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Myles Werntz Baptists Theology at Abilene Christian University.

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The Church of Christ is, according to the Campbells, A School of Christ
Worship, according the Campbells and the Holy Convocation in the wilderness and never changed is Reading and Musing the Word.
There is no THERE THERE.  Each mostly small assembly gets to decide whether it follows all of history and use ONE CUP or use individual "shot glasses" sold by G.C.Brewer does not a SCHISM make because there is no denominational headquarters.

After the First Great Awakening there were 321 separate "denominations" mostly Baptist. There were no 4 Quaker groups.
Now, there are 141 named Baptist Denominations.  Stanglin cannot name one President of the No Sunday School Board group.

Scripture and all Religious Groups Claim to be Apostolic: to follow Commands, examples and Inferences.

To Reject the Regulative Principle is to be ANTI-God and ANTI-Christ.  Theos (Yhwh-Elohim) ology, does not permit the claim that one's PRACTICES are CO-interpreters of Scripture. Furthermore, ALL historic scholars when fairly quoted support the Restoration of the OLD PATHS demanded by God speaking through the Prophets.


Logos  computation, reckoning 2. statement of a theory, argument, ouk emeu alla tou l. akousantas prob. in Heraclit.50; logon ēde noēma amphis alētheiēs discourse and reflection on reality,
IV. inward debate of the soul, reflection, deliberation
Regulative and formative forces, derived from the intelligible and operative in the sensible universe,

Opposite to epithumia
 A. desire, yearning, longing after a thing, desire of or for it, Theaomai :--gaze at, behold, mostly with a sense of wonder3. view as spectators
Opposite Pathos  A. that which happens to a person or thing, incident, accident,
Opposite Poiein to excite passion, Arist.Rh.1418a12; V. Rhet., emotional style or treatment,
Opposite Enthousi-astikos , ē, on, A. inspired,phusisPl.Ti.71e; esp. by music,

VI. verbal expression or utterance, lego, lexis
      -Lexis A.speech, OPPOSITE ôidê

-ôidê, of song 5. = eppsdê, spell, incantation
4. text of an author,  OPPOSITE exegesis [Peter's private interpretation outlaws exegesis]
Prose OPPOSITE -poiêsis, Id.R.390a;
OPPOSITE -poiêtikê, D.H.Comp.6; opp. poiêmata, onomatopoeic word

OPPOSITE  emmetra Modus   2. The measure of tones, measure, rhythm, melody, harmony, time; in poetry, measure, metre, mode: Mūsĭcus a, um, adj., = mousikos.
X. the Word or Wisdom of God, personified as his agent in creation and world-government,

347c] But if he does not mind, let us talk no more of poems and verses, but consider the points on which I questioned you at first, Protagoras, and on which I should be glad to reach, with your help, a conclusion.

For it seems to me that arguing about poetry is comparable to the wine-parties of common market-folk. These people, owing to their inability to carry on a familiar conversation over their wine by means of their own voices and discussions

Historic Groups called The Church of Christ all claiming Commands, Examples and Inferences.

Died C. 110 Ignatius to the Ephesians

And if those that corrupt mere human families are condemned to death, how much more shall those suffer everlasting punishment who endeavour to corrupt the CHURCH OF CHRIST, for which the Lord Jesus, the only-begotten Son of God, endured the cross, and submitted to death! Whosoever, "being waxen fat," and "become gross," sets at nought His doctrine, shall go into hell.

In like manner, every one that has received from God the power of distinguishing, and yet follows an unskilful shepherd, and receives a false opinion for the truth, shall be punished.

"What communion hath light with darkness? or Christ with Belial? Or what portion hath he that believeth with an infidel? or the temple of God with idols? " And in like manner say I, what communion hath truth with falsehood? or righteousness with unrighteousness? or true doctrine with that which is false?

And He says of Himself to the Father, "I have," says He, "glorified Thee upon the earth; I have finished the work which, Thou gavest Me; I have manifested Thy name to men." And of the Holy Ghost, "He shall glorify Me, for He receives of Mine."

But the spirit of deceit preaches himself, and speaks his own things, for he seeks to please himself. He glorifies himself, for he is full of arrogance.

He is lying, fraudulent, soothing, flattering, treacherous, rhapsodical, trifling, inharmonious, verbose, sordid, and timorous.

Austin Graduate School of Theology Reviews
Theology and AntiChrist

Isaiah.8 there is NO LIGHT in those who do not SPEAK that which is written.

