Quail Springs Church of Christ: Instrumental.  Mark Henderson's false teachings reviewed.

Timothy 3: see how the DECEIVERS condemned by Paul used music as sorcery to deceive the whole world

David Faust Instrumental Music at Freed Hardeman University:  Not ready for prime time but an introduction of fact that instrumental music appears as the CAUSE or MARK of inviting God out of their presence.  The result as the "glory" of God is actually proof that God has removed both His Word and Grace under the mercy seat so that you can never enter it again. It is NOT a sign that God is being seduced by the music outside.

Who are CROOKED and PERVERTED generation of MUSICIANS? Are they fallen angels?

 Instrumental Music in Worship

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Kenneth Sublett, Hohenwald, Tennessee

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IT'S ALL A BIG SCAM! There is NO music ever used or approved in the worship of a SPIRIT. You may search my extensive resources by the search form below. You will NEVER find music used in the spiritual worship of a Holy Spirit God. You will ALWAYS find that attemting such worship is many times in the Bible and always in paganism telling the Patriarchal God Jehovah that you WILL NOT listen to His words and teach them "as they have been taught.
No Levitical Warrior singer or musician ever got into the Holy Place as a "national" model of the synagogue and a carnal type of the body or church of Christ. No! Not even to clean out the garbage. Therefore, any national or Monarchy "noise making" was a civil ritual for a nation which had FIRED God.
There was never any "praise service" in the synagogue which as the Qahal was the "church in the wilderness." Any loud instruments or "making a joyful noise before the Lord" was outlawed because it was the Warrior's Panic Chant. To their credit, even in the more institionalized synagogue, no Jew ever tried to turn the SCHOOL OF THE BIBLE into a pagan "worship center."
100% of the time the MUSIC words and names of instruments point to Satan, to innocent children, to prostitutes, sodomites or lost people slaughtering tens of thousands of TYPES of God in Christ.
No proof was sought for ADDING music into spiritual worship until within the Christian churches as late as 1878. Catholic or Anglican based groups NEEDED no Biblical authority. However, they confess that music was "lifted" from paganism as "common to all cults."
The key word PSALLO simply means to PLUCK. Apollo plucks or twangs his bowstring to send out a singing arrow to kill off old people or, in ritual, send out LOVE ARROWS. Cupid's arrows were love arrows. The male homosexual musician PLUCKS out his hair. The MUSICAL connection is that SONGS and HYMNS were also SHOT OUT. The word DOES NOT authorize making melody WITH A HARP when Paul commanded it to be IN THE HEART. In Romans 15 the concept is that "Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost. " Rom 15: 13. In Colossians 3:16 it is "singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. "
Lucifer was the MUSICAL ENCHANTER in the garden of Eden and in the end-time Babylon whore worship where in its final destruction:
The music of harpists and musicians, [Apollyon's Muses or Locusts] flute players and trumpeters, will never be heard in you again. No workman of any trade will ever be found in you again. The sound [musical] of a millstone will never be heard in you again. Rev 18:22
The craftsmen or techne or KORESH in the Cain-Lamech family specialized as THEATER BUILDERS and STAGE MANAGERS.
If you have ANY of these on the payroll you have been TRIBULATED big time. According to The Book of Enoch, Jubilees, Adam and Eve and many other ancient views of Genesis, you have fallen and you will never get up again.
This has 100% of literary authority to prove it and the MUSICAL AGENTS of change have ZERO authority for doing what was always known to be SPIRITUAL OPPRESSION to fill up the collection plates and, as the Vineyard lady confesses, have a sexual-like CLIMAX with the spirit. That is the pagan meaning. Music as "worship" is evil because


HERE ARE THE MAJOR SUPPLIERS OF FALSE INFORMATION ABOUT THE BIBLE AND HISTORY. We take liberties because they take something worse that a litteral AXE to squash those who simply refuse to affirm their dogma which was wholly invented by them after my grandfather was born.

Dwaine E. Dunning: 11/21/04The non-instrumental branch must be cut OFF. God always hides a MARK. Important changes made 11/30/04 All music words and musicians intend to USE you and HURT you as the meaning of HERESY, to lift you up to cut your throat or carry you away for THEIR OWN USE. God forbids you to ENABLE them with your "tithes and offerings" else you repudiate HIS COMPLETED work and reject the REST He died to give you.

1. Tom Burgess in Documents on Instrumental Music reviewed. Psallo and Instrumental Music: Proofs do not prove anything but the "music-homosexuality" connection.

See more on Strabo's definition of the worship of Apollo or Abaddon or Apollyon: his MUSES are the locusts or musical performers in the book of revelation.

A. Ralph Johnson in Instrumental Music, Sacred or Sinful.

Isaiah 25, Isa 25: Isaiah Chapter 25: The branch of the terrible one is a song to be accompanied with instrumental music.

