater, and sexuality,
creating a space for players in the cultural mainstream."
According to Greek tradition, the actor and playwright Thespis invented the drama when he augmented the chorus of the dithyramb with a single actor who wore masks to portray several different characters.
Comedy (from Greek komos, meaning "revel") was presented competitively in Athens from 486 BC at the Lenaea winter festival, though it fused much earlier traditions of popular entertainment, mime, phallic rites, and revelry in honour of Dionysus.
Sacred Cows: Supernatural Signs of the New Hermeneutic when one mark of the beast is "a new style of singing or drama."
Rubel Shelly suggested the HERMES was the LOGOS John knew about.

As The Abomination of Desolation in the Temple we know that Hermes was a homosexual and most faithful Israelites fled rather than let the young men be "initiated" as homosexual priests.

Of Hermes, Mercury or the Greek logos:

Hermes, the herald of the Olympian gods, is son of Zeus and the nymph Maia, daughter of Atlas and one of the Pleiades.

Hermes is also the god of shepherds, land travel, merchants, weights and measures, oratory, literature, athletics and thieves,

and known for his cunning and shrewdness.
He was also a minor
patron of poetry.
He was worshiped throughout Greece especially in Arcadia. Festivals in honor of Hermes were called

Originally Hermes was a phallic god, being attached to fertility and good fortune, and also a patron of roads and boundaries. His name coming from herma, the plural being hermaiherm was a square or rectangular pillar in either stone or bronze, with the head of Hermes (usually with a beard), which adorned the top of the pillar, and male genitals near to the base of the pillar.

The offspring of Hermes are believed to be Pan, Abderus and Hermaphroditus. Hermes as with the other gods had numerous affairs with goddesses, nymphs and mortals. In some legends even sheep and goats. Pan, the half man half goat, is believed to be the son of Hermes and Dryope,

Pan was a little queer "god" who PLAYED all kinds of things including his pipes. The JUDAS BAG was for carrying the mouthpieces of wind instruments. They were also called TONGUES. The Greek word is made up of (1) speaking in tongues and (2) of the WORLD or devoted to Satan who indwelled Judas.

The PIPING trying to get Jesus to sing and dance was the DIONYSUS or BACCHUS perverted song and dance of the GAY MINSTRELS (Yes, always homosexuals worshiping the GOD OF THE NEW WINESKINS). This was the worship of Zeus and Dionysus as the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION in the Jerusalem Temple.

See how the Branch of the terrible ones is connected to the Abominable branch which means "singing with instrumental accompaniment."

The Judas Goat scheme, Jesus identified the "multitude" as sheep to whom He spoke only in parables because as sheep they had little interest in truth because they follow a few "black sheep" who are the apparent leaders. In the church, the "black sheep" are often the elders who are just as ignorant as the regular sheep but they have A MARK PUT ON THEM as focus leaders but not chosen by the sheep.  

They get quite violent when you try to turn "church" from pagan worship center or
slaughter pen back to "synagogue" or school. The Judas Goat is in charge because he knows where he is leading them A Judas goat is also able to get the sheep to follow him. He leads the sheep up to the slaughter pen but at the last moment slips out of the way after the sheep are already on the move and cannot be stopped. He has figured out that the shepherd will protect him as long as he leads the sheep to whereever the shepherd desires. He knows that hireling shepherds eat lambs In myth and real history he is the Pied Piper who can get the "mice people" to follow him.
The Judas Goat offering was imposed as a result of Nadab and Abihu.
"In the Comedies the high-and-mighty, whether God or mortal, will be lampooned. Comedy (Côm-ôidia = Cômos-song) echoes the less formal Revels (Cômoi), both of which celebrate the resurgence of Indestructible Life. The comic actors wear grotesque masks and over-stuffed body-suits with padded buttocks and stomach and a large leather phallus - even if the actor is playing a female character!
This is because Comedy harks back to our rural Phallic Processions to invoke the powers of Fertility and to drive off pestilence.
Again MUSICAL PERSONA: Illustraton below: the UNIVERSAL, Music, Wineskin, Phallic Worship. Note that the end of wineskin is claimed to be a phallus:
Though the performances are sacred and consecrated to the God, the audience makes their opinions known,
either applauding or hissing and hooting. The plays are also a focus for political and social debate; the plays (especially the Comedies) are laced with allusions to contemporary issues and will be a stimulus for discussion following the festival. Later I thought of this clown of the flute as a grotesque modern form of the great god Pan of the forest whom the Greeks worshipped as the symbol of cosmic vitality--serene, goat-footed Pan who plays the sacred syrinx (pan pipes) in the sinking dusk and with its magic sound evokes an echo in all things:
leaves and fountains shiver, the stars begin to tremble, and the shaggy goats dance at the edge of the grove. ( Kinsley, David R. The Sword and the Flute: Kali & Krsna: Dark Visions of the Terrible and the Sublime in Hindu Mythology. Berkeley: U of California P, 33, n. 49)
See how Laughing and Mocking Jesus go together.
The little SINGING AND PLAYING animals rise again in the end times where the Babylon Whore has restored lots of commerce, false religion, homosexuality and musical instruments. The tongues of the false prophets are FROGS or "Quacks."


The musical group building upon
Exodus and pagan religion is raising more sacred cows than others can "trod" down or slaughter. Here, for instance, is the sacred cow (Hathor) or bull (Apis) who was placated with music in Egypt and who was reincarnated as the golden calf as Israel rose up to play: sing, dance and play instrumental music.

* Biblical Cyclopedia, vol. i. p. 368. The flagellum or lash -- the emblem of the great Egyptian god -- suspended to the yoke about the neck of the calf, shows that this calf represented that god in one of his different forms.

"As it is a universal principle in all idolatries that the high priest wears the insignia of the god he serves, this indicates the importance which the spotted skin must have had attached to it as a symbol of the god himself. The ordinary way in which the favourite Egyptian divinity Osiris was mystically represented was under the form of a young bull or calf--the calf Apis--from which the golden calf of the Israelites was borrowed. There was a reason why that calf should not commonly appear in the appropriate symbols of the god he represented, for that calf represented the divinity in the character of Saturn, "The HIDDEN one," "Apis" being only another name for Saturn. *

* The name of Apis in Egyptian is Hepi or Hapi, which is evidently from the Chaldee "Hap," "to cover." In Egyptian Hap signifies "to conceal." (BUNSEN) Click to see some sun second incarnation.

And don't forget that the female leaders in Amos' condemnation of music were called "cows of Bashan."

In Rome

the worship of the Egyptian divinities had been banished without the city walls.

