Lynn Anderson  Psallo justifies Instrumental Music and sowing of Discord.Lynn Anderson  Psallo justifies Instrumental Music and sowing of Discord.   This is just a small number of false teachings cused at Oak Hills Church (Ex Church of Christ). The plan was for quiet strings in an extra room: this has sowed massive discord and now arrived it its planned destination of a full Rock and Roll performance. The ex-congregation just stands in shock and awe.  Rick Atchley promised not to "have instrumental music on Sunday until Jesus returned" but being post modern that meant what he REALLY thought inside.

A Spectacle of Worship: Fred Peatross Reviewed  

Kenneth Sublett,, Hohenwald, Tennessee
Devil Worship

Fred Peatross: Key Fellow of Grace Centered Magazine. "The emerging Church of Christ and a Spectacle of Worship. We must take seriously the fleshy use of images, sound, and visualization." You should understand that the re-visioning or re-imaging coming out of Methodist feminists and lesbians turns from the masculine Word which have been "shot away" by Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. The new style is to turn to IMAGES and VISIONS. History knows this to be the effeminate, musical take over of the church by the predominate witches and the smaller number of Warlocks.

The Book: A Pixel in a Greater Picture: The Emerging Church of Christ

Here are some of the people still violently attacking people for NOT bowing when the musicians pipe.

Isaiah 25, Isa 25: Isaiah Chapter 25: The branch of the terrible one is a song to be accompanied with instrumental music.

Dwaine E. Dunning: The non-instrumental BRANCH must be cut OFF. God always hides a MARK.

Al Maxey is a minor player in the STONEITE effort to claim that REJECTING music is "aberrant" which is a synonym for: Insanity; lunacy; madness; derangement; alienation; mania; dementia; hallucination; illusion; delusion. See {Insanity}.

A. Ralph Johnson in Instrumental Music, Sacred or Sinful.

1. Tom Burgess in Documents on Instrumental Music reviewed. Psallo and Instrumental Music: Proofs do not prove anything but the "music-homosexuality" connection. See more on Strabo's definition of the worship of Apollo or Abaddon or Apollyon: his MUSES are the locusts or musical performers in the book of revelation.

2. Tom Burgess More Review of Plutarch: if Psallo authorizes "church music" it authorizes a homosexual gathering.

3. Tom Burgess on Moralia confirms the "Music-Heresy-Perversion" connection which has no historical exception. 10/20/04

4. Tom Burgess on John Chrysostom: are the anti-instrumentalists ignorant rurals? 10/21/04 What about Paul and Martin Luther and John Calvin and Zwingli and--everyone who believed the Bible as authority.

5. M. C. Kurfees and G. C. Brewer on Psallo and Instrumental Music in worship. Thayer and Grimm reviewed by Tom Burgess.

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Jeff Walling Daring To Dance With God

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New notes added 6/10/2000

Paul Woodhouse - Grace Church of Christ suggests we give up
See Theatrical (preaching or singing) performance in modern Shamanism.
See Drama and Dance "worship" Claim to be The Mediators between Man and God
See Rubel Shelly and ACU on Anti-non instrumental music.

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See Rubel Shelly's Defense of Musical Worship.
Learning to Dance by Rubel Shelly quoting Max Lucado
Rubel Shelly: Holy Spirit the Song Maker
The source of the heresy about Jesus Dancing

If you get nothing else please grasp that not among the Jews nor in the most vile pagan temples did the musicians enter into the Holy Places. Among the Jews, the Holy Place is a carnal type of the spiritual body of Christ. No Levitical musician could enter into this type of the church of Christ even to clean out the garbage.

The temple musicians in a "religious sense" (grouped with prostitutes in pagan religions) were in the court making a loud mocking noise during the sacrifice and burning of animals.

In fulfilment of the prophetic type, it was prophesied in Psalm 41 and fulfilled in the Dead Sea Scroll translation that Judas and the military musicians would attempt to turn Jesus into a coward. Click for some examples.

Amos associated the "worship" of Israel with the musical idolatry at Mount Sinai. God turned them over to worship the starry host (as noted by Stephen in Acts 7). The "because of transgression" included the worship of Chiun or Saturn (666). This article has a simpler chart to show that singers or instrumentalists who attempted to go past the slaughter and burning pen would be executed.

We will note the neo-pagan, witchcraft and views promoted by Lynn Anderson.

It would be unfair to decide that a person is or is not a neo-pagan. However, it is not difficult to see that what works in wicca or witchcraft is readily adopted believing that the effect is "Christian" if one gets the desired results. For instance.

Rubel Shelly: "Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him," counseled the Apostle Paul (Col. 3:17).
If any activity, celebration, or feast cannot be immersed in Christ-honoring significance, there is no place for it in our lives.If it can be baptized in or colored with Christian connotation,
we would be dishonoring God and cheating ourselves by failing to do so.

[This includes baptizing the S.U.N. for the S.O.N and baptizing Santa]

"When once it was proved that the Pope was willing to adopt Paganism under Christian names, the Pagans and Pagan priests would be his most hearty and staunch defenders. \

And when the Pope began to wield lordly power over the Christians, who were the men that he would recommend--that he would promote--that he would advance to honour and power?

Just the very people most devoted to "the worship of the strange god" which he had introduced into the Christian Church.
Gratitude and self-interest alike would conspire to this.
Jovinian, and all who resisted the Pagan ideas and Pagan practices, were excommunicated and persecuted.

To get Fred's unfiltered message just scroll down to stuff headed "Fred Peatross."

Flesh is Sarkikos "pertaining to the flesh, temporal, animal, unregenerate, carnal."

See new notes about addiction to drugs or music and Fred's suggestion.

We have reviewed the urge to use hand clapping, raising hands and other fleshly rituals for a proposed new church.

Here is the Judas Model: Judas bag attached to the flute case. It seems that tolerance to drinking wine is part of the Emerging Church of Christ as well as the Jubilee, New Wineskin Paradigm. As approved by ACU (Abilene Christian University) there seems to be a mantra chanted to infiltrate the idea of drinking wine.

Making the church into a carnal, spectacle of worship, flesh directed institution is not new. It has had its shot in the old "modern" world and has utterly failed. The solution is to return to the Biblical model which was of synagogue or school of the Bible and not a pagan "worship center" which will always degenerate to the level of flesh or carnality.

"We broke your church but for an increase in pay we will fix it."

The surviving Restoration Movement churches are faithful to the "word as it has been taught" and survives to the extent that it is synagogue or school rather than "pagan worship center."

Not happy with the large-scale defection to the world, too many in conservative churches seem to have their sole agenda the finishing of the MAKING FLESH of the Spiritual body of Christ.

This will fulfill the end time prophecy of the Babylon Harlot church of Revelation 18 and those hacking away at the body of Christ will say that they are doing God a favor.

However, the education of "ministers" has kept pace and decreed that this is all consistent with the death of God, the death of the Bible and its replacement by the Core Gospel.

The temptation to idolatry is the greater the more man is surrounded by the works of his own hands. -- Richard Niebuhr

The Post Modern Thesis: Fred Peatross can be found at Grace Centered Magazine on a regular basis where Post Modernism blames the fellow with blood spurting out of his heart for letting the shooter get to him.

> Post Modern, Post Biblical colleges and preachers believe that genetic-like change has occurred in the world. Truth has been swept into a black hole and we don't know how to use it in the new world.

> However, we know that if you believe in objective truth that you are the enemy of the new world order and, with one preacher, "need you views dispatched with an axe."

