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Tim Spivey New Vintage Reviewed  Time to Thrust in the Sickle.  Christ in Isaiah 8 said of those who do not speak the WORD that THERE IS NO LIGHT IN THEM.

CLICK Mike is a true samurai of Churches of Christ. These WINDS became known as kami-no-kaze

Too bad: Mike may cut the head off a few mice by slipping up from behind, but I am afraid that cutting off the HEAD of the Church of Christ will just get you CAST ALIVE INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE. I watched a program called ASSASSINS last night: they covered the samurai who specialized in cutting off the heads of the dictator's enemies.  They will cover the Sicarri: Judas was a Sicarri or dagger man. Jesus spooked him with the SOP which has the same root meaning as PSALLO.

Mike Cope and Rubel Shelly are Wineskinners of the First Order.  It was permitted to use old animal skins which died of themselves to make musical instruments but NOT for pure liquids.  You put new wine (purified juice) and a new wineskin which does not contain leaven.

h5035.Nebel.Wine.Skin.gif h5034.Nabal.gif

Only females: if male drunk, perverted or just mocking in fun.

Sambuca , ae, f., = sambukê. I.A triangular stringed-instrument of a very sharp, shrill tone (and hence of slight esteem), Plaut. Stich. 2, 2, 57; Scipio Afric. ap. Mácr. S. 2, 10; Pers. 5, 95; Spart. Hadr. 26; cf. Fest. pp. 324 and 325 Müll.; Isid. 3, 20, 7; Vulg. Dan. 3, 5.--
Plautus, The Parasite Rebuffed Pl. St. 2.2

coming forward . Attend to me, and leave alone that needy Parasite, Philumena.
părăsītus , i, m., = parasitos, lit. one who eats with another;
one who, by flattery and buffoonery, manages to live at another's expense, a sponger, toad-eater, parasiteparasitorum in comoediis assentatio,” The tutelar deity of parasites was Hercules,

All priests and Levites define the Greek word parasite.
PINACIUM  Besides--Babylonian coverings for couches
, and carpets dyed in purple, has he brought.
and were mostly of purple colour, and frequently richly embroidered with gold. Pliny speaks of Babylonian cloths of divers colours, and in the seventh chapter of Joshua, ver. 24, we read, "When I saw among the spoils a goodly Babylonish garment."

GELASIMUS  Abundance of fine things. I' faith, his business has been successful.

PINACIUM  Then, as I began to say, female players on the harp, on the pipe, sackbuts too , has he brought with him, of surprising beauty.

fĭdĭcĭna , ae, f. fidicen,
I.a female luteplayer, lyrist, harpist,
tībīcĭna , ae, f. tibicen, I. a female fluteplayer,
Sackbuts too: "Sambucas." "Sambuca" is supposed to be the same instrument which is mentioned in the third chapter of the Prophet Daniel, and is rendered in our version of the Old Testament by the word "sackbut."
"female players on the sambuca,'" who were also called "sambucistriæ," and whose performances were highly prized by the Romans as Asiatic luxuries.

GELASIMUS  Capital! When I'm at my wine, I'll be quite sportive; then am I in merriest pin.

"The psaltery (psalterion, saltere, sauterie, Psalterium, Psalter, salterio) is an ancient intstrument seen in many forms. Early versions were simply a wooden board with gut strings stretched between pegs. The strings were plucked with fingers or by plectra (the name might have derived from the Greek psallein meaning plucked with fingers).

PSALLO outlaws plucking with a guitar pick.  Psallo specificially OUTLAWS blowing a wind instrument, a piano, organ, drums even a tiny harp unless you use only your fingers.

"The name of psaltery entered Christian literature in the 3rd century B.C. translation of the Old Testament called the Septuagint where, in the Psalms, nebel was translated psalterion. Thus, Nebuchadnezzar's idolatrous ensemble included the Aramic psantria. Notice, also, that the book of Psalms has also become known as the Psalter (or psalterium), from the hymns sung with this harp.

Tom Burgess Pericles as authority for instruments

Plutarch, Lives (ed. Bernadotte Perrin) [4] Such objects are to be found in virtuous deeds; these implant in those who search them out a great and zealous eagerness which leads to imitation. In other cases, admiration of the deed is not immediately accompanied by an impulse to do it. Nay, many times, on the contrary, while we delight in the work, we despise the workman,

as, for instance, in the case of perfumes and dyes; we take a delight in them, but dyers and perfumers we regard as illiberal and vulgar folk.

[5] Therefore it was a fine saying of Antisthenes, when he heard that Ismenias was an excellent piper: "But he's a worthless man," said he, "otherwise he wouldn't be so good a piper."

And so Philip once said to his son, who, as the wine went round, plucked the strings charmingly and skilfully, "Art not ashamed to pluck the strings so well?" It is enough, surely, if a king have leisure to hear others pluck the strings, and he pays great deference to the Muses if he be but a spectator of such contests.

Alexander was PLUCKING his harp strings seducing a young boy whose hairs had been PLUCKED.

Dionysus or Bacchus was the OLD Wineskins god.  Still dominant in Jerusalem (Sodom) they wanted to "initiate" Jesus by "piping." He was supposed to bow to Baal if he was to be the Jew's messiah. He would lament or sing and dance and therefore prove that He was the new VINTER come to reap all of the nations and make them senior ministers.  If the fruit is not ripe then God missed a good time which hit close to the ad 2000 year mark as prophesied.

When you hear the SOUNDS LIKE all creating panic or spiritual anxiety the TIME IS RIPE and God gave the godly a means of escape from the persona.

Rev. 14:18 And another angel came out from the altar, which had power over fire; and cried with a loud cry to him that had the sharp sickle, saying, Thrust in thy sharp sickle [drepa^non], and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth; for her grapes are fully ripe

drepa^non , to, also drapanon (q. v.), (drepō) A.= drepanē, d. eukampes Od.18.368; “khalkeois ēma d.S.Fr.534; the usual form in Prose and Com., Hdt.1.125, etc.; “d. theristikon for reaping “humnos
Li^tu^ersēs , ou, Dor. litr-ersas , ho, Lityerses, a bastard son of Midas, who used to challenge wayfarers to a reaping match, and bound the heads of the conquered in his sheaves, Ath.10.415b, Suid. 2. a reaper's song named after him, Men.264, Theoc.10.41, Ath.14.619a.

Heredotus 1 This prince waged war with the Medes under Cyaxares, the grandson of Deioces, drove the Cimmerians out of Asia, conquered Smyrna, the Colophonian colony, and invaded Clazomenae. From this last contest he did not come off as he could have wished, but met with a sore defeat; still, however, in the course of his reign, he performed other actions very worthy of note, of which I will now proceed to give an account.
        Inheriting from his father a war with the Milesians,
        he pressed the siege against the city by attacking it in the following manner.
When the harvest was ripe on the ground he marched his army into Milesia to the sound of pipes and harps, and flutes masculine and feminine.

Thus Cambyses (for so was the Persian called) wedded Mandane, and took her to his home, after which, in the very first year, Astyages saw another vision. He fancied that a vine grew from the womb of his daughter, and overshadowed the whole of Asia.

Hdt. 1.1
125 Cyrus, on receiving the tidings contained in this letter, set himself to consider how he might best persuade the Persians to revolt. After much thought, he hit on the following as the most expedient course: he wrote what he thought proper upon a roll, and then calling an assembly of the Persians, he unfolded the roll, and read out of it that Astyages appointed him their general. "And now," said he, "since it is so, I command you to go and bring each man his reaping-hook." With these words he dismissed the assembly.

CLV. How to NEUTER the enemy (conservatives)

Grant, then, forgiveness to the Lydians, and to
make sure of their never rebelling against thee, or alarming thee more, send and forbid them to keep any weapons of war,
        command them
to wear tunics under their cloaks,
        and to put buskins upon their legs,

        and make them
bring up their sons to cithern-playing (Kitharizein),
        and shop-keeping (
        So wilt thou soon see them become women instead of men,
        and there will be no more fear of their revolting from thee."

lifted up on a buskin, which he called tragoedia, Plin. Ep. 9, 7, 3.
assentātĭo (ads- ), ōnis, f. assentor. I. A flattering assent, flattery, adulation

2Cor. 2:17 For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ.

Sell your learning at wholesale: the same merchant language defines prostitution
drep-ō ,  gain possession or enjoyment ofd. koruphas aretan apoId.O.1.13; “sophias karpon d.”  leimōna Mousōn d., of a poet, Ar.Ra.1300.   cull, melos , eos, to, “kata kairon erōtōn d.
God HIDES from the wise or SOPHISTS says Jesus:
sophia A.cleverness or skill in handicraft and art, n music and singing, tekhnē kai s. h.Merc.483, cf. 511; in poetry, in divination
Sophos Margites  of poets and musicians, Pi.O.1.9, P.1.42, 3.113; en kithara s.
melos , eos, to, musical member, phrase: hence, song, strain,
sugkeimenon, logou te kai harmonias kai rhuthmou ib.398d.
2. music to which a song is set, tune, Arist.Po.1450a14; opp. rhuthmos, metron, Pl.Grg. 502c; opp. rhuthmos, rhēma, Id.Lg.656c; Krētikon, Karikon, I
3. melody of an instrument, “phormigx [Apollon's harp] d' au phtheggoith' hieron m. ēde kai aulos
Gath (h1660) gath; prob. from 5059 (in the sense of treading out grapes); a wine-press (or vat for holding the grapes in pressing them): - (wine-) press (fat).
Nagan (h5059) naw-gan'; a prim. root; prop. to thrum, i. e. beat a tune with the fingers; espec. to play on a stringed instrument; hence (gen.) to make music: - player on instruments, sing to the stringed instruments, melody, ministrel, play (-er, -ing..

