Fallen Angels And Giants Clement Homily VIII

Fallen Angels and Giants: But from their unhallowed intercourse spurious men sprang, much greater in stature than ordinarymen, whom they afterwards called giants. From Clementine Homilies

Homily VIII.

Chapter I.Peter's Arrival at Tripolis.

Chapter II.Peter's Thoughtfulness.

Chapter III.A Conversation Interrupted.

Chapter IV.Many Called.

Chapter V.Faith the Gift of God.

Chapter VI.Concealment and Revelation.

Chapter VII.Moses and Christ.

Chapter VIII.A Large Congregation.

Chapter IX."Vindicate the Ways of God to Men."

Chapter X.The Original Law.

Chapter XI.Cause of the Fall of Man.

Chapter XII.Metamorphoses of the fallen Angels.

Chapter XIII.The Fall of the fallen Angels.

Chapter XIV.Their Discoveries.

Chapter XV.The Giants.

Chapter XVI.Cannibalism.

Chapter XVII.The Flood.

Chapter XVIII.The Law to the Survivors.

Chapter XIX.The Law to the Giants or Demons.

Chapter XX.Willing Captives.

Chapter XXI.Temptation of Christ.

Chapter XXII.The Marriage Supper. Baptism for Remission of Sins

Chapter XXIII.The Assembly Dismissed.

Chapter XXIV.The Sick Healed.

Homily VIII.

Chapter I.'s Arrival at Tripolis.

Now, as Peter was entering Tripolis, 1 the people from Tyre and Sidon, Berytus and Byblus, who were eager 2 to get instruction, and many from the neighbourhood, entered along with him; and not least were there gatherings of the multitudes from the city itself wishing to see him. Therefore there met with us in the suburbs the brethren who had been sent forth by him to ascertain as well other particulars respecting the city, as the proceedings of Simon, and to come and explain them. They received him, and conducted him to the house of Maroones. 3

Chapter II. Peter's Thoughtfulness.

But he, when he was at the very gate of his lodging, turned round, and promised to the multitudes that after the next day he would converse with them on the subject of religion. And when he had gone in, the forerunners assigned lodgings to those who had come with him. And the hosts and the entertainers did not fall short of the desire of those who sought hospitality. But Peter, knowing nothing of this, being asked by us to partake of food, said that he would not himself partake until those who had come with him were settled. And on our assuring him that this was already done, all having received them eagerly by reason of their affection towards him, so that those were grieved beyond measure who had no guests to entertain,Peter hearing this, and being pleased with their eager philanthropy, blessed them and went out, and having bathed in the sea, partook of food with the forerunners; and then, the evening having come, he slept.

Chapter III. A Conversation Interrupted.

But awaking about the second cockcrowing, he found us astir. We were in all sixteen, viz., Peter himself, and I Clement, Nicetas and Aquila, and the twelve who had preceded us. 4 Having therefore saluted us, he said, "Today, not being occupied with those without, we are free to be occupied with one another.

Wherefore I shall tell you the things that happened after your departure from Tyre; and do you minutely relate to me what have been the doings of Simon here."

While, therefore, we were answering one another by narratives on either side, one of our friends entered, and announced to Peter that Simon, learning of his arrival, had set off for Syria, and that the multitudes, thinking this one night to be like a year's time, and not able to wait for the appointment which he had made, were standing before the doors conversing with one another in knots and circles about the accusation brought by Simon,

and how that, having raised their expectations, and promised that he would charge Peter when he came with many evils, he had fled by night when he knew of his arrival. "However," said he, "they are eager to hear you; and I know not whence some rumour has reached them to the effect that you are going to address them today. In order, therefore, that they may not when they are very tired be dismissed without reason, you yourself know what it is proper for you to do."

Chapter IV. Many Called.

Then Peter, wondering at the eagerness of the multitudes, answered, 5 "You see, brethren, how the words of our Lord are manifestly fulfilled. For I remember His saying,

Many shall come from the east and from the west, the north and the south, and shall recline on the bosoms of Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob.' 6

`But many, 'said He also, `are called, but few chosen.' 7 The coming, therefore, of these called ones is fulfilled.

But inasmuch as it is not of themselves, but of God who has called them and caused them to come, on this account alone they have no reward, since it is not of themselves but of Him who has wrought in them.

But if, after being called, they do things that are excellent, for this is of themselves, then for this they shall have a reward.

Chapter V. Faith the Gift of God.

"For even the Hebrews who believe Moses,

and do not observe the things spoken by him, are not saved,
unless they observe the things that were spoken to them.