> Because the rational (spiritual) mind has been lost, "our" proposal for a New Style Worship with Holy Theater or a spectacle of worship replacing the church as school or synagogue is that we need to appeal to the FLESH through the carnal senses.

> However, in all failures of faith the "new and improved" rises out of the earth and gives "ministry jobs" to a swarm of "locusts" who hold no truth but steal the houses of widows to entertain you.

> These "new" forms are always falling back intot he VORTEX of the tribal or archaic where OUR views must be AFFIRMED by a world-wide conformity to our new "PATTERNISM."

> In reality, this is the battle (polemical) between the Old Modernists (atheists) with the New Post Modernists (themselves) as a battle between the Lions and Wolves to fascinate (as in serpent) the Lambs while they circle the camp to feed on mutton (you).

> When the pulpits fail through fracturing the Biblical Text and sermonizing and versifying, the only solution is to tell you that there never was any truth anyway, so lets get the effeminate dance of death going.

The Paradigms and Parameters of Post Modern Theology

Postmodern Theology: The Beast Slouching Toward Calvary

A Few Historical Examples To Show How OLD The New Style Worship is:

The evidence, too deep for here, is that Eve was seduced by her human senses probably including music. Therefore, the use of music is not new and unique to this generation. God turned the Jews over to a spectacle of worship: Baal worship was a spectacle of worship.

In all generations, music and noise told God: "We will not listen to your words." There indeed is nothing new under the sun.

Do you know why Jude said that God will come with ten thousand of His saints to execute Judgment? In many ancient accounts including the Bible all of God's creatures obeyed His laws but humans. Satan seduced the youth into creating a RELIGIOUS SPECTACLE in order to attract the other youth. Here is one account:

A Fuller Story of Jubal, Jabal, Tubal-Cain and Naamah: the story is inherent in their names. It is also told in the book of Enoch which the New Testament quotes at least 128 times and which defines why God will come with ten thousand of His saints to execute judgment:

"After Cain had gone down to the land of dark soil, and his children had multiplied therein, there was one of them, whose namewas Genun, son of Lamech the blind who slew Cain" Second Adam and Eve 20:1

"But as to this Genun (Jubal), Satan came into him in his childhood; and he made sundry trumpets and horns, and string instruments, cymbals and psalteries, and lyres and harps, and flutes; and he played on them at all times and at ever hour. -- Second Adam and Eve 20:2

"In pagan traditions, musical instruments are invented by gods or demi-gods, such as titans. In the Bible, credit is assigned to antediluvian patriarchs, for example, the descendants of Cain in Genesis 4:21. There is no other biblical tradition about the invention of musical instruments Freedman, David Noel, Bible Review, Summer 1985, p. 51)

"And when he played on them, Satan came into them, so that from among them were heard beautiful and sweet sounds, that ravished (raped) the heart. Second Adam and Eve 20:3 (Satan or the demons live in instruments as idols)
"Then he gathered companies upon companies to play on them; and when they played, it pleased well the children of Cain, who inflamed themselves with sin among themselves, and burnt as with fire; while Satan inflamed their hearts, one with another, and increased lust among them. -- Second Adam and Eve 20:4
"Satan also taught Genun to bring strong drink out of corn; and this Genun used to bring together companies upon companies in drink-houses; and brought into their hands all manner of fruits and flowers; and they drank together" Second Adam and Eve 20:5
"Thus did Genun multiply sin exceedingly; he also acted with pride and taught the children of Cain to commit all manner of the grossest wickedness, which they knew not; and put them up to manifold doings which they knew not before." Second Adam and Eve 20:6 [Sexual perversion]
"Then Satan, when he saw that they yielded to Genun and hearkened to him in every thing he told them, rejoiced greatly, increased Genun's understanding, until he took iron and with it made weapons of war." Second Adam and Eve 20:7
"Then when they were drunk, hatred and murder increased among them; one man used violence against another to teach him evil taking his children and defiling them before him." Second Adam and Eve 20:8

"And when men saw they were overcome, and saw others that were not overpowered, those who were beaten came to Genun, took refuge with him, and he made them his confederates." Second Adam and Eve 20:9

"Then sin increased among them greatly; until a man married his own sister, or daughter, or mother, and others; or the daughter of his father's sister, so that there was no more distinction of relationship, and they no longer knew what is iniquity; but did wickedly, and the earth was defiled with sin; and they angered God the Judge, who had created them." (Second Adam and Eve 20:10).

All others must conform to validate OUR lostness:

"But Genun gathered together companies upon companies, that played on horns (Jubilee) and on all the other instruments we have already mentioned, at the foot of the Holy Mountain and they did so in order that the children of Seth who were on the Holy Mountain should hear it. -- Second Adam and Eve 20:11

"But when the children of Seth heard the noise, they (1) wondered, and (2) came by companies, and (3) stood on the top of the mountain to (4) look at those below; and (5) they did thus a whole year. -- Second Adam and Eve 20:12

This pattern was repeated in part with the musical idolatry at Mount Sinai when Israel "rose up to play." The theme of God coming with ten thousands of His saints was symbolized at Mount Sinai and explained in The Book of Enoch and every major written opinion surrounding the time of christ.

They may "look to the hills with lust" but they will never get back on top where the Word dwells in relationship with believers.

They heard
They wondered
They came
They stood
They looked
The were gradually won over
Genun was given power to accelerate the seduction process
The Sethites continued a divided allegiance
They fell into temptation
They began to hallucinate
They lusted
They fell from grace
They tried to repent but could not
They were sentenced to captivity
They served as a warning or pattern.
The full story is here and defines those for whom according to Jude God is coming with ten thousand of his saints.
See The Sons of God and the first spectacle of worship.
See Alexander Hislop The Great Red Dragon

Origin of Idolatry. Clement of Alexandria reciting well-documented evidence in the Babylonian Tablets.

Immediately after the flood:
"But when all these things were done, men turned again to impiety; and on this account a law was given by God to instruct them in the manner of living. But in process of time, the worship of God and righteousness were corrupted by the unbelieving and the wicked, as we shall show more fully by and by.

Moreover, perverse and erratic religions were introduced, to which the greater part of men gave themselves up,

by occasion of holidays and solemnities, instituting drinkings and banquets,
pipes, and flutes, and harps, and diverse kinds of musical instruments,
and indulging themselves in all kinds of drunkenness and luxury.

Hence every kind of error took rise; hence they invented groves and altars, fillets and victims, and after drunkenness they were agitated as if with mad emotions.

By this means power was given to the demons to enter into minds of this sort, so that they seemed to lead insane dances and to rave like Bacchanalians; hence were invented the gnashing of teeth, and bellowing from the depth of their bowels; hence a terrible countenance and a fierce aspect in men, so that he whom drunkenness had subverted and a demon had instigated, was believed by the deceived and the erring to be filled with the Deity.

Romans 1 describes this as fitting many periods of the history of the Jews.

The Failure through Musical Idolatry and the Loss of the Covenant at Mount Sinai

"The triumphal hymn of Moses had unquestionably a religious character about it; but the employment of music in religious services, though idolatrous, is more distinctly marked in the festivities which attended the erection of the golden calf." (Smith's Bible Dictionary, Music, p. 589).

Ephraim Syrus On Our Lord notes that Sinai was a test. The Israelites were consummate idolaters in Egypt. However, God gave them one more shot at the Abrahamic Covenant. By removing Moses as a visible "authority figure" He wanted to let them answer their own prayer:

18. But when their heathenism from being inward became open, then Moses also from being hidden openly appeared; that he might openly punish those whose heathenism had revelled beneath the holy cloud which had overshadowed them.