Austin Graduate Schoof Theology: Prophesied

Theolog-os who discourses of the gods, of poets such as Hesiod and Orpheus [one of the sects silenced in Rome] Arist.Metaph.1000a9, cosmologists
theologoi kai poiētai[poet, singers you make yourself] of diviners and prophets, “th. kai mantiesPhilol.14; hoi Delphōn th

This speaks of the Mad women of Corinth well documented.
Arist.Metaph.1000a9, The school of Hesiod, and all the cosmologists, considered only what was convincing to themselves, and gave no consideration to us. For they make the first principles Gods or generated from Gods, and say that whatever did not taste of the nectar and ambrosia became mortal—clearly using these terms in a sense significant to themselves; but as regards the actual applications of these causes their statements are beyond our comprehension

manti^s  female witchcraft of Spiritual Formation. ho mantis mantin ekpraxas eme, of Apollo and Cassandra,
ho Thrēxi m.E.Hec.1267 (of Dionysus), That Thracian or Threskia as IMPURE religion. 2. metaph., presager, foreboder,
II. a kind of grasshopper, the praying mantis, Mantis religiosa, Theoc.10.18,
Delphoi , ōn, hoi, A.Delphi,Delphōn es piona dēmon sacrificial meat.   [Paul cast out the Delphian spirit who used music]
Theolog-eō ,
A.discourse on the gods and cosmology, Arist. Metaph.983b29; “peri tinōn”c.; Dia auton ton Phaethonta [Jupiter, son of Apollon] zōogonon theologousi call him Zeus z. Antig.Mir. 10b:—Pass., ta theologoumena discourses about the gods,, Suet. Aug.94; “treis hai Moirai theologountaiTheol.Ar.16.
2. refer to a divine influence, tous tokous Sch.Ptol.Tetr.103.

zōogonos2 zōē  zōē
tēn zoēn poieesthai or katastēsasthai apo or ek . . to get one's living by .
II. zōē,= “graus11, the scum on milk,
zôos alive, living, Homer, Hdt., etc.; zôon helein [heresy or sectarianism] tina to TAKE PRISONER,

Zoe is EVE or Evah in feminine or effeminate worship so they have to slander Paul.  Evah means an abomination because she is the MEDIATRIX as the dirty Muses were called the SHEPHERDS.  There is a mother behind every progressive.

John Owen Regulative Principle

John Owen, (born 1616, Stadhampton, Oxfordshire, Eng.—died Aug. 24, 1683, London), English Puritan minister, prolific writer, and controversialist. He was an advocate of Congregationalism and an aide to Oliver Cromwell, the lord protector of England (1653–58)

“The appointment of all divine ordinances under the New Testament was his [Christ’s] especial province and work, as the Son and Lord over his own house; and obedience unto him in the observance of them is that which he gives in especial charge unto all his disciples, Matthew 28:18-20. And it is nothing but a loss of that subjection of soul and conscience unto him which is indispensably required of all believers, that has set the minds of so many at liberty to do and observe in divine worship what they please, without any regard unto his institutions.

“The worship of God is of that nature that whatsoever is performed in it is an act of religious obedience. That anything may be esteemed such, it is necessary that the conscience be in it subject to the immediate authority of God. His authority alone renders any act of obedience religious. ... In things which concern the worship of God, the commanding power is Christ, and his command the adequate rule and measure of our obedience. (Mt. 28:20).”

Works of John Owen Vol.. 15. A discourse concerning evangelical love, church peace, and unity, pp. 176-177. This point is also made in his defense of nonconformity to the Anglican Church.

Christ’s regulation of the church also entails that in matters which his word leaves open the consciences and souls of believers are free. The regulative principle obliges the church to respect the liberty of believers. Owen develops this especially as he examines the application of the regulative principle to the communion of the saints. A summary follows:

  1. The rule of communion among the disciples of Christ in all his churches is invariably

    established and fixed by himself.

  2. All the benefits and blessings, all the comfort and use of church assemblies and communion,

    depend alone on the promise of the presence of Christ with them. He will only be present in

    the ordinances he has commanded.

  3. Now, that any one may thus enjoy the presence of Christ in any church, with the fruits and

    benefits of it, no more can be required of him but that, through the preaching of the gospel and baptism, being made a professed disciple, he do or be ready to do and observe all whatsoever Christ hath commanded.

