Romans Righteousness: ACU Lectureship Summit 2008 Review

ACU continues to use those who have caused massive discord in the Church of Christ: being a certificated preacher from ACU does not give them any credibility. The Summit makes us want to go to Mount Olympus ;-)  Revised 9.20.08

Brian D. McLaren: The Secret Message of Jesus Brian claims acces to a "time release capsule" which no one had access until now.  He seems to think that it is a new revelation that Jesus Christ came to set up His kingdom. The Kingdom of Christ is the Church of Christ and only those being saved by obedience in baptism are translated into that heavenly kingdom.  That is not an institution involved with discussing "who is going to heaven" because "many or most are called but few are chosen." That is, few will obey the command to be baptized because they are a "believeth not" which denies that Jesus Christ has any such power..

Brian D. McLaren John 14 "is Jesus the only way?"

Ephesians 4: Unity in Diversity. Why the leaders prepare the people to RESIST unity with the crafty craftsmen--rhetoricians, singers or instrument players.

Because K.C.Moser seems to have replaced the Word of God; and Moser thinks that the spirit OF God litterally indwells him to "guide him beyond the sacred page" I have posted a few pretty obvious passages to refute his style. Unfortunately, the "scholarly" style is to look for something new and troubling to give them glory and often money, takes absolutely nothing from the Word of Jesus Christ in context.   Moser twists J.W.McGarvey and appeals to Adam Clark for a continuing direct work which is the second work of grace.
The K.C. Moser and the "scholars" distortion of all of the book of Romans. Revised
K.C.Moser and The gift of the Holy Spirit: many "scholars" now think that they are prophets or apostles with the Holy Spirit telling them to lie about as of the Bible.
K.C.Moser: Can the Gospel Be Obeyed? Moser says that to BELIEVE in Jesus is to OBEY THE GOSPEL.

In spite of the Summit, ACU is being discounted so that the faithful preachers "down in the valley" of mortals will be able to grasp that Jesus fired the doctors of the law because they take away the key to knowledge.  Surveys indicated that at least half of the Baptist believe that they were baptized FOR the remission of sins. I have posted some Romans IN CONTEXT in rebuttal to Moser and those who hold to the Calvinist Baptist view.  This was invented by Zwingli in about 1525 when he said "baptism does not save" but he and everyone else quickly added "without faith." That confesses that baptism of a believer DOES save that person because that is the power of God.  I don't believe any literate historical scholar who said that baptism does not save without proving that they were disputing baptismal regeneration of infants.  Baptism DOES save the believer but it does not save those who call Jesus, Paul, Peter and historic scholarship liars.  Here are some collected notes on Romans:
Mysticism: is something like the Wicca of blowing the winds of change?
Building on false premises.
Theology is a fabricated discipline with no certificate of need.
Credo of the the conference of  a band of brothers.

K.C.Moser Review: like the Instrumental Music heresy, the "faith-only" view is bound to pop up when Christian Bible Colleges get diverted to being Secular Universites with the demand for high scholarship over Bible fidelity. This for now covers the following passages with the CONTEXT to tell you it isn't so: it is the approach of theology and not Bible study.

The Meaning of Righteousness: false teachers equated it to salvation or regeneration.
Romans 1
Romans 3
Romans 4  We will look where Paul points to prove that Abraham and David were justified by obedience
Romans 5
    Ephesians 2
    The Ephesians Colossian Parallel
    The Ephesians Romans Parallel
Romans 6
Romans 10
Romans 14
Galatians 3
Hupsos: height, rise up, crown, grandeur. Another great summit is Mount Hermon just above the "gates of hell" as the temple of Pan the eternal enemy of God and one of the definitions of the "beast."  Apollo's seeker center was at Delphi where the Muses (dirty adulteresses) served as a musical worship team. They serve the Mother of Harlots (Rev 17) who uses lusted after fruits (same as in Amos) as rhetoricians, singers and instrument players.  John called them sorcerers but they will not prevail over the Church of Christ who makes them into jesters, jokesters and buffoons which defines the Hebrew wrath.