But God removed the Shepherd of the flock from it for forty days, that the flock might show that its trust was fixed upon the calf.
And he was there in the wilderness forty days tempted of Satan; and was with the wild beasts; and the angels ministered unto him. Mark 1:13
While God was feeding the flock with all delights, it chose for itself as its Shepherd the calf, which was not able even to eat.
Moses who kept them in awe was removed from them, that the
idolatry might cry aloud in their mouths,  which the restraint of Moses had kept down in their hearts. For they cried: Make us gods, to go before us.

19. But when Moses came down, he saw their heathenism revelling in the wide plain with drums and cymbals.

Speedily, he put their madness to shame by means of the Levites and drawn swords.

So likewise here, our Lord concealed His knowledge for a little when the sinful woman approached Him, that the Pharisee might form into shape his thought, as his fathers had shaped the pernicious calf.
Stephen's Sermon which got him murdered Repeats the Story.

Then God turned, and gave them up to worship the host of heaven; as it is written in the book of the prophets, O ye house of Israel,

Strepho (g4761) stref'-o; strengthened from the base of 5157; to twist, i.e. turn quite around or reverse (lit. or fig.): - convert, turn (again, back again, self, self about).

have ye offered to me slain beasts and sacrifices by the space of forty years in the wilderness? Acts 7:42

Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon. Acts 7:43

Amos said the same thing and God warned them:
Take thou away from me the
noise of thy songs; for I will not hear the melody of thy viols. Amos 5:23
But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream. Amos 5: 24

Have ye offered unto me sacrifices and offerings in the wilderness forty years, O house of Israel? Amos 5:25

But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves. Amos 5: 26
Therefore will I cause you to go into captivity beyond Damascus, saith the Lord, whose name is The God of hosts. Amos 5: 27

Tertullian in about the year AD 200 in De Spectulis wrote about a spectacle of worship:

For such is the power of earthly pleasures, that, to retain the opportunity of still partaking of them,

it contrives to prolong swilling ignorance, and bribes knowledge into playing a dishonest part. To both things, perhaps, some among you are allured by the views of the heathens who in this matter are wont to press us with arguments, such as these:

(1) That the exquisite enjoyments of ear and eye we have in things external are not in the least opposed to religion in the mind and conscience (the law of silence); and

(2) That surely no offense is offered to God, in any human enjoyment, by any of our pleasures, which it is not sinful to partake of in its own time and place, with all due honor and reverence secured to Him.

But this is precisely what we are ready to prove: That these things are not consistent with true religion and true obedience to the true God.

A modern view of the "troublers" in most religious groups:

"The secularization process that has transformed Western civilization over the past two centuries has taken different paths in Europe and in America. In Europe, secularization has meant large-scale defection from religion and the appearance of many empty church buildings and cathedrals. In America, churches have survived, however, by adapting to secularization and by commending themselves in terms that are attractive to "secular man."

"Further, the secular church alters traditional ministries and multiplies a host of new ministries through which it seeks to "meet needs." Committed to meeting consumer demands, the accommodating church must check constantly the latest shifts and fads which announce the appearance of a new "need." In all of this the secular church almost comes to resemble a delicatessen offering samples to attract customers. Its members are exhorted to be involved, to share, and occasionally, to serve. Far less frequently are they called to serious Bible study and discipleship. The secular church

Let none of those who enjoy the blessings of this table destroy his own soul by those pernicious spectacles.

All that is said and done there is a pageant of Satan.

What follows is a review of some of the proposals of Fred Peatross for a new Post Modern Church of Christ living in a new space dimension into which the First Century Word and church did not survive.

We note that in the Post Modern view of "church" it is not uncommon to IMAGE a church which directly contradicts the "old" Bible of most Protestants.

We suggest that most churches of Christ "are not going there."

A Pixel in a Greater Picture: The Emerging Church of Christ:

Fred Peatross: Chapter 32 Engaging the World Through The Senses

I recently read a book by Tex Sample entitled, The Spectacle of Worship in a Wired World. His basic thesis is that the electronic culture has changed the way in which Boomers, Xers, and Millennials engage with their world and that our worship will need to adapt.

"While Paul's contempt of musical instruments was based upon the Pharisaic view, the later Christian authorities had much more cogent reasons for their antagonism against all instrumental music.

The pagan theater and circus, with their licentious (read: "head exposed for exhibit.") female musicians, attracted vast masses of Gentile Christians,

who were accustomed to these spectacles... The church needed three centuries of severe legislation to eradicate at least the worst of these orgiastic customs." (Interpreters Dictionary of the Bible, p. 468-9, Abingdon).

In the old "modern" world we would say that the Boomers (the me, me, me generation) should adapt their worship to fit God's plan. No? Well, God has some news for them but for now we bet that He doesn't know that they exist.

Understanding why each generation approaches worship in its own unique way is critical if the emerging Churches of Christ are going to teach Jesus in contemporary culture.

While culture may change, God does not. What Fred is discussing is "
body worship" or that which appeals to the sensual part of mankind. The CHRISTIAN religion demands the death or burning up on the altar of the human senses as they relate to Spiritual worship. The only thing left is the human spirit or mind. This is the only place where God will even look to seek us as we worship "in spirit" or in the mind and according to truth. That truth is the Word of Christ for which He gave His own Body to free the Spirit once again.

Fred believes that "in spirit" means "inspirited" or enthusiastic. However, Philo coined the word and it was spelled Enthus O Mania. That is, mad or insane as a result of singing, dancing and listening to music. The "gods" were not holy.

"Early worshipers of dionysus reenacted this gruesome scene by whipping themselves into a frenzy (exhilarating) and tearing a live bull (the old, destructive brothers?) to pieces with their hands and teeth.

These grisly rites, accompanied by loud music and the crashing of cymbals, were intended to propel the revelers into a state of ecstasy, a word literally meaning 'outside the body' to the Greeks.

Through this ecstasy, the cultists hoped to transcend their earthly bonds and allow the soul a temporary liberation from the body.

Only in this way could the soul achieve a condition of enthousiasmos (from the Greek enthusiazein, "to be inspired or possessed by a god"), meaning 'inside the god,' which the worshipers believed was a taste of what they might one day enjoy in eternity." - The Search for the Soul

There is no hint that "in spirit" means with a good mental attitude. Rather, in spirit or in the spirit always means in the thinking, knowing part of mankind which is in his body or flesh. Therefore worship "in spirit" is a PLACE as opposed to the place of Zion or Gerazim.

There is no possible way that you can approach worship in my spirit (nous) which is the holy place (naos) where one person at a time comes boldly before the throne of Grace. "Worship" is not an induced feeling: induced feelings are Satan's best tools:

They also that erred in spirit shall come to understanding, and they that murmured shall learn doctrine. Is.29:24
Blessed are the
poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Mt.5:3

That excludes the haughty or exhilarated in spirit.

I Daniel was grieved in my spirit in the midst of my body, and the visions of my head troubled me. Dan 7:15

I had no rest in my spirit, because I found not Titus my brother; but taking my leave of them, I went from thence into Macedonia. 2 Co .2:13

Pagan worship is related to the human senses: Christian worship is never said to exist outside of the mind as a Spiritual way to "fall flat on our face" in the presence of a holy God.