2. Tom Burgess More Review of Plutarch: if Psallo authorizes "church music" it authorizes a homosexual gathering.

3. Tom Burgess on Moralia confirms the "Music-Heresy-Perversion" connection which has no historical exception. 10/20/04

4. Tom Burgess on John Chrysostom: are the anti-instrumentalists ignorant rurals? 10/21/04 What about Paul and Martin Luther and John Calvin and Zwingli and--everyone who believed the Bible as authority.

5. Tom Burgess on Kurfees versus Thayer and Grimm: Quotes from: G. C. Brewer, A Medley on the Music Question, Gospel Advocate, Nashville 1948. Burgess uses the same Krewson arguments. LATEST 11/08/05

Charles Daily Northwest College of the Bible Part One 11/30/04 .... Part One A .....Part Two .... THRESKIA or CHARISMATIC


2,000 years later, what was undoubtedly written and oral history, was recorded by Moses. This was AFTER Israel's musical idolatry at Mount Sinai as a prayer that God turn them over to worship the starry host. [Acts 7] The Law of Moses was then written to legislate for lawless people going into Canaanite- Babylonian Baalism. This record, then, is a rational corrective to the Babylonian records which existed and which would have more rapidly caused Israel to reject God and demand a king and kingdom like the Goyim or nations which meant "like Babylon."

If we could have found ONE HISTORICAL DOCUMENT which connects MUSIC to the worship of a Spirit, non-homosexual god or goddess we would have told you so. I can find none and the TRAFFICKERS cannot either. That is why if they DO NOT refute this to YOU then you need to, as Alexander Campbell insisted, come out of Babylon because they are hurting you spiritually and emotionally and forcing you to support their evil habit. Don't let them whine about David!

The PUNCH LINE of the gospel is: "all ye that LABOR come to ME and I will give you REST." The labor always had a profession of BURDEN LADERS using people like "pack animals." The other punch like of the gospel is "come to me in twos and threes and learn OF ME."

I know that you go home HURT and bleeding and YOU know it too. The threat is that God will get you if you don't support theatrical performance. That is a lie and they carry the JUDAS BAG which is defined as "for carrying the mouthpieces of wind instruments" and, of course, stolen money.

According to Philo, "the gods of the pagans exploit this weakness of men. For the sake of a better effect, and with the intention of more easily cheating their devotees, they have set their lies to melodies, rhythms and meters."

"The marzeah had an extremely long history extending at least from the 14th century B.C. through the Roman period. In the 14th century B.C., it was prominently associated with the ancient Canaanite city of Ugarit (modern Ras Shamra), on the coast of Syria... The marzeah was a pagan ritual that took the form of a social and religious association... Some scholars regard the funerary marzeah as a feast for--and with--deceased ancestors (or Rephaim, a proper name in the Bible for the inhabitants of Sheol)." (King, Biblical Archaeological Review, Aug, 1988, p. 35, 35)

"These five elements are: (1) reclining or relaxing, (2) eating a meat meal, (3) singing with harp or other musical accompaniment, (4) drinking wine and (5) anointing oneself with oil." (King, p. 37).

"With the wine-drinking (which is the literal meaning of the Hebrew for feasting), went music and dancing." (Heaton, E. W., Everyday Life in Old Testament times, Scribners, p. 93)

"Worship was form more than substance; consequently, conduct in the marketplace was totally unaffected by worship in the holy place. Amos spoke from the conviction that social justice is an integral part of the Mosaic covenant, which regulates relations not only between God and people, but also among people." (King, p. 44).

"In pagan traditions, musical instruments are invented by gods or demi-gods, such as titans. In the Bible, credit is assigned to antediluvian patriarchs, for example, the descendants of Cain in Genesis 4:21. There is no other biblical tradition about the invention of musical instruments." (Freedman, David Noel, Bible Review, Summer 1985, p. 51)

"Slightly less familiar are the Devil's musical exploits. He not only loves singing but is master of the violin, of which instrument of evil he is reputedly the inventor. By the same token he can give mastery of the violin, bartering infernal skill for the pupil's soul.

These legends are related to the larger belief in the supernatural origin of musical skill and individual songs." (Botkin, B. A., A Treasury of American Folklore, Crown Publishers, p. 718; Cf. The Devil and the Fiddle, Herbert Halpert, Hoosier Folklore Bulletin, Vol II (Dec., 1943).  

See an outline of MUSIC in the Bible: it is related to Satan and never to spiritual worship.

"Music, in all its various branches is represented as having been taught to man by his divine and divine-human ancestors, such as Isis-Osiris, Thoth, Edris (in the Koran), etc. It is one of the elements of the power known as mantrikasakti. Music was represented as one of four divisions of mathematics, the others being arithmetic, astronomy, and geometry.