H5060 nâga‛ naw-gah' A primitive root; properly to touch, that is, lay the hand upon (for any purpose; euphemistically, to lie with a woman); plague, reach (up), smite, strike, touch.

Gen. 3:3 But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.

H5061 nega‛ neh'-gah From H5060 ; a blow (figuratively infliction); also (by implication) a spot (concretely a leprous person or dress):—plague, sore, stricken, stripe, stroke, wound.

H5062 nâgaph naw-gaf' A primitive root; to push, gore, defeat, stub (the toe), inflict (a disease):—beat, dash, hurt, plague, slay, smite (down), strike, stumble, X surely, put to the worse.

Those who suddenly attacked Churches of Christ with all of the RACA words came at the right time if you understand the Old Testament.  The Heavens and Earth (gods) were cast down and not created: c BC 4000 the Sumerians launched the Temple states or Towers of Babylon as in the Ziggurat at Jerusalem called Sodom and The Mother of Harlots.

The god's AGENT the clergy took the people captive, initiated the tithe, took away private ownership, made the people serve the CLERGY instead of RESTING.  God never called righteous people into WORSHIP services to which Jesus said the kingdom does not come.

The 7 day cycle anticipated Jubilee 2,000 when the daughter churches would return to the Mother Church. The present apostasy was facilitated by Rubel Shelly using Max Lucado intending to RESTRUCTURE all churches of Christ.

Rick Atchley heard "a" spirit tell him that God's abandonment of Israel to worship the starry host (Abaddon, Apollyon etal).

If you think that the Spirit OF (a preposition) Christ is another "people" John says that you are ANTI-Christ by denying the ONE GOD (Theos) the Father and On LORD (kurios) and mediator THE MAN Jesus Christ. However, you can exercise a lot of psychological violence if you claim that YOU are led by a spirit daring anyone to question you.

Spiritus  Spirit in both Hebrew and Greek speaks of a WIND sometimes a violent blast, breathing or gentle blowing of air, a breath, breeze, 2.The breath of a god, inspiration:
II.B. The "spritt" of Phoebus or Carmenae (the Muses), spirit of a loud tone, a tempest, of the tympana horrificis, runinis  exciting terror of loud thundering speech, thundererer, god of thunder, Saturn as the sickle bearer.   comedy, poetry,

The UNKNOWN GOD was Apollo, Abaddon or Apollyon because his name was hyphenated depending on place such as at Corinth.

Apollōn , ho, Apollo: gen. ōnos (also ō An.Ox.3.222): acc.

A.ApollōIG1.9, al., A.Supp.214, S.OC1091, Tr.209 (lyr.) (mostly in adjurations, nēton Apollō, etc.), “ApollōnaPl.Lg.624a, freq. later, Agatharch.7, etc.: voc. “ApollonAlc.1, A.Th.159(lyr.), Cratin.186, etc.; “ApollōnA.Ch.559; cf. Apellōn, Aploun.
II. Pythag. name of a number,

Acts 17:23 For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you.

-[1.1.4] The Athenians have also another harbor, at Munychia, with a temple of Artemis of Munychia, and yet another at Phalerum, as I have already stated, and near it is a sanctuary of Demeter. Here there is also a temple of Athena Sciras, and one of Zeus some distance away, and altars of the gods named Unknown

Pausanias Greece Paus. 1.2 But in my time it was devoted to the worship of Dionysus. This Dionysus they call Melpomenus Apollo [Abaddon, Apollyon] Musegetes (Leader of the Muses). 

Mousagetēs 1 doric for Mousēgetēs leader of the Muses, Lat. Musagetes, of Apollo, Plat1 Mous-a_getēs, ou, ho

, Il.1.474, celebrate with song and dance, melpontes hekaergon Il.l.c.; Phoibon [Apollo] sing to the lyre or harp, “meta de sphin emelpeto theios aoidos, phormizōn” [Apollo's Lyre]Melpomenos, epith. of Dionysus at Athens,

Didn't Jesus say that DOCTORS OF THE LAW TAKE AWAY THE KEY TO KNOWLEDGE? That's their job and that's their destiny since in Revelation 18 the craftsmen, singers and instrument players are called SORCERERS who HAD deceived the whole world.

Ephesians 4 did not preach UNITY IN DIVERSITY as the lie or POWER POINT of end time deceivers: the elders are the vocational pastor-teachers commanded to "teach that which has been taught." They are to eject the cunning craftsmen or sophists as speakers for hire, singers and instrument players.  That is because these ARTISTS are LYING IN WAIT TO DECEIVE. That is their destiny as OF the World for whom Jesus doesn't pray or even speak.

God hates music in the holy place (Amos 8) or basket of summer FRUITS and men who sow discord.

The Bible and most of church history shows that music (any kind) has been IMPOSED with anti-Christian "authority" has been the only imposed Test of Fellowship as the mark you MUST accept to get the authority to BUY AND SELL or to escape the body attacks (psallo).  How could groups defined as universities dispensing the TRUTH suddenly band together and mount an attack upon those who will not "pick and grin" when we are commanded to be SILENT before?  It probably has only happened led by the Disciples of Christ who invented the PSALLO word as their command that YOU must begin to take the mark or at least as recorded SHUT YOUR MOUTHS.

There are many documents such as the Books of Adam and Eve and The Book of Enoch shows that those who seduce others with wine, women and music when Paul commanded that we all be silent.  Instruments and BURNING are always connected:

Isaiah 14:9 Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming:
        it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth;
        it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations.
Isaiah 14:10 All they shall speak and say unto thee, Art thou also become weak as we? art thou become like unto us?
Isaiah 14:11 Thy pomp is brought down to the grave, and the noise of thy viols:
        the worm is spread under thee, and the worms [Maggots] cover thee.

-Sublīmis , B. In partic., of language, lofty, elevated, sublime (freq. in Quint.): “sublimia carmina,Juv. 7, 28: “verbum,Quint. 8, 3, 18:  “oratio,
of orators, poets, etc.: “natura sublimis et acer,Hor. Ep. 2, 1, 165: “sublimis et gravis et grandiloquus (Aeschylus),

carmen , ĭnis, n. (old form cas-men , Varr. L. L. p. 86 Bip.) [Sanscr. çasto declaim, praise; cf.: camilla, censeo], I. a tune, song; poem, verse; an oracular response, a prophecy; a form of incantation (cf.: cano, cantus, and canto).
5. A magic formula, an incantation:
6. On account of the very ancient practice of composing forms of religion and law in Saturnian verse, also a formula in religion or law, a form:
        “barbaricum,id. M. 11, 163.—With allusion to playing on the cithara:
            Apollinem) concordant carmina nervis,
            APOLLO and since he communicated oracles in verse, god of poetry and music,
           presiding over the Muses

Opposite to:  sum-mitto to moderate his efforts, restrain himself , accommodating his instructions to the capacity, speak humbly,

grandĭlŏquus , i, m. grandis-loquor, I. speaking grandly or loftily:et grandiloqui, ut ita dicam, fuerunt cum ampla et sententiarum gravitate et majestate verborum,Cic. Or. 5, 20; cf. Quint. 10, 1, 66: grandiloquent: “isti grandiloqui (i. e. Stoici),boasters, Cic. Tusc. 5, 31, 89.

The CHRISTIAN antithesis is that Vines attached to the Vine do not bear WINE but the Fruit of the Vine a major FOOD compared to the WORD or logos or regulative principle.
John 15:1 I am the true vine, and my Father [not the preacher] is the husbandman.
John 15:2 Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away:
        and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.

Jesus purges through HIS Word or Regulative principle and not gender-variant worship services.

John 15:3 Now ye are clean through the WORD which I have spoken unto you.
John 15:20 Remember the word that I said unto you,
        The servant is not greater than his lord.
        If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you;
        if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.
John 15:21 But all these things will they do unto you for my name’s sake,
        because they know not him that sent me.
John 15:25 But this cometh to pass, that the WORD
         might be fulfilled that is written in THEIR law,
        They hated me without a cause.

Eph. 5:26 That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,
Eph. 5:26WEB That he might sanctify and cleanse it
        with the washing of water
        [INTO] the word,   (In Verbo, En, Eis)
        Into Converto , epistles of a writer, to be occupied in,  Into —In eccl. Lat.,
        to convert
to Christianity, etc.: “aliquem ad fidem Christi,
Pregn., to change the nature of a thing; i. e. to change, alter, transform, turn.
        En en paidotribou, at the school 

The Disciples of Christ Creed


Thus was this Chaldean queen a fit and remarkable prototype of the "Woman" in the Apocalypse, with the golden cup in her hand, and the name on her forehead, "Mystery, Babylon the Great, the MOTHER of harlots and abominations of the earth."

In recent years (1970s following), the Disciples of Christ denomination has sought to broaden its "liberality" and has endorsed the following anti-Biblical positions:

1. homosexual marriages
2. ordained women ministers
3. ordained women elders
4. denied the requirement of immersion for salvation [neo-Calvinism]
5. denied the virgin birth of Jesus
6. participated with other liberal denominations in undermining the accuracy and authenticity of the Bible.
7. participated in unity discussions with the Roman Catholic church, apparently acknowledging the latter's claims and doctrines.

