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Bible topics includes the Holy Spirit, Baptism, Babylonian Texts, Instrumental music in worship, Witchcraft, Great american awakening, restoration movement, church fathers, Serpent and Devil worship, apocalyptic and apocryphal, Dead Sea Scrolls.

After a brief introduction to each topic we will link you directly to other indices which contain up to 186 research papers on some topics. Most of these are "files" rather than novels and we stuff ideas, quotations and "spider web links" to hundreds of other articles or off site links. God intended that the Water of the Word be free of charge so help yourself.

Goal: Jesus said that God will not even see worship which is not "in spirit." That does not mean "out of your mind." It does not mean doing "things" as long as we have a good mental attitude. Rather, it means that worship takes place only in our mind which is "in spirit" or "in the spirit." Jesus said temples were not the PLACE for worship. Therefore, "in spirit" is the PLACE for Christian worship of a pure or holy Spirit God.
Paul does not use the "worship" word in an approved way except "in the spirit." John was "in the spirit" on the Lord's Day. The human spirit is most often the same to the human mind, as "the Holy Spirit of God" is to the "Mind of Christ."

Terry L. Miethe: Instrumental Music at ACU writes as an early advocate of the use of instrumental music.  He identifies me as an IDIOT but I propose to show that you can even be the GREEK EXPERT at ACU whom Terry L. Miethe gave a standing ovation for hacking an old phrase: "The Future of Our Religious Past" and Majoring in Minors. We will review this paper.
Second, Jesus said that worship is "in truth." In those passages perverted to get "music" Romans 15 defines "truth" as "that which was written." In Ephesians 5 it is "the spirit" and in Colossians it is "the Word of Christ." Jesus said: "My Words are spirit and life." That seems to exclude Fanny Crosby and Twila Paris.
Paul instructed the evangelist to "give attendance to the public reading of the Word." Modern converts with Bibles have enough, "thank you very much."
Worship is to be our lifestyle and not something we go do just on Sunday. Church as "ekklesia" was like county court and had no worship performers. Believers who assembled were identified as "synagoguing" in one form or another. The synagogue was school of the Bible and continuing education by the local Bible teachers. Synagoguing was in opposition to the temple system where "rituals" were performed by doctors of the law who "took away the key to knowledge" and collected widow's mites. The American Restoration Movement momentarily restored that to mean that church was "the school of Christ."

Therefore, these files are the product of personal worship which is giving heed to Christ and His word, and "in the spirit" or mind. If you want to worship you will have to learn how to do it in your own mind or spirit as you search for truth.

Paul insisted that elders must "teach the word as it has been taught and refute error." It is not grace-centered or honest to ignore the host of professionals dedicated to destroying the church in any of its form. The primary goal is to silence the Word. The driven purpose is to turn church into "holy entertainment."

Religious cults hatch almost daily because too many would love to have a quick fix for all problems. The prevailing cults in most protestant groups flow out of the view that the "Christendom era" just ended and that the Bible has no meaning. This opens the door for charismatic leaders to claim that they are the solution sent by God. Post Modernism admits to being schizophrenic and the new, improved religions are built on principles Machiavelli and Hitler used.

This is my newly-hatched summary so bear with me. Kenneth Sublett, Hohenwald, Tenn.

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American Restoration Movement
American Colonial Religion
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Ancient Near Eastern
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A cappella Form of singing Top

"There are some references to rare use of organs or harps, etc. as early as the 7th Century in Catholic historical documents but this was was rare and was so innovative as to be considered as heretical for nearly a thousand years after this."

As late as 1911 it was unlawful to use musical instruments in the presence of he Pope. As the "vicar" of Christ he well knew that they tried to seduce Jesus with music. Therefore, in the late 15th century the Vatican organized male, castrated choirs to perform in the style of the organ (organum) for the Sistine Chapel. Therefore, a cappella is after the chapel. It explicitly introduced choirs using the style of the theater.

A Cappella in the chorus sense was one of the primary scandals of Catholicism

Another view of A Cappella

Modern Revival of A cappella in "worship teams."

However, the Catholic Encyclopedia confesses that she borrowed music along with many other pagan cult practices when pagan priests came flocking into the church after Constantine. The Encyclopedia nevertheless recognizes the vocal, congregational singing of the Bible text as the correct form.

The church is commanded to teach with the revealed Word of Christ and the singing (secular) and melody (destructive, abrading) was to be in the heart. Rather than directing the sentimentality of the audience to fill the collection plates the "spirit" was devoted to God.

American Restoration Movement Top

Throughout history faithful people have tried to trim off the clergy and liturgy imposed by tradition which admittedly cam primarily from the common pagan cults. The Reformation is one part of that movement although many of the errors crept back in. Culminating in the 1800s Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians and others merged to remove all human-imposed rituals so that divergent groups could meet together to "synagogue" or study the word as the recognized meaning of worship.

Index of 184 Research Papers

American Colonial Religion Top

American Colonial Religion INDEX of 20 Papers.

Much of what we see as revivalistic religion grew up in a soup similar to the places and attitudes which gave rise to witchcraft. Therefore, we have collected some colonial literature which relates to religion, witchcraft and the people of the time. Preachers persecuted people back then as they were trampled under the hoofs of the next king of billy goat hill.

This will prepare for the next section which is the outbreak of revivalistic religion which would be written off in earlier times, especially in Europe, as witchcraft. The yesterday's burnable or hangable witch was today's marvel of religious conversion.

Ancient Near Eastern GLOSSARY (Babylonia) Top

Ancient Near Eastern GLOSSARY (Babylonia)

This glossary lists the key Ancient Ner Eastern (ANE) gods, temples and concepts. It defines each and links the reader to the Britannica Members online for further study. Because Moses especially had the task of revealing laws which would allow the Israelites to survive physically as they continued until the day of Pentecost in their ancient Babylonian form of ritual.

Ancient Near Eastern (Babylonian)Tablets Top

Ancient Near Eastern (Babylonian)Tablets 265 Tablets

We believe this to be the most extensive online copy of ancient tablets translated into English. Some tablets have several translations. We have further linked and cross linked these documents to the Bible and other ancient Apocalyptic or Apocryphal documents. We have permission to post and annotate some of the latest tablets.

Apocalyptic Literature Top

Apocalyptic Literature Index of 58 Documents

The pseudograppha is a huge body of documents written from about 200 B.C. to about 200 A.D. Because many concepts are difficult to grasp from the Bible even with a degree in many languages, these documents show what scholars understood at the time. If not inspired they are more valuable than an expensive sermon.