"The music of sound arouses in us a power which needs to be controlled, as it can carry us to heights from which we may fall. If regarded as a sensual indulgence, even though a refined one, its true import is not realized. (Theosohy)


Psalms-Hymns-Spiritual songs are ALL inspired Bible text

See Rick Atchley on INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC applauded by Restoration Forum of Christian Church. See that MUSIC connects to Satan and PERVERTED religion: "There is no other tradition."

If you get nothing else please grasp that not among the Jews nor in the most vile pagan temples did the musicians enter into the Holy Places. Among the Jews, the Holy Place is a carnal type of the spiritual body of Christ. No Levitical musician could enter into this type of the church of Christ even to clean out the garbage.

The temple musicians in a "religious sense" (grouped with prostitutes in pagan religions) were in the court making a loud mocking noise during the sacrifice and burning of animals.

In fulfilment of the prophetic type, it was prophesied in Psalm 41 and fulfilled in the Dead Sea Scroll translation that Judas and the military musicians would attempt to turn Jesus into a coward. Click for some examples.

David's Temple as a request to rule and worship like THE NATIONS. The Hebrew word goyim, "nations", was the Babylonian Gutium or Guti in a neighbouring state which plays an important role throughout Babylonian history. The Temple was a CARNALtemple permitted as PUNISHMENT for Israle's RISING UP TO PLAY at Mount Sinai restoring Egyptian- Canaanite- Babylonian worship. The conditional sentence was carried out when the ELDERS wanted to replace God with a king, kingdom and worship LIKE THE NATIONS. The sentence was that Israel would be returned to Assyria and Babylon.

Comparing the Elements of the Jerusalem Temple as Tower of Babel

The Levitical "musician's" SERVICE was HARD BONDAGE. In the NATIONS the loud noise was EXORCISM to expel the evil spirits and AWAKEN or call the gods into their temple. David composed some AWAKENING Psalms but John Hyrcanus suppressed them.

In its fulfillment prophesied by Psalm 41, Judas--whose JUDAS BAG was for carrying mouthpieces of wind instruments--would try to TRIUMPH OVER Jesus. This was carried out by the WARRIOR musicians originally under the KING and COMMANDERS of the army and NOT the priests.

The "work" of the "musicians" ended with the death of Jesus. Not among the Jews or the worst of pagan temple-states did the "musicians" EVER enter into the Holy Places. The Jerusalem's Holy Place was a carnal type of the church of Christ: no singers or musicians could enter it even to clean out the garbage.

With the demise of the temple the Jews understood that there could be no animal sacrifices and therefore no music. This ended and was not restored until A.D. 1815 in a German synagogue.

10/27/02 This is a review of a paper produced by and sent from Farmer's Branch Church of Christ. Both "singing" and "playing" are bound tightly to literal and spiritual prostitution. The Sodomites and the female singers and players plagued the temple.

Experimenting with Instrumental Music: The fatal flaw in the garden of Eden and in every FALL beyond redemption is EXPERIMENTING..

Farmer's Branch Church of Christ Part One:

Farmer's Branch Church of Christ Part Two

A look at the word NAGAN

10/08 Added: Isa 47 defines the end-time Babylon Whore religion of Rev 18 now appearing at your local "church."
Aristotle: Melody Deceives: "Poets also make use of this in inventing words, as a melody "without strings" or "without the lyre"; for they employ epithets from negations, a course which is approved in proportional metaphors..

The form of diction should be neither metrical nor without rhythm.

If it is metrical, it lacks persuasiveness, for it appears artificial, and at the same time it distracts the hearer's attention, since it sets him on the watch for the recurrence of such and such a cadence..

According to Philo, the gods of the pagans exploit this weakness of men. For the sake of a better effect, and with the intention of more easily cheating their devotes, that they have set their lies to melodies, rhythms and meters.." Click for more.

No one can doubt that Paul put the singing AND melody in the HEART and not upon a harp! If it breaks toward the MUSICAL side someone is trying to deceive someone as the "serpent" musically enchanted Eve while Adam went willingly.

 Background to "Look To The Hills Leadership and Worship Conference." This is not a direct command worthy of sowing discord to introduce Feminist-Gnostic worship. Rather, the verse is a Question: "Shall I look to the Hills or Mountain Gods?? The answer is, "No, I will look to the CREATOR of the hills for my salvation." This is a coded invitation to end-times pagan ritualizing but NOT to worship.

