Ronnie Norman First Colony Church of Christ and Instrumental music. The foundation upon which the INSTRUMENTAL SECT was built was first defended in the year 1878: this claimed that PSALLO translated melody not only permitted but commanded the use of musical instruments.  The people who translated the Greek version used the word PSALLO because in the Greek world it was identified with making literal war, making perverted religious war and thus connected to Apollo (Abaddon, Apollyon), and only as a metaphor spokek of "making the heart strings sing."   Psallo never MEANS to play an instrument. The passages which include play (psallo) and the name of an instrument are always in the context of sexual religions.   Psallo is defined INCLUSIVELY in connection with plucking a STRINGED INSTRUMENT with the fingers, and EXCLUSIVELY to mean never with a plectron.

Jay Guin: reviews of anti ANTI-instrumental teachings.

Christ our Righteousness: Rubel Shelly Reviewed. Was Molech worship in Amos, Hosea and Isaiah keeping the law but they just were not AUTHENTICALLY RELATIONAL. So also says Terry Briley 2.27.05

 Musical Worship - Worship Drama - Worship Teams

Our Bible and History: if we don't have the answer we will find it! For free!
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A. Ralph Johnson in Instrumental Music, Sacred or Sinful.

1. Tom Burgess in Documents on Instrumental Music reviewed. Psallo and Instrumental Music: Proofs do not prove anything but the "music-homosexuality" connection.

See more on Strabo's definition of the worship of Apollo or Abaddon or Apollyon: his MUSES are the locusts or musical performers in the book of revelation.

2. Tom Burgess More Review of Plutarch: if Psallo authorizes "church music" it authorizes a homosexual gathering.

3. Tom Burgess on Moralia confirms the "Music-Heresy-Perversion" connection which has no historical exception. 10/20/04

4. Tom Burgess on John Chrysostom: are the anti-instrumentalists ignorant rurals? 10/21/04 What about Paul and Martin Luther and John Calvin and Zwingli and--everyone who believed the Bible as authority.

5. Tom Burgess on Kurfees versus Thayer and Grimm: Quotes from: G. C. Brewer, A Medley on the Music Question, Gospel Advocate, Nashville 1948. Burgess uses the same Krewson arguments. LATEST 11/08/05

Charles Daily Northwest College of the Bible Part One ..... Part One A .....Part Two .... THRESKIA or CHARISMATIC

The Babylon Whore worship in John's Revelation is the CHURCH or CIRCE patternism followed by most end-time churches. Revelation 18 defines the end of a reign of terror where carnal people USE believers for their own fun and profit. The word HERESY does not mean that YOU have a choice. Rather, it means that someone else LIFTS YOU up using music [without or without machines] to CARRY YOU AWAY and for THEIR OWN USE. Music is not evil but it has always been Satan's weapon to BLEED OFF worship due only to God in Christ. That is why Tyre is called "the singing and harp playing prostitute" and the literal Babylon's leaders went into Sheol with his/her harps and harpists.

And this is where we are fulfilling all of the end time prophecies where APOLLO who is Abaddon or Apollyon has resurrected the LOCUSTS which in John's data bank meant the MUSES. They MARK and hold in tribulation those who fall for their "musical performance." MOST musical terms seem to connect to the locusts famed for lulling you to sleep at high noon. The SHOOT OUT has begun and the end is defined:

The music of harpists and musicians, flute players and trumpeters, will never be heard in you again. No workman of any trade will ever be found in you again. The sound of a millstone will never be heard in you again. Rev 18:22

The techne are the KORESH in the Cain-Lamech family: they are primarily theater builders and stage managers in the Greek theater. The word also identifies rhetoricians, sOPHISts (serpents), singers and musicians. In Greek literature these were all known as SORCERERS and therefore PARASITES. A guitarIST or a psalmODIA is the meaning of a parasite.


"The marzeah had an extremely long history extending at least from the 14th century B.C. through the Roman period. In the 14th century B.C., it was prominently associated with the ancient Canaanite city of Ugarit (modern Ras Shamra), on the coast of Syria... The marzeah was a pagan ritual that took the form of a social and religious association... Some scholars regard the funerary marzeah as a feast for--and with--deceased ancestors (or Rephaim, a proper name in the Bible for the inhabitants of Sheol)." (King, Biblical Archaeological Review, Aug, 1988, p. 35, 35)

"These five elements are: (1) reclining or relaxing, (2) eating a meat meal, (3) singing with harp or other musical accompaniment, (4) drinking wine and (5) anointing oneself with oil." (King, p. 37).