They blaspheme the Holy Spirit OF God: The Word or Logos is God's regulative principle (they lie) which is opposite to any preacher's tales, personal opinions, singing, playing, acting out the Christ prophesied (Isaiah 3) person of MEN Jesus calls BOYS.  ISAIAH 3 WOMEN AND BOYS RULE OVER YOU.  Contrary to "unity in diversity" Paul says eject them because THEY ARE LYING IN WAIT TO DECEIVE.

Actor Jeff Walling: Where the TENSION [DISCORD] level is zooming, as those who would call themselves part of the cutting edge, How do I be cutting edge, and new WAVE avant garde (vanguard), and progressive, without losing my job? and making everyone else in the congregation really irritated with me...I have to wonder if you're at a place in your ministry where you don't have to go to the church of Christ either.

The NACC and transistioning Jeff Walling to the Instrumental Sect This paper defines
        Plague PLESSO mark of character, musical sounds, weeping sores.
        Beast: Thērion a new style of music and Satyric (Panish) drama
        Image: carmen imagine vivat, song imitating  truth
        Mark:    kharag-ma   branded, the serpent's mark, ekhidn-a treacherous wife or friend,
                      gennēmata ekhidnōn brood of vipers, term of reproach, in Ev.Matt.3.7.
                           Soph. Ant. 531 You who were lurking like a viper in my own house
                           and secretly gulping up my life's blood, while I was oblivious that I was nurturing two plagues,

       Actor Rick Atchley We discipled our children to leave our Movement! He (they) use the Goat-Burning Pattern of 2 Chronicles 29 where God ABANDONED them to worship the starry host at a place called Sodom, Babylon, Old Jerusalem, Mother of harlots who USES craftsmen, singers, instrument players called SORCERERS who along with the "dogs" and liars make the prophesied sounds of God driving His Enemies into hell or THE LAKE OF FIRE.  Christ in Isaiah 30
Ekhi^s   ē skorpios ērkōs to kentron  su_kophant-ēs , denouncer,
prosecutors of innocent persons, professional swindler or confidential agent, prattei [professional] d' ho kolax arista pantōn,

kolax ,  , A.flatterer, fawnerparasite, II. lisping pronunciation of korax, Ar.V.45.
A. sorcerer, wizard, Phoroni, g. epōdos Ludias apo khthonos2. juggler, cheat, “deinos g. kai pharmakeus kai sophistēs” [craftsmen, singers, instrument players in Revelation 18]
Aristoph. Wasps 1
In my first slumber I thought I saw sheep,
        wearing cloaks
        and carrying staves,
        met in assembly
[ekklēsiazein] on the Pnyx  [35]
        a rapacious whale was haranguing them
         and screaming like a pig that is being grilled.

Xanthias Alas! it's our poor Athenian people,
        whom this accursed beast wishes to cut up and despoil of their fat.

Sosias Seated on the ground close to it, I saw Theorus, who had the head of a crow.
        Then Alcibiades said to me in his lisping way,
        [45] "Do you thee? Theoruth hath a crow'th head."
eit' ouk egō dous du' obolō misthōsomai
houtōs hupokrinomenon sophōs oneirata;


> Misth-oō , of a mercenary, Oikian, ekklesia,  hetair-eō , male or female prostitutes
> Hupokrinomai  expound, interpret, explain, OUTLAWED as private Interpretation
hence to play a part, tragōdian, kōmōdian to play a tragedy, to play a part, be an actor, to feign, pretend
>  sophos , ē, on, A. skilled in any handicraft or art
mantisId.Th.382; “oiōnothetas   Margites Fr.2; but in this sense mostly of poets and musicians, Pi.O.1.9, P.1.42, 3.113; en kithara s. E.IT1238 (lyr.),
Eur. IT 1238 Lovely is the son of Leto, [1235] whom she, the Delian, once bore in the fruitful valleys, golden-haired, skilled at the lyre; and also the one who glories in her well-aimed arrows...to celebrate the revels for Dionysus. Here
Phoebus Apollo while still a baby, [1250] still leaping in the arms of your dear mother, and you entered the holy shrine, and sit on the golden tripod, on your truthful throne [1255] distributing prophecies from the gods to mortals, up from the sanctuary, neighbor of Castalia's streams, as you dwell in the middle of the earth.
>  Oneiros  leave the gender doubtful
to take the king's part,
similes or metaphors, of anything unreal or fleeting, “

Genesis Serpo   B.Transf., of things, to move slowly or imperceptibly, to creep along, proceed gradually,
II.Trop., to creep, crawl; to extend gradually or imperceptibly; to spread abroad, increase, prevail
per agmina murmur,(bestiascanam,căno , cĕcĭni, cantum (ancient I.imp. cante = canite,
once canituri,Vulg. Apoc. 8, 13  to utter melodious notes, to sing, sound, play.
tibicen  cithara, crowing of a cock: “galli victi silere solent, canere victores,to crow,
to practice magic, to charm,Galli is a word for a Catamite: priest of the Mother Godesses.

, A.master of one's craft, adept, expert, of diviners, Hdt.2.49; of poets, “meletan sophistais prosbalonPi.I.5(4).28, cf. Cratin.2; of musicians, “sophistēs . . parapaiōn khelun”  with modal words added, “hoi s. tōn hierōn melōn
a Sophist, i.e. one who gave lessons in grammar, rhetoric, politics, mathematics, for money,  “Apollōnidē sophistē Professors of Rhetoric, and prose writers
of the Brakhmanes,  Levites

Matt. 11:25 At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise [sophists] and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.
    Sēmantikon kh.  Marking time (khronou”, KAIROS) Lexis is OPPOSITE to an ODE
phōnē sunthetē s. meta khronou” 

> Phōn-ē , , 4. of sounds made by inanimate objects,, “kerkidos ph.S.Fr.595; “suriggōn salpiggos [trumpet] loud talk, bragging, 
> sun-thetos b. in Metre and Music, s. rhuthmos God supplied you no meter
> Meta of space or right  time,
> khronos from
> kairos, in process of time, hereafter,  vital part of the body. Time to tuptō beat, strike, smite, tuptousin khalkōmata beat pots and pans (to make a noise), of divine punishment, sting,ophis IV. advantage, profit, tinos of or from a thing, to make war     
        khōr-eōmake room for another, give way, withdraw,
        oikei-oō 2. make or claim as one's own, appropriate,
        oikeioutai te kai polemoutai with the greatest odds,  
The Craftsmen (all religious staff, parasites in Greek), singers, instrument players are called SORCERERS
Who HAD deceived the World once before. Judas, who carried the bag on his flutecase maybe didn'tknow he was the prophesied Judas Goat until Jesus marked him with the SOP (same as PSALLO).
When the devil's agent failed he went out, hanged himself and drifted in the wind until his guts spilled out.

Grace seemed to cover everything but music in the holy places and men who sow discord. The Levite as PATTERN would have been executed by the "brethren" (as at Mount Sinai) if they came near and presumed "holy" thing or place with or without his harp. That is a PROPHETIC TYPE.

See A Basket of Summer fruit (same is in Revelation 18) Rather than imposing instruments into the defined School of Christ being the SIN: in many Bible examples it is the MARK that God had been there and removed the LAMPS and would not pass by again.  Aristophanes, Acharnians (ed. Jeffrey Henderson)

Jeff Walling and The Christian Church Today
The Christian Church Today This past week, the North American Christian Convention, Pepperdine University, and Mike Baker, senior pastor at Eastview Christian Church in Normal, IL and 2015 NACC president, debuted the website for its "Next Gen Preacher Search." High school and college students interested in preaching are invited to submit a five-minute video of their preaching for review, feedback, and coaching. 40 submissions will be chosen as semi-finalists and the selected students will be assigned a "mentor preacher" who will work with them for six months.

Next February the semi-finalists will attend a training event with Jeff Walling, Trevor DeVage, and other leaders, and from these forty students, four will be chosen to preach at gatherings like the NACC, the Pepperdine Bible Lectureship, and the Winterfest conferences.

New Vintage Leadership
Tim Spivey, Lead Planter, New Vintage Church. Note His favorite churches

Preacher Mike
Mike Cope, Pepperdine University

Joshua Graves
Joshua Graves, Preaching and Teaching Minister, Otter Creek Church of Christ (Nashville)

President's Blog
Lipscomb University (Nashville)
The NACC and transistioning Jeff Walling to the Instrumental Sect
Rick Atchley We discipled our children to leave our Movement!
Rick Atchley explained the process to the Christian Standard

All of the SOUNDS-LIKE in Revelation create spiritual anxiety or panic and the angel to those still ALIVE is to Preach the Gospel
Rev. 12:12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down [to penetrate deeply] unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

[KAIROS: demon or spirit son of Zeus meaning the time is right for an attach or ambush.]
The Kairos Church Planting Plot also plants Instrumental Churches
Beginning about the year 1878 WRATH of Biblical Proportions has been poured down on the heads of anyone who will not BEGIN to do what they have never done in recorded history: bow down while others pipe.
Robert Ballard and the NACC:  To refuse to PERMIT that which God Himslef has (P93) SAID TO USE. To forbid their use, where God has  SAID TO USE THEM, as in Eph. 5:19 and Col. 3:16 is flagrant sin (Rev 22:18:19)
Abaddon or Apollyon is unleashed when the LOCUSTS or MUSES as Apollyon's worship team assaults the church and splits the New Jerusalem right down the middle and holds the attackers captive.  The craftsmen, singers and instrument players are SORCERERS who HAD deceived the whole world and they will be CAST ALIVE INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE. This new sectarian split-off represents neither Christian Churches or Churches of Christ but only those permitted to BUY and SELL.
Rev. 14:18 And another angel came out from the altar,
        which had power over fire;
        and cried with a loud cry to him that had the sharp sickle,
saying, Thrust in thy sharp sickle, and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth;
        for her grapes are fully ripe.
Rev. 14:19 And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth,
        and gathered the vine of the earth,
        and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God.
Paul warned the Ephesians who understood that to "get fluted down with wine" was enhanced by the flute-girl or harp-girl  before they tried to sing the "crooked" or skolion songs.   Then he commanded:

SPEAK that which is written for our learning "one to another"
ODE and PSALLO IN the heart or mind which means Keep It Silent Silly.