C. Bruce White: Madison's Use of Sweet's Kregg Hood's material (Tithing, Tongues, raising the dead?)

Our Hohenwald Church Topical Research

I remembered God, and was troubled: I complained, and my spirit was overwhelmed. Selah. Ps.77:3
........I call (Mention, burn incense) to remembrance my song (h5058) in the night:
........ ........ I commune with mine own heart: and my spirit made diligent search. Psalm 77:6

Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him:
........ talk ye of all his wondrous works. Ps.105:2

The model of the Temple, Synagogue and church puts musicians on the far side of the Sacrificial Altar, the Laver of washing, the door to the Holy Place or church and the Most Holy Place where we worship God before His throne ONE WORSHIPER at a time with God. 5/04/02

Using Narrative Theology to Agree With Rubel Shelly to Attack non-instrumental: Olan Hicks: Guilt Clause and The Law of Silence--Pharisees and Hypocrites-- Passing The Guilt Clause-- Al Maxey--Robert Beasley--Dallas Burdette--Joe Beam--Edward Fudge--Paul Woodhouse--Grace Centered Magazine--Bill Swetmon--Jeff Walling Sister Singers--Jeff Walling Index Plus on Dancing

The Gospel means freedoom from forms of mind-control music. The good news is that the poorest, homeless persons can "speak" the Word of Christ to one another even if they were not born into the musicians tribe or guild, are not gifted with musical talent and have not spent at least five years learning the trade secrets of musical performances:

Does Singing "Church Songs" (CCM) Violate The Will of Christ?

Commplex Harmony - Britannica evidence: Did you know that self-composed songs sung with complex harmony have no more Biblical authority than the use of Instrumental music?

Jubilee 1894 - A Young Men's Association in Dublin protested by declining to countenance a jubilee meeting.

"When and Why Did The Church Apostatize From Teaching Through Biblical Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs?"

Are Some Musical Forms Heresy?The late change from Inspired to Human songs - The Voodoo Input. It is common for slaves to become the dominant social influence. Disenfranchised Preachers and women.

The Clergy are marshaled in its favor, instruments having proved the most efficient auxiliary in keeping up an audience

Are Human-Composed Hymns Idols? All pagans considered instruments idols: Are hymns?

Surprising Revelations About the Psalms. Not as much "congregational singing with instrumental accompaniment as you have been told.

Betty asked: Is it a sin to sing church songs and play piano to a dying person? No. It is probably a sin to sing secular (non-inspired) songs in church.

Outline of Uses of Instruments in the Bible and Ancient Tradition

Summary of Condemnation of Instruments

The NEW WINE IN OLD WINESKINS parable quenches the thirst of modern agents of restructure of the church. Understand this and you will understand the old restructure when the Word of Christ was held to be still "fermening" so that it will fit a church "trying to be as much like the world as possible."

E-Mail: Traditions About Musical Instruments From Satan Massive Update 9/12/2K
101 Questions For Campbellites Answered - Instrumental Music
Hear Jesus ridicule the new Wineskins religion.
New Wineskins - Drinking the Cup of God's Wrath

Michael Demands as Approved Examples of Worship:

The Levitical Sacrificial Musicians
Crowning of Joash and the Murder of Athaliah
Nehemiah's Wall Dedication Choirs
Is There A Law of Silence Which Permits Adding Instruments
Edward Fudge GracEmail - A Cappella Tradition?

Sermon reviews cover the following areas.

Review: Dr. Rubel Shelly on Instrumental Music UPDATE 5/26/2000
An Earlier Companion Speech at ACU
Commands, Examples, Inferences from Above Sermon
No Dispensational Distinctions: David's Civil Rituals Authorizes Instruments?
Lucian of Samosata and Psallo From Attic Greek
Lucian of Samosata Explained by The Church Fathers
Lucian of Samosata Defines the Apollo, Apollyon or Abbadon Seeker Center
How About Psallo and Psalm 150?
Definition of Heresy, Schism (Sectarianism) - John Locke
Reasonableness of Christianity - John Locke
A Letter of Toleration - John Locke
Jonathan Edwards And John Locke
Declaration and Address - Thomas Campbell
The Sermon on the Law - Alexander Campbell
Religious Toleration demands Religious Freedom - Locke to Campbell

Does Arndt - Gingrich authorize Instrumental music for worship?
Doesn't The Septuagint (LXX) use of Psallo Prove Instruments Legal? J.
E-Mail: Hang up the Cross and Take Christ off to Attract Seekers?
Escaping God's grace Into legalism With Music
2 Kings 3: Elisha Prophesying with a Harpist.
1 Chronicles 29:25: Instruments from God orDavid?
1 Corinthians 13:1-2: Sounding Brass and Clanging Cymbals - Classical/Pagan Background
1 Corinthians 13-14 Mother Goddess Authority - Clanging Brass
1 Corinthians 14:7 NIV "sound" not "tune"
James George Frazer - Folk Lore - Turning Satan's Instruments Against Satan? l

In all forms of paganism--

"It was customary in, poetry to bring down heavenly powers on earth. Not to speak of Dante, in France, clerks, as well as

The monks in the monasteries, used to give regular performances in which the Madonna, the saints; the angels, Christ, and God Himself were brought on the stage. (Musical Praise Teams or Musical Worship Teams still believe that this is possible.)

