Enuma Elish, the Babylonian Creation Epic, Barton Tablet VII

  1. "O Asharu, bestower of harvests, founder of agriculture,
  2. Creator of grain and plants, who made green herbs to grow,
  3. O honored Asharu, revered in the house of counsel, rich in counsel,
  4. Whom the gods honor, fearing [laid hold upon them]
  5. O honored Asharu, powerful prince, the light [of the fathers who begat him],
  6. Who directs the decrees of Anu, Bel, [and Ea].
  7. He was their preserver, who ordained.....
  8. He whose provision is abundance, he goeth forth.......
  9. Tutu, the creator of their renewal is he.
  10. If their want be pure, then are [they satisfied];
  11. If he make an incantation, then are the gods [appeased];
  12. Should they attack him in anger, he will repulse their array;
  13. Let him therefore be exalted in the assembly of the gods.
  14. None among the gods is like unto him!
  15. Tutu-Ziukinna is the life of the host of the gods.
  16. Who established for the gods the bright heavens.
  17. Their way he received, [their path] ordained.
  18. Never forgotten among men shall be his [mighty] deeds.
  19. Tutu as Zi-azag thirdly they named, bringer of purification,
  20. God of the favoring breeze, the lord who hears and is merciful,
  21. Who creates fulness and plenty, who establishes abundance,
  22. Who turns whatever is small into something great.
  23. "In sore distress we caught his favoring breeze."
  24. Let them honor him, praise him, bow humbly before him.
  25. Tutu as Aga-azag may the mighty ones praise,
  26. The Lord of the pur incantations, who makes the dead live,
  27. Who to the captive gods showed abundant compassion,
  28. The oppressive yoke he laid upon the gods, his enemies,
  29. For their release they he created mankind,
  30. The merciful one, with whom is life!
  31. Established and never forgotten be his word
  32. In the mouth of the black-headed race (Babylonians) whom his hand created.
  33. Tutu as Mu-azag, fifthly, his pure incantation may their mouth proclaim,
  34. Who through his pure incantation destroys all evil ones,
  35. Shagzu, who knows the hearts of the gods, who sees through the inner-most parts.
  36. The evil doer he permits not to go out with him.
  37. Founder of the assembly of the gods [who gladdens] their heart.
  38. Who subdues the disobedient....
  39. Director of righteousnesness....


107. Truly he holds their beginning and ending....
108. Saying, "He who passed through the midst of Tiamat [without resting],
109. Let his name be Neberu, who seizes the midst,
110. As a flock verily the gods pasture, all of them."
112. He bound Tiamat, her life he apportioned, he ended.
113. In the future, people, old in years,
114. Shall renew unceasingly, "Let him be lord forever!"
115. Because he created the places and fashioned the fastness
116. "Lord of countries" Bel, his father, named him.
117. The names the Igigi named, all of them,
118. Ea heard, and his heart rejoiced:
110. "He whose name his fathers have magnified
120. He, even like me, shall be named Ea,
121. The binding of all my commands shall he control,
122. All my decrees shall he proclaim!"
123. By the "Fifty" did the great gods
124. His fifty names make known, they made his path pre-eminent.
125. May they be held fast and the first men reveal them,
126. The wise, the understanding shall consider them together;
127. May the father repeat them and the son lay hold upon them,
128. So that shepherd and herdsman may open their ears,
129. And may rejoice in Marduk, the lord of the gods,
130. That his land may be fertile, that he may have prosperity.
131. His word is established, his command unfailing,
132. The word of his mouth, no god had annulled.
133. He casts his glance without turning his neck,
134. When he roars, no god can face his anger.
135. Wide is his heart, great his goodness;
136. The sinner and transgressor in his presence.....
137. They received instruction, they spake before him.

Source: George A. Barton, Archaeology and the Bible, 7th Edition, p. 293-294
Kenneth Sublet

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