John Mark Hicks Patterns Legalism and Grace Alexander Campbell.
John Mark Hicks twists Alexander Campbell's A Restoration of the Ancient Order of things.
The legalistic ploy is to try to convince everyone that Alexander Campbell and Churches of Christ JOINED with the Disciples-Christian Churches. This is utterly false.

A World History of the Stone-Campbell Movement.  The Disciples of Christ with Church of Christ "scholars" on the payroll
are attempting to bond Churches of Christ to the Disciples of Christ Which Christian Churches repudiated beginning in 1927 and finalized in 1971. It is too easy to lift short blurbs from say A Restoration of the Ancient Order of Things and force Alexander Campbell to lie.

The American Restoration Movement New comments

World History of the Stone, Campbell Movement  Men funded by the Disciples of Christ attempt to define the Restoration Concept to the 19th Century and is HISTORY-LESS in support of the Disciples.

Logos versus Mythos: Word versus Music Logos (modern) is rational of the word and STRAIGHT: Mythos and Sophia (postmodern) are irrational and Gender-Confused. Mythos Nomoi (traditional law)
(a) Eros is approved, and its excesses condoned, when directed towards superior youths approaching manhood.
(b) It appears to be condemned, in so far as parents forbid their boys to hold converse with “erastae.” The explanation of this ambiguous attitude must be sought in the principle laid down above, that the moral quality of an act depends upon the conditions of its performance.
GRACE is Kharizo 2. gratify or indulge a humour or passion, 3. in erotic sense, grant favours to a man,
give up as a favour by dropping a law aimed at him,
Those who willingly infiltrate and impose musical instruments into a peaceable church justify the deliberate sowing of discord based on false teachings of all of the "instrument" passages also preach that GRACE will cover them.

Grace Centered Magazine:  3.06.11. This forum has a Church of Christ thread dedicated to abusing those who do not deliberately reject the clear teaching of the Word and recorded history. A common lie is that the Church Fathers had nothing bad to say about the use of instruments based on Scripture. We have refuted that to prove that NO ONE used instruments in the churches but refute the Jews who did because they had been abandoned to Canaanite Baalism or the worship of the starry host.

See Jay Guin Review for the list of New Wineskins papers.
Hear the Shofar to prove that the Jews didn't make music in the hillbilly churchy sense
Where I got my Shofar : looks great, easy to blow
Judaica gifts and Shofar Store

  The American Restoration Movement Texts and Photos

Kennenth Sublett,, Hohenwald, Tennessee
The American Restoration Movement Texts and Photos believes "In essentials, unity, in doubtful matters, liberty; in all things charity." Attributed to Augustine.

John Calvin called the Reformation a Restoration Movement. The purpose was to use only Scripture for faith and practice. That meant removing all of the superstitious rituals such as music which had been added from paganism. While the Catholic church had never used the organ to accompany congregational singing as an "act," Calvin's Restoration Movement saw the evil influences of the organ used for secular musical performances. He repudiated a hired clergy and taught many things which were well in place before the Campbells. Calvin restored the DIRECT COMMANDED singing of the Psalms which Paul called "that which is written" and then called "Scripture." That would allow wildly diverse Dionysiacs and Orphics to meet for "Bible class."

Both groups were highly addicted to musical performance and the induced pagan practices. Paul did not approve either group but declared that their private practices were OUTSIDE of the realm of Bible Class and time and teaching would filter out into private lives.

By repudiating both PLEASURING and the REPROACHES which Jesus suffered Paul pointed to the "bull's eye thing" of the lifting up of spiritual anxiety, singing as the "tool" of arousal and heresy which meant that a demagogue was LIFTING YOU UP to carry you away for his own uses. The word KLEPTOMA is intimately connected by definition and Greek Literature with this PATTERNISM of "acts of false worship" which point directly to the pagan rituals where music and sexual arousal were cause and desired effects.

All of the PLUCKING proof texts come directly from the practice of men plucking the harp in order to groom a young boy as the "ministers of the gods" for pederasty.

We have posted the nature of the KINGDOM from Romans 14-15. Romans 14 and many other passages show that most personal lives are NOT subjects for any kind of disputation. That is because the church is the SCHOOL OF THE BIBLE in Romans 15. You simply have no "job description" for any kind of clergy when the members are abe to "teach one another" by speaking with ONE MIND and ONE MOUTH and using "that which is written." That is the ONLY way to glorify God and not deliberately sow discord. This was exactly what Martin Luther defined from Romans 15.