For their believing Moses was not of their own will, but of God, who said to Moses,

`Behold, I come to thee in a pillar of cloud, that the people may hear me speaking to thee, and may believe thee for ever.' 8

Since, therefore, both to the Hebrews and to those who are called from the Gentiles, believing in the teachers of truth is of God, while excellent actions are left to every one to do by his own judgment, the reward is righteously bestowed upon those who do well.

For there would have been no need of Moses, or of the coming of Jesus, if of themselves they would have understood what is reasonable.

Neither is there salvation in believing in teachers and calling them lords.

Chapter VI.Concealment and Revelation.

"For on this account Jesus is concealed from the Jews, who have taken Moses as their teacher, and Moses is hidden from those who have believed Jesus. For, there being one teaching by both, God accepts him who has believed either of these.

But believing a teacher is for the sake of doing the things spoken by God. And that this is so our Lord Himself says,

`I thank thee, Father of heaven and earth, because Thou hast concealed these things from the wise and elder, and hast revealed them to sucking babes.' 9 Thus God Himself has concealed a teacher from some, as foreknowing what they ought to do, and has revealed him to others, who are ignorant what they ought to do.

Chapter VII.Moses and Christ.

"Neither, therefore, are the Hebrews condemned on account of their ignorance of Jesus, by reason of Him who has concealed Him, if, doing the things commandedby Moses, they do not hate Him whom they do not know.

Neither are those from among the Gentiles condemned, who know not Moses on account of Him who hath concealed him,

provided that these also, doing the things spoken by Jesus, do not hate Him whom they do not know.

And some will not be profited by calling the teachers lords, but not doing the works of servants. For on this account our Jesus Himself said to one who often called Him Lord, but did none of the things which He prescribed, `Why call ye me Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say? ' 10 For it is not saying that will profit any one, but doing. By all means, therefore, is there need of good works.

Moreover, if any one has been thought worthy to recognise both as preaching one doctrine, that man has been counted rich in God, understanding both the old things as new in time, and the new things as old."

Chapter VIII.A Large Congregation.

While Peter was thus speaking, the multitudes, as if they had been called by some one, entered into the place where Peter was. Then he, seeing a great multitude, like the smooth current of a river gently flowing towards him, said to Maroones, "Have you any place here that is better able to contain the crowd? "Then Maroones conducted him to a gardenplot in the open air, and the multitudes followed. But Peter, standing upon a base of a statue which was not very high, as soon as he had saluted the multitude in pious fashion, knowing that many of the crowd that stood by were tormented with demons and many sufferings of long standing, and hearing them shrieking with lamentation, and falling down before himin supplication, rebuked them, and commanded them to hold their peace; and promising healing to them after the discourse, 11 began to speak on this wise:

Chapter IX."Vindicate the Ways of God to Men."

"While beginning to discourse on the worship of God to those who are altogether ignorant of everything, and whose minds have been corrupted by the accusations of our adversary Simon, I have thought it necessary first of all to speak of the blamelessness of the God who hath made all things, starting from the occasion seasonably afforded by Him according to His providence, that it may be known how with good reason many are held by many demons, and subjected to strange sufferings, that in this the justice of God may appear; and that those who through ignorance blame Him, now may learn by good speaking and welldoing what sentiments they ought to hold, and recall themselves from their previous accusation, assigning ignorance as the cause of their evil presumption, in order that they may be pardoned.

Chapter X.The Original Law.

"But thus the matter stands. The only good God having made all things well, and having handed them over to man, who was made after His image, he who had been made breathing of the divinity of Him who made him, being a true prophet and knowing all things, for the honour of the Father who had given all things to him, and for the salvation of the sons born of him, as a genuine father preserving his affection towards the children born of him, and wishing them, for their advantage, to love God and be loved of Him, showed them the way which leads to His friendship, teaching them by what deeds of men the one God and Lord of all is pleased; and having exhibited to them the things that are pleasing to Him, appointed a perpetual law to all, which neither can be abrogated by enemies, nor is vitiated by any impious one, nor is concealed in any place, but which can be read by all.

To them, therefore, by obedience to the law, all things were in abundance,the fairest of fruits, fulness of years, freedom from grief and from disease, bestowed upon them without fear, with all salubrity of the air.

Chapter XI.Cause of the Fall of Man.

"But they, because they had at first no experience of evils, being insensible to the gift of good things,

were turned to ingratitude by abundance of food and luxuries, so that they even thought that there is no Providence, since they had not by previous labour got good things as the reward of righteousness, inasmuch as no one of them had fallen into any suffering or disease, or any other necessity;

so that, as is usual for men afflicted on account of wicked transgression, they should look about for the God who is able to heal them. 12

But immediately after their despite, which proceeded from fearlessness and secure luxury, a certain just punishment met them, as following from a certain arranged harmony,

removing from them good things as having hurt them, and introducing evil things instead, as advantageous.