Apocryphal - Deuterocanonical Top

Apocryphal - Deuterocanonical Index of 19 Documents

The Old Testament ends about 400 years before the birth of Christ. Therefore, if we are going to understand the history of the region to help understand literature considered inspired, we are forced to these documents. These books were in the Septuagint (LXX) version which Jesus quotes while Peter quotes form the scrolls in Hebrew or Aramaic. These documents were also in the original 1611 KJV and a penalty of prison time was imposed for anyone who would remove them.

Authority, Biblical Top

Authority, Biblical

The Post-Modern, Post-Biblical view loves to ridicule those who use the Word of God for faith and practice. While the Bible explains the role of commands and examples of God, these people can just "narrate" the proof out of the Bible and make a career out of telling people "it ain't there." However, the Bible and all church historians and denomination founders rejects their false claim:

Commands Examples and Inferences
John Calvin

These are reviews of published rejections of the "law of silence.

Al Maxey's Views
Olan Hicks on Music and the Law of Silence
Richard Kirby's views
Rubel Shelly on Patterns
Awakening: Charismatic Top
Index of about 20 Major Papers

Awakenings First Great

Awakening Second Great Cane Ridgee
Babylon, the Two, Hislop
Layard Discoveries at Ninevah
Babylon, the Two
Alexander Hislop: The Two Babyons. A history of religon beginning in Babylonia. The source of the trinitarian dogma of three "gods," the nature of the TWO SYSTEMS which co-exist as the realm of Satan and the Realm of God. The origin of temples and musical worship teams at the towers of Babylon. The Gread Red Dragon and other views of Lucifer (Satan, Devil) as ZOE the beast.

Bishop Hislop Views on the Babylonian Source of Instrumental Music (soon?)

Baptism Top

Baptism Index of 37 Research Papers

Prior to Zwingli the common view was that baptism was required. In Scripture it is not treated as a "punched ticked to heaven." Rather, only by remitting sins can one have a "clear view" or a co-perception of the Mind or Spirit of Christ. The sin is not in not getting wet but according to Jesus it is in "rejecting the counsel of God for your life." You are promised A holy spirit or a mind enlightened by open eyes and unplugged ears only in connection with baptism.

1 Corinthians 15:29 - What is the Gospel - Baptized For the Dead

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Baptismal Formula

Index of 38 Scholars and Papers

Jesus said that all authority of the Godhead dwelled in Him. Therefore, one could baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Spirit by baptizing in the name of Jesus. Peter could grasp that and in all of the Bible people are baptized in the single name or by the authority of Jesus Christ: never "Father, Son and Spirit." When the trinitarian baptismal formula was later invented they quite logically baptized the candidate three times.

The statement of the baptismal formula.

Bible, Textual Studies Top

It isn't worship: it is, using Paul's words, going mad. This state of temporary insanity or schizophrenia is created by music, singing, clapping, dancing.

Musical Worship Teams As Drug Inducers
Endorphins created by Music and Religious Ritual to Alter the Mind
Brainwashing with music and charismmatic body worship
Time Magazine and Music as Brainwashing: the chemicals generated
Campbell, Alexander Christian System Top
Campbell, Alexander Christian System
Alexander Campbell papers indexed under Restoration Movement:
13 documents with pictures.
Cane Ridge Kentucky
Cane Ridge Presbyterians, etc.
Presbyterian Experiences
Major Review of Caneridge
Cane Ridge and Babylon Parallels
Music Influence at Cane Ridge
My Picture of Preaching at Caneridge (composite)
Catholic Encyclopedia Top
Catholic Encyclopedia: A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O- P-Q R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z
Topics listed Alphabetically
Change Agents Top

The Peacemakers (aka Peacebreakers) use the dozens of things which have created division and changes in "my life" such as the internet as authority for changing the church. Unfortunately, the changes are always backward looking to pagan practices such as using "praise singing" as a way to shut down the rational mind so that the emotions accepts the garbage SOLD in place of the free Water of the Word.

There is an ancient God of Change Agents


Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu
Church Top
Church New Testament
Clapping Hands as Worship Top
Throughout the Bible and lots of secular history, clapping of hands was to insult the loosers. Hand clapping is defined by the same word as "driving a tent peg into the brain." It is a MARK that a people have been captured. In the new Purpose Driven Cult it is a way to train up immature children to become immature adults addicted to self-directed worship. Hand clapping and singing says more about one's gender than they may want to be known.
Clapping Hands to replace The Amen Rubel Shelly

Dan Dozier defines the self-directed "worship" of the Purpose Driven Cult

Defense from Hand Clappers at Madison

Hand Clapping Defended as Part of Purpose Driven Cult Takeover of Madison Church.
Fred Peatross: Hand Clapping Defended to Restructure churches of Christ.

Classical Literature Top

Classical Literature 38 Topics or Writers

This index groups literature of the period from Egypt, Greece and Rome. We have selected those documents which speak to the Bible or to Christian worship. For instance, it is impossible to grasp Paul's allusions without knowing the background. The Greeks had a wonderful way of ridiculing ceremonial worship trying to wake up the gods like little boys with music or trying to appease the hostile gods by feeding, clothing, housing, entertaining and having sex with the gods (or their priests, of course)/.

Core Gospel, the Top

Perhaps most christian universities and churches subscribe to the notion that the Bible is not inspired. The "sugar which makes the medicine go down" is to preach the CORE gospel and shame anyone who goes beyond and preaches Paul's doctrine as a legalist and enemy of the people because it automatically teaches different doctrincal views. The CORE gospel concept is a cult-like effort to make it illegial for a Baptist, Presbyterian or other to disagree. The UN is busily make a law.

Paul "Knowing only Christ and Him Crucified" Insulting the Corinthians

Knowing only Christ and Him Crucified absolutely removes the CORE ONLY preachers from the payroll."

Rubel Shelly articulates it this way: when Christ didn't return as promised the apostles needed to justify their being deluded. Therefore, using their old but poor memories of what Jesus taught and by SIFTING it through philosophy they came up with, say the gospel of John, to fit their own personal agenda.

The total Bible has been sifted and all that is left is the core gospel of 7 facts ABOUT Jesus. You cannot and will not be permitted to teach any doctrine outside of that core gospel as true.

See how The CORE ONLY preachers Deny The Bible as The CORE document of Christianity!

See the denial of Doctrine connected with Dionysus and Zoe speak of witchcraft.

