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Shepherding Movement- Post Modern - Vineyard

Some involved in Promise Keepers see it as the head of a non-denominational group with even Cathlics under soneone's umbrella. Our goal is to remind everyone that the umbrella is Christ and you need nothing larger than a local congregation to carry out the kingdom work in your community.

Rick Warren Says that God "micromanages" ever instant of our lives. See the Engedi.org involved in a "ministry" at DLU.

See what a massive TAKE accrues to PK


Mobilizing Resentment : Conservative Resurgence from the John Birch Society to the Promise Keepers by Jean Hardisty

Standing on the Promises : The Promise Keepers and the Revival of Manhood by Dane S. Claussen (Editor) Plusses and Minusses

The Promise Keepers: Essays on Masculinity and Christianity by Dane S. Claussen (Editor)

Promise Keepers : Another Trojan Horse : They Really Are Breaking Down the Walls by Phil Arms

See Alexander Hislop on the Catholic Confessional as a Cult Device

Post Modernism - A Definition

Modern: You believe in truth, democracy, freedom of religion, control over your sex life, right to freely associate. Jesus was God's One Incarnation, the Bible is authoratative. What Jesus personally taught and inspired as Spirit is God's message for faith as well as doctrine.

Post Modern: you believe in no truth (just a CORE), shepherding control agents, arrogant, self-appointed leaders who replace Jesus and His Word. Capitalism must go as we cancel all debts in a great Jubilee 2000.

Project Megiggo: FBI Defines Active Cults as...

Post Moden Background

Theologians who have lost their faith but who don't want to lose their jobs have e ngaged in unnatural intellectual incest. Because trying to make sense of the Bible as a book through a career of fill in the blank sermon outlines has starved them to death (Amos 5, 6, 8), the Post Modern Cult rejects any attempt to understand the "words" and insists that you must personally experience the second incarnation and become Christ and therefore become God. Those who still cling to the Words of Christ as Spirit and Life (John 6:63) are judged as legalistic. However, what many the "super" stage cannot be reached without a massive dissociation experience. This is really a "mark in the forehead" and is the only wide-spread mental symbol of turning away from God and turning inward to self. Locke and Hume are attacked to prove the point. Locke they hate because he said that the charismatic experiences are not possible

John Locke - Alexander Campbell - Spirituality
John Locke - Jonathan Edwards - Alexander Campbell
David Hume - Superstition - Enthusiasm - Cane Ridge Background

If you have been to one of the super meetings you will understand that "praxis" is the key word. They don't want to tell you anything because there is noting of eternal value to tell you because their god is dead.

"Phenomenological hermeneutics can be viewed as an ongoing attempt to draw out and articulate the radical, postmetaphysical implications of Husserl's phenomenological critique of the Tradition. Present-day hermeneutics seeks to rethink many of the traditional notions of philosophy--truth, reason, value, etc.--in strictly phenomenological or experiential terms--in terms, specifically, of praxis.

For this reason, like other forms of postmodernism, it rejects all forms of essential truth or fundamental thinking. To do this, they have to do a work of "deconstruction." The only way to speak of Unity in Diversity or a one world denomination is to decide that "we have no essential values worth teaching anymore." The phenomenon is the experience over truth.

National Shepherding Network


The Awakening Movements

Signs of a Cult

Hitler: Völkish State: Supporters (emotional) and Leaders (Intellectual)

Sons of Shamgar Warriors out of Promise Keepers?


The Machiavelli FAX of Life Resisting Change

Background from Machiavelli Prince Ch3-Ch6-Ch7

Background from Hitler's Mein Kampf Vol 2, Ch5, Ch8, Ch11



The Unforgivable Sin and The Core Gospel

The CORE Gospel Rejects Musical Legalism


Jesus Christ as our Personal Teacher - Hebrews 8:11


Women and Chrildren Rule Over Them

Team Praising of God? Ephesians 1

Typical Proof-Text for Praise TEAMS

How Ezekiel and Jesus Define the Musical Harlot

Zoe and The Mystic Dance of Jesus

Story of ZOE in Hypostasis of the Archons


Breaking Down the Walls

They Literally Stood in the Gap to Get Jesus: The Guilt Clause - You are divisive if you resist the takeover.

The Praise Craze To Replace Teaching the Words of Christ


Max Lucado Creed Shepherding

Max Lucado Shepherding

Brad Tuggle hired to SHEPHERD

Lynn Anderson Shepherding

Following the Promise Keepers, Cross Roads, Boston church of Christ and IOC

Discuss: Experiencing God - Henry T. Blackaby PK Keynoter

Is Rejecting Instrumental Worship Racism?

Post Modern Cults: Post Christ, Post Biblical


Linda Poole's PK Resources

Kenneth Sublett

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