  4. In all other things which do relate unto the worship of God, he hath set them and left them at liberty, Galatians 5:1; which, so far as it is a grant and privilege purchased for them, they are obliged to make good and maintain.

Commenting on Romans 14-15 treating matters of dispute in the church, Owen points out: “Where, indeed, the question was about the institutions of Christ, he [Paul] binds up the churches precisely unto what he had received from him, 1 Corinthians 11:23; but in cases of this nature, wherein a direct command of Christ cannot be pleaded nor is pretended, he absolutely rejects and condemns all thoughts of such a procedure. But supposing that differences in judgment and practice were and would be among Christians, the sum of his advice is, that all offenses and scandals ought to be diligently avoided...”

The Belgic Confession. A.D. 1561. Revised 1619Article VII

We believe that these Holy Scriptures fully contain the will of God, and that whatsoever man ought to elieve unto salvation, is sufficiently taught therein. For since the whole manner of worship which God requires of us is written in them at large, it is unlawful for any one, though an Apostle, to teach otherwise than we are now taught in the Holy Scriptures: nay, though it were an angel from heaven, as the Apostle Paul saith. For since it is forbidden to add unto or take away any thing from the Word of God, it doth thereby evidently appear that the doctrine thereof is most perfect and complete in all respects. Neither may we compare any writings of men, though ever so holy, with those divine Scriptures; nor ought we to compare custom, or the great multitude, or antiquity, or succession of times or persons, or councils, decrees, or statutes, with the truth of God, for the truth is above all: for all men are of themselves liars, and more vain than vanity itself. Therefore we reject with all our hearts whatsoever doth not agree with this infallible rule, which the 389 Apostles have taught us, saying, Try the spirits whether they are of God; likewise, If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house

The Spirit of Disciples as ANTI-theologians

Keith D. Stanglin: 

Thomas Campbell’s Call for Unity

The American Restoration Movement, as many historians have reminded us,
        was initiated around the turn of the nineteenth century
        PRIMARILY as a UNITY movement within Protestant Christianity.

That is a lie because it is the opposite of TRUTH and is intended to "tribulate" the wee little people.  We will LINK to Scripture and Historical facts to prove that RESTORATION is always demanded by God, is based on the World as the Kingdom of Satan is always spreading hatred as Angels of Light, by all historic scholars who insisted on being Apostolic, by men like Francis Bacon or John Locke, by John Calvin and by Keith Stanglin seeking to SANITIZE those who feed "godliness as a means of existence."

Theology in the Greek literature is devoted to Apollyon the leader of the unleashed locusts or Musical Prophesiers.  They are recorded as dirty adulteress who know how to tell the truth and how to lie.  They occupy the role of SHEPHERDESSES.  Religious performers in religious centers are called sorceress who, in their madness, claimed that they were the true mediators.  Paul silenced both male and female who self-authored songs and sermons.

Restoration means to STOP doing anything which hinders or is not required to follow the PATTERN of Scripture or which HINDERS the "one piece pattern" of the REST of Jesus which demanded stopping anything not required to PREACH the WORD (Logos, Regulative Principle outlawing human opinions, human
experiences, rhetoric, singing, playing instruments or acting.)

An Assembly of Christ as Ekklesia has a one-piece pattern from the wilderness onward.  Even Gentiles were wise unto salvation because they attended the synagogue to escape the ancient and modern ceremonial legalism which was destructive to spiritual life.

Acts 15:21 For Moses of old time
        hath in every city them that PREACH him,
        being READ in the synagogues every sabbath day.

The Tradition of Jesus was to attend the synagogue and STAND UP TO READ.  He never "preached" beyond explaining the text. Neither did any educated OVERSEER of the assembly.  The Lord's Supper was added to the assembly. If you remember that Jesus died to be out only Teacher when elders Teach that Which has been taught, you will sit down, shut up and listen to the READER so you could go home and discuss it all week.

Restoration means alerting "doctors of the law" against ANTICHRISTS and BLASPHEMERS.

Leonard Allen: WE can say that there was a double sending--two missions the mission of the Spirit AND the mission of the Son. [ p 107]

The very truth about Christ--that he is GOD IN THE FLESH, Son Saviour, and Messiah--becomes INTELLIGIBLE through the DEEP WORK OF THE SPIRIT

2John 7  For many deceivers are entered into the world,
        who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.
        This is a deceiver and an ANTICHRIST.