Creationism Top
Bishop Ussher said that God created the WHOLE universe in 4004 B.C. Lightfoot making fun of Ussher making fun said: "No. God created the universe at 9:00 AM, October 23, 4004 B.C. and closer than that he couldn't calculate." Preachers say if you will buy my books and call me to lecture I will show you how God did it. Science says, "no, the universe was created 20 billion years ago and we know exactly how it was done back to within one trillionth of a second and if you will give me money and take my course I will give you the secret. Ooops! it was really only 10 billion years ago." Jesus said that God had always revealed in parables from the foundation of the world and Job and Jeremiah confirm it. God will tell you free of charge.
See the comparison between physical and spiritual re-creationism
See how Job treats the Creation as a Parable
Philo Judaeus The creation of the World. A.D. 30
Cults Top
See Home Builders Madison notes on Infiltration and diversion using entertainment
Cults and Dominionists Signs Including Promise Keepers

Rubel Shelly Appeal to Machiavelli
Alexander the Oracle Monger
Dancing Jeff Walling Top
We have collected some of the modern and historical papers on "dancing with God" as a religious ritual.
Jeff Walling Index
Deaconesses and Female leadership Top
Index of historical documents and personal papers on the deaconess: 36 documents on creeds, councils and ancient commentary.
Dead Sea Scrolls Top

Dead Sea Scrolls 25 Documents Cataloged

The Dead Scrolls are those ancient documents discovered at the caves at Qumran.

Various books dating to before the time of Christ exists including the book of Isaiah. These documents define how the essenes who fled the corruption of the temple lived and preserve documents which clarify much of the Old Testament and the rules of war and of worship. Psalm 41 prophesies that Judas would try to defeat Jesus using a term which includes music and 'praising' God. This was the Jewish war chant used literally in a musical attack upon Jesus.

Devil Worship Top
Serpent and Devil worship. 61 Ancient and Modern Documents. Scholars close to the ancient languages clarify the Biblical claim that Satan introduced music in an attempt to silence the voice and Word of God.
Discernment, Spiritual Top
Paul said that God blinded the Israelites at Mount Sinai and they would not see or hear until they turned toward Christ. Peter promised the gift of A holy spirit at baptism and in 1 Peter 3:21 he called this "a clear conscience" or a clear view as a co-perceiver of God's word.
Gift of A Holy Spirit
Spiritual Discernment
Egypt Top
Book of the Dead or book of An.
Wen Amun View of early Charismatic Prophesying and Tyre as the Musical Prostitute.
Egyptian musical worship background to the idolatry at Mount Sinai.
Edersheim Alfred Top

Edersheim Alfred

Alfred Edersheim (I have had contact from his family) was a Jew who converted to Christianity. He was (is) one of the greatest scholars of the Jewish Religion including the worship in the Temple and Synagogue. Because he was schooled as a Jew and wrote for Chrisitans we see the history of the Jews, the life of Jesus and other facts in a uniue way.

Elders Top

Do Elders Exercise Command Authority:

Authority of Elders. Elders are beginning to insist that the congregation must "obey" their command rulership "even if we teach false doctrine." Their followers actually identify them as "celestial beings" which must not be questioned. Elders rule by teaching and disciples obey by conforming to the teaching but only to the extent that the elders "teach that which has been taught." Obedience is to the teaching and the "outcome of the lives of the elders." Elders are not elected but identified as those "already laboring to the point of exhaustion in teaching and preaching." Elders increasling follow the Saddle Back or Purpose Driven Cult in levels of membership and the signing of covenants.

Covenant of Membership: Buck Dozier
Authority of elders Defined
Archie Luper's Covenant for Purpose Driven

Erasmus Index Top

Erasmus Index

I love rotten old, syphilis infected, widow exploiting priest and humanist scholar, Irascible Erasmus. He knew clergy scams because he was one.

He makes fun of the exploiting of the clergy, then and now. He is merciless on the monks (preachers), clergy, princes and popes. He "praises folly." He produced the first Greek New Testament which became the Textus Receptus (received text) as the basis for the KJV.

Exodus Pattern for Church Worship and Community Top
The latest coming out of "christian" universities and the pulpits more and more manned by philosophers, theatrical experts and communications experts is that rather than the musical idolatry at Mount Sinai which doomed Irael being an utter defeat, it is actually re constructed by Rubel Shelly and others as as

An approved Pattern for Christian Worship and Community.

While God turned Israel over to worship the starry host including the sun, Rubel Shelly teaches that by reversing this pattern God actually said that "we can worship the S.O.N. God as the S.U.N. God.
Baptizing Santa Clause (From: The Day Santa Claus Was Baptized)
Shamash The Sun God Making the S.O.N. God into the S.U.N. God.
Familiar Spirit Top
The "familiar spirit" of the witch of Endor is defined as an empty wineskin. Because it was hollow, one could mumble and whisper into it and claim to speak from the dead. The word "nebel" or harp has the same meaning while the "booming gongs" of 1 Corinthians 13 was the hi-tek bronze vase used as a bell or echo chamber to panic the enemy into cowardice. All pagans believed or claimed that the gods or demons lived in musical instruments.
Fathers, Church Top
Fathers, Church 57 Ancient Documents
The Ante- and Post- Nicean church "fathers" are the writing scholars of Syria, Africa, Greece and Rome. Some were at time church servants and they all leave a record of the trials and triumphs of the church of Christ before it came under civl control and afterward. We have especially selected those documents which deal on baptism, the Godhead, worship and the nature of the Godhead. None ever saw God as three people.
Giving as worship Top

Jesus paid the temple tax, sent the "doctors of the law" packing and Paul authorized looking out for the starving but then insisted that this was NOT A COMMANDMENT.

Tithing, Law of Moses, Not Christian
1 - Tithing - Legalism - Origin
2 - Tithing - Legalism - Malachi 3:8-10
3 - Tithing - Legalism - New Testament Giving c
Gnosticism Top

16 Ancient Gnostic documents.

Gnosticism and Neo-Gnosticism in Musical Worship Teams: The Zoe Concept

The views of Gnosticism begin in the garden of Eden. Because Eve (mother of the living) was taught by the serpent (the musical enchanter) she as Mary (mother of god) she becomes Sophia and Zoe. Sophia is the serpent and Zoe is the Beast: the female instructing principle. She is the feminine side of Lucifer who was the serpent or musician in the garden of Eden

Grace Centered Cult Top

The Grace-Centered movement gives permission as a Post-Modern, Post-Biblica movement to attack those who believe that "grace teaches" and grace or charisma is the power God gives to live according to His will.