Body worship with music and dancing is a way to try, as in all paganism, to seduce God into a sexually climaxing experience. We doubt that a holy God is is going there.

Engaging the World Through Image

Fred Peatross: Earlier generations grew up in an oral world where they engaged the world through proverbs, stories, and relationships. Issues were dealt with in terms of their effect on their family, neighbors, and the relationships, they had.

After this there came a literate world where people thought in terms of propositional claims, theory, and conceptualization, and where they developed ideas in linear discourse.

If you want to run a medical test on someone you had better be able to think in a linear way. If you plan to put a child's bicycle together you had better know about linear discourse. If you want instructions to Nashville you had better know it. In fact, there can be no such thinking which is not in a linear fashion.

A. The Need to Change the Wiring in our Brains For Witchcraft or Goddess Worship

1. Learning to work magic requires that a certain amout of neurological re-patterning of our brains takes place.

a. To be effective, we have to change the way we use our brains.

(1) Magic requires the development and integration of the right hemisphere (feminine) way of thinking with the left hemisphere way of thinking.

(a) The spacial, intuitive and holistic patterns of awareness that characterize the right hemisphere modes of consciousness must be able to communicate and work in harmony with the verbal, analytical and linear patterns of awareness so characteristic of the left hemisphere.

(b) A person's growth, creativity and personality is deeply influenced during this process and it eventually leads to a person who is truly functional as a whole person.

B. The language of magic is expressed in symbols and images.

1. Images bridge the gap between the verbal and non-verbal modes of awareness.

a. Symbols and images implant certain ideas in Younger Self who passes them on to High Self.

(1) By allowing the critical and analytical functions of Talking Self to relax, Younger Self may respond fully and emotionally to what happens during your magical workings.

(a) Ritual, which is defined as "a specific set of images and symbols attached to certain actions", allows us to deliberately alter our states of consciousness so that we may perform works of magic.

"In the beginning God created the heavens and earth" is a propositional truth. Yet, Jesus said that it was a parable to hide the truth from the spiritually blind. It has been claimed that Abraham was more literate in connection with his culture than the average school boy is with his own culture. The first writing was in pictographs. First a picture of a mountain, then less complicated and finally just a symbol. With an alphabet we can "spell" mountain. Yet, we cannot read or pronounce the word without "seeing" an image of a mountain.

It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing:

the words that I speak unto you,
they are spirit, and they are life. John 6:63

Proverbs, stories and relationships have not gone out into a Black Hole and become lost. We still use them. You cannot begin to grasp the Mind of Christ in the Bible without understanding figurative language. So, what do we do if we not longer allow parables in our speech patterns?

What Fred is promoting is ancient tribalism: older than rocks:

"In this fashion every common tribal interest--the recurrence of the seasons, the increase of the food supply, successful hunting--was likely to become embodied

in some regularly repeated ceremony, which usually included group dancing, singing, and feasting.
Besides enabling men to express, and thereby to
allay, anger and anxiety, such ceremonies also promoted tribal unity and strengthened the loyalty of the individual to tribal traditions,

for the emotional excitement they aroused had the effect of breaking down the barriers between individuals

and thus fusing all tribesmen into a collective whole. Meanwhile, whole systems of magical devices were gradually elaborated." (Parkes, p. 29)

"The development both of religion and of the arts can be traced back in a continuous line to the hunting era. The group ritual of the primeval tribesmen were the origin not only of all religious ceremonial, but also of the drama and of poetry and music, while magic gave birth to the visual arts." (Parkes, p. 30).

"Awed by the mysteries of his own spirit no less than by those of nature, primitive man was likely to attribute to divine influence

any abnormal emotional state, whether above or below the usual level. Medicine men customarily went into states of trance in which they were believed to be in communication with the gods,

and many tribes supposed lunatics and sexual deviants to be divinely possessed.

But, we don't do "tribalism" any more unless we are building a cult. If all members of the tribe are mentally fused we have to ask: "Who is doing the thinking?"

While Fred ridicules "traditionalism" he is promoting exactly those rituals which so alter the mind that, like shooting Morphine, getting the "morphine-within" or endorphins from the BODY WORSHIP is truly addictive and mind numbing. A mind so altered by such drugs may never be able to think properly again because even in "spiritual worship" it is seeking "replacement therapy" for the old drug habit.

Fred Peatross: But the Boomers, Xers, and Millennials grew up in a post-literate, electronic world.

Perhaps this is why President George W. Bush is so dedicated to
teaching all children to read, write and do math. If you cannot read then you cannot learn and you cannot think. "Think me a thought without words."

Boomers etc. can be POST-LITERATE in their own bedroom if it is soundproof. However, when they go out into the REAL WORLD it is no more Post-Literate than the kids of Babylonia who could read, write and extract the cube root. If God speaks in propositional truth in the first century but simple narrative doesn't work in our own time, they doesn't this question God's ability to communicate? Or does it condemn preachers and Sunday school teachers?

Why is it that I supply documents to help do homework all over the USA with kids trying to understand ancient Babylonian myths now taught in most schools? If they can understand the linear rules of Physics which never change why is it that OUR God is so wishy-washy that we cannot pin down what HE thought that He revealed about Himself.

If you want to know anything about the Bible you will just have to be literate. Would that Fred and team would devote their time to making our youth literate than to cater to their presumed illiteracy. However, perhaps they read what they want to read.

Fred Peatross: They think in terms of images, sound, and visualization. It is significant to note that those who have been most influenced by electronic culture participate in church at far lower levels than those of previous generations.
Leslie M. LeCron writes, "Gadgets of one kind or another are sometimes used in inductions, although they are quite unnecessary." He recommends induction techniques involving combinations of the following: guided imagery, visualization, counting backwards, eye fixation, breath control and slightly swaying the subject's upper body in a slight clockwise circle (The Complete Guide to Hypnosis, pp. 63--71).

> David Hunt, in his two books, The Seduction of Christianity (1985) and Beyond Seduction (1987), first chronicled the influence of Carl Jung's ideas in the modern church. He wrote of Agnes Sanford whose visualization techniques are founded in

shamanistic practices of the occult and
who expressed pantheistic beliefs similar to those held by Carl Jung.

Modern Christians will recognize this technique, sometimes called "guided imagery." It has been popularized as a psycho-spiritual tool in the church by Jungian analyst Morton Kelsey according to author David Hunt, (p. 174 Seduction of Christianity). Hunt notes how pervasive these practices have become in the church:

The Vineyard Christian Fellowships, headed by John Wimber, are heavily involved in the use of imagination, visualization, and inner healing. There has been criticism that to a large extent allowing God to "guide the imagination" has been placed on a level equal to the authority of the Bible, which has created a great deal of confusion.

John Wimber's recommendation of authors such as Kelsey, Sanford, MacNutt, the Sandfords and the Linns is consistent with the growing reliance upon psychospiritual pseudoChristian techniques as necessary implementations to biblical Christianity in order to experience full deliverance and victory. (Ibid., p. 177)

Too bad. They are just goners because God's Spirit interacts with our spirit. That spirit is rational (spiritual) and not remotely related to the FLESH:
AND there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots: Isa 11:1
And the
spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord; Isa 11:2
And shall make him of
quick understanding in the fear of the Lord:

and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes,
neither reprove after the
hearing of his ears: Isa 11:3

But with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: and he shall smite the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked. Isa 11:4

This is the Spirit OF which would rest upon Jesus. And when the image rested on Jesus it was the dove or "rock pigeon" symbolic of passing information from one place to another.