Paul silences both male and female beyond READING and MEDITATING on the Word which was the "worship" demanded by the Campbell's

1Tim. 2:5 For there is ONE GOD,
        and one mediator between God and men,
        the MAN Christ Jesus;

Anything beyond that PATTERN is crippling the role of being a Christian, a Disciple, who is a Student who attends SCHOOL OF CHRIST, in the words of Thomas Campbell.  He says that WORSHIP is READING and MUSING the Word.



Division is caused by men seeking to establish their own "money tree" by collecting a tribe.  Even among insects becoming Alpha male is the natural or carnal state.  The PATTERN of Jesus is the WAY that is called a SECT.  It is very narrow and hard to find because it is a Little Flock of Lost Spirits of SERVANTS. 

Isaiah 58 by God's Holy Spirit

Isa 58:12 And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places:
        thou shalt
raise up the foundations [fundāmentumof many generations;
        and thou shalt be called,

                The repairer
of the breach,
                The RESTORER
of PATHS [pattern] to dwell in.  [Rest]

Keith Stanglin and all of the Doctors of the Law who, according to Jesus, take away the key to knowledge DISPUTE God's Holy Spirit as their pagan trinitarinism is called Blasphemy and Antichrist.

Aedĭfĭco ,  1 Thessalonians 5.11 Therefore exhort one another, and build each other up, even as you also do.
altĕr-ŭter , I. One of two, the one or the other, either, no matter which

Eph. 2:20 And are BUILT UPON (educated by) upon
        the foundation of the APOSTLES and PROPHETS,
        Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone.

Keith Stanglin and all of the sellers of the Free Water of the Word claim that it is evil and divisive to RESTORE the Holy Scriptures and the only purpose for which Jesus died.  Baptism as for A holy spirit or A good conscience, consciousness so YOU can READ the BLACK text on BROWN paper.  Then, you can understand that the LORD IS THAT SPIRIT
John Calvin on Continuing Revelation the Spirit and the Word

All the Principles of Piety Subverted By Fanatics, Who Substitute Revelations For Scripture.

(From Institutes of the Christian Religion Book One, Chapter Nine) or Here


1. The temper and error of the Libertines, who take to themselves the name of spiritual, briefly described. Their refutation.

(a). The APOSTLES and all true Christians have embraced the written WORD. This confirmed by a passage in Isaiah; also by the example and words of Paul.
(b). The
Spirit OF Christ seals the doctrine of the written Word on the minds of the godly.

(2) Refutation continued.

a) The impositions of Satan cannot be detected without the aid of the written Word. First Objection. The Answer to it.

3. Second Objection from the words of Paul as to the letter and spirit. The Answer, with an explanation of Paul's meaning. How the Spirit and the written Word are indissolubly connected.

1.The fanatics wrongly appeal to the Holy Spirit

Those who, rejecting Scripture, imagine that they have some peculiar way of penetrating to God, are to be deemed not so much under the influence of error as madness. For certain giddy men have lately appeared, who, while they make a great display of the superiority of the Spirit,

reject all reading of the Scriptures themselves, and deride the simplicity of those who only delight in what they call the dead and deadly letter. But I wish they would tell me what spirit it is whose inspiration raises them to such a sublime height that they dare despise the doctrine of Scripture as mean and childish.

If they answer that it is the Spirit of Christ, their confidence is exceedingly ridiculous;

since they will, I presume, admit that the apostles and other believers in the primitive Church were not illuminated by any other Spirit. None of these thereby learned to despise the word of God, but every one was imbued with greater reverence for it, as their writings most clearly testify.

And, indeed, it had been so foretold by the mouth of Isaiah. For when he says,

"My Spirit that is upon thee, and my words which I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed's seed, saith the Lord, from henceforth and for ever,"

he does not tie down the ancient Church to external doctrine, as he were a mere teacher of elements; he rather shows that,

under the reign of Christ, the true and full felicity of the new Church will consist in their being ruled not less by the Word than by the Spirit of God.

Hence we infer that these miscreants are guilty of fearful sacrilege in tearing asunder what the prophet joins in indissoluble union.

Add to this, that Paul, though carried up even to the third heaven, ceased not to profit by the doctrine of the law and the prophets, while, in like manner, he exhorts Timothy, a teacher of singular excellence, to give attention to reading, (1 Tim. 4: 13.)

This is Paul's unique word for worship in Spirit and in Truth: give attention or give heed. This is the same word in Hebrew used by David when he "worshiped" and sang songs upon his bed and meditated in his heart.