Upon the Campus Martius, however, Isis and Sarapis found a resting-place, and
their temples were much frequented by the lower classes.
Courtesans especially flocked to Isis,
and invalids to Sarapis,
whose priests were reputed to have wondrous powers of healing.
But Sarapis (incarnated in the Apis bull) may stand here for both divinities,
and there is no need to suppose the girl was ill because of her professed destination or of her request for the use of a lectica (portable couch).

Heredotus notes that: About the time when Cambyses arrived at Memphis, Apis appeared to the Egyptians. Now Apis is the god whom the Greeks call Epaphus.

As soon as he appeared, straightway all the Egyptians arrayed themselves in their gayest garments, and fell to feasting and jollity: which when Cambyses saw,
making sure that these rejoicings were on account of his own ill success, he called before him the officers who had charge of Memphis, and demanded of them-
"Why, when he was in Memphis before, the Egyptians had done nothing of this kind, but waited until now, when he had returned with the loss of so many of his troops?" The officers made answer,
"That one of their gods had appeared to them, a god who at long intervals of time had been accustomed to show himself in Egypt- and that
always on his appearance
the whole of Egypt feasted and kept jubilee."

[Rising up to play with musical idolatry was a Jubilee]

When Cambyses heard this, he told them that they lied, and as liars he condemned them all to suffer death.

When they were dead, he called the priests to his presence, and questioning them received the same answer; whereupon he observed, "That he would soon know whether a tame god had really come to dwell in Egypt"- and straightway, without another word,
he bade them bring Apis to him. So they went out from his presence to fetch the god.

Now this Apis, or Epaphus, is the calf of a cow which is never afterwards able to bear young. [A virgin birth celebrated under the name "Mary the Mother of the god."]

The Egyptians say that fire comes down from heaven upon the cow, which thereupon conceives Apis. The calf which is so called has the following marks:- He is black, with a square spot of white upon his forehead, and on his back the figure of an eagle; the hairs in his tail are double, and there is a beetle upon his tongue.
Calling down Gods "holy" fire: Malachi knew about ACU, Ken Cukrowski, Mark Hamilton, and James Thompson when he asked: "who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a REFINER'S FIRE, and like FULLER'S SOAP: Malachi 3:2 (To Wash). The concept of HOLY FIRE has meaning ONLY in connection with CONSUMING those who refuse to approach God with reverence and Godly fear. Those who PEDDLE or "retail" the Word which they do not believe are enemies of Christ.
See also the Zoe Group calling down FIRE as they promote the worship of the MOUNTAIN GODS.
Hear Paul relate to Nadab and Abihu and warn those who do not approach God in reverence and godly fear that GOD IS STILL A CONSUMING FIRE.

"When the priests returned bringing Apis with them, Cambyses, like the harebrained person that he was, drew his dagger, and aimed at the belly of the animal, but missed his mark, and stabbed him in the thigh. Then he laughed, and said thus to the priests:-

"Oh! blockheads, and think ye that gods become like this, of flesh and blood, and sensible to steel? A fit god indeed for Egyptians, such an one!

But it shall cost you dear that you have made me your laughing-stock."

When he had so spoken, he ordered those whose business it was to scourge the priests, and if they found any of the Egyptians keeping festival to put them to death.

Thus was the feast stopped throughout the land of Egypt, and the priests suffered punishment. Apis, wounded in the thigh, lay some time pining in the temple; at last he died of his wound, and the priests buried him secretly without the knowledge of Cambyses.

Moses saw that the people were running wild and that Aaron had let them get out of control and so become a laughingstock to their enemies. Exodus 32:25
19. But when Moses came down, he saw their heathenism revelling in the wide plain with drums and cymbals.

"The triumphal hymn of Moses had unquestionably a religious character about it; but the employment of music in religious services, though idolatrous, is more distinctly marked in the festivities which attended the erection of the golden calf." (Smith's Bible Dictionary, Music, p. 589).

And now Cambyses, who even before had not been quite in his right mind, was forthwith, as the Egyptians say, smitten with madness for this crime. 

The only Sacred Cows are worship by instrumental music which brings on a total rejection by God.
Know what I mean?

It is clear from the following excerpt that brother Walling understands that change must be progressive. He understands that all of the "desired" changes can't be made overnight. People will see through that and rebel against it.

If one is going to change a congregation, it must be
done slowly. No doubt, this is why they are often very successful. Walling sympathizes with these youth ministers,
Jeff Walling Quoted: ...and you are struggling with how do I meet the needs of these young people? How do I help them to understand? How do I be cutting edge, and new WAVE avant garde (vanguard), and progressive,
without losing my job? and making everyone else in the congregation really irritated with me...
I have to wonder if
you're at a place in your ministry where you don't have to go to the church of Christ either.
"After she (Carol Wimber) had a dream in 1976 of standing preaching to a large crowd a seven-point sermon on the gifts of the Spirit, at the final point,  'a sensation like hot electricity' hit her head, travelled down her body, then up and out of her mouth. She awakened speaking in tongues. The sensation of heat and electricity is typical of that experienced in the current revival.  She said 'Soon God stopped showing me what he had wanted to do in the past and began to show me what he was going to do in the future. I had a strong sense of God's desire for his bride, for the whole Church - Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox.' (Riding the Third Wave - 1987)
In the article "Worship: Intimacy With God the philosophy behind the 'praise and worship' found in the Vineyard churches it is explained that there is a 'well-thought out philosophy' guiding how God is worshipped through music and movement in order to achieve the goal through "Worship: Intimacy With God" .
"To understand how we worship God, it is helpful to learn about our fellowship's history, which goes back to 1977. At that time my wife, Carol, was leading a small group of people in a home meeting that evolved into the Anaheim Vineyard. I'll let her describe what happened during that time.
"After we started to meet in our home gathering, I noticed times during the meeting -- usually when we sang -- in which I experienced God deeply... occasionally we sang a song personally and intimately to Jesus, with lyrics like 'Jesus, I love you.'