Credo of one Grace-Centered Review

See how the movement promotes spectacle worship which is identical in action and purpose to neo-paganism or witchcraft.

Dallas Burdette
Call for Charismatic Abandonment based on Psalm 150 Defends the ancient pagan superstition that the gods are enabled by praise singing.
Appeals to David but David was the literal warrior. David praised God because he could put his feet on the enemies head: Christ shed His blood FOR the Gentiles

Al Maxey

Hostile Attack on churches of Christ
Using the Law of Silence to Authorize Instrumental Music
Defense of Instrumental Music

Fred Peatross

Spectacle Worship
Hand Clapping Enabled by Grace
Grace Must Tolerate Wine
Rubel Shelly: Jesus manufactured, drank and dispensed intoxicants.
Paul Woodhouse
Articulates Grace-Centered Instrumental Music WOODHOUSE
Hand-Clapping, Body Drumming, Mind Altering
See under Clapping above

Hands, Lifting "holy" hands Top

No one really "lead public prayers." Prayer is personal. Lifting holy hands would be like one holding a book for reading: palm up. There is no concept of "lifting holy arms" above your head whereas this has always said more about one's gender than they may want to say. To lift one's hands is to turn the palms upward as did David in lifting up his hands to God's commandments.

Lifting Hands in Corinth

Lifting Hands in Timothy

Defense by Participant of Madison Church

Harps in Heaven? Yes, for the dead.

The universal theme in the ancient world and defneded by John is that those who died in the Lord live a life of ease and happiness. However, for those still alive (that's us) the message is that we must preach the gospel: does not mean sing the gospel.

Harps in Revelation Lots of Pictures

Heglian Dialectic Top
The communistic method of resolving conflict by a pretending to compromise but "facilitating" people to compromise upon the facilitator's views or the views of those who hired the "comflict resolution team."
Antionio Gramsci: Post Modernism Defines Narrative Theology
Hitler Top

We have added Hitler because his methods are widely used in modern mind control and regulating churches in a dictatortial way. Like the "circles of membership" cults afflicting the modern church, Hitler identified the few rational leaders who used spectacle including music to control the workers as "human material."

Hitler: Völkish State: Supporters (emotional) and Leaders (Intellectual)

Mein Kampf Vol 2, Ch5, Ch8, Ch11

Hohenwald, Tennessee Top

Hohenwald, Tennessee and County Information
Meriwether Lewis Site in Hohenwald Tennessee

Holy Spirit Top

"Spirit" does not mean "person." And "Holy Spirit" is not the name of a "member" of the god family. Spirit in both Hebrew and Greek means the "mental disposition" of a perso. God is The Spirit and because He is not COMPOSED of anything not Spirit then He is Holy or Pure Spirit. As God's Holy Spirit is to the Mind of Christ (1 Cor 2) my spirit is to my mind: mind and spirit are often interchangeable.

Holy Spirit Index of 100 Research Articles
Holy Spirit - The Trinity
This table is the way classical trinitarians or inventers of the word identify the SON of the FATHER as the WORDS which are made audible to mankind.  
- Father  Thought
God Invisible Incomprehensible
Son  Word

Spirit  Breath

There is only ONE God. The 1940's view of God as a family, clan or committee is a destructive heresy. The word "trinity" in the historical views NEVER envisioned three, separated persons of a God family. Neither is God a person: I am a person (people) but I am not god; my dog has personality but he is not God. The writers did not use the word person but personae. That is, the ONE, undividedGod manifests Himself in three images. At time, He is Arm, Door or Way but these are personificatons. We will look at most of the major historical writings about the Godhead but never find three gods holding a planning conference.

Holy Spirit, Word of Christ Connection Top

"Spirit" means mental disposition and Jesus said "my Words are Spirit and Life" (John 6:63). Throughout the NT an identity is drawn between the Spirit or Mind of Christ and the Words of Christ.

Holy Spirit Word Parallel
Holy Spirit Word in 1 John 5
Holy Spirit A Direct Experience Top
Henry Blackaby: Becoming A Christ Baptist Alarm
Experiencing God like Christ and Moses
Henry Blackaby: Promise Keepers and Vineyard
Rubel Shelly and Hearing the Audible Voice of God
Holy Entertainment Top
"Facilitated" by the Jubilee movement in Nashville, some churches have been driven into seeing worship as whatever gets the charismatic juices flowing. This began as an offshoot of the Willow Creek Movement of holy entertainment.

The heart of the Purpose Driven cult is to virtually eleminate teaching the Bible and provide a Venue for Rock and Roll and Rap (Rubel Shelly).

Fred Peatross Pulls no punches in defining Spectacle Worship in terms identical to neo-paganism and witchcraft.
Instrumental Music By Authors Top
Instrumental Music By Authors Over 300 ancient and modern documents on music as worship. The
See a great summary of why Presbyterians and others rejected music as worship because music had never been used in "worship."

"Music" is never used in the Bible to describe spiritual worship to God. Rather, the Greek Sumphonia speaks of true music which in the classics is often defined as "singing and dancing." Music defines the end-time Babylonian Harlot worship as it defined the beginning Babylonian religion at the towers of Babylon. Paul never commanded "singing" as we know it. Rather, his often direct command is to "teach one another" and the only resource available to us is "that which has been written" (Rom 15), The Spirit (Eph 5) which Jesus said is His Word (John 6:63) and "the word of Christ" (Col. 3). Complex harmony (organum) accomplishes the same mind-deluding goal as instrumental music. Both defeat the purpose for which Paul used the word "singing" as the internal result of outward speaking or teaching or preaching.
Instrumental Music Chronological Top
Instrumental Music Chronological
See the universal early Presbyterian and Baptist View

May surprise you but the serpent in the garden is clearly a Lucifer figure in both a male and female role. In the female role she is Sophia (serpent) and Zoe (beast). They force the junior jehovah to form a musical worship team. Music can be evil when it takes away the demand to teach the Word with the singing and melody in th heart. This index is arranged by major periods of ancient and modern history.

Islam Top

Islamic Worship: Makes Satan and Musical "worship" connection
The Koran (Coran)
See how the Shaitans chanted sorcery
Shatitan in the Koran
Ibliss in the Koran
Jinn in the Koran
Spirit in the Koran
The Holy Spirit in the Koran
Christian in the Koran

Jewish Top

Judaism Index Of Papers.
Jewish History Source Book
Pharisees Catholic Encyclopedia

Josephus Top


The Bible words in the Hebrew or Greek hold vastly more information than translators have been able to stuff into English words. However, men like Josephus lived at a time when the New Testament was new and the knowledge of Hebrew, Aramaic and Koine Greek was fresh. Josephus speaks of the Antiquities of the Jews including his own retelling of all of the Biblical events.