-lexis , eōs, h(, (legō B) A. speech, OPPOSITE. ōdē, Pl.Lg.816d; l. ē praxis speech or action, Id.R.396c; ho tropos tēs .400d; ta lexei dēloumena orders given by word of mouth,
Plat. Rep. 3.396a and in other ways sinning against themselves and others in word and deed after the fashion of such men. And I take it they must not form the habit of likening themselves to madmen either in words nor yet in deeds. For while knowledge they must have both of mad and bad men and women, they must do and imitate nothing of this kind.” “Most true,” he said. “What of this?” I said, “—are they to imitate smiths and other craftsmen or the rowers of triremes and those who call the time to them or other things

Plat. Rep. 3.396b
How could they,” he said, “since it will be forbidden them even to pay any attention to such things?” “Well, then, neighing horses and lowing bulls, and the noise of rivers and the roar of the sea and the thunder and everything of that kind—will they imitate these?
        “Nay, they have been forbidden,” he said, “to be mad or liken themselves to madmen.”
         “If, then, I understand your meaning,” said I, “there is a form of diction and narrative in which
For this rejection of violent realism Cf. Laws 669 C-D. Plato describes exactly what Verhaeren's admirers approve: “often in his rhythm can be heard the beat of hammers, the hard, edged, regular whizzing of wheels, the whirring of looms, the hissing of locomotives; often the wild, restless tumult of the streets, the humming and rumbling of dense masses of people.
ODE is always SPEAK and PSALLO speaks of Apollo (Apollon) shooting real arrows into people's hears and his lyre to "shoot forth love arrows." Psallo and SOP have the same root meaning and when the literature uses psallo to mean strike or smite with your fingers but never with a plectrum it is always in the context of older males like Alexander the Great seducing a young boy.

Time Spivey: In case you haven’t heard, Mike Cope will be replacing Jerry Rushford as Director of the Pepperdine Bible Lectures. I’m thrilled [that's a wineskin's word]
for Pepperdine
        and Churches of Christ–for several reasons:

A Church of Christ [the Rock) is defined in the Wilderness:
EXCLUSIVE of vocal or instrumental rejoicing or elevated speech. This is the triumph-over or alarm reserved for Judas in Jeremiah 41.
INCLUSIVE of Rest (from worship), Reading and Rehearsing the Word (only) of God.

Paul understood that when he outlawed "diversity" in Romans 14 in a teaching sense. In Romans 15 Paul outlawed self-pleasure which includes what Christ named as the hypocritic arts and crafts in Ezekiel 33: preaching for pay to people wandering around, singers and instrument players.  This was His MARK of those who have no intention of letting the elders teach that which has been taught or an audience with no intention of obeying.

Then, the direct command was to "use one mind and one mouth" to SPEAK "that which is written for our learning" or "Scripture for our comfort.  That is the universal pattern until "singing" or Chanting was imposed as an ACT (that legalism word) c ad 373 after unwashed pagan priests joined to get paid for the first time in history.
Acts 15:21 For Moses of old time
        hath in every city  [not in Jerusalem which Babylonian)
        them that PREACH him,
        being READ in the synagogues every sabbath [R.E.S.T] day.

The people refused to hear God define The Book of The Covenant of Grace and fell back into musical idolatry of the always-pagan Egyptian trinity. As a result they rose up to PLAY which was ritual plays, singing and playing instruments always resulting in playing with one another. Missed Romans 1. Moses said that they would be blind and deaf until another "prophet like me" comes.  The instrumental sectarians uses the pattern of the Jacob-cursed and God-abandoned tribe of Levy as an old star worship and infant burning sect.
2Cor. 3:14 But their minds were blinded:
        for until this day remaineth the same vail untaken away
        in the READING of the old testament; which vail is done away in Christ.
Col. 4:16 And when this epistle is READ among you,
        cause that it be READ also in the church of the Laodiceans;
        and that ye likewise READ the epistle from Laodicea.

The Kerusso (preacher) and Presbyter (elder) were called HERALDS: it was and probably still is a sin beyond redemption for a herald to take the King's sealed letter, open it, preach it, change it, sing it and charge for it on the receiving end. Sermo 2. Ordinary speech, speaking, talking, the language of conversation (opp. contentio)
Sermo a speaking or talking with any one; talk, conversation, discourse: 2. Ordinary speech, speaking, talking, the language of conversation (opp. contentio): Of prose as opposed to poetry: comoedia    verba inculcantes B. A language, the speech of a nation verbum   as a translation of logos, See Table of LOGOS: opposite rhetoric, singing, playing, acting WITCHCRAFT:  See Galatians 5 for the Music as Witchcraft which RECRUCIFIES Jesus.
+ "For rebellion [is as] the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness [is as] iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the WORD of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from [being] king." {1Sm 15:23}
The Word as Dabar or LOGOS is the Regulative principle: it is opposite selling you rhetoric or buffoonery, singing, playing instruments, acting or dancing: if you reject the LOGOS Christ in Isaiah 8 says THERE IS NO LIGHT IN YOU.
Without passing Judgment, Churches of Christ were never part of the Disciples of Christ or the later NACC founded in 1927 but not removed from the Disciples of Christ until 1971. Fellowship in the sense of attending most denominational assemblies was possible before the Christian-Methodist-Anglicah-Catholic rooted groups began to solicit money "to go save the Jews to enable the return of Jesus" and adding instruments to prop up the mega-churches no longer funded from carpet bags.

Churches of Christ and Pepperdine are not kissing kin. Pepperdine's Rick Gipson hired Mike Cope to REprogram all of the young conservative or sectarian preachers. Sectarian is a RACA word used to sow discord over people who have from the Church in the Wilderness onward understood that The Spirit OF (A preposition) Christ the Rock defined the only assembly of the godly people quarantined to their own isolated towns to PREVENT them from attending the Jews or other's worship service of the Starry Host beginning and ending with Abaddon or Apollyon.
  1. If you say that there is any command, example or remote inference for "congregational singing" with or without instruments.
  2. And there is neither and logic and common reverence would never impose performance hypocritic or Sophist acts when Jesus invites us to REST and "come learn of me."
  3. Then the Spirit OF Christ in Jeremiah 23 (missed that one too?) says that you despise the Word and that is the word blasphemy.


Domus Caiphae

Inpia blasphemi cecidit domus ecce Caiphae,
in qua pulsata est alapis facies sacra Christi,
hic peccatores manet exitus, obruta quorum 160
vita ruinosis tumulis sine fine iacebit.

The universal root:   Pulso , I. inf. parag. pulsarier, Lucr. 4, 931), 1, v. freq. a. id., to push, strike, beat (cf.: tundo, ferio, pello).
Of all musical instruments: Of musical instruments:chordas digitis et pectine eburno,to strike, play upon, Verg. A. 6, 647: “chelyn,Val. Fl. 1, 139: “pectine nervos,Sil. 5, 463: “cymbala,Juv. 9, 62.—Of things: “pulsant arva ligones,Ov. Am. 3, 10, 31; id. M. 11, 529: “nervo pulsante sagittae,Verg. G. 4, 313.—

Verg. A. 6.647
With sounding footsteps and ecstatic song,
Some thread the dance divine: among them moves
The bard of Thrace, in flowing vesture clad,
Discoursing seven-noted melody,
Who sweeps the numbered strings with changeful hand,
Or smites with ivory point his golden lyre.
The Synagogue or Ekklesia was a SAFE HOUSE to protect the godly from ALL "worship rituals" which is the meaning of works or legalism. Speakers, singers or instrument players must have the gift, learn, practice, rehearse, perform and be judged based on very strict laws and that is LEGALISM.


It was EXCLUSIVE of vocal or instrumental rejoicing or any self-speak rhetoric. Sabbath never meant a day of WORSHIP (work) but REST.  God gave the example of WORKING six days and the RESTING on the seventh day. Work outlawed sending out "ministers of God."
It was INCLUSIVE of Rest, Reading and Rehearsing the Word (only) of God (only). The synagogue of the godly never disobeyed that command, Jesus obeyed and commanded the only assembly as a READING ASSEMBLY defined as a school of the Word.

Is. 4:4 When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion,
        and shall have purged the blood of Jerusalem
the midst thereof by the SPIRIT of judgment,
        and by the SPIRIT of burning.
Is. 4:5 And the LORD will create upon every dwelling place of mount Zion,
         and upon her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day,
        and the shining of a flaming fire by night: for upon all the glory shall be a defence.
Is. 4:6 And there shall be a tabernacle for a shadow in the daytime from the heat,
        and for a place of refuge, and for a covert from storm and from rain.
The New Covenant was made with the HOUSE of Israel and Judah. House is the plebes, laos opposite to the Priests, Levites, Scribes or Pharisees Jesus defined as hypocrites. In Ezekiel 33 Christ named speakers for HIRE, singers and instrument player. These were the MARKS of those who have no intention of either teaching or obeying the Word of God.