Those types of songs both stirred and fed the hunger for God within me... Thus we began to see a difference between songs ABOUT Jesus and songs
TO Jesus. "About that time we realised our worship blessed God, that it was for God alone and not just a vehicle of preparation for the pastor's sermon. This was an exciting revelation. After learning about the central place of worship in our meetings, there were many instances in which all we did was worship God for an hour or two.
"At this time we also discovered that singing was not the only way to worship God. Because the word worship means literally to bow down, it is important that our bodies are involved in what our spirits are saying. In scripture this is accomplished through bowing heads, lifting hands, kneeling, and even lying prostrate before God. ... we are blessed as we worship him.
He visits his people with manifestations of the Holy Spirit. "Thus worship has a two-fold aspect: communication with God through the basic means of singing and praying, and communication from God though teaching and preaching the word, prophecy, exhortation, etc.

lift him up and exalt him, and as a result are drawn into his presence where he speaks to us."
"In the Vineyard we see five basic phases of worship, phases through which leaders attempt to lead the congregation.... as we pass through these phases we are headed toward one goal:
intimacy with God."....
The fourth phase is described as "God Visits His People when "Expression then moves to a zenith, a climactic point, not unlike physical lovemaking... We have expressed what is in our hearts and minds and bodies, and now it is time to wait for God to respond.
Stop talking and wait for Him to speak, to move. I call this, the fourth phase, visitation:"
The fifth phase is called "Generosity "The fifth phase of worship is the giving of substance. The church knows so little about giving, yet the Bible exhorts us to give to God. it is pathetic to see people preparing for ministry who don't know how to give. That is like an athlete entering a race, yet he doesn't know how to run. If we haven't learned to give money, we haven't learned anything... " From Source
See how "churchy" music is a product of spiritual prostitutes and Voodoo.
I am sure that people ignorantly use CODE WORDS without knowing what they mean. For instance, if the guys want to make church into "A venue for Rock and Roll" they may truly not know that this is one of the "F" words which define almost all forms of VOODOO based music:

Avant Garde is most commonly used in relationship to music and the arts. And the language of the arts are clearly gender bent.
Click for the THEATRICAL meaning of Avant Garde.
"Camp preceded Pop in sensibility and acceptance. Camp is decidedly avant-garde, and Pop, a sort of aprés-garde sensibility, is merely its reformation into a commodity. Camp is defined in terms of the aesthetic; Pop is defined in terms of the commercial. Herein lies the insidiousness of the Pop sensibility.
It has successfully positioned itself so well within capitalism that its sphere of influence is at once incredibly vast and incredibly effective.
Pop is marketed as Camp, as the obligatory thing for homosexuals to do and to like, and thus produces the new wave of homosexuals, the aprés-garde."
"By just about any measure, Hartley led a troubled, conflicted life. He was a gay man in a society that frowned on homosexuality, an artist drawn to abstraction when such work was largely shunned by the public,
a man susceptible to powerful swings of mood and capable of ever-changing artistic styles. "Like a true Modernist," says curator McDonnell, Hartley "ran through the full gamut of options then open to avant-garde painters."

The ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION was the worship of Zeus and Bacchus or Dionysus in the Holy Places of the Jerusalem Temple. This was something the Jewish WARRIOR musicians nor the most VILE PAGAN temple would allow.

The Jewish Clergy were identified by Jesus as the PIPING musicians of Dionysus who PIPED hoping or even demanding that Jesus join in the perverted Dionysus song and dance.

Here is a picture of religion so PROGRESSIVE that it began in the garden of Eden with the serpent or NACHASH as Musical Enchanter WHOLLY SEDUCING Eve while Adam bowed willingly. It was also so PROGRESSIVE that it was used by Nimrod at the Towers of Babylon. So progressive that it is the PROPHECIED holy whore, Kirke, who seduces with music and enchantments. One of the naked singers and dancers carried a new WINESKIN:
In Navigating the winds of change, Lynn Anderson tells you how to use prayerful brinkmanship without loosing your job. You simply use gradual mind control which sounds so much like Machiavelli or Hitler.
See Lynn Anderson at Jubilee 99
And here to see how you have to have "loads of strife with church insiders."
Oh, for eternal judgment's sake: if you wonder about not going to a church of Christ please get off the dole before God comes with ten thousand angels to execute judgment upon Satanic creators of excitement with mixed-sex choirs, instrumental music and even homosexual love with Lucifer. Jude quoted Enoch to say that God will come from the musical manipulators: the creators of excitement to make you drug high and unhappy with your "profession" as soon as you get out of the conference.

Conferences are good for underemployed people to go and sow discord:
Jeff Walling Quoted: You've looked around too. And from those of you I've talked to, some of you discuss it with a pained expression of somebody who's got one foot one place and some foot some place else, and you're wonderin , "How do I make this meet?"
How do I keep my balance? How do I be progressive and cutting edge, and try new things
without alienating myself from the very people
who not only support me financially,
but do support me heart wise, and are there for me
when I need em?"
The solution is easy: you have called yourself into ministry as a profession, you are not ministers or servants, and you need to grasp that God did not call you into the ministry. Go back to Bible 101aaa, get an honest job and--please--just leave happy people alone: they do not need change agents as professional creators of "spiritual anxiety created by religious ritual" which Christ died to free us from. That is fundamental gospel.


Vulgarity, per se, is not a trend of the change movement, but a lack of respect toward those things traditionally considered appropriate is. This movement is very much reflective of our society as a whole. Things once considered taboo are now embraced with arms wide open.

The following vulgarity makes the point. Walling continues,
Jeff Walling Quoted: ...Jesus does have a way for us to keep our balance, and it is only found in him. You see, right in there is where Paul's big "but" comes in. Mark it down in your notes and then turn to Second Corinthians chapter 2 verse 14 to find it. Those of you later reading the transcript of this will not enjoy that near as much as those in the audience did.

Oh! We don't need
silly humor pointed out! We don't get too upset when people poke judgmental fun at sincere believers: it is just a sign of the end time religion of the Babylon Whore whose musicians and instruments will go with them into hell. This was the pattern of the original king of Babylon as Lucifer's change agent:
This word is not listed as BUT in the Greek resources in 2 Corinthians. When Paul obeyed Christ and WENT OUT. Contrary to Jeff's Baptist friends, Paul preached Christ's gospel which was Paul's gospel:
Furthermore, when I came to Troas to preach Christs gospel, and a door was opened unto me of the Lord, 2 Cor 2:12
I had no rest in my spirit, because I found not Titus my brother; but taking my leave of them, I went from thence into Macedonia. 2 Cor 2:13
If one preaches AGAINST the clear gospel then they spread a VILE STENCH but not the aroma of the Gospel of Christ which depends on KNOWLEDGE from Christ with NO ROLE for hypocrites or actors. Almost without exception the professional preachers were called by Paul THE MANY:
Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place. 2 Cor 2:14
For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ. 2 Cor 2:17

Eilikrineia (g1505( i-lik-ree'-ni-ah; from 1506; clearness, i.e. (by impl.) purity (fig.): - sincerity.

2 Co.1:12 For our rejoicing is this, the testimony of our conscience, that in simplicity and godly sincerity, not with fleshly wisdom, but by the grace of God, we have had our conversation in the world, and more abundantly to youward.