Jubilee and the Y2K expectations Top

Reviews of published documents on the Jubilee and The New Wineskins Movement

In 1987 the Pope called for Jubilee 2000 with intermediate Jubilees. Rubel Shelly, Steve Flatt formed the Jubilee Corporation to promote the urge for an ecumenical church which if not organized with would recognize a one world religion. The CORE gospel and the Post Modern, Post Biblical view made it difficult to throw away old views and form a music to restructure churches of Christ around a Gnostic structure. To that end they organized huge gatherings to teach people how to "raise holy hands, clap hands, lay on hands, sing and play instruments around the Asherah poles" and a host of efforts in an attempt to fracture the old churches of Christ and give them a second incarnation as a neo-pagan system. The Jubilee implies a need for an atonement which one gained, like the Catholics, by attending the mass meetings and denouncing the old churches. This Jubilee pattern includes the idea of breaking up the ownership of individual property and returning it to the "tribal groups."

Kabbalah: Law and Temple as Judgment Top

While Christians are tempted to skip the real story and see the temple as God's ordained place and method of worship. the Bible would say: nonsense. When Jerusalem fell for the last time the Jewish scholars rejected their traditions and returned to the Old Testament. They were quite astounded to find that the Law had been added because of transgression and the Temple was "like the nations" or a pagan temple because that is what the Israelite demanded to go along with their human king.

Kabblah Law and Temple

Kingdom of God Top

Jubilee 98: Latter Reign - Thy Kingdom Come
Jubilee - Denying the Atonement and Kingdom Come
Jubilee - Thy Kingdom Has Come
Koran Top
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Lifting Hands as Ritual
Paul always identifies prayer as "praying in the spirit." That means praying in the homan mind or spirit even as Jesus demanded that ALL worship be in the PLACE of the human mind (nous) which is the holy place(naos) where God meets us. He does not define a pecking order of leading prayer but the spiritual qualifications for both male and female to pray "in their spirit."
Worship in lifting holy hands
Women prohibited from non-sedentary roles to prevent
the exercise of authentia or sexual authority.
Women in worship
Locke, John Top
John Locke is largely responsible for the political and religious freedom we enjoy. Locke warned that a church is not a "Christian" group which does not depend upon the document of the church, the Bible, as its authority for faith and practice. We have cross referenced Locke with Thomas Campbell's Declaration and Adress.

Five major Locke documents annotated.
Machiavelli: The Prince Top
Machiavelli: The Prince. How to take over others property.
Rubel Shelly appeals to Machiavelli to explain why it is so difficult to move people from their old beliefs about the Bible into a new "global" view of faith and worship.
Rubel Shelly: The Machiavelli FAX of Life Resisting Change(From:Faith Matters)
Machiavelli Prince Ch3-Ch6-Ch7
Hegel, Hitler and Machiavelli are the resource people for the purpose driven cults.
Mail Responses Top
Mail Responses
Medieval Top
Codex Junius 11 - Genesis (Genesis A & B)
Codex Junius 11 - CHRIST AND SATAN
Codex Junius 11 - Daniel ApocJunDaniel.html
Melody, making in the hear
Melody has roots in the twanging bow which sends the "singing" arrow into your heart to kill you. It is related to grinding the enemy to death and the SOP Jesus fed Judas.
Arndt Gingrich on Psallo
Psallo and Melody
Meriwether Lewis Top
Meriwether Lewis
Miracles Top
Seems like all of life is a miracle. Certainly answered prayer is supernatural. However, the term "answered prayer" and "a miracle" have different meanings. In fact, Jesus got Himself threatened with death to suggests that "miracles are rare." A miracle is "God's design of certifying that this teacher or leader has been commissioned by him." (Luke 4:27). Those in the synagogue flew into an orge of wrath and tried to throw Him off a high hill. So, if answered prayer is a miracle Jesus said "there won't be many."


Most urges for modern miracles is to get a direct control of the "Spirit Person" and get new revelaton. John Calvin addressed this false idea about continuing revelation.
Narrative Theology Top

Most preaching flows from Narrative Theology. This is the notion that all of the Scriptures have been sifted to fit the personal agenda of the Bible writers. Therefore, there is no truth except as we can narrate it to become the Moses or Jesus for our age.

Narrative Theology affirms a given community's right to come up with its own interpretation, or to "write" its own new biblical text. And, what is the purpose of reading texts, for narrative theologians? Why, of course, to affirm the self."

The Definition of Narrative Theology

Rubel Shelly: From Wineskins To Jubilee To Narrative Theology--The Next Paradigm.

Antionio Gramsci: Post Modernism Defines Narrative Theology
Necromancy Top
Sorcery and the Musical Connection
Nicean Creed Socrates Scholasticus Top
Nicean Creed Socrates Scholasticus
PaleoPaganism Clergy and Musical Priesthood
Spectacle Worship
Parables Top
See how the Godhead is defined using parables which Jesus said had been used from the foundation of the world to keep truth out of the hands of clergy.

Views of the Godhead, H. Leo. Boles and the Gospel Advocate.
See how parables define the creation.

Philo Top

Philo Judaeus The creation of the World. A.D. 30
Philo Judaeus On Ascetics A.D. 30

Post Modernism Top

Because there have been so many, radical changes in our lives the view that the "modern" era or the "Christendom era" came to an end and we can know no truth. We have to wait until God or gods reveal themselves to me in my time. The Bible has been put through a sifter and all lost to us except the CORE gospel of seven facts ABOUT Jesus.

Modern Self-Confessions of Rubel Shelly, etc.Definition of Post Modernism: Schizophrenia Major Tenet
Narrative Theology see above.
Post Modern Cults Antonio Gramsci
Praise Leader as Mediators Top

Babylonian Encomiast

Praise Singing as a Ritual Top

One of the oldest superstitions is that by singing praise songs you literally enabled the feeble god to "hold up the sky" or to keep sending rain and good crops. To attract the gods, then and now, the praise hymns were self-directed (me and my wonderful feelings) and were often erotic: having a PERONAL relationship with a god.

Dallas Burdette Defines the Goal for Praise Singing.
Are Self Composed Hymns idols?
Hymn Singing and the voodoo Roots
Praying as Ritual Top

Jesus issued a direct command that prayer be in private and worship be in the spirit or mind. While people prayed at the same time in the same room we have no example of a clergy person performing the liturgy of leading prayer.