Chapter XII.Metamorphoses of the fallen Angels.

"For of the spirits who inhabit the heaven, 13 the angels who dwell in the lowest region,

being grieved at the ingratitude of men to God, asked that they might come into the life of men, that, really becoming men, by more intercourse they might convict those who had acted ungratefully towards Him,

and might subject every one to adequate punishment.

When, therefore, their petition was granted, they metamorphosed themselves into every nature; for, being of a more godlike substance, they are able easily to assume any form.

So they became precious stones, and goodly pearl, and the most beauteous purple, and choice gold, and all matter that is held in most esteem. And they fell into the hands of some, and into the bosoms of others, and suffered themselves to be stolen by them.

They also changed themselves into beasts and reptiles, and fishes and birds, and into whatsoever they pleased. These things also the poets among yourselves, by reason of fearlessness, sing, as they befell, attributing to one the many and diverse doings of all.

But what I do, that I will do, that I may cut off occasion from them which desire occasion; that wherein they glory, they may be found even as we. 2 Cor 11:12

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers,
transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. 2 Cor 11:13
And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 2 Cor 11:14

Chapter XIII.The Fall of the fallen Angels.

"But when, having assumed these forms, they convicted as covetous those who stole them, and changed themselves into the nature of men, in order that, living holily, and showing the possibility of so living, they might subject the ungrateful to punishment,

yet having become in all respects men, they also partook of human lust, and being brought tinder its subjection they fell into cohabitation with women; 14 and being involved with them, and sunk in defilement and altogether emptied of their first power, were unable to turn back to the first purity of their proper nature, their members turned away from their fiery substance: 15

for the fire itself, being extinguished by the weight of lust, and changed into flesh,

they trode the impious path downward. For they themselves, being fettered with the bonds of flesh, were constrained and strongly bound;

wherefore they have no more been able to ascend into the heavens.

The king of tyre is identified as a "singing and harp playing prostitute." We have some real history written by Wen Amun about how these people used musical girls to seduce merchants out of their wealth.

Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created. Eze. 28:13

Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God;

thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. Eze.28:14

Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee. Eze. 28:15

By the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence, and thou hast sinned: therefore I will cast thee as profane (h2490) out of the mountain of God: and I will destroy thee, O covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire. Eze. 28:16

Chalal (h2490) khaw-lal'; i. e. (by impl.) to wound, to dissolve; fig. to profane (a person, place or thing), to break (one's word), to begin (as if by an "opening wedge"); denom. (from 2485) to play (the flute): - begin (* men began), defile, * break, defile, * eat (as common things), * first, * gather the grape thereof, * take inheritance, pipe, player on instruments, pollute, (cast as) profane (self), prostitute, slay (slain), sorrow, stain, wound.

When David ROSE UP TO PLAY as they did at Mount Sinai, his praise with singing, playing and doing the whirling dance and going naked with the servant girls is rarely used in a good sense:

Halal (h1984) haw-lal'; a prim. root; to be clear (orig. of sound, but usually of color); to shine; hence to make a show, to boast; and thus to be (clamorously) foolish; to rave; causat. to celebrate; also to stultify: - (make) boast (self), celebrate, commend, (deal, make), fool (- ish, -ly), glory, give [light], be (make, feign self) mad (against), give in marriage, [sing, be worthy of] praise, rage, renowned, shine.

And looky:

Heylel (h1966) hay-lale'; from 1984 (in the sense of brightness); the morning-star: - lucifer.

The king of Babylon is also a personification or perhaps a SEED of Lucifer:

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! Isa 14:12

All they shall speak and say unto thee, Art thou also become weak as we? art thou become like unto us? Isa 14:10

Thy pomp is brought down to the grave, and the noise of thy viols: the worm is spread under thee, and the worms [maggots[ cover thee. Isa 14:11

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! Isa 14:12 how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: Isa 14:13

Chapter XIV.Their Discoveries.

"For after the intercourse, being asked to show what they were before, and being no longer able to do so, on account of their being unable to do aught else after their defilement, yet wishing to please their mistresses, instead of themselves,

they showed the bowels 16 of the earth; I mean, the choice metals, 17 gold, brass, silver, iron, and the like, with all the most precious stones.

And along with these charmed stones, they delivered the arts of the things pertaining to each, and imparted the discovery of magic, and taught astronomy, and the powers of roots,

and whatever was impossible to be found out by the human mind; also the reeking of gold and silver, and the like, and the various dyeing of garments.