"With the wine-drinking (which is the literal meaning of the Hebrew for feasting), went music and dancing." (Heaton, E. W., Everyday Life in Old Testament times, Scribners, p. 93)

"Worship was form more than substance; consequently, conduct in the marketplace was totally unaffected by worship in the holy place. Amos spoke from the conviction that social justice is an integral part of the Mosaic covenant, which regulates relations not only between God and people, but also among people." (King, p. 44).

"In pagan traditions, musical instruments are invented by gods or demi-gods, such as titans. In the Bible, credit is assigned to antediluvian patriarchs, for example, the descendants of Cain in Genesis 4:21. There is no other biblical tradition about the invention of musical instruments." (Freedman, David Noel, Bible Review, Summer 1985, p. 51)

"Slightly less familiar are the Devil's musical exploits. He not only loves singing but is master of the violin, of which instrument of evil he is reputedly the inventor. By the same token he can give mastery of the violin, bartering infernal skill for the pupil's soul.

These legends are related to the larger belief in the supernatural origin of musical skill and individual songs." (Botkin, B. A., A Treasury of American Folklore, Crown Publishers, p. 718; Cf. The Devil and the Fiddle, Herbert Halpert, Hoosier Folklore Bulletin, Vol II (Dec., 1943).  

Slaughtering tens of thousands of innocent animals as TYPES of Lord, Jesus Christ with loud NOISE to serve the slaughtering priests is NOT a recommendation for your church. Even then, a singer or musician who entered the Holy Places would himself be slaughtered.

If you feel smug that you have caused all of the "legalists" to run from your presence so that the children can play, this too is the prophecy. The locusts chase away and do not harm those marked with the Word and A holy spirit at baptism as the SEAL. Because it is a scientific fact--known by Nimrod--that music hurts before it feels good, if you are PLEASURING one another be advised that the Locusts take you captive and delude you until you can be transported.

If this sounds STRANGE then find yourself a Phd to find any thing but condemnation of USING people for your own purposes by MUSIC as more effective in inducing charismatic ecstasy than wine. It is also more addictive producing the impulses of FIGHT, FLIGHT or SEXUALITY. That is why Paul outlawed you from performing in non-sedentary "worship" beause the authority is the Greek authentia which means both erotic and murderous. There is no way to be USED as sister singers without being used as sex objects to fill the collection plates. Male performers were universally seen as effeminate or worse.

Victor Knowles, Teacher at 60th Annual Pepperdine University Bible Lectures Malibu, California May 1, 2003: Dancing at Arm's Length. Ongoing "unity" forums with "Christian churches" attempting to confiscate what they call a cappella churches of Christ. As usual, you don't have to know much Bible or history to get on the LECTURE CIRCUIT of church bashers.

Together for Greater Ministry Impact '04 REVIEW: Seeking to reunite or How to SELL OUT your Church? Rick Atchley, Rubel Shelly, Mike Cope and and Randy Harris

The word CHARISMATIC while worshiping Chara-the Grace-only goddess, is most often attached to perverted sexuality Charismatic ecstasy is speaking as "prophets." The only background for "threskia" form of ceremonial worship was founded by Orpheus one of the "fathers" of music and what Paul identified as MADNESS or speaking in tongues in 1 Cor 14. Chara or GRACE was a goddess. Charismatic connected directly to attempting to bind spirit and flesh together in the "harmony" principle of Apollyon or Apollo: "moving together" involved only two persons and was acted out in homosexuality: usually in pederasty (sodomy) which was common in ALL priesthoods or brotherhoods of religious performers

Commands Examples Inferences: Some hostile attack: blaming people for obeying God Who is MUCH bigger than FALSE PREACHERS are allowed to know. It is impossible to have ever read the Bible without grasping that the central fallacy of the Pharisee is that he wants to ADD his own rules of worship SPECIFICIALLY to silence God and eat up the houses and church houses of widows and honest working people who understand Paul's teaching.

John Mark Hicks, DLC,: Come to the Table. Ongoing Judaizing. New "glasses" has given Rubel Shelly and John Mark Hicks a NEW VISION for doing church and doing the Lord's Supper. While Paul defined the destructive FESTIVE MEAL trying to BRING GOD TO THE TABLE at Mount Sinai, he NEVER made it into a SACRIFICIAL MEAL where God EATS. The RISING UP TO PLAY in musical idolatry should warn CORINTH that eating and drinking while PRETENDING to remember the DEATH of Christ, that their "meal" might be EATING with demons.  

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These are personal research notes and are not intended to be 'pop' meet-your-needs sermonettes. We all love music and apple pie. The one makes you fat spiritually, the other physically. This researcher doesn't get into what you are allowed to eat or do or not do for that interlude on Sunday. However, we do have some recommendations:

How To Restore Biblical Music
The worst kind of musical abuse is "Whistling Dixie" while pretending that the New Testament (chapter two) can be even vaguely understood without the Old Testament (chapter one).