And the eulogium which he pronounces on Scripture well deserves to be remembered, viz., that

"it is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect," (2 Tim. 3: 16.)

What an infatuation of the devil, therefore, to fancy that Scripture, which conducts the sons of God to the final goal, is of transient and temporary use?

Sabbath does not mean Saturday but: intermission

A primitive root; to repose, that is, desist from exertion; used in many implied relations (causatively, figuratively or specifically): (cause to, let, make to) cease, celebrate, cause (make) to fail, keep (sabbath), suffer to be lacking, leave, put away (down), (make to) rest, rid, still, take away.


Paths: sēmĭta , the narrow way, of a way of life, course of conduct, etc.: “justitiae,Vulg. Prov. 2, 8: “justorum,

Dwell in: quĭes , I.  Lit., rest, repose, cessation from labor, from cares,
1.  A quiet life, a keeping still, neutrality between political parties:
quietem capere,to take repose, id. B. G. 6, 27:
Cic. Deiot. 13.38 He, considering these things, and reflecting on them day and night, is so far from feeling resentment against you, (for he would not only be ungrateful, but even mad to do so,) that he attributes the whole of the tranquillity and quiet of his old age which he enjoys to your clemency.
fundāmentum futuri oratoris,id. ib. 1, 4, 5; ground work, basis,
narratio est quaedam quasi sedes et fundamentum constituendae fidei,
disciplina nixa fundamento veritatis,

Isa 58:13 If thou turn away thy foot from the sabbath,
doing thy pleasure on my holy day;
call the sabbath a delight
                the holy of the Lord, honourable;
                and shalt honour him,

Sabbatum A. In gen., the day of rest among the Jews, the Sabbath; considered by the Romans to have been ordained as a fast-day. The Greek PAUO has the same meaning:

So, you have heard it straight from Jesus:"Go enjoy an ice cream cone, sleep late, go for a long walk in the forest or along the beach, and just relax."

Keith Stanglin is purpose driven to keep you ignorant and away from Campbell's School of Christ.

Come unto
me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you REST. Matthew 11:28

Take my yoke upon you, and LEARN OF ME;
        for I am meek and lowly in heart:
        and ye shall find rest unto your souls. Matthew 11:29

        For my
yoke is easy, and my burden is light. Matthew 11:30

A laded burden includes the KOMA producing music of all paganism as well as a TAX.  There will be no podiums or counters of shekals in the kingdom of Christ

1 Corinthians 1   First Corinthians Chapter One will be in blue text.  Isaiah 33 and Zechariah 14 will be in dark brown.

Ana Pauo means stop the polemos or battle, fight, war: stop levying war against another, anaireisthai or airô egeirein, kathistanai, epagein to begin a war; p. poieisthai to make war, -- opp. to p. anapauein, kataluesthai to put an end to it, make peace, all in attic

The singing which is to PAUSE to give rest is b. mostly of things, make an end of, stop, abate

Stop the:  Melōd-eō ,A. chant, sing, Ar.Av.226, 1381, Th.99:—Pass., to be chanted, “ta rhēthenta ē melōdēthentaPl.Lg.655d, cf. Chamael. ap. Ath. 14.620c; to be set to music, Cleanth. ap. Phld.Mus.p.98 K.; ta melōdoumena diastēmata used in music, Plu.2.1019a. II. chant, choral song, melôidias poiêtês, lullaby, generally, musispauō , Il.19.67, etc. ;

Stop the: lupas ōdais p. E.Med.197 (anap.), etc. ; p. toxon let the bow rest, Od.21.279
Stop the: 2. c. acc. pers. et gen. rei, hinder, keep back, or give one rest, from a thing, p. Hektora makhēs, ponoio Akhilēa, Thamurin aoidēs,

Pauo means: Stop worshipping the MUSES

Stop the: 3. c. pres. part., stop a person from  leave off doing . . , hoth' hupnos heloi, pausaito te nēpiakheuōn when he stopped playing
Stop the: later paēsomai ana-) Apoc.14.13
Stop the: of one singing or speaking, 17.359, Hdt.7.8.d : generally, Med. denotes willing, Pass. forced, cessation.
Stop the rhapsōd-os , o(, A. reciter of Epic poems, sts. applied to the bard who recited his own poem, professional reciters, esp. of the poems of Homer, Hdt.5.67, Pl.Ion 530c, etc.: also rh. kuōn, ironically, of the Sphinx who chanted her riddle, S.OT391
(Prob. from rhaptō, aoidē; Hes.Fr. 265 speaks of himself and Homer as en nearois humnois rhapsantes aoidēn, and Pi.N.2.2 calls Epic poets rhaptōn epeōn aoidoi:
Stop the orkheomai , 2. represent by dancing or pantomime,
III. Act. orkheō , make to dance (v. Pl.Cra.407a), is used by Ion Trag.50, ek tōn aelptōn mallon ōrkhēsen phrenas made my heart leap

