Sabbath Rest: What Churches of Christ Say about the Sabbath

Churches of Christ deny that Sunday is the Sabbath. However, Sabbath means rest. Churches of Christ Aseemble on Sunday.

Seventh Day Adventist pervert the Bible to agree with their prophet's vision.

See the Babylon Sabbath

See what Churches of Christ say about the Sabbath

See that all important events began on the FIRST day because what the "church" does as worship is forbidden on the Sabbath.

Sabbath keepers base much of their argument upon the fact that the seventh day is not the first day of the week. Most of us will grant that without any objection.

A lot of the argument is based upon the Catholic's false claim that they changed the Sabbath day to Sunday. This is used to prove that the Catholics were sun worshipers and not God worshipers.

However, it is a fact that much of the Catholic religion is based on paganism as she readily admits concerning lights, candles and instrumental music.

Saturn was the highest level of the Mithra worshipers. The sun was next to the top. As Saturn worshipers, Catholics actually began on Friday and held mass on the Sabbath and the rituals are much like the worship of Saturn after which the Sabath was named.

In the Babylonian world, the sabbath was "kept holy" for the "gods" but the common people and lesser gods worked on the sabbath to feed, clothe, house, entertain and even provide sex. Without this "work" which defines all religious rituals on Saturday or Sunday, the gods would do you harm.

However, the message delivered by Moses was that God did all of the work for the benefit of mankind. Therefore, rather than "work as worship" the Israelites were commanded to keep the Sabbath so holy in rest that they could not participate in any of the religious-commercial worship.

Members of Churches of Christ may or may not "keep the Sabbath holy" as a day of rest but it could not be kept holy and still "go to church" and do those things which makes religion the most "spiritual-anxiety" creating days of the week.

A sabbath page proves, again, that Saturday is not Sunday:

From: What Religious Groups Say about the Sabbath: Churches of Christ

"To observe...the Lord's contrary to the gospel." - "Memoirs of Alexander Campbell," Vol. 1, page 528. From Source

Not quite true!

Now, let's look at what Richardson's Memoirs of Alxander Campbell actually wrote concerning a "debate" about whether unbelievers should be compelled to cease all activity on Sunday:

"He further says that he has made an arrangement with his friend Mr. Sample to have the controversy conducted thenceforth in a proper style, and that he will now furnish a column regularly, as a new series of articles. The first of these accompanies this address, and states the argument (which, at this time was confined to the "Sabbath" question) as follows:

"The whole of the precepts or commands of the Christian religion are contained in the New Testament.

"But there is no precept or command in the New Testament to compel by civil law, any man who is not a Christian to pay any regard to the Lord's day, any more than to any other day.

"Therefore to compel a man who is not a Christian to pay any regard to the Lord's day, more than to any other day, is without authority in the Christian religion."

The statement of his second argument is as follows:

"The gospel commands no duty which can be performed without faith in the Son of God. 'Whatever is not of faith is sin.'

"But to compel men destitute of faith to observe any Christian institution, such as the Lord's day, is commanding duty to be performed without faith in God.

"Therefore, to command unbelievers or natural men to observe, in any sense, the Lord's day, is anti-evangelical or contrary to the gospel." [528]

Churches of Christ argued vigorously against Congress or anyone else who would establish laws compelling non-Jews to give up REST and worship on Sunday, or Christians to worship on the Sabbath which would be against the Law of Moses restricting the Sabbath to REST.

It is a fact that churches of Christ do not consider Sunday the Jewish Sabbath. To do so and then "keep Sunday as the Sabbath" as a day of worship rather than a day of rest would subject people--still under the Law of Moses--to death.

"I do not believe that the Lord's day came in the room of the Jewish Sabbath, or that the Sabbath was changed from the seventh to the first day, for this plain reason, where there is no testimony, there can be no faith.

Now there is no testimony in all the oracles of heaven that the Sabbath was changed, or that the Lord's day came in the room of it."-ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, Washington Reporter, Oct. 8, 1821.

The Campbells defined CHURCH as did Jesus: an ekklesia, synagogue or school of the Bible. Worship, also defined by Pau, was to read and dialog the Word of God. That is what the Jews did on the SABBATH.

It appears to me that Saturn is more directly related to sun worship in Rome than Mithra of which we know very little except extrapolated from monuments. While Mithraists held Sunday "holy" I find no evidence that they "worshiped" on Sunday. They noted the rising of the sun every day and no one on the face of the earth knows exactly what went on in their secret, underground of males and primarily soldiers.

We do know that they had "degrees" like Masons and the SUN was second highest and SATURN was the highest degree. Therefore, Sabbath worship is the worship of Saturn which is more related to the literal sun than Mithra who was more related to light or fire. Click Here

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