A CORRUPTER is a huckster: You CANNOT peddle or TRAFFICK the Word without CORRUPTING it:
Kapeleuo (g2585) kap-ale-yoo'-o; from kapelos , (a huckster); to retail, i.e. (by impl.) to adulterate (fig.): - corrupt
Kapêlos [a^], ho(also hê, AP9.180(Pall.)), retail-dealer, huckster, a dealer especially a tavern-keeper

In Heredotus 1:
Grant, then, forgiveness to the Lydians, and to make sure of their never rebelling against thee, or alarming thee more,
send and forbid them to keep any weapons of war, command them to wear tunics under their cloaks, and to put buskins upon their legs,

and make them
bring up their sons to cithern-playing (Kitharizein), singing (psallein), and shop-keeping (Hucksterism). (Or translated lyre playing and harping which is redundant)
........... So wilt thou soon see them become women instead of men,
........... and there will be no more fear of their revolting from thee."
Ponêria in moral sense, wickedness, vice, knavery, baseness, cowardice, with a political connotation, mob-rule
Similar definition:

Mochthêria of a person, lack of skill, incapacity, mostly in moral sense, wickedness, depravity, chief of the rascaldom (i.e. of the Radical party) up there (on earth),
All your pomp has been brought down to the grave, along with the noise of your harps; maggots are spread out beneath you and worms cover you. Isa 14:11
Pomp is: Gaown (h1347) gaw-ohn'; from 1342; the same as 1346 (arrogance): - arrogancy, excellency (-lent), majesty, pomp, pride, proud, swelling. metaphor, k. ponêrias dealer in pettyroguery
Jeff Walling Quoted: As you'll note, there's only one "t" in the word that I was referring to out of verse 14...and I'm so thankful for Paul's big "but" that he puts right here in the middle of this text, and I want you to think of it that way. I know you won't remember this,
"Did you hear about Walling saying "Paul's big but?" I want you to remember this.
Paul always identified the "robbers" as the many who would corrupt the word of God for a price. However, Paul's most important "but" was:
For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ. 2 Cor 2:17


The attack on doctrine begins with the philosophy that the Scriptures are not a pattern for us to follow. When the pattern is gone, one can only imagine what will come next. Walling states this point very clearly.
...and all we're doin is sayin, "I just want to do what the Lord calls me to."
........... Course, we don't like followin,
........... we like havin a map.
The religious scholarship universally subscribes to commands, examples and inferences. The exception is the Catholic church and the Disciples.

Jesus died in order to speak the words just as He heard them from the Father. He did not say that He was in visible contact with the Father so that He could follow in His "steps."

Paul preached the Word as it had been delivered to him.

Then Paul put the Word into the hands of the elders or pastor-teachers and not in the hands of the "main preacher." The elders used these words to teach healthy doctrine and refute those who oppose it.

It is clear that those who resent the Scriptures do so because of some resentment of authority and, without a doubt, an adult can be loved by the childish majority just simply by denouncing authority.
Howbeit for this cause I obtained mercy, that in me first Jesus Christ might shew forth all longsuffering, for a pattern to them which should hereafter believe on him to life everlasting. 1Ti.1:16
In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity, Tit.2:7
There was a time when anyone who claimed to be in direct contact with God was treated like a "Jim Jones" and denounced. It seems that so many, in these last days, will follow anyone who claims to get their assignment from God even as Jesus got his, now obsolete, assignment.
Jeff Walling Quoted: Don't tell me follow you, just give me a map. Some of us think he did, that this is a diagnostic tool.
........... I don't need the leading of the Lord,
........... ........... I've got the Scriptures.
........... ........... It is my substitute for the leading of the Lord.
Walking in the steps of Jesus is not getting a direct revelation like Jesus: this is a military term and when He 'hups' we 'hup.' If we are not walking by the Scripture then we should not be surprized to find that rather than dancing with god we have another "spirit" partner.

John Calvin may be the "father" of those who think that they are led by a DIRECT operation of the Holy Spirit: Calvin said that the two direct operations were that God gave us the SCRIPTURES (which ARE Spirit) and He sent OUT evangelists to preach THAT WORD.

1. The temper and error of the
Libertines, who take to themselves the name of spiritual, briefly described. Their refutation.
(a). The Apostles and all true Christians have embraced the written Word. This confirmed by a passage in Isaiah; also by the example and words of Paul.
(b). The Spirit of Christ seals the doctrine of the written Word on the minds of the godly.
(2) Refutation continued.
a) The impositions of Satan cannot be detected without the aid of the written Word. First Objection. The Answer to it.
3. Second Objection from the words of Paul as to the letter and spirit. The Answer, with an explanation of Paul's meaning. How the Spirit and the written Word are indissolubly connected.
1.The fanatics wrongly appeal to the Holy Spirit
Those who, rejecting Scripture, imagine that they have some peculiar way of penetrating to God, are to be deemed not so much under the influence of error as madness. For certain giddy men have lately appeared, who, while they make a great display of the superiority of the Spirit,
reject all reading of the Scriptures themselves, and deride the simplicity of those who only delight in what they call the dead and deadly letter.
But I wish they would tell me what spirit it is whose inspiration raises them to such a sublime height that they dare despise the doctrine of Scripture as mean and childish.
If they answer that it is the Spirit of Christ, their confidence is exceedingly ridiculous;
since they will, I presume, admit that the apostles and other believers in the primitive Church were not illuminated by any other Spirit. None of these thereby learned to despise the word of God, but every one was imbued with greater reverence for it, as their writings most clearly testify.
And, indeed, it had been so foretold by the mouth of Isaiah. For when he says,
"My Spirit that is upon thee, and my words which I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed's seed, saith the Lord, from henceforth and for ever,"
Paul was not too resentful of authority that he refused to teach that others should accept the authority he put into his preaching:Therefore I glory in Christ Jesus in my service to God. Rom 15:17
I will not venture to speak of anything except what Christ has accomplished through me in leading the Gentiles to obey God by what I have said and done Ro.15:18
I put this in human terms because you are weak in your natural selves. Just as you used to offer the parts of your body in slavery to impurity and to ever-increasing wickedness, so now offer them in slavery to righteousness leading to holiness. Ro.6:19
Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth, 2Ti.2:25
 One truly led by the Spirit would not associate "buts" and "best looking sister singers."
So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature. Galatians 5:16
For the sinful nature desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the sinful nature. They are in conflict with each other, so that you do not do what you want. Galatians 5:17
Jeff Walling Quoted: The problem is Scriptures doesn't tell me whether to live in Los Angeles or Atlanta.
Perhaps "Scripture" doesn't care where me lives. Maybe, "me" can do my job in Los Angeles or Atlanta. Or if one followed the leading of Jesus by following the leading of Scripture one would be forced to "go into all the world and preach" rather than train young men how to admire ladies and lash out at the hand that feeds you.
Jeff Walling Quoted: The Scripture doesn't tell me whether to be in campus ministry, or pulpit ministry, or senior ministry, or just plain ole ministering ministry.
You can bet your "but" that Scripture doesn't say a jot or piddle about campus minister or pulpit minister or senior minister or just plane ole ministering minister.