kata-pauô put an end to, stop

3. depose from power, k. tina tês archês, tês basilêïês, Hdt.4.1, 6.64; tous turannous Id.5.38 , cf. 2.144, 7.105; Mousas depose them from their honours, cease to worship them, E. HF685 (lyr.):--Pass., tês basilêïês katepausthê Hdt. 1.130 , cf. 6.71

The only way to honor God is to NOT try to do His Work for Him.  The SABBATH should be a DELIGHT by  not doing your own pleasure.

not doing thine own ways,
        nor finding thine own pleasure,
SPEAKING thine own words:

1 Timothy 2 silences both male and female speaking their own words: Jesus call that the mark of the Sons of the Devil

in-vĕnĭo , A. go find out, to invent, effect: “quandam fallaciam,Ter. Heaut. 3, 3, 35: “perniciem aliis, ac postremo sibi,Tac. A. 1, 74.—Of an orator's faculty of invention: “tanta in eo inveniendi copia et eloquendi facultas,Quint. 10, 1, 69: multa divinitus a majoribus nostris inventa atque instituta sunt, Auct. Or. pro Dom. 1.—
laudo , āvi, ātum, 1, v. a. laus, I. to praise, laud, commend, extol, eulogize

vŏluntas , ātis, f. 1. volo, I. will, freewill, wish, choice, desire, inclination. quid esset suae voluntatis ostendere,
ostendo  to stretch out or spread before one; hence, to expose to view, to show, exhibit,
 2. Transf.: “vocem,to make heard, Phaedr. 1, 13, 9.—
2. Transf., a wondrous thing, prodigy: scis Appium ostenta facere, Cael. ap. Cic. Fam. 8, 14, 4: “ostenti prorsus genus,Just. 10, 1, 6.

Isaiah 59 Seek The Old Paths

Isa 59:7 Their feet run to evil, and
           they make haste to shed innocent blood:
           THEIR thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; 
[Tithes and offerings] and destruction [interpretation]
            are in THEIR
PATHS. [Their PATTERNS repudiate the Way or Pattern of Jesus.)

Via A In gen., a way, method, mode, manner, fashion, etc., of doing any thing, course (cf. modus):
effundant sanguinem innocentem cogitationes

vīta  Life, spiritu, exiguum vitae curriculumtutiorem vivere rationem, quā omnes illorum conatus investigare
the right way, the true method, mode, or manner: rationally and methodically, Cic. Or. 33, 116: “ut ratione et viā procedat oratio,

Jas 5:3 Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

Jas 5:4 Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.

Isa 59:8 The way of peace they know not;
           and there is no judgment in their goings:
           they have made them crooked PATHS;
           whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace.

Isa 59:20 And the Redeemer shall come to Zion,
        and unto them that turn from transgression in Jacob, saith the Lord.

Acts 3:19 Repent ye therefore, and be converted [TURN], THAT your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord;

Spirit is never a Person but is a figurative or parable to explain how God puts His WORD directly into the MOUTH of A Moses, the Prophets and LASTLY Jesus of Nazareth.

Is 59:21
As for me, this is my covenant with them, saith the LORD;
        My SPIRIT that is upon thee , and
        My WORDS which I have put in thy MOUTH,
                shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed,
                nor out of the mouth of thy seeds seed, saith the Lord,
                from henceforth and for ever.


The Word of the Spirit OF Christ are not the Words of Moses or David.  

This is a parallelism: both SPIRIT or WORDS are in our MOUTH for ever. Isaiah does not have to say that the sirit will never depart from us.

Their god is IRRATIONAL because they make an industry out of accusing Restoration be RATIONAL.  God is WORD: WORD or Logos is God's rational Regulative Spirit.  They TWIST John Locke and others without ever reading John Locke.

It is certainly IRRATIONAL to claim that you can get God to come into your HOUSE BUILT BY HUMAN HAND if you just stimulate all of His SENSES by embarassing musicians.