The Spirit WHICH rested on Jesus was not Fred's African "little man (spirit) in the big man (me)" just recently sprung on the world which had never before saw the Godhead cut up like a H. Leo Boles "clan or family or kith and kin."

"A" is an image. Little kids learn to translate from that symbol to a sound and from sounds to ideas. That is the way we begin in kindergarten. After images the learn the sounds of the letters and they vizualize and they are not any different than Abraham Lincoln in the way they become literate. There is no "communication" in singing, clapping and dancing: it is just physical "speaking in tongues." It was know as "body drumming" the most ancient form perhaps learned from the gorilla.

An image has zero value unless it is translated into words! They will discover the "printed page" on their first day at college. First job: "Write a repair manual for this electronic device." But, I don't do "words" I just do images and sounds and visualization. Nonsense

We dare to suggest that the attempt to reproduce the world in sight and sound is never professional and drives the youth to their more literate tutor: the computer. I communicate with them regularly: sixth grader needing information to write a report on Sumerian Geography or Gilgamesh: bet the new Prophets of Raw Flesh never heard of him. 14 year old from Brazile: "I really need the name of a river in the middle east and all I know is that it begins with an 'L'. We sugest that it is the teachers and preachers who cannot keep up with the kids.

In no age in the history of the world has there been more READING of real words among those who want to LEARN any new truth. An image may amplify the words but the image without the words is a parable and cannot be understood.

Fred Peatross: Our senses are historically and socially organized. They are conditioned and influenced by the period of time in which we live and by the culture of which we are a part. For example, the Greeks specialized in sight,

I bet that my eyes "
see" just like Adam's. Bet my nose can distinguish food from rot just like Moses'. What is there in history which organizes our senses and makes me see what is not there? The only thing different is that theologians tell the kids THEM WORDS DON'T MEAN WHAT YOU THANK THEY MEAN in the Bible.

Just like Jubal who "handled" instruments "without authority" the "world's oldest profession" insists on telling people that they cannot risk getting close to the dangerous gods. However, "I" have the magical and sexual skills to manipulate the gods so if you need to find your lost calf just pay me and I will sing, dance, play instruments and the "sound" coming out of this old wineskin (the familiar spirit) will be translated for you.

Click to read about the Bacchanalia which defines what Fred is promoting and which shows that the Greeks specialized in music (along with sight, of course).

If the "church" specializes in a SPECTACLE of worship it uses IDOLS which were always used as THE LANGUAGE OF THE IGNORANT. If they had had not murdered all of the scientists they might not have believed that those stars billions of miles away were whizzing around the earth and the earth was whizzing around Rome. The greatest body of literature, of religious thought, of philosophy and of true science existed in the Greek world. As a democracy, it depended on a literate polis. For instance, the ancient Greeks understood that melody didn't include instruments and "musical" speech was never to be taken seriously.

Socrates Knew About Post Modernism: By the dog of Egypt I have not a bad notion which came into my head only this moment: I believe that the primeval givers of names were undoubtedly like too many of our modern philosophers,

who, in their search after the nature of things,
are always
getting dizzy from constantly going round and round,
and then they imagine that the world is going round and round and moving in all directions;
and this appearance, which arises out of their own internal condition, they suppose to be a reality of nature;

they think that there is nothing stable or permanent, but only flux and motion, and that the world is always full of every sort of motion and change. The consideration of the names which I mentioned has led me into making this reflection.

Socrates also notes that Apollo (Abaddon, Apollyon) is the god of music, harmony and dancing. Church fathers who lived in the time of John knew the fallacy of The Spectacle of Worship. And the same professional speakers and musicians were telling the same people that there was no truth and that they had to come to the Oracle at Delphi where the Corinthian women learned about "uncovered prophesying" and believed that the Truth originated with them.

Same old scam: hasn't changed since the serpent (musician-enchanter) seduced Eve by telling her that God was withholding the True Truth from her!

Let Fred write anything as profound and 'modern" as Aristotle or Plato:

Aristotle, Rhetoric" Melody Deceives "for instance "having gone and having conversed with him," or, "having gone, I conversed with him."Also the practice of Antimachus is useful,

that of describing a thing by the qualities it does not possess; thus, in speaking of the hill Teumessus, he says,

There is a little windswept hill;

"for in this way amplification may be carried on ad infinitum. This method may be applied to things good and bad, in whichever way it may be useful.

"Poets also make use of this in inventing words, as a melody "without strings" orâ "without the lyre"; for they employ epithets from negations, a course which is approved in proportional metaphors..

The form of diction should be neither metrical nor without rhythm.

If it is metrical, it lacks persuasiveness, for it appears artificial, and at the same time it distracts the hearer's attention, since it sets him on the watch for the recurrence of such and such a cadence..

Of the different rhythms the heroic is dignified, but lacking the harmony of ordinary conversation; the iambic is the language of the many, wherefore of all meters it is most used in common speech;

but speech should be dignified and calculated to rouse the hearer.

"For example, the Greeks specialized in sight." Why would that be? The greatest poets and philosophers and natural scientists who ever existed were Greek. Ever hear the word Democracy? Know who thought it up? Know how you run a democratic nation? You had better keep them informed. Why would sight specific Greeks run to the forums to "hear the latest news?" Did people come around with comic books? No. Ever hear about Heredotus? He wrote histories, copied them and traveled around lecturing and selling copies.

Ever hear about the Ekklesia? That was like a community meeting or a county court where they met for instruction and making community decisions. It is called the "church" and anyone who got up in ekklesia and sang, clapped, danced and played instruments would be picked up and returned to the temples featuring prostitute "worship leaders." Ever hear about the Synagogue? There they read and studied the written word some of which was perhaps 2500 years old and still not out of date except by the preaching Pharisees and the musical Sadducees.

Synagogue and church were 'schools of the Bible.' They were deliberately organized to remove taints of Babylonian or Canaanite Baalism which plagued the Temple and its plagued priesthood.

Ever hear of Lucian of Samosata? He ridiculed the very form of "worship" being promoted as new and improved: "Just play the flute and collect the money from the fatheads and simpletons."

Fred Peatross: the Hebrews in hearing, the modern west in visual, the Koreans in taste, and today's electronic culture in sound. People today are wired differently. Media has shaped the western world through television and the Internet. There are three components in an electronic culture:

The Hebrew were very musical and very literate. They knew about "words" and that they had meanings. Do Koreans really specialize more in taste than Japanese or Americans?

No, I am wired much the same way Adam was wired. Even if evolution worked you would not be able to tell any significant difference in the "wiring" of me and Adam.

Ever hear about boom boxes? Know why your kids spend their retirement on CDs? Ever hear about radio? If people don't want to hear any more sermons then let the sermonizers just go find another job: they do not need to pay someone who can never compete with the visuals of TV. Don't you know that Israel spent or collected billions (with a B) to build a temple to impress the visual? Don't you realize that millions were spent on mega churches and "the best preachers money can buy" to impress the sense of sight and sound when a faithful preacher who isn't bisexually attractive need not apply.

The fact that a generation can not learn how to read because the teachers make them do paper doll cut outs and paste ups even into the 12th grade (in church) does not mean that this is the ideal. If one is going to learn any subject, it cannot be done with pictures because pictures must be translated into words. Therefore, it is noted that art and music are always imitations and are once or twice removed from the truth. "Drama works because we know that it isn't true."