Minister by definition is not applauded: he is a slave, a servant. Pulpit minister? Did you know that Jesus had the
common decency to stand up to read the Scripture and then sit down? Didn't think so.
Ministers don't see how far they can push those in authority who pay my bills. You cannot be following Jesus and enclose the "butts" and "beautiful female singers" in the same lecture.
Did you know that the Synagogue really had no "preaching?" Did you know that they read the passage and explained only what part of the text was not understood. Did you know that the Synagogue had no "praise service" by female or male teams universally acknowledged in many priesthoods as effeminate.

Did you know that the early "brethren" were smart enough and Bible educated enough that if one claiming a direct leading from God (apostle or prophet) came into their
midst they had a test? Call for a "potluck" and actually eat? False apostle. Remain more than two or three days? False prophet. Send him out or get him an honest job. Preaching is honest; tearing down preachers is not honest.

Did you know that taking up collections for the
able bodied was a sin?
Didache 1:6 For of a truth it has been said on these matters, let thy almsgiving abide in thy hands until thou knowest to whom thou hast given. (1 Corinthians 16:1f asks to "lay by him in store" or to save up an amount for later collection)

Alms are not tithes. See how Paul OUTLAWS the LAW of laying by in store. So no matter WHERE you live unless you teach "that which has been taught" you are UNFUNDED: Yea, all history says PARASITE of the permormers.
If you are a minister or slave, Paul, the history of the "priesthood," and general history gives you food only when you are, like the threshing oxen, on the job. There is no pay for looking in mirrors.
Jeff Walling Quoted: You know, it doesn't tell me. So what have I got to do?...I've got to learn to walk behind Jesus, and say "Father, you lead me." ...And God doesn't give maps because if we ever took a look at a map at where he was headin us, we'd get out of the car right now.
Oh, so many cute guys are having a direct operation of the Spirit. God leading or incarnating them just as He did Jesus. No? Then, other than Scripture, tell us how God speaks directly to you to tell you to go to Los Angeles.

I wonder how you "learn" a guy how to walk by a direct hand-clasp with Jesus? Hmmm. Maybe if you can excite Him enough to dance with you then YOU can let HIM do the leading?

One area the Lord's church has been renowned for defending in years past is baptism. Unfortunately, it too has come under attack by some of those who once defended it. Walling asks,
Jeff Walling Quoted: How many of you have been pressed about baptism in the last few years? You guys are water regenerationalists, that's what you are.
From the time the mighty band of men began Jubilee and set out to navigate the winds of change by actually blowing the winds of change undoubtedly many people have believed the lie that churches of Christ teach water regeneration. That is untrue and spirit-threatening to believe or teach. Churches of Christ put no more emphasis upon baptism than others. It is just the universally recognized Biblical and historical fact that Christ bestows or pours out His grace when we ask for internal cleansing by being baptized in water. The Clergy "rejected the counsel of God for their lives by not being baptized" by John.

What is really happening is that these change agents have been buddy bundling with the Baptists and in order to get on their lecture circuits it just drives them wild with admiration if you can bad-mouth churches of Christ. It is a proof of the "fall" that most people will worship any man who can find fault. Why? Well, it is because finding fault makes me feel superior and without fault-finding I simply have no reason why God should not zap me away.
Jeff Walling Quoted: You believe there's magic in the water, and man we work the water.
Oh, Lord! How can anyone be so ignorant of the facts. One suspects that the new agents of change are not left-leaning. Rather, the new liberal extreme is the obverse side of the same conservative radical coin. Jeff has never heard anyone say that there was magic in the water and never heard anyone say that they work the water.
You know what I mean?
Jeff Walling Quoted: We try and splain how it makes sense folks. That water makes sense. That water is an important symbol and it shows, and the uniting, and going down and going up.
Baptism is a symbol. But then a signed check for a million dollars is just a symbol. Get the money without following the rules for the free gift? Nope. We don't have to splain the commands of Jesus and if we do then we are not acting by faith: just do it or the proof is positive that you don't have even minimal faith in the One who issued the command.
Jeff Walling Quoted: Baptism is silly, no matter how you cut it! Let me make it very plain.
Baptism was the most common way in the ancient world where one gave away their old name and life and signed on as a disciple of a teaching master. The Jews considered that proselyte baptism made one a new person. Christian Baptism does the same thing because Jesus is the Master Teacher to Whom we disciple ourselves and trust ourselves. Nothing to understand at great depth: just obey it to prove that you are not suffering from a youth's rebellion against all authority.
Jeff Walling Quoted: If you are out there trying to explain baptism because it
makes a lot of sense, and it's this great symbol, and it shows this,
and this is the closest thing you ever come to bein buried, you know, when you go down under that water, and come back up.
That's the closest you ever come to dyin, and don't you see how.
Never heard anyone claim that baptism comes close to dying! Never. Paul explained that we die to ourselves meaning that we get over youthful trauma and begin to live for and think about someone other than ourselves. Baptism, you know, agrees that Jesus died for our sins.
Sounds like theater where we have noted that drama works "because we know that it isn't true." You cannot get applause for just teaching the Word of Jesus as He has delivered it. In fact, you might get stoned.
Jeff Walling Quoted: Folks, baptism is dumb from any standpoint other than God's. You (unclear) somebody up there
and dunk 'em up and down in the water, and you try to tell me,
"This is really, this is serious business." We get little baptismal suits, make it look formal,
you know.
If someone told you to sign a piece of paper and you would inherit a million dollars it would look just as silly to the silly. How can I exchange my signature on your piece of paper and get a million dollars? Well, the adult world knows how that works and it is not silly. To say that Mark 16:15-16 is silly is to mock and crucify afresh Lord Jesus Christ Who commanded:
And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15
He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. Mark 16:16
Just what is it about a horseshoe that you don't understand? He didn't ask "old ministering ministers" to debate it but to go out to the unsaved, teach them and baptize those who believe. It is important that Jesus understands the process.

Stand Up Comedy Is A Supernatural Sign of God's Wrath Being Poured Out.
According to Paul in Ephesians 4 and 5 when God is pouring out His wrath he sends "wrathers" who are defined in the Greek as buffoons.
When people listen and applaud to the stand-up comedy about Christ they are participating with the buffoon as "equally yoked" with them.
Therefore, in chapter 5 Paul defined a method of presentation of the Word and a test to weed out the buffoons who were drunk on wine, without wine or drunk on ignorance according to one writer.
Stay (linger) yourselves, and wonder (wander up and down); cry ye out, and cry (fondle, amuse yourself): they are drunken (make merry), but not with wine; they stagger, but not with strong wine. Isaiah 29:9

Jeff Walling Quoted: The continuation of the discussion on baptism sounds more like something out of a stand up comic routine. Walling uses the "funny" voices and there is laughter throughout.