The American Restoration Movement saw the church as established by Jesus Christ. That was as a SCHOOL OF CHRIST as indeed the ekklesia is ONLY a school of the Bible. Everything which has been added to the ideal of the Declaration and Address which defined community learning centers has sowed discord.

Geni, Adepts, Demons Rubel shelly will be teaching The Shaping of Things to Come to train new ministers at Rochester College. The book seems more occult than Christian.

You can read the book and see the PATTERNISM for the EMERGING PREACHERS.

See Dennis Downing, missionary to Brazil and sponsored by Oak Hills home of Max Lucado and the Just-Jesus heresy.

Hohenwald: how to Melt Down a Healthy Church with Change Agenda.

LYNN ANDERSONS BRINGS PROMISE KEEPERS SHEPHERDING AND DISCIPLING DILEMA TO ST. LOUIS.An Index of Articles of the turn from the WORD to SYMBOLS AND IMAGES (IDOLS). Don't confess your sexual secrets to ANYONE: He will turn and rend you.

An Index of Article Reviews of Max Lucado's Views which includes a city-wide denomination under the MOTHERCHURCH and DISCIPLING PASTOR to upgrade the morals

Is Max Lucado Bringing Promise Keeper's SHEPHERDING MOVEMENT to Oak Hills.This would add to the Purpose Driven Cult and extablish a PROMISE KEEPERS denomination since over 100 "pastors" are already organized by MAX.

> Number four: 7/7/03 Shelly at ACU: Wine Drinking focus and DIRTY PICTURES of the New Style Worship. Instrument players were always perverted and known as PARASITES.

> TODAY'S SERMON TODAY: Rubel Shelly-John York: A UNIQUE neo-Trithism: Is the God Family a "little higher than the angels?" Can a father, Son, Mother (Spirit) family exist with equal age and authority? UNIQUE IN CHURCH HISTORY.

> What about Romans 15:9? A quick study of Psalm 22 which agrees that the enemy will attack Him MUSICALLY.

> C. Leonard Allen (ACU ) and Richard T. Hughes: Discovering our Roots? No. Calvin: "There is no more marked manifestation of God's wrath than the fact that he permits the decline of his spoken and written Word." When God pours out His wrath, He sends BUFFOONS.

> Royce Money ACU "can't determine the foundation of the church."

> Carrol D. Osburn ACU: Training people to play leading PROPHETIC roles in CHANNELING and FACILITATING change.

> Walling Attack Index--Link to Review Equipping Campus Ministers for the Attack

> SoulStock 2003: Jeff Walling--Prophecy Fulfilled Hippie, Jesus People, The Family of God.

"The Study-God_Logically Web Ministry." new sermons are posted monthly

ASLAN: the Lion of the Tribe of Judah? 5/17/33

ZOE in Phoenix: The Gold is not in the superstition hills but He is the God Who made the Hills. Zoe takes a question and turns it into a direct command: "Shall I look to the hills? No. I will look to the God who made the hills." Restoration of the most ancient pagan belief about God.

Rubel Shelly: Last Weeks Sermon rejects Paul's connecting FAITH expressed in BAPTISM as explaining Abraham's justification by faith. More notes on the Lucado- Shelly Trithism. 1/26/03

For Analysis and Discussion.

See Rick Atchley on INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC applauded by Restoration Forum of Christian Church. See that MUSIC connects to Satan and PERVERTED religion: "There is no other tradition."

Psalms-Hymns-Spiritual songs are ALL inspired Bible text
Review of Max Lucado's Creed on baptism:

Part One: The Thief on the Cross Saved without Baptism! No: Christ had not yet preached to the pre- Cross faithful nor ascended into heaven.

Part Two: Baptism is just a pledge that you have been saved? No: Baptism is our REQUEST TO God; not OUR guaranteeing OUR faith!

Part Three: Salvation by Trust Only or Prayer Only? 12/5/02 See how the GA, Shelly, Lucado Trithism as A Family of Gods leads naturally to despising the counsel of the human Jesus and how Baptists Baptism denies that Christ came FULLY in the flesh.

Part Four: Romans 6: Baptism DOES NOT save?

10/27/02 This is a review of a paper produced by and sent from Farmer's Branch Church of Christ. Both "singing" and "playing" are bound tightly to literal and spiritual prostitution. The Sodomites and the female singers and players plagued the temple.

Experimenting with Instrumental Music: The fatal flaw in the garden of Eden and in every FALL beyond redemption is EXPERIMENTING..