Mysticism: when you focus on things like centering prayer, meditation, "spiritual" formation and a host of other anti-Christian tampering with your mind why should we not expect that God has sent strong delusions to those who question the Word of God: believe the Word or not, no one has a right to a "role" in the Christian system who does not defend the only grounds upon which the ekklesia or school of the Bible rests.
J. E. Choate, The Third Wave

"The strange connections between the KCP (Kansas City Prophets) and the church of Christ is established through Gary Holloway, Michael Weed, Rubel Shelly, and Randy Harris. These brethren are indirectly tied in with the Kansas City Prophets through personal contacts and their articles addressing Bickle, Wagner, and Wimber. The common denominator is the Pentecostal "Third Wave" theology.  

See Randy Harris at Lipscomb University Conference on Preaching.  Here he promotes "mysticism" such as "centering prayer" and trained under many mystics. This is the new TRADE of Spiritual Formation which is Anti-Biblical. 

We first meet the Kansas City Prophets and their founder, Mike Bickle, April 1996 in Florence, Alabama. The occasion was the Mid­South 1996 Conference on Spiritual Renewal. The conference theme was "Preparing the Bride." Mike Bickle was a key note speaker, and so was Rubel Shelly.  

Bickle and Shelly were billed as International Christian Statesmen ministering to the worldwide body of Christ in these words: "These men are God's appointed men for this conference, coming with a fresh word from the Father." Are we to assume that Rubel Shelly thinks that he is now speaking ex cathedra (from God's very throne)? The language explicitly says so!

The leaders in the churches of Christ in the Florence, Ala., area, which I like to refer to as "Tolbert Fanning country," and as the first cradle of the Restoration Movement with reference to churches of Christ, must awaken to the fact that the "change agents" have your churches especially targeted because the churches are numerous and influential. The idea is to set up a domino strategy in Middle Tennessee and North Alabama and then pick up the pieces.

To learn more about the tactics of these barracudas of change, read Lynn Anderson's book Navigating the Winds of Change. Such pious brethren do not establish churches preferring to take the churches over "ready made" which includes gullible memberships and the real Property earned by others. And, moreover, these brethren would not consider the "take overs" to be "the work of Satan."

See More: the Doctors of the Law take away the key to knowledge ~ Jesus Christ

They take away your money by the Law of Giving and the Law of Laying By Him in Store.

The Jesus Proposal Rubel Shelly and John York: [p. 114] Our proposal to focus on Jesus means that Scripture is NO LONGER a set of proof-texts or a collection of facts or God's rulebook for human behavior. Scripture is the unfolding story of God acting both to create and to re-create. It is not an easy book to understand.

It was NEVER intended as a document to [p. 115] be INDIVIDUALLY read and interpreted--a sort~of correspondence course in salvation. Prior to the invention of the printing press, access to the content of Scripture was oral.

For thousands of years it could only be heard and interpreted in the context of community.

Yes, INDIVIDUALS could comment on Scripture, but those comments were always for the LARGER hearing of the community.

Only after there was INDIVIDUAL access did there become an opportunity for an individual, isolated reading and interpretation that had no need or use for communityJust as identity in Christ is always COMMUNITY identity, our reading of Scripture becomes a COMMUNITY READING as well.

While we still have access to reading as individuals,  we stop asking, "What does this mean to me?"--as though there is such an isolated meaning. Instead we have a GROUP MENTALITY that asks, "What does this mean to US?"

More importantly, we lay aside INDIVIDUAL interpretations precisely because they are inevitably argumentative and divisive

The ACU "scholarship" along with other "doctors of the Law" whom Jesus fires ASSUME the right to read FOR the community.

91st Annual Lectureship Summit September 21-24, 2008 Join us for The Righteousness of God: Exploring Romans.