People actually do missionary work just teaching people how to read. Why would Fred promote a "crack house" for people already addicted?

Fred Peatross: In one sense, thinking in images is not new. Newspapers and art have been around a long time, but people don't "read" images as they once did. No longer does the contemporary western world listen to discursive messages.

That is why the spectacle-trained people flip hamburgers while the reading Chinese eat their breakfast.

Well, darn, darn, darn! Recently discovered cave paintings are as well crafted and artistic as any today. As long as they have been communicating they have been speaking and making symbols.

My five year old KG grandaughter can write prose phoenically: maybe the preachers need to quit reading those comic books.

The very first languages were images. Japanese is still an image based language. Need to write "tree" just draw a tree. Catholics claim that images are "the books of the ignorant." However, Amos and Isaiah blamed the use of music for the fact that the people went into captivity for lack of knowledge. So, obviously, it was not music which saved them but music which closed down their minds.

Take thou away from me the noise of thy songs; for I will not hear the melody of thy viols. Am 5:23

But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream. Am 5:24

Have ye offered unto me sacrifices and offerings in the wilderness forty years, O house of Israel? Am 5:25

But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves. Am.5:26

An image is whatever "plucks up the seed" tand takes away the mind from the Word of God:

What profiteth the graven image that the maker thereof hath graven it; the molten image, and a teacher of lies, that the maker of his work trusteth therein, to make dumb idols? Habakkuk 2:18

Woe unto him that saith to the wood, Awake; to the dumb stone, Arise, it shall teach Behold, it is laid over with gold and silver, and there is no breath at all in the midst of it. Habakkuk 2:19

But the Lord is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him. Habakkuk 2:20

You may have noticed that politicians in winning elections and carrying out the business of the country have not caught on to the Post Modern, Post-Literate world. The only way to "engage" those worth counting is through discourse. You cannot win a political battle with fluff. For instance, the image of a candidate smooching his wife to the point of disgust "turned on" the non-literate with one simple image. However, the image can be translated by each viewer to mean something unique to them. Images, like musical instruments according to Paul "speak in tongues.

Cartoons seemed to peak during the civil war.

"Situation comedy" is almost totally based on discourse. You will never make it through elementary school without knowing about discourse. Never make it into college without being able to listen. Never win a girlfriend without listening. "But, I don't do communicating." Well, find another girlfriend.

Words are images. Say "automobile." Did you get an image? See an automobile. Can you "think" automobile without saying "automobile?" Need to buy an automobile? Just go right down there and draw them a picture! You might draw "Jeep" and they might translate "Yugo." How about singing your wishes to the salesperson: wait for the crazy wagon!

Fred Peatross: The shift from the printed word to image has had an impact on how people think about salvation.

Communicating the gospel in a constant flow of images that are ever challenging will SOON replace the coherent, orderly arrangement of ideas.

The subjective must come before the objective; if it doesn't, we will lose our audience.

It is a fact that charismatic "worship" which Fred is defining has always been
IN-coherent where sexual and mental abnormality was counted as a gift from the gods and their signs, symbols, dances and gibberish has been SOLD as the voice of the gods who quite often lived in and spoke from musical instruments which WERE the idol or home of the demons.

Ask or Barnes and Noble if the world has shifted away from the printed word. Ask Fred why he didn't write a "comic book?" There is more book printing now than any time in history and more reading. Only the never-to-be achievers look at comic books. And our children have to go through "rehab" before they can be weaned from CDs and images to being able to comprehend "Anatomy 101." Well, not really. They have to pass some examinations which illustrate a reading ability which most adults never had. This is just scorning people to claim that they cannot read.

My granddaughter had to do "intrance exam for kindergarten." Just translate the word "triangle" into a symbol. Woops! She had to LISTEN CAREFULLY, draw the triangle and then "draw a triangle inside of a square."

How do you say: "Blessed are the poor in spirit" in a flow of images? And how do you say "The gospel means the good news that hired burden bearers are not allowed to ride the backs of widows" by singing, dancing, clapping and making images?

What Fred wants to evoke is a drug-like high which can be sold as "God working inside" but the drug-high will wear off before night time and the "seeker" will perish for lack of knowledge.

Images are idols and "Idols and pictures are the language of the ignorant" so says Catholicism. How would you communicate "For God so loved the Word that He gave His only Begotten Son?" Well, Jesus would say "sing, clap and dance." NOT. He would say, "Go help the widow with her heating bill, DON'T make her tithe her welfare check to support the preacher."

Image of God? Woudn't that be an idol? Love? How do you communicate agape love in a eros love world?

World? Is that the globe or land or people? Explain to me: Begotten Son? Does God have literal children? Begotten? Does that mean God has sex? How do we make a dramatic presentation of that?

Coherency is still part of communicating. Orderly doesn't see to be out of date. Ideas? So, what is obsolete about a coherent, orderly arrangement of ideas? Indeed, there is no other way to communicate.

The "church" does not have an "audience" which WE must perform for. Church is not "point of evangelism." Church is synagogue which means SCHOOL. It does not, has never and will never be a Christian church if it sees "worship" as singing, dancing, clapping and getting our minds altered.

In college in about 1956 a fellow student, a live musician, lamented the fact that the new Hi Fidelity system I was demonstrating for the public would put an end to live musicians. Wrong!
Television predicted the end of movies.

The internet predicted the end of print media.

Atheists predicted the end of the Bible and the church, the body of Christ. Wrong!

Fred predicts the emerging of a Post Babylon church. Well, he will be largely correct if we believe Revelation 18 and its Old Testament Lucifer-Music connection.

But the churches of Christ are not going there. And those who go there will have a different lord and a different gospel and will not be the church of Christ.

An image is a parable: we cannot possible understand it unless it is explained:

Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, and his nails of brass; which devoured, brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with his feet; Da.7:19

All of the parables were "word images" which could not be grasped without further "words." Jesus went out preaching or teaching and never put on a light show, a sound show or showcased the Sister Singers to attract the seekers. The prophecy was that Jesus would not "cry out" meaning "to call an assembly." The church sends out heralds to tell the message without the very available minstrels to travel with them and appeal to the lower or beastly or carnal people.

There is nothing Fred is proposing to replace the Biblical notion of worship which did not appear in Babylon, Jerusalem and the Greek-Roman world.

The only way to "know the truth" was through WORDS. Words never grow obsolete. Remember these passages?

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Jn.8:32
So then
faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Ro.10:17
It is the
spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. Jn 6:63

Jesus said: "The image of God is a poor, serving, suffering servant." How do you IMAGE that with a rich building, rich "team," singing, dancing, clapping and playing music in the face of a Holy God? How do you approach a pure Spirit God with flesh (carnal) acts?

Peter says: "Repent and be baptized." How would you perform a drama which would communicate to your child better than that? My kids went through the "music" period but when my daughter wants to know about her web page she doesn't do a musical video. She e-mails, expresses herself in words, I comprehend and anwer if I can.

All "worship in spirit" accounts are devoted to the Words of Christ. There is no theater in Christianity.

Subjective means "I feel" not "I know." One cannot feel intelligently without first knowing. It is a fact that the chemical changes induced by music can make you feel but like Grace Slick in her composition:: "In going from A to Z I skipped B to Y."

A neighbor says, "Your dog just got run over." Which comes first, the objective or the subjective?

Fred Peatross: Engaging the World Through Sound

The West continues to engage its world through the visual, as reflected in the phrases, "I see what you mean!" or "Listen to my point of view!" But new metaphors, such as "I hear you saying!" or "I hear you!" are being used more and more, which suggests that emphasis is not only visual but also musical.