Jesus died to save us FROM the Doctors of the Law and those who SELL people a certificate to buy and sell but do not teach them the prophets:
Umbrācŭlum ,
I. any thing that furnishes shade).
Lit., a shady place, bower, arbor,Verg. E. 9, 42.—
II.  A sunshade, parasol, umbrella, Ov. F. 2, 311; id. A. A. 2, 209; Mart. 14, 28, 1
We are washed with Water INTO the Word or into the School of Jesus Christ. The Logos or Word is the Regulative Principle to EDUCATE by the Prophets and Apostles.
Domos is one's own house from Sen. Ep. 29
dŏmus  b. In philos lang., a philosophical school, sect, Cic. Ac. 1, 4; Sen. Ep. 29 fin.; id. Ben. 5, 15.
audĭo, to hear, to perceive or understand by hearing, to learn, the person from whom one hears or learns any thing,

Seneca identifies the School as:
verbum  words, expressions, language, discourse, conversation  logos
dīco praedico, recito, declamo, affirmo,
fŏris   I. Out at the doors, out of doors, abroad, without (opp. intus, domi, etc.): “sinito ambulare, si foris, si intus volent,” 
The kingdom does not come with observation: religious observations. God does not live in houses built by human hands and is not worshipped by the works of human hands.
Heb. 13:12 Wherefore Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood,
        suffered without the gate.
Heb. 13:13 Let us go forth therefore unto him without the camp, bearing his reproach.
Heb. 13:14 For here have we no continuing city,
army (of contending parties or sects )
       but we seek one to come.
Heb. 13:15 By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually,
        that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.

h3925. parembolh/ parembole, par-em-bol-ay´; from a compound of 3844 and 1685; a throwing in beside (juxtaposition), i.e. (specially), battle-array, encampment or barracks (tower Antonia): — army, camp, castle.

Contrary to Unity in Diversity, of the cunning crafstmen or Sophists (speakers for hire, singers, instrument playrs) elders as the only pastor-teachers are to EJECT THEM because THEY ARE LYING IN WAIT TO DECEIVE.

All I can do is report as a Disciple of the Word and the Paganism which it condemns, is that the persona of all theatrical or musical performers is not pretty. I don't write that but while the world grows another billion lost souls the 'doctors of the law who take away the key to knowledge' will be sowing discord fabricating "church" to save more souls and spit in the eyes of those who have not been cracked away by "scholars" who believe that they are guided by a spirit to replace the Word and obedience of commands.  The fact is that the Latin SPIRITUS was used most often of Abaddon or Apollyon. He is also the Leader of the Muses who were known as dirty adulteressses and the SHEPHERDS of the pagan flock.  The LOCUSTS in Revelation are the MUSES who were Apollyon's musical worship team even at Mount Sinai.

This is what people see when more than half of the owners flee when the singing boys and girls are outed on the podium or standing in the holy place or podium of church architecture.

Thrilled oxu-phōnos , on, A.shrillvoiced, piercing (cf. “oxus11.3), Telest.5 ; of the nightingale, S.Tr.963 (lyr.), Babr.12.3 ; with high-pitched voice,gunaikes
Aristoph. Thes. 101 Mnesilochus

Agathon's Chorus
To what divinity is your homage addressed? [105] I wish to mingle mine with it.

Oh! Muse! [
Mousa  Olumpiades M., Dios aigiokhoio thugateres [daughters, whatever the sex]
glorify Phoebus [Abaddon, Apollon]  with his golden bow, who erected [110] the walls of the city of the Simois.

Agathon's Chorus
To thee, oh Phoebus, I dedicate my most beauteous songs; to thee, the sacred victor in the poetical contests.
Agathon's Chorus
I do honor to the divine Leto and to the lyre, the mother of songs [125] of male and noble strains. The eyes of the goddess sparkle while listening to our enthusiastic chants. Honor to the powerful Phoebus! Hail! blessed son of Leto.
[130] Oh! ye venerable Genetyllides, what tender and voluptuous songs!
        They surpass the most lascivious kisses in sweetness;
        I feel a thrill of delight pass up me as I listen to them.
To Euripides
Young man, if you are one, [135] answer my questions, which I am borrowing from Aeschylus' “Lycurgeia.” Whence comes this androgyne?

[gunnis  a womanish man, podapos ho g.; of Bacchus,  “p. ho Bromios; Thasios Ael.VH12.12,
gunaikas makhlos.makhl-os , on, of Hēdonē personified,

What is his country? his dress? What contradictions his life shows!
        A lyre and a hair-net!

        A wrestling school oil flask and a girdle!
What could be more contradictory? [140] What relation has a mirror to a sword?To Agathon And you yourself, who are you? Do you pretend to be a man? Where is your tool, pray? Where is the cloak, the footgear that belong to that sex? Are you a woman? Then where are your breasts? Answer me. But you keep silent.
        Oh! [145] just as you choose; your songs display your character quite sufficiently.

The old Vintage or Wineskins God from Egypt, Mount Sinai and a church near you.

Eur. Ba. 410 Would that I could go to Cyprus, the island of Aphrodite, where the Loves, who soothe [405] mortals' hearts, dwell, and to Paphos, fertilized without rain by the streams of a foreign river flowing with a hundred mouths.

Lead me there, Bromius, Bromius, god of joy who leads the Bacchae, [410] to Pieria, beautiful seat of the Muses, the holy slope of Olympus. There are the Graces, there is Desire; there it is [415] lawful for the Bacchae to celebrate their rites.

Tim Spivey's ELITE COHORT founded by Rick Gipson at Pepperdine is made up of Tim's list of adorable team defined from Genesis onward (The serpent, beast, musical enchanter or according to Christ "the singing and harp-playing prostitute in the garden of Eden." He-she-it will be or is The Babylon Mother of Harlots (Jerusalem) in Revelation 17 using lusted after fruits (same as in Amos 8) in Revelation 18 as singers, instrument players, craftsmen and "grinders" which along with the brides (Nymphs) and bridegrooms acts out the Hieros Gamos or sacred sex common to all RELIGIONS whom Jesus neutered by defining A School (only) of the Word (only) with the PREACHING defined as READING the Word for Comfort and Doctrine.  The grinders are called concubines or prostitutes who located themselves by the piping sound of the millstone.

A Church of Christ the Rock is defined both inclusively and exclusively after Israel fell into musical idolatry of the always-pagan Egyptian trinity. This was a sin beyond redemption; the old people died in the wilderness and the younger geeration coomingled with the Canaanites and especially the Philistines out of Carthage. The PATTERN of the ELITE COHORT is 2 Chronicles 29 where God commaned that the Jacob-cursed and God-abandoned Levites STAND IN RANKS making NOISE to warn any godly person who came near would be executed.  They apparently cannot make it to the punch line when the levites made a noise as COMMANDED BY DAVID while they burned the goats (Pans, cappellas) which God did not command.

The Protypical Pattern by Christ in Isaiah 30 alerts us to the MARKS of God driving His enemies into "hell" to the sound of the wind, string and percussion instruments the prostitute brought into the Garden of Eden.  The craftsmen (parasites), singers and instrument players are called SORCERERS which defines the FIRST Babylon Mother of Harlots and the WILL BE CAST ALIVE INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE.

In Ephesians 4 Paul outlawed "unity in diversity" by ordering any APT elder as the only pastor-teachers to EJECT the cunning crafts men of SOPHISTS: they are self-speakers, singers, instrument players, actors, dancers and even male and female prostitutes around the Jerusalem and all sacrificial systems.

A Church of Christ which impose the exciting sermons, performance singing with or without instruments cannot be an ekklesia-synagogue which is A School of the Word of Christ: PREACHED by READING the Word only on the Sabbath meaning REST DAY.

The WORD or LOGOS is opposite preachers experiences, introductions, further expounding, singing, playing instruments. The SOPHIST playing instruments were the MAGI who, then and now, are willing to fork over a bushol of SIMONY to get on the lecture circuit or assigned to a rich and ELITE congregation.

That is why Pepperdine, Rick Gipson, Mike Cope and now Jeff Walling are confessed partners  of the NACC whose "leadership" was born in sowing discord by LYING IN WAIT TO DECEIVE exclusively among the Disciples-Christians which was the only SECTARIAN split caused by musical bandits.

Tim Spivey New Vintage: I’ve said before that the Pepperdine Lectures is on a completely different level as a national lecture program.
        It has just the right mix
        of elite preaching/teaching, fellowship,
        and organically offered new ideas. 

Elite Preaching mix.

Elite COHORT The Sacred Band of Thebes (Ancient Greek: Ἱερὸς [DIVINE] Λόχος, Hieròs Lókhos) was a troop of picked soldiers, consisting of 150 pairs of male lovers which formed the elite force of the Theban army in the 4th century BC

lochos The term derived from the ancient Greek for ambush and the men carrying out the ambush, but in practice, its meaning was essentially that of "war-band", a body of armed men. This translation has been used traditionally, e.g. for the Sacred Band of Thebeslochos is that by Xenophon in his Anabasis
Xen. Anab. 7.4.7 There was a certain Episthenes of Olynthus who was a lover of boys, and upon seeing a handsome boy, just in the bloom of youth and carrying a light shield, on the point of being put to death, he ran up to Xenophon and besought him to come to the rescue of a handsome lad.

Xen. Anab. 4.3.27 But as soon as the Carduchians saw the rearguard stripped of the crowd of camp followers and looking now like a small body, they advanced to the attack all the more rapidly, singing a kind of songs [ōdas tinas adontes]. As for Cheirisophus, since everything was safe on his side, he sent back to Xenophon the peltasts, slingers, and bowmen, and directed them to do whatever Xenophon might order.