"Awed by the mysteries of his own spirit no less than by those of nature, primitive man was likely to attribute to divine influence

any abnormal emotional state, whether above or below the usual level. Medicine men customarily went into states of trance in which they were believed to be in communication with the gods,
and many tribes supposed lunatics and sexual deviants to be divinely possessed.
Know what I mean?
In most early societies, moreover, men evolved techniques for deliberaly inducing the abnormal forms of consciousness in which they supposed themselves to achieve union with divine power, sometimes by the use of drugs and other physiological stimuli, sometimes by hypnotic dances and music.
The wild utterances to which they gave vent on such occasions were regarded as the words of a god and were interpreted as divine commands or predictions of future events." (Parkes, H. Bamford, Of God's and Men, p. 32-33)
"Among more sophisticated persons it was recognized that many of the prophets were merely lunatics and that their utterances were misleading; but the popular assumption of divine guidance was not readily abandoned." (Parkes, Henry Bamford, Gods and Men The Origins of Western Culture, p. 106, Knopf)

"Of particular interest is the way that early modern playwrights, music theorists, and theater apologists addressed this conflated language of the "enemy," by echoing the same connections between sexuality and playing found in the most virulent antitheatrical tracts.

"As this paper will demonstrate, by "playing" with the conflated language, these writers defended their art,
justifying their existence in a society that was both seduced and repulsed by them. By claiming the polemical antitheatrical language, these players escaped from the ideological margins to which their opponents had tried to relegate them.
Using the artifices of mimesis (imitation) and comedy they pointed out anddefused their opponents' anxieties about music, theater, and sexuality,  creating a space for players in the cultural mainstream."

"Promise Keepers founder Bill McCartney's pastor, James Ryle, who is on the Board of PK, is a highly controversial figure [see sidebar, p. 20]. His participation in the "Laughing Revival" was written up in a Washington Post article (11/18/95) about the Laughing Movement at the Pasadena Vineyard Christian Fellowship:

At the Pasadena church, James Ryle, chaplain of the University of Colorado football team, is telling the congregation how Jesus freed him from his own demons -- growing up in an orphanage

and serving jail time for selling drugs. He tells many jokes about his missing middle finger, lost to a lawn mower. There are waves of tear-wiping laughter.

Ryle makes sound effects, including some animal noises. He snaps his fingers, bangs the podium, paces and tells how God will appear here in suits of fire, oil, water. "You will feel! And the glory of the Lord will put you down!" ("A Rush of Ecstasy and Alarm," Carol McGraw)

Athenian There is a tradition or story, which has somehow crept about the world,
that Dionysus was robbed of his wits by his stepmother Hera,
and that out of revenge he inspires Bacchic furies and dancing madnesses in others;
for which reason he gave men wine.
Such traditions concerning the gods I leave to those who think that they may be safely uttered; I only know that no animal at birth is mature or perfect in intelligence; and in the intermediate period,
in which he has not yet acquired his own proper sense, he rages and roars without rhyme or reason;
and when he has once got on his legs he jumps about without rhyme or reason; and this, as you will remember,
has been already said by us to be the origin of music and gymnastic.
Athenian Is not the origin of gymnastics, too, to be sought in the tendency to rapid motion which exists in all animals; man, as we were saying,

having attained the sense of rhythm, created and invented dancing; and melody arousing and awakening rhythm, both united formed the choral art?

Tatian defined those whom Paul rejected:

"I have often seen a man (actor)-- and have been amazed to see, and the amazement has ended in contempt, to think how he is one thing internally, but outwardly counterfeits (hypocrite means actor) what he is not--

giving himself excessive airs of daintiness and indulging in all sorts of effeminacy;
somethines darting his eyes about;
sometimes throwing his hands hither and thither,
and raving with his face smeared with mud (sweat, spit and dust); sometimes personating Aphrodite (female), sometimes Apollo (male);
a solitary accuser of all the gods,
an epitome of superstition, a vituperator of heroic deeds, an actor of murders, a chronicler of adultery,
a storehouse of madness, a teacher of cynaedi, an instigator of capital sentences;--
and yet such a man is praised by all.
But I have rejected all his falsehoods, his impiety, his practices,--in short, the man altogether.
But you are led captive by such men,
while you revile those who do not take a part in your pursuits.
I have no mind to stand agape at a number of singers, nor do I desire to be affected in sympathy with
a man when he is winking and gesticulating in an unnatural manner."...
"Why should I admire the mythic piper... We leave you to these worthless things; and do you believe our doctrines, or, like us, give up yours." (Tatian to the Greeks, Ante-Nicene, Vol. II, p. 75).
Optional stuff on Comedy and New Wine as symbols of God pouring out His wrath on both the speakers and audience:

Achish was the king of Gath which was the place of the wine vats and the women playing on musical instruments as all were naked to bring on fertility:
Gath (h1660) gath; prob. from 5059 (in the sense of treading out grapes); a wine-press (or vat for holding the grapes in pressing them): - (wine-) press (fat).
Nagan (h5059) naw-gan'; a prim. root; prop. to thrum, i. e. beat a tune with the fingers; espec. to play on a stringed instrument; hence (gen.) to make music: - player on instruments, sing to the stringed instruments, melody, ministrel, play (-er, -ing..
Sorry, but this is the universal symbol of new wineskins and music.

This is the ONLY imagery which connects the ORIGIN of the NEW WINESKINS Social practice. It is also the only Classical imagery of the worship of Dionysus or Bacchus into which the Jews tried to PIPE to INITIATE Jesus as their LUSTED FORM Messiah who was not Jehovah but Dionysus.

Treading out judgment to the beat of instrumental music is God's job.

Psalm 68:25 and Psalm 87:7 show that Nagan and Chalal or halal can mean the same thing: to play on musical instruments which was associated with treading out new wine and symbolic of God's treading out His wrath as He has the commics in sore derision.

And he changed his behaviour before them, and feigned himself mad (halal) in their hands, and drummed on the doors of the gate, and let his spittle fall down upon his beard. 1 Sam 21:13

However, susceptible the Hebrews were to magical, charismatic music, the king of Gath knew that the "spirit" came out of the vats:

Have I (Achish) need of mad men, that ye have brought this fellow to play (rave like) the mad man in my presence? shall this fellow come into my house? 1Sam 21:15

No! Don't let him in.

If David's halal praise would not admit him into the company of Achish do you think it could "bring the worshipers into the presence of God?"