In those days it was done in all simplicity. In Victor Hugo's 'Notre Dame de Paris' an edifying and gratuitous spectacle was provided for the people in the Hotel de Ville of Paris in the reign of Louis XI. in honour of the birth of the dauphin. The Grand Inquisitor

Music And Its Historical Connection With Satan as Teacher of Music to Remove the Honor from God.

"In pagan traditions, musical instruments are invented by gods or demi-gods, such as titans. In the Bible, credit is assigned to antediluvian patriarchs, for example, the descendants of Cain in Genesis 4:21. There is no other biblical tradition about the invention of musical instruments." (Freedman, David Noel, Bible Review, Summer 1985, p. 51).

Worship with music came from the pagan "gods." "There is no other tradition." What did Jude know (that we don't know) about the "Wandering Stars" and God coming with ten thousand of His host to execute Judgment?
Christ and Satan
Codex Junius II
Apocalypse of Moses Devil Seduced Eve With Music
Book of Jubilees Introduction
The Book of Jubilees (c. 155 B.C.)
First Book of Adam and Eve
Second Book of Adam and Eve
Jubal-Genun Summary
The Cave of Treasurers
The Sons of God and Daughters of Men
Introduction to Enoch
The First Book of Enoch Part A
The First Book of Enoch Part B
Jude Commentary on Enoch
Jude/Enoch and Homer
Second Book of Enoch
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Legends of the Punishment of the Fallen Angels
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Apocalypse of Adam
Lilith from Hebrew Myths
Lilith or Naamah Demons and Music
Sophia-Zoe as the Beast-Instructor
Sophia-Zoe The Origin of The World
Sophia-Zoe: Hypostasis of the Archons Snake Female principle
RHEA - SATURN: Orphic Instrumental Music
Justin Martyr Second Apology NEW 4.23.05


Recognitions of Clement on Idolatry Book IV
Clementine Homily VIII Fallen Angels and Demons
Clementine Homily IX How Demons get control of men
Hippolytus, musical sorcery
Tertullian and the Fall of Women
Alexander Hislop: The Great Red Dragon Nimrod Parallels Jubal/Genun who used musical worship teams to control people as Lucifer.
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Alexander Hislop: The Beast From The Earth
Alexander Hislop defines the worship of Babyloni
Music Sites some With Midi's

Scotish Psalter
OnLine Music Table of Contents Hymns, Folk Tunes etc. ****
Psalms of David
Listen To the "Musical" Shofar
Music of the Renaissance
Folk Music of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and America - Wars

Civil War Benjamin Tubb...Page Two
Wesley Hymns

Cyber Hymnal

Beginning and Ending Musical Worship

The Implicit Urge To Reach a Climax and Make the Spirit COME in praise singing

The Meaning of Worship

Worship is in MIND with TRUTH - According to Jesus and Paul
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Worship is In Spirit and Personal
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Basil the Great (329-379) - De Spiritu Sancto - Spiritual Worship

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Additions of Musical worship to "In Spirit and in Truth worship."

The Unforgivable Sin and The Core Gospel (writer asks if there is a connection)
The CORE Gospel Rejects Musical Legalism
How Ezekiel and Jesus Define the Musical Harlot
Professional Performing Ministers

Musical Worship Teams

Introduction to Worship Teams
Definition of Musical Worship Teams
History of Musical Worship Teams
Heresy - Defined as First
Catholic Define as Levitical Clergy
Worship Drama - Mediators between God and Man (Roberta)

Authority for Instrumental Music in Worship

Authority of Biblical Silence
2 Chronicles 29:25 To Prove that God Did Not Command Instruments
Commands, Examples, Inferences

Babylonian Background

Musical Instruments were idols - home of the gods
Nimrod's Babylonian musical team

Britannica Encyclopedia

Harmony is not Melody

Catholic Encyclopedia on Instrumental Musical Worship

Catholic Encyclopedia Instrumental Music in Worship
Catholic Encyclopedia
Catholic Encyclopedia
Congregational Singing
Catholic Encyclopedia
Ecclesiastical Music No Instruments for the Pope
Catholic Encyclopedia
The Mass - Restoration of Levitical Music

Musical Minister - Catholic Precentor - First Heresy

Church Music

Early A Capella Song Book - The Odes of Solomon

Classical Background

Amphion by Tennyson
Aristophanes Peace Classical Writer (c.445-c.385 BCE)
Aristophanes Clouds Classical Writer
Aristotle Poetics Worship Drama
Aristotle Politics Chapter 13 On Music and Drama as Worship
Ephraem Hymns of Classical Writer
Euripides Bacchantes - Dionysus Wineskin God (c.485-406 BCE)
Hesoid: Homeric Hymn to Hermes Thief and Inventor of the Lyre 1/25/2000
Hippolytus - Musical Heresy - Soothsaying
Orphic Music
Orphic Theogony G. R. S. Meade
Plato, Ion by Socrates Warns Inspired Musicians