Prayer was in the spirit or mind of each individual.

Preachers Top

Babylon is the source of Thus the people, wherever the Babylonian system spread, were bound neck and heel to the priests.

The priests were the only depositaries of religious knowledge;

Prior to the adoption of Christianity by the state it would have been obscene to pay someone to teach you the Bible. However, when they began to be paid it was by the state and not those who were recipients of the FREE Word of God:

"The system of sermonizing on a text is now almost universally abandoned by all who intend that their hearers should understand the testimony of God." Alexander Campbell. "Surely official preaching has no authority, either in Scripture, reason, or experience, and it must come to an end sooner or later." (Pulpit Commentary, 1 Cor. p. 464).

Preaching as a Profession Index of the Bible's and History's witness against it.
The Demise of the Evangelists by Trading Pulpits
Promise Keeper Top
An Index of 33 Research Papers on the PK Cult
Henry Blackaby: Becoming A Christ Baptist Alarm
Experiencing God like Christ and Moses
Henry Blackaby: Promise Keepers and Vineyard
Hitler and the volkish state or volkism
Bob Mumford - Promise Keepers - National Shepherding Movement

Purpose Driven Cults Top

B.K.: Well we weren't there all that long, so we saw a lot of these being implemented and then we left because -- the main reason we left was 2 reasons:

(1) That he was going away from deep Scriptural teaching -- much more superficial messages. He would give a hand out which had a few 'fill in blanks' and basically once you fill in the four blanks which were on handout, that meant the sermon was over.

The purpose driven cult intends to silence the Word of God because it is "offensive" to many and turn "church" or school into theater for "holy entertainment."

This is first seen in the Oracle of Delphi which was the Seeker Center of Apollo who is the Abaddon or Apollyon of the book of Revelation: the end-time Babylon Whore worship.

Aggrippa took the people's money and established one. See the Judas connection.
Alexander the Oracle Monger in about 100 AD shows how to organize one.
Lucian Explanation of Psallo and Instrumental Worship
See how the Infiltrating and Diverting Began in Babylon
See how the shepherding, levels of conformity and leadership works.
PaleoPaganism Clergy and Musical Priesthood
See how Hitler Defines the Levels of Membership.
Reformation Top
We have posted material from Erasmus (father of the TR or KJV), John Calvin, Martin Luther. Luther explains "sola fide" or faith only to include obedience to that which one believes. He also insists that faith only includes baptism. John Calvin's view of the trinity is not that of the later synods
Restoration Movement American Top
We are not aware of any Restoration Movement Web Site which does not defend the instrumental music sect. Therefore, this has been a highly popular site which adds Biblical quotations and cross links the RM writers with earlier scholars who, for instance, universally rejected music--including self-composed hymns--for the duration of church history.

Restoration Movement Site with Lots of Pictures.
Seeker-Sensitive Centers Top
Hermes the Jubal-like father of music, liars and thieves.
That of Apollo (Abaddon, Apollyon) at the Oracle of Delphi
Agrippa including information on Judas Sicarri (Assassin)
Serpent Worship - Devil Worship - Music Top

Serpent Worship

The musician in the garden was Lucifer! The Naga or Nachash which defines the serpent in the garden was the shining one. He came equipped with musical instruments and the brass or copper connection personifies him as the Chaldean astrologyer or soothsayers. The dark forest revivalistic meetings are described much like the Devil worship still practiced. Lucifer in his/her feminine form is Sophia (wisdom) and Zoe (life). Sophia is identified as the serpent and zoe is identified as the beast or "female instructing principle." The serpent principle promotes feminine or effeminate leadership. This is seen in the modern Mary Worship and the Sophia-Zoe worship among protestants. The LOOK TO THE HILLS concept is a second incarnation of the first fall when Satan used the youth to LOOK TO THE HILLS and using choirs, instruments, perverted sex and all of the rest, seduce the holy people DOWN FROM THE HILLS where the Word dwelled with them to which they could never return.

Rubel Shelly etal Sermon Reviews Top

Rubel Shelly etal Sermon Reviews

Shellyism Top
Shellyism and perhaps most "christian" universities hold to the Post Modern view. Shellyism believes that when the Bible Writers lost interest when Jesus didn't return immediately they put aside their memories. However, as they grew more hopeless they pulled out their now-rusty memories of Jesus. They SIFTED these through philosophy and wrote, say the gospel account of John, to fit his own personal agenda.
This means that the Bible is hopless as a source of faith and practice. However, by some magic, seven facts ABOUT Jesus survived. This constitutes the CORE gospel. The rest, it is taught, is just the divided opinions of divided apostles.
This in turn gave rise to Narrative Theology. Bible things are still important but they may be "narrated" to fit our personal circumstances. That is why this groups cannot find enough words to show its disgust for anyone who would define absolute truth about faith and practice by the Bible. A direct operation of the Spirit gives many the confidence that whatever they arrive at by "taking liberties" with John's writings will be perfect for them.
Jeff Walling and the Theatrical Movement Index
Shepherding and Circles of Membership Top
Rubel Shelly:Accountability groups (From:Great Themes of the Bible (#18-Guidance)
Promise Keepers Turn to Shepherding.

Serpent Worship Top

Serpent Worship

The musician in the garden was Lucifer! The Naga or Nachash which defines the serpent in the garden was the shining one. He came equipped with musical instruments and the brass or copper connection personifies him as the Chaldean astrologyer or soothsayers. The dark forest revivalistic meetings are described much like the Devil worship still practiced. Lucifer in his/her feminine form is Sophia (wisdom) and Zoe (life). Sophia is identified as the serpent and zoe is identified as the beast or "female instructing principle." The serpent principle promotes feminine or effeminate leadership. This is seen in the modern Mary Worship and the Sophia-Zoe worship among protestants. The LOOK TO THE HILLS concept is a second incarnation of the first fall when Satan used the youth to LOOK TO THE HILLS and using choirs, instruments, perverted sex and all of the rest, seduce the holy people DOWN FROM THE HILLS where the Word dwelled with them to which they could never return.