! Know what I mean? Ya hear me! Really, you don't say. I can read you! I can't read your mind! See you later means "sight" and I will hear from you means "sound." That hasn't changed in my world. Thomas has Jesus saying:
8 And he said, The person is like a wise fisherman who cast his net into the sea and drew it up from the sea full of little fish.
........Among them the wise fisherman discovered a
fine large fish.
........He threw all the little fish back into the sea, and easily chose the large fish.
Anyone here with two good ears had better listen! As for you, then, on guard against the world. Prepare yourselves with great strength, the robbers can't find a way to get to you, for the trouble you expect will come.
Let there be among you a person who understands.
.......When the crop ripened, he came quickly
.......carrying a sickle and harvested it.
Anyone here with two good ears had better listen!

Are we on the same page? I can read you like a book! You cant' tell the book by it's cover. Yes, there are still lots of kids out there who are "book worms." If you make an assertion about an emerging church of Christ which must turn to a spectacle of worship I say, rubbish: show me chapter and verse! The Judge speaks of the "Letter of the Law." And Jesus who doesn't judge says: "My words will judge you."

The president says: "Take this image to the president of France." NOT! Ever see any images marked TOP SECRET? Do you draw a map as your return address? Do you sign it with a stick figure of yourself? Will the students take their entrance exam by circling pictures?

Fred: the Hebrews in hearing.
28 Jesus said, "I took my stand in the midst of the world, and in flesh I appeared to them.
.........I found them all drunk,
//.......and I did not find any of them thirsty.
My soul ached for the children of humanity,
.......because they are blind in their hearts and do not see,
for they came into the world empty,
.......and they also seek to depart from the world empty.

But meanwhile they are drunk. When they shake off their wine, then they will change their ways."

49 Jesus said,

Congratulations to those who are alone and chosen,
.......for you will find the kingdom.
For you have come from it,
.......and you will return there again."

Well, not in my Bible: they almost never heard God. God must have believed that they could read and write:

And the Lord said unto Moses, Write this for a memorial in a book, and rehearse it in the ears of Joshua: for I will utterly put out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven. Ex.17:14

And it shall be, when he sitteth upon the throne of his kingdom, that he shall write him a copy of this law in a book out of that which is before the priests the Levites: De.17:18

Now go, write it before them in a table, and note it in a book, that it may be for the time to come for ever and ever: Is.30:8

Take thee a roll of a book, and write therein all the words that I have spoken unto thee against Israel, and against Judah, and against all the nations, from the day I spake unto thee, from the days of Josiah, even unto this day. Je.36:2

Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea. Re.1:11

Whereby, when ye read, ye may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ) Ep.3:4

And when this epistle is read among you, cause that it be read also in the church of the Laodiceans; and that ye likewise read the epistle from Laodicea. Col.4:16

Too bad Paul didn't know about music, drama, pantomime! But, he did. But he didn't send a servant to another church to act out his message with "20 questions."
Paul could have sent a musical team or a dance team but these are "speaking in tongues." When you have done your singing, clapping and dancing no one will know what you are "speaking" unless you use up some of those words.
But "hearing" does not automatically suggest "music."
No, we have not dropped into a mental black hole where no truth exists in "the sacred page." The genetic material of our youth has suddenly been altered and they cannot even think like their parents. But, when they "get on track" it will amaze you how you hear your kids "reading" your ideas back to you.
Fred Peatross: Popular culture, with its music, has brought a growing emphasis on sound. Rhythm has become a vital part of the new generation. Music use to have an emphasis on the first and third beats of a four/four rock and roll song (e.g., BOOM dah, BOOM dah). In the mid 1960s this changed to a focus on the upbeat (e.g., Ull CHAW, Ull CHAW). The way people clap differently either on the upbeat or downbeat shows their different generations. We are wired differently.

Rhythm has always been the way to exert mind control. For instance, by the drumming rhythm one can send a message through the jungle or cause the enemy to fall down dead if you drum and point a bone at his head. The rich drumming can only be appreciated by hearing the "music" of an African drummer. There is no message in a short, repeated sequence designed to kill your thought processes.

Plato Wrote:

And the gods, pitying the toils which our race is born to undergo,
have appointed
holy festivals, wherein men alternate rest with labour;
and have given them the
Muses and Apollo, the leader of the Muses,
Dionysus, to be companions in their revels,

Apollo is Abaddon or Apollyon whose musical Seeker-Center was the Oracle of Delphi.

that they may improve their education by taking part in the festivals of the gods, and with their help.
I should like to know whether a common saying is in our opinion true to nature or not.

For men say that the young of all creatures cannot be quiet in their bodies or in their voices; they are always wanting to move and cry out; some leaping and skipping,
and overflowing with
sportiveness and delight at something, others uttering all sorts of cries.

But, whereas the animals have no perception of order or disorder in their movements, that is, of rhythm or harmony, as they are called, to us,

The gods, who, as we say, have been appointed to be our companions in the dance, have given the pleasurable sense of harmony and rhythm; and so they stir us into life,

and we follow them, joining hands together in dances and songs; and these they call choruses, which is a term naturally expressive of cheerfulness. Shall we begin, then, with the acknowledgment that education is first given through Apollo and the Muses? What do you say?

This is the Greek "chorus" which Jesus refused to dance and sing when the Jews PIPED.

Fred is speaking of the sexual images and nerve stimulation of "gospel music" which emerged out of black double meaning, body drumming (clapping) to fool ole massa and a message of Voodoo emeshed in a Methodist liturgy.

How is it that the Preacher of a new Paradigm was able to get his brain which organically evolves in months to bridge from BOOM dah, BOOM dah to ULL CHAW, ULL CHAW?

Popular culture has brought a growing emphasis on sex. Vineyard and all of the "New Praise Song Books" suggests that you do a climaxing act with God. Yea, make the Holy Spirit come. In all ancient paganism, sex and the "visual images" of naked priestesses played a vital part in their "worship."

Sound creates more anxiety and real physical and emotional harm than we can imagine. Most adults retreat to the country where the sounds are natural in order to be refreshed. Why heap it on people and call it "worship?" It isn't remotely "worship."

Does this sound modern or what?

XIV. Homer, Hymn to Rhea TO THE Mother OF THE GODS

I prithee, clear-voiced Muse, daughter of mighty Zeus, sing of the Mother of all gods and men.
She is well-pleased with the sound of rattles and of timbrels
with the voice of flutes and the outcry of wolves and bright-eyed lions,
with echoing hills and wooded coombes.
And so hail to you in my song and to all goddesses as well!

Orphic theogony.

"Now Rhea, as Ceres, in Hymn XIV, is called 'brass-sounding' and 'drum-beating'.

This has reference to the mystical results of certain sounds and rhythm,
part and parcel of what the Hindus call Mantravidyâ. I remember reading a curious old French book in the Bibliothèque de la Ville of Clermont-Ferrand, one of the books confiscated from the Minime Monastery of the same town, at the time of the Revolution.
This work dealt with the magical properties of music, and described for what especial purposes the various instruments of music were used in the Temple-service of the Jews. Now Iamblichus (De Mysteries, III.ix) goes into the matter of the
so-called Corybantic and Bacchic 'frenzies' produced by musical instruments in the Mysteries of Ceres and Bacchus;

Rhythm played a vital part. Without the drum, cymbal and harp you could not arouse the spirits who would "service" you in the name of the Sister Singers.

