Rick Atchley - Jubilee 98 - Left-Brain (male) Preacher Learns From Right-Brain (female) Worship?

Rich Atchley - Jubilee 98, may not know that left-brain worship (charismatic music) shuts down the right brain and most rational learning. This is why the Old Testament is filled with clear association between musical worship and starving the people for lack of the Word as God's "food." Your preacher does not know that, because the facts are revealed in "old" books like Job, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Amos which don't make good fodder for sermons and seminars.

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." ~ J. Edgar Hoover

See Rick Atchley - The usual mantra condemning non- instrumentalists for not bowing to what Luther said, in effect, the MARK OF BAAL.

See other views from our look at the "creed" of Richland Hills Church of Christ in Fort Worth.

And the SISTER VIEW of instrumental music from Farmer's Branch which perverts every Biblical passage on music.

Victor Knowles 2003 Pepperdine DANCING AT ARM'S LENGTH----wrong! A partial review of continuing effort to take captive "a cappella" churches.

"Very kind too, no doubt, they are in regard to the healing of diseases. For, first of all, they make you ill; then, to get a miracle out of it, they command the application of remedies either altogether new, or contrary to those in use, and straightway withdrawing hurtful influence, they are supposed to have wrought a cure.

Together for Greater Ministry Impact '04: The latest gasp at a UNITY FORUM under the auspices of COMMERCIALISM. Pro-Instrumental preachers called in to speak for "a cappella" churches of Christ. Goal to build 5500 instrumental churches.

Read the Forum by ex members and friends.

To understand the false elders false rationale for INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC in worship you may want to look at a review of a paper produced by and sent from Farmer's Branch Church of Christ. One has to doubt that any "once christian" college will permit anyone on its faculty who is NOT in sympathy with the instrumental Disciples Denomination. Therefore, you must grasp that none of ACU's product knows any of the Biblical or Historical evidence. No Levitical musician (creating hard bondage) and not even in the vilest pagan temples did the SINGERS or MUSICIANS ever get into the Holy Place as a type of the church of Christ.

Experimenting with Instrumental Music: The fatal flaw in the garden of Eden and in every FALL beyond redemption is EXPERIMENTING..

Farmer's Branch Church of Christ Part One:

Farmer's Branch Church of Christ Part Two

A look at the word NAGAN

10/08 Added: Isa 47 defines the end-time Babylon Whore religion of Rev 18 now appearing at your local "church."

Aristotle: Melody Deceives: "Poets also make use of this in inventing words, as a melody "without strings" or "without the lyre"; for they employ epithets from negations, a course which is approved in proportional metaphors..

The form of diction should be neither metrical nor without rhythm.
If it is metrical, it lacks persuasiveness, for it appears artificial, and at the same time it distracts the hearer's attention, since it sets him on the watch for the recurrence of such and such a cadence..

According to Philo, the gods of the pagans exploit this weakness of men. For the sake of a better effect, and with the intention of more easily cheating their devotes, that they have set their lies to melodies, rhythms and meters.." Click for more.

No one can doubt that Paul put the singing AND melody in the HEART and not upon a harp! If it breaks toward the MUSICAL side someone is trying to deceive someone as the "serpent" musically enchanted Eve while Adam went willingly.

The following definition is from The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary by June G. Beltzer, Ph.D

MASS HYPNOSIS - Click for the entire article

1. to hypnotize the majority of people at a lecture without them realizing that their level of awareness is altered; occurs, unconciously or deliberately, if a leader is very impressive and charismatic;

(a) deliberate techniques;

leader commands undivided attention to his or her speech;

rhythmic pacing and hand flinging movements are used;

ploy is preplanned to reach one's basic emotional needs (personal acceptance, self-preservation, patriotism, service to others, and cultural acceptance) through fear, guilt, or excessive love;

to overly repeat the pronoun you and continually point the finger at the audience; See how Joe Beam uses this to prove that God leads you to buy his books.

(b) all this narrows one's concentration to the theme of the lecture which automatically relinquishes the conscious (right) mind from its role and allows the uncritical subconscious mind (Left or feminine nature) to surface and accept the material as presented, and the leader makes her or his point; the more clever the leader is with the above tactics, the more hypnotized each member becomes, and the more unlikely to question the material of the lecture;

2. to hypnotize the majority of people at a gathering by playing loud, rhythmic music; music has been composed in a special key that will have a hypnotic effect on the audience; chanting special chants also put members in an alpha state of consciousness;

(a) music is deliberately played at meetings designed for brainwashing the audience;

3. dangers: one should know how to shield one's self from this during the first encounter with the speaker so one can keep from being put into a hypnotic state and be able to make a clear-cut decision regarding the speaker's intelligence, integrity and intent; (this all is a form of brainwashing but do not confuse it with destructive-brainwashing).

To see how music creates endorphins (morphine-like) to give you a "high." For this to work the "runner's high" is a good example.

The runner abuses the body.

This creates great if not always conscious pain.

The body create "morphine" to kill the pain.

The body creates too much and the left over endorphin produces the drug high.

Conclusion: that "spiritual, chill up the back" feeling you get when the charismatic, left-brained (male or female) "Musical Worship Team" performs is the deliberate "injection" of endorphins into your blood stream. A good doctor could give you another injection and you would lose your "spirituality" and your worship assembly would "do more harm than good" (1Cor 11:17NIV) For more on Musical, Left-Brain worship and the shut-down of the rational mind Click Here.

Click Here to see the Zoe Group, witchcraft and Lynn Anderson's change methods.

"The true, highest melody, however, is that which is sung without any voice. It resounds in the interior of man, is vibrating in his heart and in all his limbs. Isaac Loeb Peretz (1912). A certain number of musicians were gathered at a feast given by a great sovereign who took care to place them according to their degree of mastery of their respective arts, when a man of wretched appearance, clad in rags, entered. The master of ceremonies raised him up above all the participants, whose faces expressed their evident disapproval. Wishing to display the man's merit and calm his guest's anger, the master asked him to let them hear a sample of his art.

"He took out some pieces of wood which he had with him, set them out before him and stretched strings over them. Then he set these strings vibrating and performed an air that made all those present burst into laughter because of the pleasure, the joy and the well-being that took possession of their souls.

Then he changed his tuning and played another air which made everyone weep for the tenderness of the melody and the sadness which settled in their hearts.

Then he changed the tuning, and played another air which plunged everyone into slumber; so doing he rose, went out and was never heard spoken of again. The Brethren of Purity of Basra

Rick Atchley - Jubilee 98 - Left-Brain (male) Preacher Learns From Right-Brain (female) Worship? Not much but the subjective proof to charge full steam ahead creating an effeminate (not rational female) worship team to, in Rubel Shelly's words "help lead the worshipers into the presence of God."

That was exactly the plan of the pagan priests and usually priestesses from Babylonia to the witch of Endor to modern charismatic worship whose leaders have misplaced Lord Jesus Christ Who promised to live with and walk among His people and Paul said "is not far from any of us."

Click Here for a chronologically ordered list of articles on the music-pagan connection.


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