John Locke

But since men are so solicitous about the TRUE CHURCH, I would only ask them here,
        by the way, if it be not more agreeable to the
Church of Christ

to make the conditions of her communion consist in such things, and such things only,
as the
Holy Spirit has in the Holy Scriptures declared, in express words, to be necessary to salvation;

I ask, I say, whether this be not more agreeable to the Church of Christ

than for men to impose their own inventions and interpretations upon others as if they were of Divine authority, and to establish by ecclesiastical laws, as absolutely necessary to the profession of Christianity, such things as the Holy Scriptures do either not mention, or at least not expressly command?

Whosoever requires those things in order to ecclesiastical communion, which Christ does not require in order to life eternal, he may, perhaps, indeed constitute a society accommodated to his own opinion and his own advantage;

but how that can be called the Church of Christ which is established upon laws that are not His, and which excludes such persons from its communion as He will one day receive into the Kingdom of Heaven, I understand not.

Schism, then, for the same reasons that have already been alleged,

is nothing else but a separation made in the communion of the Church
upon account of
something in divine worship or ecclesiastical discipline that is not any NECESSARY part of it.

Now, nothing in worship or discipline can be necessary to Christian communion (unity) but what Christ our legislator, or the Apostles by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, have commanded in express words

John Calvin Restoring the Church
I am confident, from your equity, that I shall easily obtain your approval of my design. For where can I exert myself to better purpose or more honestly, where, too, in a matter at this time more necessary, than in attempting, according to my ability, to AID the CHURCH OF CHRIS
whose claims it is unlawful in any instance to deny, and which is now in grievous distress, and in extreme danger?

But there is no occasion for a long preface concerning myself. Receive what I say as you would do if it were pronounced by the united voice

of all those who either have already taken care TO RESTORE THE CHURCH
or are desirous that it
should be restored to true order.


I. With all despatch, then, I hasten to show that I have neither conceded nor surrendered any thing for which I ever contended; but that on the contrary, the opinion now expressed, whether true or false, is one that I have always avowed.

(Footnote in original reads: It is with us as old as baptism for the remission of sins, and this is at least as old as the "Christian Baptist."1823  Read the first two numbers of that work.)

1. Let me ask, in the first place, what could mean all that we have written
        upon the
union of Christians on apostolic grounds,
        had we taught that all Christians in the world were already united in our own community?

2. And in the second place, why should we so often have quoted and applied to apostate Christendom what the Spirit saith to saints in Babylon--"Come out of her, my people, that you partake not of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues"--had we imagined that the Lord had no people beyond the pale of our communion!

3. But let him that yet doubts, read the following passages from the Christian Baptist, April, 1825:--

"I have no idea of seeing, nor wish to see, the sects unite in one grand army.
This would be dangerous to our liberties and laws. For this the Saviour did not pray.

It is only the
disciples dispersed among them that reason and benevolence would call out of them, "&c. &c. This looks very like our present opinion of Christians among the sects!!! 2d ed. Bethany, p. 85.

4. Again, speaking of purity of speech in order to the union of Christians, we say,

"None of you [Christians] have ever yet attempted to show how Christians can be united on your principles.
You have often showed how they may be
divided, and how each party may hold its own, but while you pray for the visible unity of the disciples, and advocate their visible disunity, we cannot understand you." March, 1827, vol. 4.

Keith D. Stanglin:  Such a movement was needed, after all.
        For all the good that the sixteenth-century Protestant movements
        may have brought to the Western Church in the way of doctrinal reforms,
                there was at least one outcome that wrought inestimable damage—namely, SCHISM 

schismătĭcus , I.a separatist, seceder, schismatic (eccl. Lat.): “schismaticos non fides diversa facit, sed communionis disrupta societas,Aug. Quaest. in Matt. 11.
fĭdes  A. The quality that produces confidence in a person, trustworthiness, faithfulness, conscientiousness, credibility, honesty; in things, credibility, truth, etc.