Nevertheless, the people who hire them think that the froth from gone-wild, charismatic speaking is the holy spirit oozing out:
Pachazuwth (h6350) pakh-az-ooth'; from 6348; frivolity: - lightness.
Pachaz (h6349) pakh'-az; from 6348; ebullition, i. e. froth (fig. lust): - unstable
Pachaz (h6348) paw-khaz'; a prim. root; to bubble up or froth (as boiling water), i. e. (fig.) to be unimportant: - light.

These are exactly the terms used in Ephesians 4 and 5 before he warned against the buffons and demanded that the Spirit come from the Words of Christ and be the only source of teaching.

Her prophets are light and treacherous persons: her priests have polluted the sanctuary, they have done violence (Chamac) to the law. Zeph 3:4

To pollute a place or thing is to deprive it of its rightful role. These false prophets always used music and did great damage to the Law of God. Pollute is:

Chalal (h2490) khaw-lal'; a prim. root [comp. 2470]; prop. to bore, i. e. (by impl.) to wound, to dissolve; figurativ. to profane (a person, place or thing), to break (one's word), to begin (as if by an "opening wedge"); denom. (from 2485) to play (the flute): defile, break, defile, eat (as common things), gather the grape thereof, take inheritance, pipe, player on instruments, pollute, (cast as) profane (self), prostitute, slay (slain), sorrow, stain, wound.

Buffoons are supernatural signs of God pouring out His wrath:

BE ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; Ephesians 5:1  And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweetsmelling savour. Ephesians 5:2  But fornication (girl ogling), and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints; Ephesians 5:3

Jesting or being a stand-up commedien is a sign of the "strong deluder" always necessary to bring strong delusions:

filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient:
        but rather
giving of thanks. Ephesians 5:4 

(g3473) mo-rol-og-ee'-ah; from a comp. of 3474 and 3004; silly talk, i.e. buffoonery: - foolish talking.
(g3474) mo-ros'; prob. from the base of 3466; dull or stupid (as if shut up), i.e. heedless, (mor.) blockhead, (appar.) absurd: - fool (-ish, * -ishness). 3004 is the Logos or preaching.

Notice that Paul accuses these people:
For this ye know, that no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God. Ephesians 5:5
Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. Ephesians 5:6
Orge (g3709) or-gay'; from 3713; prop. desire (as a reaching forth or excitement of the mind), i.e. (by anal) violent passion (ire, or [justifiable] abhorence); by impl. punishment: - anger, indignation, vengeance, wrath.
Orge is defined as musical worship in the Greek world and Comedy (from Greek komos, meaning "revel") was presented competitively in Athens from 486 BC at the Lenaea winter festival, though it fused much earlier traditions of popular entertainment, mime, phallic rites, and revelry in honour of Dionysus. Ancient shamanistic ceremonies also may have influenced its development. Old Comedy, of which Aristophanes was the chief exponent,
was highly satirical. It was characterized by wildly imaginative material
(in which the chorus might represent birds, frogs, wasps, or clouds)
that was blended with a grotesque, vulgar, and witty tone, which could still accommodate poetry of great lyrical beauty.
"Wine-drinking and music are a normal part of the komos or revel scenes frequently depicted on red-figure vases. The theme may be derived ultimately from the Dionysiac revels of satyrs and maenads. The "barbaton" is the harp in the image from Perseus:

The "Barbarians" in Layard's Nineveh or Hislop's Two Babylons in Babylonia defining Devil Worship were the clergy musicians and singers who were not allowed to sing or speak in their own language. Rather, the sacred songs were written in a foreign language or unknown tongues which no one -- not even the singers -- understood.

They simply memorized the songs and when addressing the "dead" or demons recited the words without any intelligence while the crowd went mad listening to the songs and instruments. It is interesting, therefore, that we have a picture of barbarians while "lying on beds" if not quite ivory:

Euripides, in his Bacchae, citing the Lydian usages at the same time with those of Phrygia, because of their similarity:

But ye who left Mt. Tmolus, fortress of Lydia,
revel-band of mine, 
women whom I brought from the land of barbarians  
as my assistants and travelling companions,
uplift the tambourines native to Phrygian cities, inventions of mine and mother Rhea. (ZOE)

And again, happy he who, blest man, initiated in the mystic rites, is pure in his life, . . . who,  preserving the righteous orgies of the great mother Cybele, and brandishing the thyrsus on high (like an ox-goad with pine cones attached), and wreathed with ivy, doth worship Dionysus.  Come, ye Bacchae, come, ye Bacchae, bringing down (back home) Bromius, (boisterous one) god the child of god, out of the Phrygian mountains into the broad highways of Greece.

O thou hiding-bower of the Curetes, and sacred haunts of Crete that gave birth to Zeus, where for me the triple-crested Corybantes in their caverns invented this

hide-stretched circlet, and blent its Bacchic revelry [Lifeless instrument or Carnal weapon]with the high-pitched, sweet-sounding breath of Phrygian flutes,

and in Rhea's [ZOE] hands placed its resounding noise, to accompany the shouts of the Bacchae

and from Mother Rhea frenzied Satyrs obtained it and joined it to the choral dances of the Trieterides, in whom Dionysus takes delight.

The Jewish clergy tried to triumph over or pollute Jesus. The sign that He was really their hoped-for Dionysus, He would join in the femine or effeminate choral dance and sing the sad songs. In their idealized view, John would wear "soft" clothing which would identify him as a Catamite or male prostitute.

Taking delight in the females representing the mother godess singing their own "inspired" songs was a sure sign.

Euripides expresses the common view of the classical writers in associating the musicians with barbarians and therefore the "speaking in tongues" in Corinth would be the language of barbarians. This is why Paul identified preaching or singing out of their own spirits or minds with speaking in tongues and playing musical instruments made for a prostitute religion or warfare.

The following illustrates the Judas bag or box attached to the flute case. The men are drunk and normally perverted. The blowing of the flute was considered obscene and the "stick" is the oxgoad used to keep the new-wine filled dancer on his feet. They surely laughted with him, or were they laughing at him?