It is a fact that music as we know it had no role to play in God's system of worship except educational. While many groups are still faithful to the non-instrumental methods of the early church, others -- often the most vocal and judgmental -- are not shamed that they have no more authority for singing sentimental poetry with methods of harmony not older than the 17th to 19th century. The forms are country-western (help me feel sorry for myself) and mild Rock and Roll (Post-Modern Voodoo). We propose a new "paradigm" to replace the "pattern" perverted in the twentieth century and being overwhelmed with commercial musical worship teams performing as idols for the paying audience:
  1. The Bible (Ephesians - Colossians) speaks of the pure Biblical text as the resource to teach and admonish one another.
  2. This leaves no room for self-invented music (See Amos 5; 6; 8) or instruments.
  3. Performance teams are an obscene usurpation of the congregation's Christ-given role.
  4. The Psalms are a poetic form of Hebrew history in five books. "Psalms" are made up of Psalms (praise), Hymns (prayers) and Spiritual (supernaturally revealed) songs.
    Only about 1/3 were considered valuable for singing.
  5. Read or tell (not preach) the story covered by a given Psalm or other revealed passage.
  6. Always put it into a chronological - historical context.
  7. Read the Psalm in its versified form. Re-translate if necessary.
  8. Don't violate God's mandate and mask the teaching value by the use of instruments.
  9. Sing the Psalm which has a limited tonal range and therefore is not "melodious" or emotionally abrasive.
  10. As these Psalms are repeated week by week the entire Bible is instilled within the mind.
  11. The result is the fulfilling of the only command to "sing in the heart" as we teach one another with the Biblical text.

We recommend the following site to learn the Psalms. We don't recommend the piano and organ.

The Bay Psalm Book
Some Psalms set to music for learning the tune
Total Scottish Psalter, 1650
New Version
Psalmody Only - Musical Instruments - Presbyterians

Church Growth Workshops can be replaced with feeding on the Inspired Words of God.

Other On Line Music - Great Aid For Song Leaders. We do not defend the use of music as worship in any form not intended to "deliver the words of Christ as they have been delivered to you." We all love music but it is like many good things; it can be used for good or ill. It must never substitute for the Word of God or to AID God's adequate plan. Many musical churches lament the fall into celebrative worship which goes along with idol worship of men and women -- "The idolatry of talent."

The Cyber Hymnal over 1,500 hymns and Gospel songs - Lyrics, Sound, Background Information, Photos, Links, MIDI, scores -3/8/99

OnLine Music 200 Hymns at Wheaton-
Online Hymns of Ter Steegen etc
OnLine Music Table of Contents Hymns, Folk Tunes etc. ****

New Articles on Music as Worship. People of all persuasions worry about how to protect themselves from church bullies using new-found psychological power and obscene financial resources to force changes into church "worship." This involves loud preaching, overpowering singing, performance vocal and instrumental music and, yes, even dance teams. One lady sees her team as a "platform upon which God lands" -- That was what they preached at the Tower of Babel. The end-time commercial/religious institutions perform to add force to the worship for the audience who must be paying but passive. Others bait and switch by promising to reverse the process and "lead you into the presence of God." These are the ascending - descending pagan rituals which work best in the churches turned into temple-states to support the high priest.

Many wonder how to be self-defensive without being labeled as shrill attackers of "God's Annointed." These people increasingly sell their bodies by claiming to be apostles or prophets whom you resist at your own peril. Therefore, what follows is a "Legal Defense Fund" of random information to help you resist those who knowingly tokenize Scripture to bully you into following "God's Little Change Agents." Jesus loves those who keep His commandments and you must not be fearful of wolves waving sheep skins. All of these articles are "files" into which I will post new information from time to time.

Aristotle Politics Chapter 13 On Music and Drama as Worship - Effeminate and Effeminates 6/5/99
Clement of Alexandria - Exhortation to the Heathen - Singing, Drama and Idolatry 6/3/99
Clement: Instrumental Music, Dance and Drama Effeminate Worship Revised 6/3/99
, The Shows, or De Spectaculis, Modern Religious Drama and Music 6/4/99
Boethius - Consolation of Philosophy 1 - Music or the Truth 4/24/99
Musical Worship - Taking the Key to Knowledge - Jubal or Jubilee -12/5/98
Musical Heresy - Hippolytus - Soothsaying -9/17/98
Witchcraft - Women's Culture - Change Agents -9/16/98
Worship Drama - Change Agents - Dionysus Theater -9/13/98
Musical Paradigm - Covenant of Grace - Law of Moses -9/7/98
Woodmont Hills - Look to the Hills - The Zoe Group - Human Potential -8/29/98