, contr. Att. epadō , fut.
A. -asomaiAr.Ec.1153, etc.; “-asōAch.Tat.2.7:—sing to or in accompaniment,magos anēr . . e. theogoniēnHdt.1.132; “ōdan khorōE.El.864(lyr.):—Pass., Arr.An.2.16.3.
2. sing as an incantation,ha hai Seirēnes epēdon OdusseiX.Mem.2.6.11; “khrē ta toiauta hōsper epadein heautōPl.Phd.114d, cf. 77e; “e. hēmin autois touton ton logonId.R.608a; e. tini sing to one so as to charm or soothe him, Id.Phdr.267d, Lg.812c, al.:—Pass., Porph.Chr.35: abs., use charms or incantations, Pl.Tht.157c; “epaeidōnby means of charms, A.Ag.1021 (lyr.), cf. Pl.Lg.773d, Tht.149d.
Elite 1. (often used with a plural verb) the choice or best of anything considered collectively, as of a group or class of persons.
2. (used with a plural verb) persons of the highest class: Only the elite were there.
3. a group of persons exercising the major share of authority or influence within a larger group:
the power elite of a major political party.
Diod. 11.76 Those who make use of aged wine,
        I deem to be wise; and those as well, who, through choice,
        are the spectators of ancient Plays.
Since antique works and words are pleasing to you, 'tis just that ancient Plays should in preference please you; for the new Comedies which come out now-a-days are much more worthless than the new-coined money. We, since we have heard the report in public, that you ardently wish for the Plays of Plautus,....And after the battle the Syracusans honoured with the prize of valour the elite troops, six hundred in number, who were responsible for the victory, giving them each a mina of silver. [3]
Pl. Cas. prologue.0 When this was first represented, it surpassed all other Plays. In those days there was the very £elite of the poets, who have now departed hence to the place common to all. But though departed, yet do they prove of advantage to those who are still existing.
Sophia , Ion. -, h(, prop. A. cleverness or skill in handicraft and art,in music and singing, tekhnē kai s. h.Merc.483, cf. 511; in poetry, Sol.13.52, Pi.O.1.117, Ar.Ra.882, X.An.1.2.8,

Sophistes (Latin) A. master of one's craft, adept, expert, of diviners, Hdt.2.49;
        of poets, “meletan sophistais prosbalonPi.I.5(4).28,
        of musicians, “sophistēs . . parapaiōn khelun
        with modal words added, “hoi s. tōn hierōn melōn


PSALLO never in recorded history meant to Play An Instrument: it is demeaning to the Spirit OF Christ and of Paul to say that they were too ignorant to use any of the ALWAYS instrument-specific compound words. In Jeremiah 23 the Spirit OF (a preposition) says that if you say that God said something He did not say that DESPISES God and His Word and is the word BLASPHEMY.

God never commanded what even the Scribes says that DAVID used because He was the slaughter king of elders in rebellion who hired a King to set over us: that means a PASTOR PERSON.  The Spirit OF Christ warns about the lying pen of the Scribes: you write it and God will burn it. He called the Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites and the Ezekiel 33 version Christ named self-preachers, singers and instrument players.
Melos sp. musical member, phrase: hence, song, strain
2. music to which a song is set, tune, Arist.Po.1450a14; opposite rhuthmos, metron, Pl.Grg. 502c; opp. rhuthmos, rhēma, Id.Lg.656c;
melody of an instrument, “phormigx d' au phtheggoith' hieron m. ēde kai aulos
3. later of the rhētores, Professors of Rhetoric, and prose writers of the Empire
God BREATHED (spirit) into Jesus of Nazareth WITHOUT METER: most often in a musical sense: history notes that when men fall into singing and playing they are "drunk, gender-tender or just mocking." The Jews MUSICALLY Mocked Jesus up to the foot of the old Rugged Cross:  the word reproach which means "they exposed his nakedness."
Metron , to,  II. METER, Ar.Nu.638, 641, etc.; OPPOSITE. melos (music) and rhuthmos (time), Pl.Grg.502c, etc.; logous psilous eis metra tithentes putting into verse, Id.Lg.669d; “ta en metrō pepoiēmena epēX.Mem. 1.2.21.

The command is to SPEAK the ODES
-lexis , eōs, h(, (legō B) A. speech, OPPOSITE. ōdē, Pl.Lg.816d; l. ē praxis speech or action, Id.R.396c; ho tropos tēs l. ib.400d; ta lexei dēloumena orders given by word of mouth,

-ōdē , , contr. for aoidē,
en tais ōdais kai melesinR.399c, cf. 398c; OPPOSITE. lexis,

Notice that ODE must include melos is you intend to SING.
MELOS or melody B. esp. musical member, phrase: hence, song, strain, Cratin.236; melē, ta, lyric poetry, choral songs, opp. Epic or Dramatic verse,
        2. music to which a song is set, tune, Arist.Po.1450a14; OPPOSITE. rhuthmos, metron, Pl.Grg. 502c
A Church of Christ as a School of Christ ADMITS of no "organically offered new ideas." Whose "organ" are we going to trust to ammend and ENHANCE that which HAS BEEN taught as the only authority of the elder as pastor-teacher. Their Job one is to EJECT the cunning craftsmen or SOPHISTS: those who speak on their own Jesus called "sons of the devil," singers, instrument players, actors, dancers.  Paul said that HE did not corrupt the WORD which is "selling learning at wholesale" which is defined as PROSTITUTION.  Since Jesus paid it all and ordained no "tithes and offerings" anyone who SELLS any of their body functions is called a prostitute.


Worship Anndrogyny the Pagan Sexual Ideal

Isaiah 3:4 And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.
Isaiah 3:4 et dabo pueros principes eorum et effeminati dominabuntur eis

        dominabuntur Ruler,
        MARK Women or the Effeminate as  oratio,
        MARK Women or effeminate who are consilium the person who forms the purpose, 
        MARK Women or the effeminate who Teach Over  aedĭfĭco  in a religious sense, to build up,
         instruct, edify.

Isaiah 3:12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.
        O my people,
they that lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

mŭlĭer as a term of reproach, a woman, i. e. a coward, poltroon: arbĭtror to make a decision,
give judgment or sentence: OR mŭlĭĕro, to make womanish, render effeminate

Boys: -Effeminoto make womanish, effeminate, to enervate: “fortitudinis praeceptailla elocutio
res ipsas effeminat,”  “mollis, luxuriosus, dissolutus): ne quid effeminatum aut molle sit,
Cic. Off. 1, 35, 129; cf. id. Tusc. 4, 30: “intolerabile est servire impuro, impudico, effeminato, 
illa elocutio res ipsas effeminat,Quint. 8 prooëm. § 20. ēlŏcūtĭo  I. Transf., in rhet. lang., oratorical delivery, elocution;furialis illa vox, religiosis altaribus effeminata,that submits to unnatural lust: “pathicus,Suet. Aug. 68;
Cic. Planc. 35.86 When no one knew what were the feelings of those men who by means of their armies, and their arms, and their riches, were the most powerful men in the state, then that voice,    
    rendered insane
by its infamous debaucheries,

    made effeminate by its attendance on holy altars,
    kept crying out in a most ferocious manner that both these men
         and the consuls were acting in concert with him.
Needy men were armed against the rich,  abandoned men against the good, slaves against their masters.
Rĕlĭgĭōsus Eccl. Lat., of or belonging to the clergy, clerical (opp. saecularis)
Per-sŏno    A. To sound through and through, to resound: “cum domus cantu et cymbalis personaret,Cic. Pis. 10, 22: “ut cotidiano cantu vocum et nervorum et tibiarum nocturnisque conviviis tota vicinitas personet,
A.  To fill with sound or noise, to make resound
B.  To make a sound on a musical instrument, to sound, play: “citharā Iopas Personat,cymbalis, Vulg. 1 Par. 16, 5: buccinis, 
C. To sound or blow upon an instrument (post-class.): “personavit classicum,gave the signal for attack,
        Histrio, stage-player, actor, mimus, II. Transf., a boaster: histrionis est parvam rem attollere,
                ragoediarum histrionis,  Hilarus comoediarum histrio,
        Scaena, 1. Of a place like a scene of a theatreVerg. A. 1, 164.—, display of eloquence.
Outlawed in Romans 15 so that everyone can "use one mind and one mouth" to teach "that which is written for our learning or Scripture.
Isaiah 3:5 And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another,
        and every one by his neighbour:
        the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.

Tŭmultŭor , Esp. of oratory, to storm, rant, talk at random, etc
Per-turbo clamore perturbari  confused visions, perverted truths: reliquos

X.Mem.1.6.13  Xen. Mem. 1.6.13

To this Socrates replied: “Antiphon, it is common opinion among us
        in regard to beauty and wisdom
                that there is an honourable
                and a shameful way of bestowing them.
        For to offer one's beauty for money to all comers is called prostitution;

        But we think it virtuous to become friendly with
              a lover who is known to be a man of honour.

        So is it with wisdom. Those who offer it to all comers for money
               are known as sophists, prostitutors of wisdom

        But we think that he who makes a friend of one whom he knows to be gifted
               by nature, and teaches him all the good he can,

               fulfils the duty of a citizen and a gentleman.