Jude 3 Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.
Jude 4 For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.
Jude 5 I will therefore put you in remembrance, though ye once knew this, how that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed them that believed not.
Jude 6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.
Jude 7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.


fides2    I.a stringed instrument, lyre, lute, cithern. nervus, chorda, a string of a musical instrument: “quae tuba quaeve lyra Flatibus incluta vel fidibus,

lyra  a lute, lyre, a stringed instrument invented by Mercury and presented to Apollo Aeoliae Lesbis amica lyrae

dicere longum melos,Hor. C. 3, 4, 4manifestus Apollo,A. Of offences, exposed, brought to light, proved by direct evidence
cantus  1. With the voice, a singing, song; in full, cantus vocum cantus moderatā oratione

      manifestus A. Of offences, exposed, brought to light, proved by direct evidence Of offenders, convicted of a thing, caught or apprehended in, manifestly betraying any thing;

        Apollo,  Apollŏnis Apollo, son of Jupiter and Latona, twinbrother of Diana, and god of the sun. On account of his omniscience, god of divination and since he communicated oracles in verse, god of poetry and music, presiding over the Muses,
Keith Stanglin's PSALLO word speaks of plucking a hair or string with the HANDS but never with a plektron or a "guitar pick." Psallo is not a musical word but is documented in the Latin Literature as bad men plucking their guitar trying to seduce a younger male.  Jude  references the PLAY at Mount Sinai where the people rose up in PLAY: playing instruments and playing with one another. This Instrumental-Trinitarian-Perverted idolatry caused God to Turn them over to worship the Starry Host.  This was the worship of Apollo or Apollyon which the Greeks had established in Egypt.

there was at least one outcome that wrought inestimable damage—namely, SCHISM
In other words, this restoration of faith and  practice is the means, or the way, to the goal of unity.
        he means to unity— doing and saying as the New Testament church did and said—
        may be called a “patternistic restoration,” inasmuch as it seeks to “do and say”
        according to the definite pattern or “perfect model” revealed in the New Testament alone. In sum,
        for Campbell, this vision of patternistic restoration based on Scrip ture alone is the means to the greater goal of unity.



WHILE many writers and teachers, some of them too of high repute in the christian world, so called,
        compliment christianity, I mean the New Testament exhibition of it,
        upon the superexcellency of its moral dictates,
                who, at the same time are ignorant of,
                and even averse to, the religion it inculcates;
and whilst others profess to embrace it as a system of religion,
        without imbibing the spirit, realizing the truth,
        and experiencing the power of its religious institutions;
        but merely superstruct to themselves, [98] 
rest in, and are satisfied with, a form of godliness;
        and that, very often, a deficient, imperfect form,
        or such as their own imagination has devised;
        let us, with an open bible before us,
        distinguish and contemplate that religion which it enjoins and exhibits--

I mean the religion of christianity, for it also exhibits the religion of Judaism;
        but with this, in the mean time,
        we christians have nothing directly to do--
        we derive our religion immediately from the New Testament.

The author and ultimate object of our holy religion,
        Is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
        by HIS Spirit, speaking in Christ and his holy apostles.

The principle of this holy religion within us, is faith, a correspondent faith;
        that is, a belief, or inwrought persuasion by,
        and according to, the word of truth,
        in all points corresponding to the revelation
        which God has made of himself through Jesus Christ by the Spirit.

Eph. 3:5 Which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men,
        as it is now REVEALED unto his holy apostles and prophets by the SPIRIT;

Spirit is never a "person" but figurative or a parable to show how God puts His WORDS into the MOUTH of A Moses, the Prophets and lastly the MAN Jesus whom God made to be both Lord and Christ.

2Pet. 3:2 That ye may be mindful of the WORDS
        which were SPOKEN before by the holy PROPHETS,
        and of the COMMANDMENTS of us the apostles of the Lord and Saviour:

Hence, being rooted and grounded in the truth of this revelation,
        by faith in the divine testimony,
        we contemplate and worship God inwardly;
        that is, adore and reverence him in our souls,
        according to the characters and attributes under which he has revealed himself to us.

Thus we worship the Father, through the Son, by the Spirit,
        relying upon his teachings in and by the word,
        to lead as into all the truth which he has testified
        for our edification and salvation;
        and also upon his internal influence
        to excite, instruct, and comfort us, by the truth;
to help our infirmities, and to enable us to think and pray as we ought, both as to the matter and manner of our prayers. See Rom. viii. 26, and Jude 22, 21, with a multitude of other scriptures. Thus we have the internal religion, the habitual worship of the real believer, the sincere bible-taught christian with its principle; which is the faith above described. See Rom. x. 12-15.

WE WILL SHOW THAT THE APOSTLES HAD A LIMITED ROLE TO CERTIFY THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. There aree no Apostles and we will show that Alexander Campbell REPUDIATED The Apostle's Creed or any other Calvinistic Creed Keith Stanglin wants to IMPOSE to achieve UNITY.

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