Theme Speakers:
  • Leroy Garrett Romans 10
  • David Fleer
  • Kevin Murray
  • James Thompson
  • Randy Harris Romans 10
  • Eric Wilson
  • Chris Seidman Romans 10

  • Those promoting music are excluded from the summit of the righteous.
Featured Guests:
  • Brian D. McLaren
  • J. Matthew Sleeth
  • Sam Solomon

Highlight Classes by:

  • Rubel Shelly Romans 10
  • Rick Atchley Romans 10
  • Jeff Walling Romans 10


All of the massive sowing of discord in "scholarly circles" which those outside of the circle do not recognize as having a certificate of need, has been the result of men like LeRoy Garrett working with the NACC to send out false agents flying the flag of unity. No one has ever suggested "unity" with the instrumentalists who did NOT mean that everyone affirm or conform to the use off instruments and enter into fellowship. Fellowship demands affirmation, support with your presence and support and defense of a false position which they invented as the Disciples of Christ.  This stirs up the young but uninformed "preachers" to believe that NOT using instruments is based on a southern, ignorant, red-necked mentality.  Yea, sectarian, legalistic. patternists hypocrites. THAT is whre the scholars are Bibleless and historyless or intend to deceive.

Excuse me if I divert a moment: ACU is out of order trying to promote Union!

Three Decisive Dates for Churches of Christ: The Pivotal Events of 1809, 1909 and 2009

Tuesday, 4 p.m., BSB 120 Douglas A. Foster

Maybe Foster's forward prophetic powers are better than his backward reading of history. The people lusting to subsume all of the Church of Christ into the NACC have been well tutored and handled by their agents in the so-called unity meetings. These began after 1971 when the Christian Church was fully sected out of the Disciples of Christ. That was about the time that LeRoy Garrett began to reweave history  about of the church.
  1. What people are willing to preach is that the Church of Christ became a SECTARIAN division of the Christian church in 1906. This is an intentional guilt-trip along with all of the harsh, judgmental terms used against those whose worse sin is to be literate about the ceremonial legalism to "shut the mouth of  the victim" and refuse to add instruments (machines for doing hard work) to what the Bible commands and the Campbells restored as a "school of the Bible."
  2. In 1909 the Disciples published their Centennial edition of the Declaration and Address. The D&A assuredly did not see a denominational structure and their plan explains why the Church of Christ refused to participate. 
  3. At the same time the Church of Christ refused to be counted by the Disciples of Christ while the Christian church would not be sected from the Disciples for another 6 decades. Now, how is that to be historyless?
  4. Minimal honesty demands--and this may be the goal--is that the troublers REjoin the Disciples of Christ.
The Stone-Campbell Movement Scam.
Proving that the groups were never UNIONED.

He seems to have some inside information about 2009: if he is suggesting that ACU and others DISCONNECT from the "old conservatives" I have news: most of us have accepted that as past perfect. And no great loss: the sooner the once-Christian colleges detach--as all have in the past among the denominations--the better. I can think of nothing better to get the Church of Christ out of the last few decades of the Garrett "Stone-Campbell Movement" diversion which seems to fool only the "scholars."

No one connected to history will see the Christian Church and the Church of Christ ever in the same timeline.
A short summary at Wikipedia notes.

"The Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) (DoC) parted ways due primarily to disagreements on the denominationalization of the DoC. The split occurred as local congregations refused to take part in rapidly developing extra-congregational organizations that eventually evolved into a General Assembly, which is what drove the Restoration Movement in the first place. They were also disturbed by what they saw as liberal/modernist influences on DoC teaching. This came to a head at the 1926 DoC Convention in Memphis, Tennessee.

The official DoC split from the Restoration Movement Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ is difficult to date. Suggestions range from 1926 to 1971 based on the events outlined below:

  • 1926: The first North American Christian Convention (NACC) in 1927 was the result of disillusionment at the DoC Memphis Convention.
  • 1930s - 1940s: Symbolic differences and disagreements flourished.
  • 1955: The Directory of the Ministry was first published listing only the "Independents" on a voluntary basis.
  • 1968: Final redaction of the Disciples Year Book removing Independent churches
  • 1971: Independent churches listed separately in the Yearbook of American Churches.