Then Pentheus cries; "What madness, O ye brave
descendants of the Dragon! Sons of Mars!
What frenzy has confounded you? Can sounds
.......of clanging brass prevail; and pipes and horns,
.......and magical delusions, drunkenness,
and yelling women, and obscene displays,
and hollow drums, overcome you, whom the sword,
nor troops of war, nor trumpet could affright?
"How shall I wonder at these ancient men,
who, crossing boundless seas from distant Tyre

Plato: Apology of Socrates and Crito crito,17.2 speaking directly to the charismatic prophesying being practiced by the women in Corinth:

hoi korubantiôntes: here a species of madness seems to be indicated,
under the influence of which men
.......imagined that they heard the flutes
.......that were used in Corybantian revels.
.......and the song of the bacchanals in Eur. Bacch. 123-127,
.......Corybantes, wearing helms three-rimmed,
..............Stretched skins to make my drum's full round;
..............Then they, in hollowed caves, lithe-limbed,
..............With drums, and, with the flute's shrill sound
..............Full Phrygian, bacchic ditties hymned.

This is Paul's meaning of "clanging brass and tinkling cymbals" which, in church, was equated to speaking in tongues.

Music and Sexuality were the twin instruments of all ancient pagan religions. If you are going to get the job done with teenagers then you may need to hire some Holy Whores. The profit margin will go up dramatically.

Fred is not speaking of Christian Worship. Rather, he is speaking of Voodoo:

"In the slave quarters, however, African Americans organized their own "invisible institution." Through signals, passwords, and messages not discernible to whites, they called believers to "hush harbors" where they freely mixed African rhythms, singing, and beliefs with evangelical Christianity.

Their praise and worship songs had the drum beat of hand clap to enforce the dark meaning of Voodoo.

It was here that the spirituals, with their double meanings of religious salvation and freedom from slavery, developed and flourished; and here, too,

that black preachers, those who believed that God had called them to speak his Word, polished their "chanted sermons,"
or rhythmic intoned style of extemporaneous preaching.
Part church, part psychological refuge, and part organizing point for occasional acts of outright rebellion.

Outright rebellion against any authority is the point of "emerging" religions as old as the world.

Don't call it Christian: call it Voodoo.

(Nat Turner, whose armed insurrection in Virginia in 1831 resulted in the deaths of scores of white men, women, and children, was a self-styled Baptist preacher), these meetings provided one of the few ways for enslaved African Americans to express and enact their hopes for a better future. Click Here For Article.

Musically, it is believed that a complex intermingling of African and white folk-music elements occurred and that complementary traits of African music and white U.S. folksong reinforced each other. For example, the call-and-response pattern occurs in both, as do certain scales and the variable intonation of certain notes.

Most authorities see clear African influence in vocal style and in the complex polyrhythmic clapped accompaniments.
African tradition also included polyphonic and choral singing. The ring shout (a religious dance usually accompanied by the singing of spirituals and clapped rhythms) is of African ancestry.

Strange, Fred, but the evidence seems to be that the Tower of Babel music with a sexual beat originated in Africa. So, what emerges as today's paradigm is just ancient pagan patterns sold over and over.

Fred Peatross: What speaks to my grandpa does not speak to me. What moves me, entertains me, and touches me, doesn't do the same for them. And we won't engage the younger generation until we concede that along with images, sound as beat is critical to them.

What probably "speaks" to Fred may still speak to grandpa. However, for tens of thousands of years he has been conditioned to "listen" for people to "speak" using the words of communication: images are like unknown tongues.

For instance, the distracted world attempts to serve God by setting apart houses, churches, cloisters; vestures, gold-trimmed, silk and [50] every other kind;

silver vessels and images; bells and organs, candles and lamps;
the money for which expense should have been appropriated to the
poor if the object was to make an offering to God.

Further, it keeps up a muttering and wailing in the churches day and night.

But true praise and honor of God, a service that cannot be confined to place or person, is quietly ignored the world over.

The pretenses of priests and monks about their system of exercises being service to the Lord, are false and delusive. Click for Luther on Romans 15 

However, grandpa has aged a bit. His seretonin, like his insulin, doesn't flow like it used to. Fred may be able to hear the "water drips and dog barks" inherent in complex harmony and the "abrasion" gives him a "high" which he confuses with being spiritual. Nevertheless, it drives his "anxiety threshold" closer to the edge or it wouldn't "produce" that "feeling." You can find out about "harmony" and understand why even the very simply "melody" of Paul's day was not to be externalized because it is related to "grinding you into bits" like the SOP Jesus fed Judas.

However, when Fred gets older if he is part of the more than 25% he will not be moved in a positive sense but will be under a "spiritual attack" and his loss of reserve will drive him over the edge and he will get out of the 'worship ritual' as quickly as his cane will carry him'

Johannes Quasten. In Music and Worship in Pagan and Christian Antiquity, beginning on page 41:

"Philodemus considered it paradoxical that music should be regarded as veneration of the gods while musicians were paid for performing this so-called veneration. Again, Philodemus held as self deceptive the view that music mediated religious ecstasy.

He saw the entire condition induced by the noise of cymbals and tambourines as a disturbance of the spirit.

He found it significant that, on the whole, only women and effeminate men fell into this folly.  Accordingly, nothing of value could be attributed to music; it was no more than a slave of the sensation of pleasure, which satisfied much in the same way that food and drink did.

You will find the
Physics professor using visuals which have an intellectual content. He will not do BOOM dahs to engage the physics major who wants to understand the theory of SOUND so that he can use it as a skill.

This is related to "mind dumbing" escapism from the real world.
In  Recognitions of Clement of Alexandria 

Certain angels, having left the course of their proper order, began to favour the vices of men, [Comp. Homily VIII. 13.-R.] and in some measure to lend unworthy aid to their lust,

in order that by these means they might indulge their own pleasures the more;
and then,
that they might not seem to be inclined of their own accord
unworthy services, taught men that demons could,
by certain
arts-that is, by magical invocations-be made to obey men; 
and so, as from a
furnace and workshop of wickedness,
they filled the whole world with the
smoke of impiety, the light of piety being withdrawn.

Chapter VII.-Sacrificial Orgies.

"But they did not cease to worship images, by reason of the evil intelligence of the magicians, who found excuses for them, which had power to constrain them to the foolish worship For, establishing this things by magical ceremonies, they assigned them feasts from sacrifices, libations, flutes, and shoutings,

by means ofj which senseless men, being deceived, and their kingdom being taken from them, yet did not desist from the worship that they had taken up with.

To such an extent did they prefer error, on account of its pleasantness, before truth.

They also howl after their sacrificial surfeit, their soul from the depth, as it were by dreams, forewarning them of the punishment that is to befall such deeds of theirs.

You will discover that almost no subject is taught without an expensive textbook. And the professor will tell you that you had better read the first 100 pages or you will be behind in class tomorrow. Even when he uses "overheads" or 'PowerPoint' it will probably be a copy of the textbook. The professor will not allow the boom box in the back rows of the LECTURE hall to engage the mind before it is ABLE to learn physics. You see, he understands that no organic change has occurred in the brain. And graduating from the juvenile level of "worship" to the adult world means that if you cannot read a coherent paragraph no one will hire you. Why would you continue in 'church' what is known to be harmful outside of church?

Knowing this, the church is still dedicated to "dumbing down" the Bible to continue the crippling effect of "contemporary culture."


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