Farmer's Branch Church of Christ Part One:

Farmer's Branch Church of Christ Part Two

A look at the word NAGAN

10/08 Added: Isa 47 defines the end-time Babylon Whore religion of Rev 18 now appearing at your local "church."
Aristotle: Melody Deceives: "Poets also make use of this in inventing words, as a melody "without strings" or "without the lyre"; for they employ epithets from negations, a course which is approved in proportional metaphors..

The form of diction should be neither metrical nor without rhythm.

If it is metrical, it lacks persuasiveness, for it appears artificial, and at the same time it distracts the hearer's attention, since it sets him on the watch for the recurrence of such and such a cadence..

According to Philo, the gods of the pagans exploit this weakness of men. For the sake of a better effect, and with the intention of more easily cheating their devotes, that they have set their lies to melodies, rhythms and meters.." Click for more.

No one can doubt that Paul put the singing AND melody in the HEART and not upon a harp! If it breaks toward the MUSICAL side someone is trying to deceive someone as the "serpent" musically enchanted Eve while Adam went willingly.

C. Bruce White: Madison's Use of Sweet's Kregg Hood's material (Tithing, Tongues, raising the dead?)
 Our Hohenwald Church Topical Research

WAYNE COATS: Remembering the Old and New Rubel Shelly Reciting the Liberal Text Books. From Concerned Members.

Wayne compares the old and the new Rubel Shelly. He spends some time paralleling quotes from liberal scholars denying inspiration and from Rubel Shelly.

Lipscomb: Follow Up to Re-Visioning: I Saw the Lord: The Vision of God in Isaiah at Lipscomb 

Next Phase After after Sowing Discord and Creating Dissociation or Post Modern's Schizophrenia is a NEW VISION FOR THE CHURCH. This is the Catholic-methodist RE-IMAGING or RE-VISIONING The Church. The New Vision is through NEW GLASSES and includes the elders as Shepherds over the True Leaders and Ministers. Some background to the April Re-Imaging Conference in Nashville.. The Goddess is Sophia or ZOE. Click Here
Many who believe that the Bible defines the Mind or Spirit of Christ have always sought to "do church" consistent with the Bible. The problems have usually flowed from seeing "church" as a Christian Temple where worship rituals are performed.

This allows great latitude for debate over the form of the organized institution.

However, the Bible defines those who gathered for a common purpose with a word related to the "synagogue" which was school of the Bible while the Greek Ekklesia was more like a county court.

The CORE of the wish for restoration with Thomas and Alexander Campbell was to leave all specifics about "worship" to the individual, but to meet as a community to worship in the Biblical sense of "reading and meditating on the Word." This is exactly the pattern Paul defined in Romans 15 to allow people tainted with Dionysic or Orphic thought which was musical worship to the extreme.

Memoirs of Alexander Campbell Volume 1

Memoirs of Alexander Campbell Volume 2

The Name of the Body of Christ

Lots of fussy people make too much of the notion that the church does not have a name and that is true: to say "church of Christ" means an assembly devoted to Christ and the Christian documents as opposed to the "church of Plato" devoted to the study and contemplation of Plato.

What Has Been The Historical Name of The Church of Christ? This article has taken the liberty of adding research by Clifton Yeager, Huber Heights, Ohio taken from the Christian Chronicle.

> Clement of Alexandria: The original church of Christ and Baptism
Alexander Campbell: The Bath of Regeneration and the Holy Spirit
> Original church of Christ view of Eating Flesh and Drinking Blood

Prelude to Cane Ridge & The First Great American Awakening

Nothing happens in a vacuum. Therefore, it is important to look at the overwhelming fear and superstition which existed on "the wild frontier."

David Hume - Superstition - Enthusiasm
John Wesley - Enthusiasm - Revivalism
Second Great Awakening - Speaking in Tongues - Musical Worship
Great American Awakening or Witchcraft Act Two?
Women's Radicalization of Religion
Heresies of Anne Hutchinson Thomas Weld
Trial of Anne Hutchinson Before John Winthrop
John Winthrop Of Liberty and Authority
Robert Calef, Warning to Ministers About Witchcraft
Robert Calef, More Wonders Invisible World
Robert Calef, Explanations of Confessions
Deodat Lawson - A Brief And True Narrative
Great American Awakening Charles Chauncy
John Wesley - Death of George Whitfield
Charles Chauncy Against Revivalism

Effect of Revivalism

Cause and Effect The American Awakening

Slavery and Revivalism - RM Did not divide over war or slavery!