Phaedrus By Plato Tongues From Madness
1 Corinthians 14:23: Speaking in Tongues

Strabo Geography - Christian Music: Paul - Pagan Background

Dance And Drama

Dance as Worship Performance (Saul, David)
Restoraton of Perverted Dionysus Worship with Singing and Drama Teams
Jeff Walling: Daring to Dance with God. The Climax or Climactic event included


Saul Prophesying musical madness


David a Man After God's Own Heart
David's Additions to the Law of Mose

Definition of Words

Twanging, Killer Bow strings and Plucking [pubic, too] Hair Background to Melody or Psallo
Common Question about Psallo: Are Non-instrumentalists Racist Pharisees?
Definitions of Psallo or Melody - Instruments not Authorized
Does Psallo authorize Instruments?
How Psallo Was Used of Jesus Singing to the Gentiles
Lucian of Samosata and Psallo From Attic Greek
Arndt - Gingrich
The Septuagint (LXX) use of Psallo

Emotional / Spiritual Effect or Emotional or Post-Modern Dissociation

Brain Washing in Religious Revivalism
Fight, Flight or Sexual Stimulation Confused as Spiritual

The Emperor Has No Clothes Part 1:
The Emperor Has No Clothes Part 2:

The Emperor Has No Clothes Part 3:

Gnosticism helps define Musical Worship

Zoe and The Mystic Dance of Jesus The Zoe Group parallel
Story of ZOE in Hypostasis of the Archons

Sophia and Zoe in Origins

Jewish Festivals

Feast of Tabernacles - Catholic Encyclopedia
Feast of Tabernacles - Dionysus Background - Fertility Rituals

Jewish Music

Jewish Liturgical Music

Alfred Edersheim

The Synagogue
Music in the Temple
The Temple Ministry and Service

Music in the Old Testament

Summary Outline of Music in Worship
Musical Instruments as Idols
The Meaning of Hallel

Wen Amun Music and Prophecy
Egyptian - Mount Sinai Bull Phallic God
Miriam as Egyptian Prophetess

Mount Sinai: The Loss of the Covenant and the Addition of Law

Introduction: reason for music
Worship of Osiris - Apis the Bull
Musical Loss of the Covenant - Ezekiel's account

This pattern is repeated throughout the Bible.

See Amos 5; 6; 8
See Psalm 78
Psalm 81: Did God Command Instrumental Music for Worship
Psalm 106 Augustine Etc.
The Account in The Epistle of Barnabas New
The Account in the Kabbalah New
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Priesthood To Keep People away From God - Levites

Levites - Smith's Bible Dictionary - Levites
Levites - Catholic Encyclopedia

The Changes to the Unalterable Law of Moses

David's Additions to the Law of Moses

2 Kings 3: Elisha Prophesying with a Harpist.
2 Chronicles 29:25, King Hezekiah's Reform, Worship Authority
Augustine Psalm 22 "My God Did Not Forsake Jesus"
Psalm 41 Judas Will Not Triumph Over Jesus With Music
Psalm 41: Mocking of Jesus With Music: The Unforgivable Sin?
Psalm 81: Did God Command Instrumental Music for Worship
Augustine Psalm 92 Sabbath keeping is in the heart. NEW 12/9/2K
Psalm 149 Literal Musical Warfare Replaced
Psalm 137: We hung up our harps. Did Jesus Sing This
Psalm 149, Psalm 150, Musical Praise
Isaiah 25.
The Branch opposing Christ as true Branch means "a song with instruments."
Isaiah 30:
The LXX, Musical Processions to Hell
Trumpet Playing Watchmen At the High Places
Feminine Musical Worship Teams Watch Persons on the Wall
Ezekiel 8:
Lamenting for Tammuz (Ishtar) Worship at the Temple
Ezekiel 13
and Women Prophetesses Condemned
Ezekiel 28:
Theodoret: Commentary on Ezekiel 28

Lucifer - Musical Worship to - Triumph Over

Ezekiel 28 ORIGEN The Tyre Whore involves Babylon and the end-time musicians.
Ezekiel 33
The Harlot Musical Prophetess
Amos Five
Daniel 3, music and the number 666
Habakkuk: Jubilee - Seeker Service

Intertestament Period

First Maccabees

Following the Gentiles in Building a Gymnasium
The Desolating Altar
Purifying The Temple

Ecclesiasticus or Sirach

Hymn Singing Not for the Unbelievers
Spiritual Worship
The Music of David Singing with Melody in the Heart
Condemnation of Kings
Worship Without David's Instruments Singing with Melody in the Heart