Singing as Worship Top
There is no command to sing as an act of worship in the New Testament. The direct command it to TEACH one another. In Romans 15 the resource is "that which has been written," In Ephesians 5 the Spirit and in Colossians 3 it is the Word of Christ. Jesus said that His Words ARE spirit and life. Singing in the Greek world was a purely "secular" activity while speaking was a religious activity. Melody is not Harmony but the word "melody" speaks of the grinding into powder by the warriors chant. It is derived from the twanging bowstring sending a singing arrow into your heart. It is related to the SOP Jesus had fed Judas: the Judas Bag carried "mouthpieces of wind instruments." Even what David did as "worship" was speaking to himself with the Word and "musing" on it or making melody in his own heart or spirit--even on his bed at night.
Congregational Singing: Catholic Encyclopedia
Is singing "church songs" wrong?
Spiritual Worship Top
Series of articles beginning here
Soothsaying Top
Soothsaying, Necromancy, Witchcraft. The serpent in the garden is not identified as a "snake" except in the sense of hissing or whispering. The Hebrew word defines the peoples skilled in enchanting or "charming" people into sin or out of their property by the mind-altering magic of music. The word "Chaldean" is almost equivalent to the word "astrologer." Jubal "handled" musical instruments where handled means "without authority." The familiar spirit of the witch of Endor was an empty wine or water skin. By mumbling into its hollow space it became like a "nebel" or the sounding brass of 1 Cor 13. People have still not grown above the superstition of being fooled that a musical performer is speaking the voice of angels or gods.

Comments and Quotations about Musical Instruments and the Sorcery Parallel
Speaking in Tongues Top

Speaking in Tongues Index 36 Ancient and Modern Resources

See connection with witchcraft

David Hume - Superstition - Enthusiasm

John Wesley - Enthusiasm - Revivalism

Speaking in tongues took two forms. First, the prophetesses at, say, the Oracle of Delphi dedicated to Apollo (Abaddon, Apollyon) would get zapped out of her mind sniffing burning poppy seed, hallucinating drugs and chewing laurel leaves which make my deer foam at the mouth and go crazy. All pagans believed that emotionally and sexually confused people in their insanity were inspired by the gods (demons). Philo coined the word enthusiasm or Enthus O Mania meaning out of your mind or possessed by the demons. This was an almost exclusive female ability to "prophesy" and sell it at a price too high.

Second, of the 75 the languages the Greeks recognized, there were 5 languages or major dialects. All of the barbarian languages were called tongues. There is no such thing as "unknown tongues" spoken of by Paul. Paul excluded the gibberish form of uncovered prophesying in 1 Cor 11:5 and highly regulated the use of tongues other than the common one understood by a church. Paul did not speak gibberish but as a gifted Apostle he spoke more "languages" or the lesser tongues where he had to preach.

As Catholics claimed that Latin was the power or magical language of liturgy, the Corinthians believed that a prayer or song in some barbarian tongue had angelic power even if the speaker did not know the language. By analogy, a priest may not know much Latin but enough to speak the magic. The Yezdis of iraq were devil worshipers who spoke their magic in a language the did not understand. Paul said that you might find a time to use that language but NOT IN CHURCH. Paul spoke many minor dialects.

Spectacle Worship Top

Don't Miss Dr. Squintum : Theatrics, Witchcraft and Religious Revivalism has the same source.

Dan Dozier Spectacle Worship and Purpose Driven Cult

Jeff Walling and the Theatrical Movement Index

Fred Peatross Pulls no punches in defining Spectacle Worship
in terms identical to neo-paganism and witchcraft.
See direct parallel in witchcraft
Tertullian - The Shows, or De Spectaculis - Showtime "Worship"

Jesus said that God will only note our worship which is "in spirit." That is the human spirit or mind (nous) as the holy place (nao) where God seeks us.

Prayer was in the spirit or mind of each individual. You can pray on my behalf but you cannot lead me in prayer because I am out of my "spirit" and giving heed to you.

Sprinkling or Immersion Top

Baptism means to immerse or bathe in water. We can wash our bodies but only Christ can sprinkle the blood.

Various examples of God Sprinkling.

S.U.N. Worship Replaces S.O.N. Worship?

The Pagan And Godly Systems related to sun or starry host worship. Wine Cup is symbol.

The Two Babylons: Osiris Worship at Mount Sinai was S.U.N. Worship. Sabbath Eucharistic movement is really devoted to the sun god. Also See "Walk to Emmaus" the Catholic/Anglican Evangelistic Recruiting movement to S.U.N. worship 

Great Hymn to Shamash in Babylon

Rubel Shelly Exodus pattern for Christian worship and community. Israel rose up to "play" in S.U.N. worship at Mount Sinai. God gave the Law "because of this transgression" and turned them over to worship the starry host including the S.U.N. as their god. This worship shows up as Astarte or Easter sun worship.

The Exodus Pattern For Worship and Community

Apollo (Abaddon, Apollyon) as S.U.N. God, father of musical harmony, a majore Seeker Center at the oracle of Delphi.

The Bull / Sun Cult in Egypt and Mount Sinai---Part Two
See Osiris Worship at Mount Sinai with Music.
The Result of this Worship
Shamash the S.U.N. God: Max Lucado
Sunday Versus Sabbath Top

The sabbath was not a "day of worship" but a day of "rest." The Babylonian Sabbath allowed the "gods to rest on the sabbath but forced the people to work. The Lord's Day was observed for the assembly which was not called worship but "school." Those who worship on the sabbath as opposed to resting on the sabbath profoundly break the Sabbath in fact and in spirit.

Babylonian Background to Jewish Sabbath (Deep, heavy research notes)
The Feast of Marduk and Zarpanit - the Sabbath, Shabbat, Shabatum
The Epistle of Barnabas
Augustine on the Sabbath
Alexander Campbell and the Sabbath
Synagogue Top
The synagogue always existed although it is normally called an assembly. Music was outlawed during these assemblies which were for instruction (Num. 10:7). The "people's congregation" worshiped in study of the word and in their own personal prayers. The temple was for the civil-state rituals. By analogy, Washington Cathedral is primarily for state "worship rituals."
The Synagogue as institutionalized in the first century.
There was no music and no praise service in the synagogue
Does the Synagogue Authorize Instrumental Music
The Christian Synagogue (not yet)
Tabernacle Top
God ordained the tabernacle "within the camp" of Israel to be the symbolic sign of God's presence and the people's easy access. After Israel rose up to play in musical idolatry at Mount Sinai, God appointed the Levites to guard the Tabernacle against the approach of the people who were now "strangers." They were never in the Tabernacle or Temple during animal sacrifices.

The result of the sin at Mount Sinai

Temple Top

After the elders "fired" God and demanded a king like the nations so that they could worship like the nations, God "gave them kings in His anger and later took them away in His anger." The Temple was identical to all pagan temples but it was not a congregational worship center. Rather it was headquarters of the temple-state. Therefore, only the king, clergy and representative civil servants participated in animal sacrifices.