Origin of Instrumental Music in Christian Worship M.C.Kurfees -8/28/98
Psalmody Only - Musical Instruments - Presbyterians -8/27/98
Thomas Aquinas - Praise Songs - Against Musical Instruments -8/27/98
Thomas Aquinas - God Praised With Lips - Not Instructed -8/27/98

Musical Minister - Catholic Precentor - Pagan Clergy -8/6/98
Musical Worship - Congregational Singing - Catholic Encyclopedia -11/18/9 Rev 1/15/99

Prophesying Laughing and Speaking in Tongues -8/4/98
J. W. McGarvey Musical Worship The Organ -8/15/98
Amphion by Tennyson 8/19/98
Music as magical worship or just silly.
Hymns of Ephraem -8/18/98
Musical Worship - Irenaeus - Wine Women and Magic -8/20/98
Worship Drama - POETICS - Aristotle -8/21/98

General Articles on Music as Worship

Note: Personal names are used only in reviewing published books or articles, or in connection with public lectures. We don't discuss personalities or judge character or motives, but beliefs which are taught in an attempt to radically change the musical and worship styles to fit the modern commercial Seeker model.

Summary Outline of Music in Worship
History of Instrumental Music Introduction
Against Musical Instruments in Worship - Presbyterian R. Dabney
Arnobius on Instrumental Music-
Alfred Edersheim Instrumental Music in the Jerusalem Temple
The Meaning of Hallel
Instrumental And Musical Worship Teams For Brainwashing
Thought Control in the Church With Music

The Emperor Has No Clothes Part 1:
The Emperor Has No Clothes Part 2:
The Emperor Has No Clothes Part 3:

Musical Instruments in Worship Catholic Encyclopedia
Complex Harmony In Church Music
Clement of Alexandria Against Instrumental Music
Musical Worship - Review- Edward Fudge
Gregorian Chants.
Islam - Koran - Instrumental Music
Musical Worship - Odes of Solomon
Northwest College of the Bible A Review -7/27/98
Odes of Solomon Speaks to Jubilee 98 and Wine Skins Movements
Rubel Shelly - Faith Matters - Song of Moses
Musical Worship Clergy - First Heresy
Musical Worship Minister, Enchanter, or Soothsayer
Is There a Musical Conspiracy among the Scholars

Musical Worship Chronologically ordered.

Note: These are primarily a collection of Scripture and literary quotations to show that music was the device Satan always used to pull people away from honoring God's Word. According to the roots of words and contemporary writings, this began in the garden of Eden with Satan (Lucifer, etc) representing Babylonian, Tyrian and other self-ordained kings using music to bleed away worship owed only to God. Didn't Jesus say that He spoke in parables to hide the truth from those who do not love the truth; and this began "from the foundation of the world." God's true Jubilee was to take the collected property away from the huge land-owners (denominations) and restore them to the local tribes (congregations). But then don't we, according to prophecy, turn the Word upside down?

"Unlike the pagan deities, Yahweh was not in any of the forces of nature but in a real apart. He is experienced in the scarcely perceptible timbre of a tiny breeze in the paradox of a voiced silence." (Armstrong, Karen, A History of God, p. 27)

Musical Worship Teams Introduction
Musical Worship Teams a Definition
Lilith The Mother of Musical Worship

Lamech, Jubal and Babylonian Music
Jubal - Genun - Musical Worship
Musical Worship - Jubilee 98 - Aztec Paradigm
Babylonian Musical Worship Teams
Dionysus - Effeminate Wine - Music Worship
Priests - Soothsayers - Musicians
Musical Worship Teams and Ancient Prostitution
Musical Pomp of Lucifer means to triumph over
Miriam Prophetess or Usurper
Instrumental Music for Praise Forbidden
Musical Prophesying by Saul as sign of madness
Musical Worship Teams Added by David
Psalm 149, Psalm 150, Musical Praise added 2/15/99
Trumpet Playing Watchmen At the High Places
Lamenting for Tammuz in Ezekiel
Ezekiel 13 - Women in Ministry - Rubel Shelly
Feminine Musical Worship Teams Watch Persons on the Wall
Jubilee 98 - Habakkuk - Seekers
Women and Children Become Elders when Men Fail
Musical Worship Teams Outlawed and Restored
The Nature of First Century Jewish Music
Jesus Took the Musical Worship Teams Off our Backs
Background to Corinth's Musical Ecstasy
Why Women Worship Leaders Were Silenced in Corinth
Arians Changing the Law With Musical Worship Teams
Musical Worship Teams are Musical Shepherds
Musical Worship Teams are the Overseers
Musical Worship Teams are Preachers
Musical Worship Teams And the Jubilee Restructure

Music as the Ultimate Change Agent

James Kendrick - Jubilee 98 - Music in Time 6/25/98

See our more complete Index Here

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