"Because of this separation, many Independent Christian Churches/churches of Christ are not only non-denominational, they can be anti-denominational (though not quite as extreme as the churches of Christ), avoiding even the appearance or language associated with denominationalism holding true to their Restoration roots.

"During this time the DoC made several attempts to take over facility and property ownership from many Independent congregations and Independents attempted to take over facility and property ownership from many DoC congregations. In this 45+ years both types of congregations were forced to seek legal representation. Representation was necessary in order to maintain ownership of their property and to prevent eviction and forfeiture of assets.
The Christian Church had every right to be a sectarian split from the Disciples of Christ. No one has the right to pervert history as an excuse to lie about every text in the Bible and church history to try to find a jot or tittle of the use of "music" in the worship of a Holy Spiriit God.  I have begun a review of Lynn Anderson's flooding of the Oak Hill's elders to intimidate them into adding instruments after they promised that it would just be an alternative off in another room.  Chris Seidman used the same NACC false information and Rick Atchley followed in the chain after promising 'never on Sunday." Because the psallo word the Disciples invented in 1878 is the major apology for deliberately sowing discord, it will but shouldn't surprise you that the word is based on striking, touching and grinding into bits as in the word SOP:
Lynn Anderson  Psallo justifies Instrumental Music and sowing of Discord.

The Beginning of Musical Idolatry: Part Two of Lynn Anderson review.
 Isaiah 30 sees it as the sounds of God repaying his enemies driving them into "hell" with wind, string and percussion instruments.
Now, if the Fosters etal are honest about it they will restore UNITY with the Disciples of Christ. Otherwise to say that the Church of Christ did ANYTHING different in 1906 other than refused to be GRASPED by the Disciples is beyond contempt.



People presumptious to want to Reform the Restoration should not that both the Reformation and the Restoration taught Sola Scriptura: this was to cast out the clergy who filtered the Word of God "through prelatal pride." Peter outlawed private interpretation which means "further expounding."

WHICH ALWAYS SOWS DISCORD AND DOES NOTHING PRODUCTIVE.  They were the target of Jesus calling the Scribes and Pharisees,  hypocrites by pointing to rhetoricians, singers and instrument players.


"Clergy's" Job is to TAKE AWAY THE KEY to knowledge. And "see godliness as a means of financial gain." That parses to HIRELING meaning "one who is hired" and to PROFESSION. 

2 Cor 2:17 For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ.

2 Cor 2:17 For we are not, as so many, peddling the word of God; but as of sincerity, but as from God, we speak in the sight of God in Christ.

Kapeleuo (g2585) kap-ale-yoo'-o; from kapelos , (a huckster); to retail, i.e. (by impl.) to adulterate (fig.): - corrupt

kapêl-euô , A. to be a retail-dealer, drive a petty trade... kapêleu' drive a trade, chaffer with your vegetable food Hdt.1.155, sell by retail 

2. metaph., k. ta prêgmata, of Darius, Hdt.3.89; k. ta mathêmata sell learning by retail, hawk it about, 2 Ep.Cor.2.17 will not peddle in war, i. e. fight half-heartedly, Chariti tên amoibên Epicur. politeian traffic in grants of citizenship, of prostitutesplaying tricks with life, [p. 876] corrupting it, 

Adulterofraudare, adulterare, II. Fig., to falsify, adulterate, or give a foreign nature to a thing, to counterfeit:


Hdt.1.155 Heredotus: Cyrus told how to take the FIGHT out of the enemy: [4] But pardon the Lydians, and give them this command so that they not revolt or pose a danger to you: send and forbid them to possess weapons of war,
............and order them to wear tunics under their cloaks
........... and knee-boots on their feet,
........... and to teach their sons lyre-playing [kitharizein]
........... and song [psallein] and dance
............and shop-keeping [huckstering].
........... And quickly, O king,
........... you shall see them become women instead of men,
........... so that you need not fear them, that they might revolt."