Music Outlawed (Ezekiel) Restored (Josephus) Destructive Nature
Music Forbidden For The Collective Assembly
Instrumental Music in The Dead Sea Scrolls Re. Psalm 41 New 11/27/2K
Maccabees, First Marrying and Giving in Marriage

Music in the New Testament

Teaching external: Singing Internal: Purpose to teach of Synagogue
The Feast of Tabernacles - Musical Worship in a Fertility Ritual
Jesus Removed the Burden Laders
Romans 15:9, Ro 15:9 - Worship in Spirit - Worship in Truth - Singing to the Gentiles
Background to Corinth's musical worship and speaking in tongues
Women in the Corinthian Worship
1 Corinthians 13:1 - Tongues of Angels - Speaking in Tongues - Gongs and Cymbals
1 Corinthians 14:2, 19: Speaking to god and to the air
1 Corinthians 14: Why Women Worship Leaders Were Silenced
Ephesians 5:19, Psallo, Psalms, Making Melody, Musical Instruments
Hebrews 2:12 - Psalm 22 -Musical Praise in the Congregation
Harps in Rev. 14:2
Musical Worship - Commercial/Religious Prostitution
The song of Moses


Islamic Music
Is Music Allowed in Islam

History of Musical Apostasy

Arians Changing the Law With Musical Worship Teams
Musical Precentor - First Heresy
Gregorian Chants

Emotional Impact of Music

Musical Worship Minister as Enchanter or Soothsayer
Thought Control Through Musical Drug High
Instrumental And Musical Worship Teams For Brainwashing

Shouting as Worship

Shout to the Lord and Praise - Worship or Judgment
Shouting Methodists and the Stoneites

Non-canonical Literature on Musical Worship

Acts of Thomas Gnostic
Lilith The Mother of Musical Worship
Descendants of Cain - Legendsthe Jews
Punishment of the Angels - Legends of the Jews
Lamech, Jubal and Bab of the Jews
Fall of the Angels - Legends of
Babylonian Music
Jubal - Genun - Musical Worship

The Psalter - Restoring New Testament Singing

The Bay Psalm Book
Preface to The Bay Psalm Book Richard Mather Photo
The Scotish Psalter of 1650
The Cyber Hymnal over 1,500 hymns and Gospel songs

Songs By Common Name


Writers: Church Fathers and Others on Musical Worship

Justin Martyr a.d. 110-165
Aquinas, Thomas - God Praised With Lips - Not Instructed

Aquinas, Thomas - Songs not theatrical and no instruments

Arnobius on Instrumental Music
Augustine Psalm 41 Judas Will Not Triumph Over Jesus
Psalm 149 Literal Musical Warfare Replaced
Basil the Great (329-379) - De Spiritu Sancto - Spiritual Worship
Calvin, John NEW 12/9/2K
Gregory of Nyssa: Making of Man as a Musical Instrument

Gregory Nazianzen, " Julian the Emperor" (1888). Oration 5: Second Invective Against Julian. 2.12.05 radical condemnation of music as worship

John Chrystostom Paul Not "singing" but "teaching and admonishing."

John Chrysostom the MARK of the Law imposed because of musical Idolatry.
Chrystom, John Homily I, Worship Drama, Music, Dance or Christ?

Clement: Instrumental Music, Dance and Drama Effeminate Worship

Clement: Recognitions, the Post Flood Beginning of musical idolatry
Clement of Alexandria - Exhortation to the Heathen - Singing, Drama and Idolatry
Clement of Alexandria Against Heresies

Clementine Homilies

Clementine Homily VIII Fallen Angels and Demons
Clementine Homily IX How Demons get control of men

Cyprian Epistle LX to Euchratius about an Actor NEW

Cyprian on The Public Shows

Ephraem Hymns of
Hippolytus - Musical Heresy - Soothsaying format??
Irenaeus - Musical Worship - Wine Women and Magic
Luther, Martin

On Romans 14-15 and the Organ NEW 7/11/2K

Tertullian, The Shows, or De Spectaculis, Modern Religious Drama and Music
The late Development of Harmonic Singing - Encyclopedia Britannica
Boethius - Consolation of Philosophy 1 - Music or the Truth

Later Writers on Musical Writers

Robert Breckinridge, 1851, Presbyterian
Anonymous Writer Musical Authority
Alexander Campbell
Clark, Adam, Amos, Chronicles Instrumental Music Sinful
Dabney, R Against Musical Instruments in Worship - Presbyterian
Edersheim, Alfred Instrumental Music in the Jerusalem Temple
Franklin, BenjaminInstrumental Music in Worship 11.01.05

George Girardeau - Presbyterian

Number One
Number Five

Hislop, Alexander Presbyterian Bishop
William Green Ancient Comments
Kerr: Reformed Presbyterian: Jubilee 1894
W. Robertson Scotch Presbyterian Instruments and Societies
Kurfees, M.C. Origin of Instrumental Music in Christian Worship

Refuted by Tom Burgess Kurfees is correct.