When the Jewish system failed, the scholars went back and read the history of the Exodus and the temple. It became clear in hindsight that Mount Sinai and building the temple was the MARK that God had abandoned the people to their own devices. The Levites did not occupy the holy place typical of the church and assuredly any Levite musician who attempted to "boldly come before the throne of grace" with instruments would have been killed.

Temple Worship and Babylon Parallel

Tithing Top

The Israelite farmers who moved into Canaan were given tribal lands. These were often developed pastures, orchards, vineyards with houses, wells and cattle. For that, he paid 10% of ONLY the food produced on the land as rent. 9% of the food went to the Levites who performed many of the civil functions. 1% went to the priests who were always vocational ministers. There was never a demand to tithe cash made from other efforts other than things like import / export taxes and etc.

Tithing, Law of Moses, Not Christian
1 - Tithing - Legalism - Origin
2 - Tithing - Legalism - Malachi 3:8-10
3 - Tithing - Legalism - New Testament Giving


"To speak of God as a person would have been heretical for the Middle Ages; it would have been to them a Unitarian heresy, because it would have conflicted with the statement that God has three personae, three expressions of his being." Paul Tillich

Trinity in the Post Apostolic Fathers

Vineyard Top

Carol Wimber and the new Praise Song Books

Voodoo Top

During the Second Great American Awakening the charismatic breakdown was found to be facilitated by singing a new form of "praise hymn." People abandoned singing the Biblical text for teaching and turned to secular, mind-manipulating music to force people into a mental derangement which could be toted back to the Calvinists as proof that they were saved. These hymns are a direct product with the slaves' double-talk to curse the master while seeming to praise him. This had a strong Voodoo connection.

See Revivalistic Praise Singing and Voodoo
Musical Worship Teams (a cappella) and the superstition of paganism
Willow Creek and Holy Entertainment Top
Review of Willow Creek by Christianity Today
Bob Mumford New Wineskins Shepherding - Willow Creek
Spectacle Worship and Witchcraft Roots
See the Cult/Shepherding Connection
Wineskins, the new kingdom and gospel Top

Dionysus or Bacchus was a form of Apollo / Hermes worship. Hermes (Mercury or Logos in the Rubel Shelly model) was the father of musical instruments, new wine, liars and thieves. He is also a Lucifer / Sophia-Zoe character who was the serpent musician in the garden of Eden. When Hermes didn't get by with stealing Apollo's cows by deceit and instruments, Apollo is senior 'god' at the Seeker Center at the oracle of Delphi. This "god" is a Destroyer. Apollo is Abaddon or Apollyon of the end-time who is lord of the locust or those sent forth to separate those MARKED by the Apollo system from those MARKED with the Word or Mind of Christ. The wine flowing from the new wineskins may be the sign of God's wrath used to identify the agents of the Destroyer. 

Index of New Wineskins Push for Dionysus or Bacchus Feminist Worship: the Symbol is the WINESKIN and the Legalistic Jubilee.
The Pope adopted sun worship and the symbol of the "woman" was the WINE CUP: The Symbol or MARK was the WINE CUP and the Legalistic Jubilee
Witchcraft Top
Today's charismatic worship or even the rise of "praise singing" or "holy entertainment" has more in common with witchcraft or neo-paganism than with Christianity.

Witchcraft and the Zoe, Theatrical Performers "standing in the holy place"

BULL Summis desiderantes

Witchcraft Awakening Index Colonial Index

Women in Worship Click for Deaconesses above Top

Most of the problem with women in public "worship" acts is the result of the problem with men in public acts. However, Paul used the word authentia which in contemporary writings was not "being boss." Rather, it was sexual authority. A non-silent or non-sedentary female in the presence of a pack of males simply cannot perform rituals without exercising authentia which is "both erotic and murderous." I love the approved example of Jesus who stood up to read the Word resting on the pulpit but then He did not rest on the pulpit but had the common decency to sit down. It is also a fact that a male cannot do body rituals and rhetorical exercises without becoming a BLOCK between the people and God.

Women in Worship
Click for Deaconesses above
Various articles on both male and female clergy roles
Worship Top

Jesus didn't prescribe "worship rituals" because this would have conflicted with His demand that God only acknowledges worship "in spirit." The spirit or mind is the only PLACE worship takes place. The TRUTH is the only resource of acceptable worship. All worship in prayer was IN THE SPIRIT. Teaching the inspired Word was in truth but "singing and melody" were in the spirit because both are destructive in the external sense. "Church," however, is synagogue or school of the Bible.

Series of articles beginning here

Paul commanded that the teaching be one another or the elders must be the preacher-teachers or they cannot be elders.

To hire a surrogate pastor would have been obscene in Paul's mind.

Assuredly listening to a sermon is not an act of worship.

Praying is defined by a direct command of Jesus and an approved example. Each person must pray for themselves and Paul's only reference is to "praying in the spirit" or each persons mind.

Giving as an act is excluded by (1) Jesus paying the temple tax, (2) the treasurer's hand not knowing what my hand gives directly to the poor in alms, (2) the only collection was voluntary and exclusively for the poor, (3) Paul making it clear that the Corinthian's initiative in giving to the poor was NOT a command, and (4) history's testimony that the well to do gave to help the immediate needs of the poor in the congregation. The early churches agreed that systematic charity was not the function of the church which was a school.

Singing is not an act of worship because the operative direct command is to "teach one another," the resource is the inspired Word of Christ or Spirit and the singing and melody is "in the heart" just as the praying is "in spirit." Otherwise, it would violate Jesus' statement that worship is in the PLACE of the spirit as it is devoted to the Truth which is the Word of Christ.

Paul warned the Corinthians that they didn't even assemble to show forth or teach and remember the Lord's Death. And at Troas people met on the Lord's day to remember the Lord. This was a stated time for a stated purpose. We doubt that they met on the first day of the week just to eat a common meal when Paul told the Corinthians to eat their meals outside of the communion time.

Other than that, the epistles show that giving heed to the learning of the Word "as it has been written" is the only clear WORSHIP concept in the churches. This is why Thomas Campbell articulated the Restoration Movement's restoring the non-clergy concept and seeing assembly as "the school of Christ." This is in agreement with Romans 15 which is Paul's solution to allow diverse backgrounds meet for teaching the Word.

When Paul defined "worship" it was in the spirit.

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