This is the Komo and is derived from "comedy." What seems funny to some seems obscene to others.
Entertaining = "interesting and pleasurable diverting; amusing." Amusing = "Causing mirth."
Knowest thou not this of old, since man was placed upon earth, Job 20:4
that the mirth (triumphing religious festival) of the wicked is brief, the joy of the godless lasts but a moment. Job 20:5
That the triumphing of the wicked is short, and the joy of the hypocrite but for a moment? Job 20:5  You strum away on your harps like David and they have regarded them as abiding, not as fleeting pleasure." Amos 6:5 LXX
God then defines the short-lived mirth or musical religious festivals by asking:
Wherefore do the wicked live, become old, yea, are mighty in power? Job 21:7 
seed is established in their sight with them, and their offspring before their eyes. Job 21: 8
houses are safe from fear, neither is the rod of God upon them. Job 21: 9
bull gendereth, and faileth not; their cow calveth, and casteth not her calf. Job 21: 10
        They send forth their little ones like a flock, and their children dance. Job 21: 11
take the timbrel and harp, and rejoice at the sound of the organ. Job 21: 12
spend their days in wealth, and in a moment go down to the grave. Job 21: 13  (Fact proven:)  
they say unto God, Depart from us; for we desire not the knowledge of thy ways. Job 21: 14
        What is the Almighty, that
we should serve him? and what profit should we have, if we pray unto him? Job 21: 15
Lo, their good is not in their hand: the counsel of the wicked is far from me. Job 21: 16

How oft is the candle of the wicked put out and how oft cometh their destruction upon them! God distributeth sorrows in his anger. Job 21: 17

They are as stubble before the wind, [SPIRIT] and as chaff that the storm carrieth away. Job 21: 18 God layeth up his iniquity for his children: he rewardeth him, and he shall know it. Job 21:19 His eyes shall see his destruction, and he shall drink of the wrath (bottles of poison) of the Almighty. Job 21:20

Mirth comes from a theatrical performer trained, according to Paul, in the Greek Theater and therefore "super apostles." By definition theatrical performance is hypocritical: we enjoy it specificially because we know that it is not true.

Renanah (h7442) ren-aw-naw'; from 7442; a shout (for joy): - joyful (voice), singing, triumphing

Ranan (h7442) raw-nan'; a prim. root; prop. to creak (or emit a stridulous sound), i. e. to shout (usually for joy): - aloud for joy, cry out, be joyful, (greatly, make to) rejoice, (cause to) shout (for joy), (cause to) sing (aloud, for joy, out), triumph.

This triumph over or musical rejoicing was outlawed when the congregation assembled (Num 10:7). Later, Psalm 41 prophesied that Judas would not triumph over. However, the handlers (den of vipers) handling Judas tried. And the Judas bag was "for carrying the mouthpieces of wind instruments.

He continues on Baptism,
Jeff Walling Quoted: "And I ask you now," and they ask them the confession in the water, and I always wondered, why do we do it in the water? These folks are scared, nervous, half the time the baptistery ain't well heated.
I give up: why do YOU do it in the water? It isn't always done in the water in my experience. Do you need permission or a direct revelation to take the confession before you go into the water? We know the answer: this is just another straw man to burn down to look important by flaunting "father's" authority.
Where do you suppose the Baptists speak to their candidates already saved by faith as proof that they were predestinated to salvation?
Jeff Walling Quoted: We're askin them the most important question in the world, and they're scared, nervous, and frightened. We could say, "Taco and a Coke," they'd say, "Uh huh."
Am I gettin to you yet?
Have I offended you yet?
We can be stumbling blocks or stepping stones:

"Douglass, who has developed the most successful Willow Creek-based church service in Germany, even maintained, "I think this approach is most applicable to the state churches. We have the people, even if they don't attend. We enjoy an incredible edge in confidence vis-àvis the free churches." He cautioned, "The cost of this approach is hard work and loads of strife with church insiders." Christianity Today

This link has been removed according to Willow Creek in Germany.

But Jesus said:
But whoso shall offend (scandalize, entrap, seduce) one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Mt.18:6
Hang on, we'll get there (offend you). I want you to feel the ridiculousness of something that is one of God's choices that I have quit tryin to explain.

Baptism isn't that tough to explain if you believe the Word and just "teach it as it has been delivered to you." The general change agent method is to
offend churches of Christ--especially the young--by judgmentally condemning baptism. The motive, of course, is not to set you free but to lead you into "believer's baptism" which is much like ancient pagan baptisms.

You have to explain away every baptism passage in the Bible and its Old Testament prophecy to denounce the view held Scriptural until Zwingli's views were adopted by John Smyth. As John MacArthur muses: "It might be that Acts 2:38 does not mean what it says."
Thee wasn't much question until Zwingli after the Reformation.

Jeff Walling Quoted: There is much more that could be brought out concerning this presentation such as Walling's comments on "brotherhood wranglings," his gross paraphrasing of biblical stories, the use of applause offered as praise to God and several other things.
The worship of the Egyptian Osiris is pictured here. Miriam was a "princess" and therefore a prophetess. You can understand her effort here. When Israel rose up to play it was the musical idolatry honoring Apis as the calf change agent of Osiris. Paul said that they were worshiping demons which were the bull gods.

See how Rubel Shelly's replacing the Amen Hand Clapping is a universal show of contempt for the looser.

Like hand clapping or applause, it was always hard to understand whether they were endorsing you or just making fun of you. Do they laugh with you or at you? The worshipers of the cows and bulls in Egypt undoubtedly thought of themselves as being the "bull of the pen" but Heredotus said that they were really just a laughing stock.
When the Israelites fell into the same musical worship of Apis or Hathor at Mount Sinai, God told them that they were "just out of control" and the outsiders would see them as a "laughing stock."
When the same theatrical performers in song and sermon out of their own heads put on their show in Corinth, Paul said that the watching world would see them as insane or mad "enthus-o-mania" according to Philo.
Mantikê, Mania [mainomai] ) madness, sphodra hêdonê katechousa  
enthusiasm, inspired frenzy, m. Dionusou para E.Ba.305 ; apo Mousôn katokôchê te kai m. Pl.Phdr. 245a ; theia m.,
OPPOSITE sôphrosunê anthrôpinê meaning having control over the sensual desires, temperate, self-controlled, moderate, chaste, sober,
Logos. The ACT of speaking is logik-os , ê, on, ( [logos] ) the organs of speech
A. of or for
speaking or speech, logikê, hê, speech,
OPPOSITE to mousikê
We believe that the teachings attributed to Jeff Walling reflects a new wave of antiism which rejects objective truth and falls back into the oldest pattern of worship known to mankind: the USE of women and musicians to attract seekers to the coffers of the institutional para-churches.
It uses childish ridicule to get all of the kids on the block fired up for psychological violence upon those who pay their bills.
This is the end of our notes refuting Jeff Walling or anyone else whose goal in life seems, like Rubel Shelly's Aztec Paradigm, burn down the old institutions so that they can be rebuilt in their own image.
If you are unhappy with your employer then the only honest thing to do is to get out before it comes down on your head. The most outrageous thing in the universe would be for the President of General Motors to spend his time telling the world what a rotten automobile he makes: not a single part is sound.
Well, that is what is going on and the elders, like those of Israel, have erred perhaps beyond redemption when they demanded: "Set a king over us" and have lost all authority. You may also need to see whether your campus ministers are still loyal.
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