The churches of Christ were part of the few groups which did not split over slavery or rather their perception of slavery:

Slavery - Free Will - and Second Great Awakening
Civil War - The Last Religious War - Whose Racism?

Alexander Campbell 

Alexander Campbell on Fellowship and Sectarianism
Alexander Campbell The Gift of The Holy Spirit   9.29.10

Some annotated portions of The Christian System

Did Alexander Campbell Endorse the Baptist Church? -
Sermon on the Law
Trinity: A. Campbell, Barton W. Stone, Walter Scott
Campbell John Locke - Spirituality
John Locke Defining Sectarians and Schismatics -
Musical Worship:
Instrumental Music
Baptismal Regeneration
Unitarianism and The Trinity Refuted
Campbell, Alexander - Trinity
Campbell, Alexander - Barton W. Stone - Walter Scott on The Spirit
One use of Monarchy of Israel as authority for Christian Restoration
Restoration of the Law of Moses

Calvin, John

The Need for Reformation of the Clergy
The Need for Worship Restoration

Calvinism in the Church

# 1: David Lawrence of David Lipscomb on predestinaion Number One.
# 2: A Look at Galatians 3 on PREDESTINATION to a system of FAITH like Abraham who was justified because he obeyed all of God's commands and decrees.
#3: David Lawrence: Predestination Acts 11:8 and 2 Timothy 2

T. Campbell

Review of Tom Olbrecht's Analysis
Holy Spirit: Agent of Conversion
Baptism For the remission of sins
Leroy Garrett distorts
Baptism as an Acts of Worship
Direct Operation of The Holy Spirit
Campbell, Thomas Holy Spirit - A circular letter
Thomas Campbell and Alexander Campbell The Spirit
Worship in Spirit and in Truth
Evangelist in the Restoration Movement
Worship in Spirit Must be Restored

Cartwright, Peter some notes on a Methodist perspective.

Quotes and Photos

Franklin, Benjamin

Instrumental Music in Worship 11.01.05

John Locke risked his life and liberty to define a method of fellowship.

A Letter of Toleration
Definition of Heresy, Schism (Sectarianism) - John Locke
Reasonableness of Christianity
John Locke - A. Campbell - Spirituality -
John Locke - Jonathan Edwards - A. Campbell
Liberal Interpretation Of John Locke
Human reason, Tradition, Direct Operation of the Spirit added to Scripture - -?????

Kurfees, M. C. Instruments were rejected by Calvinist Reformers.

Origin of Instrumental Music in Church
Hymns of the Awakening and Restoration Movement

McGarvey, J. W. was forced out in later years by instruments.

J. W. McGarvey Instrumental Music - The Organ
J. W. McGarvey Witness of the Holy Spirit
James O'Kelly "Methodist" replaced "Episcopal" in Virginia around the time of the Revolutionary war. The movement began as the Christian Church South and is acknowledged as the fountain along with Cane Ridge for the Disciples and perhaps some more conservative Christian churches.
On Restoration Principles with Photos
And Thomas Jefferson with Photo
Life of James O'Kelly - MacClenny Ch. XVII with Photos

Cane Ridge and Other Events

David Hume - Superstition - Enthusiasm - Background
John Wesley - Enthusiasm - Cane Ridge Background -
Red River to Cane Ridge CR#1
Second Great American Awakening summary calvin
Cane Ridge and Sectarianism CR#2
Cane Ridge and Babylonian Parallels CR#3
Leroy Garrett #4
Musical Teams
Presbyterian Background
American Restoration Movement Began?- Leroy Garrett
Witchcraft - Revivalism - Great Awakening

Robert Richardson

Memoirs of Alexander Campbell, Volume II-X on Mormonism--Its exposure--Co-operation--Evangelists--Infidelity--Work of the Holy Spirit--Divisions-- Meeting-houses-- Worship-- Slavery. Showing that it was not the Reformers who broke away from the Baptists but were expelled by them

Memoirs of Alexander Campbell, Volume II-XII Mr Meredith convinced by Campbell about baptism. Continued sectarianism among Baptists.

Stone, Barton

On the Trinity
On the Godhead and the Son
A Different take

Walter Scott

Experimental Religion Walter Scott is the authority for teaching a direct indwelling of the Holy Spirit. However, Walter Scott defines the Holy Spirit as, 1) God Who is the Holy Spirit and 2) Our spirits made holy by faith and obedience.