Plato Protagoras: Socrates

[313c] and whom you call "sophist," in patent ignorance of what this sophist may be to whom you are about to entrust yourself?

When he heard this he said: It seems so, Socrates, by what you say.

Then can it be, Hippocrates, that the sophist is really a sort of merchant or dealer in provisions on which a soul is nourished? For such is the view I take of him.

With what, Socrates, is a soul nourished?

With doctrines, presumably, I replied. And we must take care, my good friend, that the sophist, in commending his wares, does not deceive us, as both merchant and dealer do in the case of our bodily food.

[313d] For among the provisions, you know, in which these men deal,
 ............not only are they themselves ignorant
............ what is good or bad for the body,
............ since in selling they commend them all,

but the people who buy from them are so too, unless one happens to be a trainer or a doctor. And in the same way, those who take their doctrines the round of our cities, hawking them about to any odd purchaser who desires them, commend everything that they sell, and there may well be some of these too, my good sir, who are ignorant which of their wares is

THE RESTORATION LEADERS REPUDIATED CLERGY: TO REFORM THE RESTORATION, GET AN HONEST GOB WHICH PRODUCES: all others were always called parasites.  Preachers are being trained to go out and be "pastors" in the denominational sense.  However, the synagogue had no god frum the SUMMIT to come down and dispense bits and pieces. No godly, dedicated preacher in the early years saw it as a profession but a calling: like Paul their ministry was marked by sufffering and rare applause.

However, even when you begin a Bible College you do not have the real resources to teach the text.  As a result, books on theology or "human imiganation" becomes the texts as other skills are added to simly teaching the Word of God. In a denominational structure the pastor is an agent of the organization and quickly replaces the elders and other competent teachers who always made the church grow without "doctors of the Law."  Why you begin to produce DOCTORS of the Law it is assumed that they are the SUMMIT in every verse of the Bible. Rarely is this so: if you look at "scholarly" books built out of previous books it is a rare thing that they return to the Bible or historical documents.

Harding: "The pastor is not a necessity. He is a FUNGUS GROWTH upon the church, the body of Christians, DWARFING its growth, PREVENTING its development of its members; and until the church GETS RID of him it will NEVER prosper as it should. In the Bible we can find all the necessities.

"I can testify from my own observation that a good eldership will lose its efficiency, and its members become both UNABLE and UNWILLING to do the work of elders, in a very few years after the employment of a pastor. And if under the pastor system a good eldership has ever developed, I have never seen or heard of the case. I don't believe that has or ever will be done." --James A. Harding, Gospel Advocate, May 20, 1885

Campbell: "Give money to make poor pious youths learned clergy, or vain pretenders to erudition; and they pray that they may preach to you; yes, and pay them too. Was there ever such a craft as priestcraft? No, it is the craftiest of all crafts. It is so crafty that it obtains by its craft the means to make craftsmen, and then it makes the deluded support them!" (Campbell, Alexander, Christian Baptist, Dec. 1, 1823, Vol. 1, p. 91).

"Money is of vital consequence in the kingdom of the clergy. Without it a clergyman could not be made, nor a congregation supplied with a 'faithful pastor.' O Mammon, thou wonder-working god!" (Ibid., p. 124).

"'Will you,' said an honest inquirer, 'allow the clergy no salary at all? Will you not allow the poorer class of the clergy a decent little competence?' I replied I have no allowances to make. Let them have what the Lord has allowed them. 'How much is that?' said he, Just nothing at all, said I. A church constituted upon New Testament principles, having its own bishop or bishops, or, as sometimes called, elders, will not, and ought not to suffer them to be in want of any thing necessary, provided they labor in word and doctrine, and provided also, they are ensamples to the flock in industry, disinterestedness, humility, hospitality, and charity to the poor. Such bishops will now be esteemed very highly in love for their words sake; but especially those who, by their own hands, minister not only to their own wants, but also to the wants of their brethren." (Ibid, p. 140).