And all things, in short, which are for the adornment and delight of women, are the discoveries of these demons bound in flesh.

Chapter XV.The Giants.

"But from their unhallowed intercourse spurious men sprang, much greater in stature than ordinarymen, whom they afterwards called giants;

not those dragonfooted giants who waged war against God, as those blasphemous myths of the Greeks do sing,

but wild in manners, and greater than men in size, inasmuch as they were sprung of angels; yet less than angels, as they were born of women.

Therefore God, knowing that they were barbarized to brutality, and that the world was not sufficient to satisfy them (for it was created according to the proportion of men and human use), that they might not through want of food turn, contrary to nature, to the eating of animals, and yet seem to be blameless, as having ventured upon this through necessity, the Almighty God rained manna upon them, suited to their various tastes; and they enjoyed all that they would.

But they, on account of their bastard nature, not being pleased with purity of food, longed only after the taste of blood. Wherefore they first tasted flesh.

Chapter XVI.Cannibalism.

"And the men who were with them there for the first time were eager to do the like. Thus, although we are born neither good nor bad, we become one or the other; and having formed habits, we are with difficulty drawn from them. But when irrational animals fell short, these bastard men tasted also human flesh.

For it was not a long step to the consumption of flesh like their own, having first tasted it in other forms.

See Hislop and the Khana Baal or Priests of Baal connection.

Chapter XVII.The Flood.

"But by the shedding of much blood, the pure air being defiled with impure vapour, and sickening those who breathed it, rendered them liable to diseases, so that thenceforth men died prematurely. But the earth being by these means greatly defiled, these first teemed with poison darting and deadly creatures. All things, therefore, going from bad to worse, on account of these brutal demons,

God wished to cast them away like an evil leaven, lest each generation from a wicked seed, being like to that before it, and equally impious, should empty the world to come of saved men.

And for this purpose, having warned a certain righteous man, 18 with his three sons, together with their wives and their children, to save themselves in an ark, He sent a deluge of water, that all being destroyed, the purified world might be handed over to him who was saved in the ark, in order to a second beginning of life. And thus it came to pass.

Chapter XVIII.The Law to the Survivors.

"Since, therefore, the souls of the deceased giants were greater than human souls, inasmuch as they also excelled their bodies, they, as being a new race, were called also by a new name.

And to those who survived in the world a law was prescribed of God through an angel, how they should live.

For being bastards in race, of the fire of angels and the blood of women, and therefore liable to desire a certain race of their own, they were anticipated by a certain righteous law.

For a certain angel was sent to them by God, declaring to them His will, and saying:

Chapter XIX.The Law to the Giants or Demons.

"`These things seem good to the all seeing God, that you lord it over no man;

that you trouble no one, unless any one of his own accord subject himself to you, worshipping you, and sacrificing and pouring libations, and partaking of your table, or accomplishing aught else that they ought not, or shedding blood, or tasting dead flesh, or filling themselves with that which is torn of beasts, or that which is cut, or that which is strangled, or aught else that is unclean.

But those who betake themselves to my law, you not only shall not touch, but shall also do honour to, and shall flee from, their presence. For whatsoever shall please them, being just, respecting you, that you shall be constrained to suffer.

But if any of those who worship me go astray, either committing adultery, or practising magic, or living impurely, or doing any other of the things which are not well pleasing to me, then they will have to suffer something at your hands or those of others, according to my order. But upon them, when they repent, I, judging of their repentance, whether it be worthy of pardon or not, shall give sentence. These things, therefore, ye ought to remember and to do, well knowing that not even your thoughts shall be able to be concealed from Him.'

Chapter XX.Willing Captives.

"Having charged them to this effect, the angel departed. But you are still ignorant of this law, that every one who worships demons, or sacrifices to them, or partakes with them of their table, shall become subject to them and receive all punishment from them, as being under wicked lords. And you who, on account of ignorance of this law, have been corrupted beside their altars, 19 and have been satiated with food offered to them, have come under their power, and do not know how you have been in every way injured in respect of your bodies.

But you ought to know that the demons have no power over any one, unless first he be their table companion; since not even their chief can do anything contrary to the law imposed upon them by God, wherefore he has no power over any one who does not worship him; but neither can any one receive from them any of the things that he wishes, nor in anything be hurt by them, as you may learn from the following statement.

Chapter XXI.Temptation of Christ.

"For once the king of the present time came to our King of righteousness, using no violence, for this was not in his power, but inducing and persuading, because the being persuaded lies in the power of every one. 20 Approaching Him, therefore, as being king of things present, he said to the King of things future,

"All the kingdoms of the present world are subject to me; also the gold and the silver and all the luxury of this world are under my power. Wherefore fall down and worship me, and I will give you all these things.'