Sophis-tēs , ou, o(, A. master of one's craft, adept, expert, of diviners, Hdt.2.49; of poets, “meletan sophistais prosbalonPi.I.5(4).28, cf. Cratin.2; of musicians, “sophistēs . . parapaiōn khelunA.Fr.314, cf. Eup.447, Pl.Com. 140; sophistē Thrēki (sc. Thamyris) E.Rh.924, cf. Ath.14.632c: with modal words added, “hoi s. tōn hierōn melōn[melody in the holy place--a death sentence for any Levite]


HO, every one that thirsteth,
        come ye to the waters,
        and he that hath no money;
        come ye, buy, and eat; yea,
        come, buy wine and milk WITHOUT MONEY
        and WITHOUT PRICE. Isa 55:1

2 Cor. 2:17 For we are not as many,
        which corrupt the word of God:
        but as of sincerity, but as of God,
        in the sight of God speak we in Christ.


kapēl-euō,  A. to be a retail-dealer, drive a petty trade Hdt. 3.89  ta mathēmata
learning by retail, hawk it about, Pl. Prt.313d , 2 Cor. 2:17, of prostitutes,
Plat. Prot. 313d  For among the provisions, you know, in which these men deal, not only are they themselves ignorant what is good or bad for the body, since in selling they commend them all, but the people who buy from them are so too, unless one happens to be a trainer or a doctor. And in the same way, those who take their doctrines the round of our cities, hawking them about to any odd purchaser who desires them, commend everything that they sell, and there may well be some of these too, my good sir, who are ignorant which of their wares is

[313e] good or bad for the soul; and in just the same case are the people who buy from them, unless one happens to have a doctor's knowledge here also, but of the soul. So then, if you are well informed as to what is good or bad among these wares, it will be safe for you to buy doctrines from Protagoras or from anyone else you please: but if not, take care, my dear fellow, that you do not risk your greatest treasure on a toss of the dice.
Cyrus was told how to NEUTER captives to keep them under control. Power grabbing preachers who want to be MASTERS (Authoratative Teachers) have KEEPING THEM UNDER CONTROL is absolutely necessary less they grasp that Jesus died to pry the burden laders off our backs: the Laded Burdens are types of repeating songs which perform the act of WITCHCRAFT with a boiling pot of frog yes.

Heredotus 1

Grant, then, forgiveness to the Lydians, and to make sure of their never rebelling against thee, or alarming thee more,
send and forbid them to keep any weapons of war,
         command them
to wear tunics under their cloaks,
         and to put buskins upon their legs,

         and make them bring up their sons to cithern-playing (Kitharizein),
singing (psallein),
        and shop-keeping (Hucksterism). [Corrupting the Word]
So wilt thou soon see them become WOMEN instead of men,
and there will be no more fear of their revolting from thee."

Any kind of performing music when Jesus told us to SPEAK that which is written INTENDS to bring glory and more "Authority" to THE Alpah Male.  The Mother Goddess strangly were most often males.

Heredotus 1

-[4] Ludoisi de sungnômên echôn tade autoisi epitaxon, hôs mête aposteôsi mête deinoi toi eôsi: apeipe men sphi pempsas hopla arêia mê ektêsthai, keleue de spheas kithônas -[khiton  David's garment] te hupodunein toisi heimasi kai kothornous hupodeesthai, proeipe d' autoisi -kitharizein te kai psallein kai kapêleuein [prostitutes, petty trade, playing tricks, corrupting] paideuein tous paidas. kai tacheôs spheas ô basileu gunaikas ant' andrôn opseai gegonotas, hôste ouden deinoi toi esontai mê aposteôsi."

The word kitharizo means to PLAY THE CITHARA and does not include singing.

-Kitharizô 1 [kitharis] to play the cithara, phormingi [Apollo, Abaddon, Apollyon] kitharize Il., Hes.; lurêi eraton kitharizôn Hhymn. (so that there can have been no great difference between the kithara, lura, and phorminx ); kitharizein ouk epistatai, of an uneducated person,

-Kithar-isis , eôs, hê, playing on the cithara, Pl.Prt.325e; k. psilê, i.e. without the voice, Id.Lg.669e, cf. Pae.Delph.15; aulêsis kai k. Phld.Mus.p.23 K.

The PSALLO word used to GRASP POWER is an Abaddon word from plucking the Bow String to kill you or plucking the Lyre to mollest you.

-Arassô ,of any violent impact, with collat. notion of rattling, clanging, as of horses, hoplais, pound in a mortar, strike with a shower of stones.
a). kitharēn strike the lyre, Orph.A.382; humnon, melos, etc., Nonn.D.1.15,440, etc.
2. c. dat. modi, arassein tina oneidesi, kakois, assail with reproaches or threats,
II. Pass., to be dashed against, dash one against the other
Pound in a mortar, “holmō a.Nic. Th.508

Croesus thought the Lydians would even so be better off than if they were sold for slaves, and therefore gave the above advice to Cyrus, knowing that, unless he brought forward some notable suggestion, he would not be able to persuade him to alter his mind. He was likewise afraid lest,after escaping the danger which now pressed, the Lydians at some future time might revolt from the Persians and so bring themselves to ruin.

Tim Spivey New Vintage: Jerry Rushford has done 30 years of unbelievably excellent direction of those lectures. He has become the pastor of a church of 4,000 that meets for 4 days every May in Malibu.


Tim Spivey New Vintage: To replace him, it takes someone
        beloved by Churches of Christ.

The Wise or Sophists from whom God HIDES are incredibly gifted: a speaker, singer, instrument player or actors able to debate with empty chairs must be gifted, learned their skill based on laws, practice, perform, be judged and paid or win prizes based on their FOLLOWING OF CERTAIN LAWS.  People who refuse to permit the gender-bent eternal persona of performance preaching, singing or playing instruments are not contrary to all of the discorders LEGALISTS or SECTARIAN.

The instrumental Attack begun by the WINESKINS or Dionysus-Apollyon worship sowed discord and only a hand-full of congregations have turned coat and added instruments which in Revelation 18 marks the speakers, singers, instrument players and the LAMPS (seven spirits Menorah Isaiah 11) are REMOVED because these are universally the WEAPONS of Soothsayer-Sorcerers (Mirian and the God abandoned Levites).  The sudden urgency is because Churches of Christ past Card Class do not send their students to Peppdine which long ago abandoned the views of the OWNERS.

All of the beloved discorders have been Purpose Driven to lie about each and every view of the historic Church of Christ which is exclusive of "vocal or instrumental rejoicing or rhetoric" for anyone who understands a Holy Convocation among the godly Israelites (exclusive of the Jews).

These men are ANTI-Church of Christ and boast about TAKING AN AXE to the views of "consevatives' who don't feel compelled to mix their own KoolAid.

Tim Spivey New Vintage: They need to understand university politics, relate well to preachers and church leaders, and have some academic credentials. They need to be a strong preacher–as they travel all over America promoting the Bible Lectures.

Well…Mike Cope is not only a phenomenal preacher,
        he’s a great man with all of the aformentioned credentials.
        incredibly gifted,
        beloved by Churches of Christ.
Mike Cope Actor:
Mike Cope Subvert The Word about Instrumental and "a cappella" Music.
Any novice Bible reader will never find a command, example or remote inference that God wants or needs actors and musical performers when the assembly is only called to hear the Word (only) being PREACHED by being READ: Paul adds to Timothy for "comfort and doctrine." All religious performers were called PARASITES in the Greek language.

Mike Cope claims that God authorizes Women Preachers or Musical Performers.
Paul and Jesus wants MEN AND WOMEN to sit down and be silent because the Purpose Driven Church is:
"That all might be saved or safe and come to a knowledge of THE TRUTH."

The Spirit OF (a preposition Christ) defines HIS school of the Word both inclusively and exclusively: If they do not SPEAK that which is written THERE IS NO LIGHT IN THEM: Christ Isaiah 8

Isa 8:19And when they shall say unto you,
        Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, [pythonibus]
        and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter:
                should not a people seek unto their God?
                for the living to the dead?

Jude 16 These are murmurers, complainers [blaming Fate], walking after their own lusts; and their mouth speaketh great swelling words, having mens persons in admiration because of advantage.

Simon Magnus would be able to purchase "a" spirit to aid him:
măgĭcus , that were invoked by incantations (as Pluto, Hecate, Proserpine) but lingua,skilled in incantations, magicae resonant ubi Memnone chordae,

-Goês Phoronis 2, Hdt.2.33,4.105, Pl.R. 380d, Phld.Ir.p.29 W.; “g. epōdos Ludias apo khthonosE.Ba.234, cf. Hipp.1038; prob. f.l. for boēsi Hdt.7.191.
2. juggler, cheat, “deinos g. kai pharmakeus kai sophistēsPl.Smp.203d; “deinon kai g. kai sophistēn . . onomazōnD.18.276; “apistos g. ponērosId.19.109; “magos kai g.Aeschin.3.137: Comp. “goētoteros

-Sophis-tēs , ou, o(, A. master of one's craft, adept, expert, of diviners, Hdt.2.49; of poets, “meletan sophistais prosbalonPi.I.5(4).28, cf. Cratin.2; of musicians, “sophistēs . . parapaiōn khelun
with modal words added, “hoi s. tōn hierōn melōn Melody in a holy place is sorcery
panu thaumaston legeis s
. Pl.R.596d

boêisi  [.loud cry, shout, in Hom. mostly battle-cry, shout, murmur of a crowd, song of joy, roar of the sea, sounds of musical instruments

E.Ba.234 Chthonos, Earth goddess, nether world, the shades

To the law and to the testimony:
        if they speak not according to this word,
        it is because there is no light in them. Isa 8:20