"That any man is to be paid at all for preaching, i.e. making sermons and pronouncing them; or that any man is to be hired for a stipulated sum to preach and pray, and expound scripture, by the day, month, or year, I believe to be a relic of popery." (Ibid., Vol. 3, p. 185).

"Our Elder labors with his own hands, that he may live honestly..." (Vol. 5, p. 163).

"... our elders labor... for their support, and are not burdensome to the church; but in case of need..." (Vol, 5, p. 95).

This view based on the Jewish practice that priests supported themselves except for food when they were "on duty at the temple", the practices of teachers in the Greek world and Paul's clear teaching this practice continued in the American Restoration Movement for a time.

Captain Edward Johnson, in about 1631, wrote on what became Harvard University. The learned, reverend, and judicious Mr. Henry Dunster had received a patron for establishing a college. And he notes:

"And as in all the other passages of this history the Wonder-working Providence of Sion's Saviour hath appeared, so especially in this work, the Fountains of learning being in a great measure stopped in our native Country at this time,  so that the sweet waters of Shilo's streams must ordinarily pass into the Churches through the stinking channel of prelatical pride,

beside all the filth that the fountains themselves were daily encumbered withal, insomuch that the Lord turned aside often from them, and refused the breathing of his blessed Spirit among them, (Matthew 13) which caused Satan (in these latter days of his transformation into an Angel of light) to make it a means to persuade people from the use of learning altogether,  that so in the next generation they might be destitute of such helps as the Lord hath been pleased hitherto to make use of,  as chief means for the conversion of his people and building them up in the most holy faith,  as also for breaking down the Kingdom of Antichrist."


Click for comments on Brian McLaren, pastor of the Cedar Ridge Community Church. Author of "Everything Must Change." He is the leader of the Emergent Church movement.   McLaren’s first book, The Church on the Other Side is recognized as a primary portal into the current conversation about postmodern ministry.  You may want watch him attack hell and Jesus' atonement--or maybe not.  You may also read about Randy Harris pushing mysticism

The Credo proves that a lecturship has been replaced by an effort to ecumenical "union" with people diametrically opposed to the views of the OWNERS of ACU.  
Our 2008 theme is "The Righteousness of God: Exploring Romans."  The Apostle Paul's letter to the Romans is the touchstone epistle of the New Testament, yet it is due for a dramatic new hearing in this third millennium.

The dominate refrain "the Righteousness of God" is a central theological concept.  Righteousness is both a gift that God gives us and a way of life that God enables us to live.  In this definitive work, Paul joins God in uniting disparate races and religions to worship the one God expressed as Jesus.   The Jew and Gentile controversy represents the difficulty of God's people grasping the worldwide mission of God.

You will see how Contemporary Christians are embracing God's mission today in new ways.  Plan to join us for the 91st installment of the new Lectureship, now called Summit.  Come enter the conversation about how life and faith collide in everyday reality of God's mission.
There is every reason to believe that none of these participants grasps the meaning of RIGHTEOUSNESS: they think that it means regeneration or salvation. This they gleaned from Zwingli and not from reading Paul or defining terms.

Being justified or righteous in Paul's writings was to dispel the Jewish notion that Gentiles were "ceremonially impure." Being unrighteous meant that they did not have the standing to "call on the name of the Lord in baptism."

Justification DOES NOT mean salvation or regeneration: those who FEAR GOD and WORK RIGHTEOUSNESS are acceptable to God. That is to contradict the Jews who said that only circumcision gave one the RIGHT to be baptism.

Paul then continues to show that we are SAVED by FAITH when we are BAPTIZED into Christ.  Faith in Jesus Christ AND that Baptism saves is an ACT OF DOING RIGHT.
The urge to Save yourselves FROM this CROOKED GENERATION specificially points to the homosexual male symposium where crooked men sang crooked songs.  We are added to the Church or Kingdom specificially to quarantine ourselves from the common religion of common and uneducated people who had to depend on music.

These are quick notes: don't bow to Baal: Jesus didn't.

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