And this he said, knowing that after He worshipped him he would have power also over Him, and thus would rob Him of the future glory and kingdom. But He, knowing all things, not only did not worship him, but would not receive aught of the things that were offered by him.

For He pledged Himself with those that are His, to the effect that it is not lawful henceforth even to touch the things that are given over to him. Therefore He answered and said, `Thou shall fear the Lord thy God, and Him only shall thou serve.' 21

Chapter XXII.The Marriage Supper.

"However, the king of the impious, striving to bring over to his own counsel the King of the pious, and not being able, ceased his efforts, undertaking to persecute Him for the remainder of His life. But you, being ignorant of the foreordained law, are under his power through evil deeds.

Wherefore you are polluted in body and soul, and in the present life you are tyrannized over by sufferings and demons, but in that which is to come you shall have your souls to be punished. And this not you alone suffer through ignorance, but also some of our nation, who by evil deeds having been brought under the power of the prince of wickedness, like persons invited to a supper by a father celebrating the marriage of his son, have not obeyed. 22 But instead of those who through preoccupation disobeyed, the Father celebrating the marriage of his Son, has ordered us, through the Prophet of the truth, to come into the partings of the ways, that is, to you,

and to invest you with the clean wedding garment, which is baptism, which is for the remission of the sins done by you, and to bring the good to the supper of God by repentance, although at the first they were left out of the banquet.

Chapter XXIII.The Assembly Dismissed.

"If, therefore, ye wish to be

the vesture of the Divine Spirit, hasten first to

put off your base presumption,
which is an
unclean spirit and a foul garment.

And this you cannot otherwise put off, than by being first baptized in good works. And thus being pure in body and in soul, you shall enjoy the future eternal kingdom.

Therefore neither believe in idols, nor partake with them of the impure table, nor commit murder, nor adultery, nor hate those whom it is not right to hate, nor steal, nor set upon any evil deeds; since, being deprived of the hope of future blessings in the present life, you shall be subjected to evil demons and terrible sufferings, and in the world to come you shall be punished with eternal fire. Now, then, what has been said is enough for today. For the rest, those of you who are afflicted with ailments remain for healing; and of the others, you who please go in peace."

Chapter XXIV.The Sick Healed.

When he had thus spoken, all of them remained, some in order to be healed, and others to see those who obtained cures. But Peter, only laying his hands upon them, and praying, healed them; 23 so that those who were straightway cured were exceeding glad, and those who looked on exceedingly wondered, and blessed God, and believed with a firm hope, and with those who had been healed departed to their own homes, having received a charge to meet early on the following day. And when they had gone, Peter remained there with his associates, and partook of food, and refreshed himself with sleep.

1 [For the general parallelism of Homilies VIII.XI. with Recognitions,ivvi, see the footnote on Recognitions, iv. 1.. Homilies VIII., IX., contain matter included in the single discourse of Recognitions, book iv.R.]

2 Lit.: More willing to learn than the others.

3 ["Maro" in Recognitions, iv. The resemblance between that book and this Homily is quite marked.R.]

4 [Comp. Recognitions, iv. 3.R.]

5 [With chaps. 411 compare the closely resembling passage, Recognitions, iv. 411.R.]

6 Matt. viii. 11; Luke xiii. 29.

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9 Matt. xi. 25; [Luke x. 21.R.]

10 Luke vi. 46.

11 [In Recognitions, iv. 7, the healing is represented as occurring at once.R.]

12 The general meaning seems to be as given; but text is undoubtedly corrupt, and scarcely intelligible.

13 [Chaps. 1216 have no parallel in the corresponding discourse in the Recognitions, The doctrine here is peculiar. But compare Recognitions, iv. 26.R.]

14 [Comp. Recognitions, i. 30. The details here are not only fuller, but apparently represent a more developed speculation.R.]

15 The text is somewhat obscure; but the following sentence shows this to be the meaning of it.

16 Literally, "the marrow."

17 Literally, "the flowers of metals."

18 [Comp. Recognitions, v. 12.R.]

19 toi=j au0tw=n bwmoi=j prosfqare/ntej kai\ au0tw=n e0kplhrwqe/ntej.

20 [The conclusion of this Homily resembles Recognitions, iv. 3437, but much of the matter of that book is contained in Homily IX.; see footnotes.R.]

21 Matt. iv.; Luke iv.

22 Matt. xxii.

23 [Comp. Recognitions, iv. 7.R.]


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