Greek rational worship demands:

logi^k-os , ē, on, (logos)
A. of or for speaking or speech, merē l. the organs of speech, Plu.Cor.38:
logikē, , speech, Opposite. mousikē, Opposite phantasia expressed in speech,
II. possessed of reason, intellectual, “merosTi.Locr.99e, al.; “to l. zōon   
        dianoētikai, Mind Opposite. ēthikai, Arist.EN1108b9.
        Ethi^k-os , A. ēthos11) moral, Opposite. dianoētikos, Arist.EN1103a5,
        al.; ta ēthika a treatise on morals,
2. dialectical, argumentative, hoi l. dialogoi
    logical, l. sullogismoi, Opposite. rhētorikoi, Rh.1355a13.
peri logikōn title of work, Opposite to phusikon, to ēthikon,
And Phusikos is the opposite of logikos
phu^sikos , ē, onA. natural, produced or caused by nature, inborn, native,
II. of or concerning the order of external nature, natural, physical, ph. epistēmē
2. ho ph.an inquirer into nature, natural philosopher,
4. Adv. “-kōsaccording to the laws of nature,
phu^sikos  is the Opposite of logikōs,
Logos , Opposite. kata pathos, Arist.EN1169a5 or personal experiences
Opposite matēn , Dor. mata_n ma^, Adv. random, balse, dreams
Opposite human reasoning.
Opposite muthos, as history to legend,
intelligent utterance,  Opposite phōnē, 3. any articulate sound,
4. of sounds made by inanimate objects, mostly Poet., “kerkidos ph.S.Fr.595; “suriggōnE.Tr.127 (lyr.); “aulōnMnesim.4.56 (anap.); rare in early Prose, “organōn phōnaiPl.R.397a; freq. in LXX, “ ph. tēs salpiggosLXX Ex.20.18; ph. brontēs ib. Ps.103(104).7;
Opposite inarticulate noise (psophos
psoph-os , also of musical instruments, lōtou, kitharas, E.Ba.687, Cyc.443; of a trumpet, Paus.2.21.3.
prose, Opposite poiēsis, Id.R.390a; Opposite. psilometria, Arist.Po.1448a11; Opposite. emmetra, l. touto tōn metrōn (sc. to iambeion)“
Tim Spivey New Vintage:  Jerry Rushford has often referred to him as his favorite preacher, and it seems right that Mike would take his place.

Jesus Christ as the Holy Spirit or Mind of God just flat forgot to list a preacher as in a sermon maker in Ephesians 4: the elders as Pastor-Teachers Job One is to EJECT the cunning craftsmen or Sophists: Such preachers for HIRE, singers, instrument players, ACTORS or all other STAFF called PARASITES in "worship religions" replaced by A School of The Word Only.

Mike is a true samurai of Churches of Christ.

Too bad: Mike may cut the head off a few mice by slipping up from behind, but I am afraid that cutting off the HEAD of the Church of Christ will just get you CAST ALIVE INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE.

Dwaine E. Dunning: There are at least three ways to kill a tree.

You can poison it, or burn it. It might not survive if all the limbs were lopped off.
But men usually choose to kill a tree by
cutting down its trunk.
We take an axe or saw to it not far above the roots and "fell" that tree.

Likewise a system of doctrine may be destroyed in various ways. It might be poisoned (or sweetened in this case) by injecting a different spirit into those who hold the doctrine.

Or its various contentions may be individually or specifically refuted,
lopping off a tree's branches one by one.
That's the Rick Gipson pattern of REPROGRAMMING young preachers working with the NACC. They will never and have no need to do battle with the Sword of the Spirit: the Word as written since they are REprogramming the spirit but the spirit of the musical band is Abaddon or Apollyon.

It's a fact that the "Admirals were sleeping or golfing" but almost all of them woke up and Pepperdine found that all of the Church of Christ students had been "raptured" before the Samurai were brought on board.  You have to have the MARK to be able to BUY and SELL as the Workshops.
The title is the code-words that were used by the Japanese to indicate that complete surprise was achieved . Tiger or lightning attack. "those who serve in close attendance to the nobility," the pronunciation in Japanese changing to saburai.  During the Mongo invasion of 1281 "These winds became known as kami-no-kaze, which literally translates as "wind of the gods." This is often given a simplified translation as "divine wind." The kami-no-kaze lent credence to the Japanese belief that their lands were indeed divine and under supernatural protection.

Job 15:1 Then answered Eliphaz the Temanite, and said,
Job 15:2 Should a wise man utter vain knowledge, and fill his belly with the east wind?
Job 15:3 Should he reason with unprofitable talk?
        or with speeches wherewith he can do no good?
Job 15:4 Yea, thou castest off fear, and restrainest prayer before God.
Job 15:5 For thy mouth uttereth thine iniquity,
        and thou choosest the tongue of the crafty. [blasphēmo]
Job 15:6 Thine own mouth condemneth thee, and not I:
        yea, thine own lips testify against thee.
Job 15:7 Art thou the first man that was born?
        or wast thou made before the hills?
Pearl Harbor can never be as treacherous as a band of merry men who decided that they superceded Scripture and could lie to God and about God and GRACE would cover them because they planned to SAVE MORE SOULS.

The Game you Play Samurai Siege: After Two Weeks raking in $65k a day.  This may be Rick Gipson's COHORT a word which reveals too much too soon.


Mike Cope,

Lynn Anderson,

Max Lucado,

Rick Atchley,

Rubel Shelly–all preachers my age admired these guys–and still do.

It wasn’t just their incredible abilities that made them unique–it was their courage. They stood at the Pepperdine rostrum and told difficult truths to a wonderful but sputtering fellowship.

They awakened God’s people and called them to embrace grace, passionate worship, and unity.

They paid an enormous price at the hands of the Brotherhood watch dogs.

Isaiah 4
Isaiah 3
compassed about
Amos 8, Philippians 3, Revelation 18

Yet, they kept on preaching. They remain modern-day prophets to our fellowship of churches and they preached from the stage at Pepperdine.

Christ in the Prophets, made more certain, "prophesying.

For the record, Jerry Rushford, David Davenport, and Andy Benton deserve enormous credit for letting them.

Mike has helped shape a generation of preachers.

Just another reason he’s a terrific choice. In one of the more brief notes in the article, Pepperdine also promoted Rick Gibson to Vice President of Public Affairs and Church Relations. Rick has served alongside Jerry for years,

and is one of the brightest,
most innovative
and spiritual guys I know.

That move may turn out to be just as significant as Mike’s hiring. Having Rick Gibson in the Vice President of Church Relations post to go with Mike Cope’s leadership of the Bible Lectures is going to be absolutely amazing.

The command to Mark false teachers and prophets is to PREACH the Word (only) by READING the Word. The Word is the LOGOS which is God's REGULATIVE PRINCIPLE: it is opposite of preaching for hire (a hireling), singers, instrument players, actors, dancers all who in a religious sense in the Greek is spelled PARASITE..

Congratulations, Rick.
Congratulations, Mike.
Congratulations, Jerry–on 30 distinguished years of service and so ably finding your replacements.

As a three-time alumnus of Pepperdine who is the son of another and married to another, I want to say, “Well Done, Pepperdine.”



 New Vintage Church gathered informally for the first time in December 2010 with a vision to start a new church
        that would draw people to God,
        leading them to maturity in Christ.
When those sixteen gathered for the first time, they could never have imagined how vividly and powerfully God was about to move.

New Vintage Church launched formally in April of 2011.

While the challenges of starting a new church have been significant, God has helped us overcome those challenges to become a thriving church of hundreds of worshipers united by a common vision and mission. New Vintage Church is characterized by spiritual vitality drawn from a shared, joyful pursuit of God’s heart and mission.

New Vintage Church gets it’s name from an important biblical truth. Using vineyard imagery, Jesus proclaims Himself (the Vine) as the source of all nourishment for His followers (the branches). Apart from Him, we can do nothing. In Him, we can do great things. We believe this and strive to cultivate deep spiritual lives that place nothing above whole-person love of God. We strive to stay firmly attached to Jesus, “the Vine” (John 15:5-8). As we do, Christ abides in us, and we bear the fruit of love for God, one another and our neighbors.

John 15:1 I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.
John 15:2 Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away:
        and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.
John 15:3 Now ye are clean through the WORD which I have spoken unto you.

056. lo/goß logos, log´-os; from 3004; something said (including the thought); by implication, a topicg3

John 15:4 Abide in me, and I in you.
        As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine;
        no more can ye, except ye abide in me.
John 15:5 I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him,
        the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

John 15:6 If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered;
        and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.

John 15:7 If ye abide in me, and my WORDS abide in you,
        ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

4487. rJhvma rhema, hray´-mah; from 4483; an utterance (individually, collectively or specially),; by implication, a matter or topic (especially of narration, command or dispute); with a negative naught whatever: — + evil, + nothing, saying, word.

3004. le÷gw lego, leg´
h2980. lale÷w laleo, lal-eh´-o; a prolonged form of an otherwise obsolete verb; to talk, i.e. utter words: — preach, say, speak (after), talk, tell, utter. Compare 3004.

John 15:8 Herein is my Father glorified,
        that ye bear much fruit;
        so shall ye be my disciples.
John 15:9 As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.
John 15:10 If ye keep my commandments,
        ye shall abide in my love;
even as I have kept my Father’s commandments,
        and abide in his love.

It’s all about Jesus.

He’s why we worship. He’s why we love. He’s why we serve. He’s why we share our faith.

That’s our story, and it’s just beginning. We invite to you join us for the next chapter.

Welcome to New Vintage Church.

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