J. W. McGarvey, Musical Worship The Organ J. W. McGarvy Was Forced to Leave.
Zack Guess - Baptist
Amphion by Tennyson
Psalmody Only - Musical Instruments - Presbyterians
Psalm Singing Ancient and Modern - Presbyterian

Sectarian Restoration of Musical Worship DeGroot Added 7.04.07

Alfred T. DeGroot   The Restoration Principle
Alfred T. DeGroot   Rejecting Tradition
Alfred T. DeGroot   Subtracting Music
Alfred T. DeGroot   The Instructor
Alfred T. DeGroot   Cyprian
Alfred T. DeGroot   Justin Martyr
Alfred T. DeGroot   Lactantius
Alfred T. DeGroot   Tertullian

Dwaine E. Dunning Number One: An AXE at the root of the MUSIC tree.
Dwaine E. Dunning Number Two: Using the Sword Youthful Friar and Alexander the Great
Dwaine E. Dunning" Number Three First Century Influences on Instrumental Music
Dwaine E. Dunning" Number Four Was Instrumental Music Only for Israel.

Dwaine E. Dunning" Number five Making Melody ln the Heart

Restoration Movement Praise and Worship Songs: The Women and Voodoo Connection.
Jeff Walling: Daring to Dance with God and the Vineyard Climax
Abilene Christian University "Unity Forum"
Old Testament, Levitical Musical Proof Text
Maxey, Al: Synagogue Unlawful? Authority for Instrumental Music
Musical Praise Teams 101a Ephesians 1
Jubilee 99 - Aztec / Babylonia Pattern
Instrumental Music as Worship - Plato Explains Change Agent

Charles Dailey Prophesying as Proof of Instrumental Approval

Charles Dailey "Prophet" Northwest College of the Bible. 1/11/2001

Thomas Paine - Prophesying as Music Not Inspired

Freed-Hardeman's 1991 Lectures: Pro music and rebuttal:

Bill Swetmon on The Odes of Solomon church of Christ, Freed Hardeman
Bill Swetmon on Josephus and Psallo church of Christ, Freed Hardeman
Bill Swetmon on Gregory of Nyssa on Psallo Churches of Christ, Freed Hardeman
Bill Swetmon on Clement's "permission" Churches of Christ, Freed Hardeman

Clement on Clement's Non-permission

Northwest College of the Bible A Review
Edward Fudge and the Guilt Clause Churches of Christ

Unforgivable Sin: connection with music

Abomination of Desolation and Music See also Isaiah 25 on the Abominable Branch
Daniel 3, music and the number 666
The Unforgivable Sin
The Unforgivable Sin Two
Number three

Summary History

History of Instrumental Music Addition

Voodoo Santeria Influence

Praise and Worship Songs: Christian Voodoo
Musical Worship Teams - First Heresy

Some History of Instrumental music in worship 

Scholars who rejected Music

Augustine (354-430)
Psalm 149
Psalm 41
Aquinas, Thomas
Basil the Great (c. 329-379)
Beza, Theodore
Calvin, John
Campbell, Alexander
Cardinal Cajetan
Charles Spurgeon
Not Singing but Teaching
Music as the Mark
John Homily 1
Clark, Adam Methodist
The Serpent Role
Clement of Alexandria
Instrumental Music
Exhortation to Heathen
Post Flood musical idolatry
Cotton Mather
The Public Shows
Dabney, Presby.
Girardeau, John
Green, William
Gregory of Nyssa
(c. 330-c. 390)
The Making of Man
Gregory of Nazianzus
Oraton 2
Oration 5
Guess, Jack, Baptist
Ignatious defines unison to Ephesians c. 110ad
No Music in Islam
Jerome (c. 347-420)
John Knox
Justin Martyr
"Acts" of worship: no instruments
Martin Luther
McGarvey, J. W.
Smith, John
Stone, Barton W.
St. Ephraim
and on and on....

Churches which rejected or reject Music

Apostolic Christian Church
American Presbyterian Church
Baptists prior to the 19th century
Catholic church for 1250 years (The pope in 1906 outlawed most instruments)
Church of God groups
Church of Scotland
Church of the Brethren
Eastern Catholic Church
Gospel Hall
Irish Presbyterian Church
Is Music Allowed in Islam
Jews (some do not even today)
Methodist Episcopal Church
Old German Baptist Brethren
Primitive Baptists still do not
Quakers groups
Reformed (Calvinistic) church of North America
Restoration churches until the mid 1800's
Serbian Eastern Orthodox
The Established Church
Some modern Baptist churches
(Many other churches with denominational structures {Church of England etc.} made attempts to remove instruments from the worship services. Rejected by the queen).

Restoration Movement Papers

Home Page


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