On Election or Predestination 10/01/04

On the Trinity 10/01/04

The Holy Spirit and Trinity rejected Catholic trinity but were not Unitarians.

Other Writers on the Holy Spirit
Thomas Campbell and Alexander Campbell The Trinity
Thomas Campbell - Holy Spirit -
Thomas Campbell a DIRECT OPERATION of the Holy Spirit -
J. W. McGarvey Witness of the Holy Spirit

Instrumental Music Innovation

At least four times in the Old Testament, instrumental music is connected to the clear statement: "Depart from us we do not want to hear any more from God." These are Job 21:7-14; Isa 5:11-13; Amos 5:21-24; 6:1-7; 8:10-13; Ezekiel 33:30-32.

Instrumental Music in the Era of the Beginning of the American Restoration Movement

Contemporary Attack Upon Non-Musical Churches

While Stone-Campbell churches come out of the same era as churches of Christ there is a difference primarily with how the different groups understand Scripture. DeGroot defines the Disciples as a church because it is, like Catholicism, a "living church" with the interpretation of the Bible based on the needs of the culture. There is no urge to listen to Paul because Paul is perceived as having a "faulty theology." This is why Paul can be ignored about women in ministry and the mode of singing the Biblical text.

Because the authority and history is "living," being faithful to biblical or historical facts are superseded by the needs of the time or argument.

Is Rejecting Instruments Racism?
Musical "churches" and Non-Musical "sects." Alfred T. DeGroot:

The following articles are a review of The Restoration Principle by Alfred T. DeGroot which uses the church "Fathers" to reject the Restoration Movement Principle and the authority of the letters of the Apostles. All defend the authority of Scripture as delivered and denounce instrumental music or any theatrical performance as idolatry and totally inconsistent with a spiritual worship.

The Restoration Principle: Clement: Eliminate Musical Instruments
The Restoration Principle: Clement: Repudiation of Custom or Tradition
The Restoration Principle and Clement of Alexandria - Alfred T. DeGroot
The Restoration Principle and Clement The Instructor - Alfred T. DeGroot
The Restoration Principle and Lactantius - Alfred T. DeGroot - A Review
The Restoration Principle and Cyprian - Alfred T. DeGroot - A Review
The Restoration Principle and Justin Martyr - Alfred T. DeGroot - A Review
The Restoration Principle and Tertullian - Alfred T. DeGroot - A Review
Rubel Shelly - A Call to Action: Review. Abilene Christian University
Rubel Shelly Attack on Non-Instrumental Groups

Defining non-musical churches as traditionalists

Edward Fudge GracEmail A Cappella just Tradition?
Defining non-musical churches as judgmental
Edward Fudge and the Guilt Clause
Misuse of church Fathers
Bill Swetmon on The Odes of Solomon
Bill Swetmon on Josephus and Psallo
Bill Swetmon on Gregory of Nyssa on Psallo
Clement on Clement's Non-permission
Northwest College of the Bible A Review Review of typical misunderstanding of Scripture.

Preaching and the Located Evangelist - From all sectors

Richard Gooch - Clergy Dangerous to Women
Shepherd of Hermes, Professional Prophets, False Preachers
Preachers, DIDACHE, Prophets, Pay
PROFESSIONAL Preacher in the American Restoration Movement
J. D. Tant Located Preachers Firm Foundation 1934 -
Gospel Advocate Apology to J. D. Tant
Reading the Word not Preaching in the American Restoration Movement T. Campbell
Daniel Sommers Preachers must be Sent out
Inquisition Dostoevsky and Preacher Clergy
Evangelists in American Restoration Movement Thomas Campbell
Diotrephes Pastors or Ministry Elders
R. L. Dabney on Preaching -
Preaching as Performance
Dominant Clergy - Tests For
Paleo Paganism and its Clergy -

Restoring Music and Restoring the Sabbath (Saturn)

Sabbath worship (as opposed to rest) began in Babylon. - Saturn was the father of the gods. Rhea (Eve, Zoe) was his musical consort .
Sabbath Worship Is Saturn Worship: the True Sun God
Connection Between Catholic Sabbath and Saturn Worship
Saturn (Sabbath) The Mark of The Beast
Rhea (ZOE): The Female Musician Counterpart to Sun Worship

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Center for American Rest. Movement Studies
Churches of Christ On the Web
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Other Churches of Christ on the Internet
Churches, WorldWide Directory of
Churches of Christ
Web pages in Texas
International Churches of Christ data
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