Enuma Elish, the Babylonian Creation Epic, Barton Tablet VI

  1. Marduk, the word of the gods, when he heard it,
  2. His heart was stirred, he formed a brilliant plan,
  3. He opened his mouth, to Ea he spoke,
  4. What in his heart he had conceived he offered as a plan:
  5. "Blood will I bind, bone will I fashion,
  6. I will produce a man; 'man' is his name;
  7. I will create the man 'man';
  8. Verily by the service of the gods he shall give them rest;
  9. Verily I will alter the ways of the gods.
  10. jOne by one let them all be divided into two parts."
  11. Then Ea answered and said unto hima a word;
  12. He unfolded to him a plan for satisfying the gods:
  13. "One among your brethren must be given up,
  14. Him I will appoint, the people prepare.
  15. The great gods must assemble together;
  16. This one must be given up; he must be given them."
  17. Marduk assembled the great gods, he entered and delivered the decision,
  18. He opened his mouth, to the gods he spoke:
  19. As a king he addressed a word to the Anunnaki
  20. "Truly the former things we told you are verified;
  21. True things with myself as an oath I have sworn.
  22. Who is it that has created the strife,
  23. Brought about the uproar, united the battle?
  24. He who has caused the strife shall be given up.
  25. I will make him, verily, I will cause him to bear the curse; but dwell ye in peace."
  26. Then answered him the Igigi, the great gods;
  27. "O king, god of heaven and earth, counsellor of the gods, their lord,
  28. Kingu it was who caused the strife,
  29. He led the rebellion and brought on the battle."
  30. They bound him and brought him before Ea.
  31. Then a curse he laid on him; his blood burst forth from him.
  32. From this blood he made mankind for the service of the gods,
  33. But (the other) gods he let go free.
  34. After man had been created, Ea laid on him the service of the gods.
  35. That work was past understanding.
  36. Through the skill of Marduk, the wisdom of Nudimmud,
  37. Marduk, king of the gods, stationed twenty Anunnaki above and below,
  38. He delivered unto Anu the charge to guard....the post
  39. He changed the prince who guards the earth....
  40. After the commands of the gods Marduk the king had issued
  41. The Annunnaki who.......
  42. The anunnaki..... approached.......
  43. To Marduk their lord they spoke:
  44. "O divine guardian of the earth, lord, who has brought our release.
  45. How do we cling to they presence!
  46. Oh, we will make a sanctuary the naming of whose name is
  47. j'Sanctuary-wherein-we-may-take-rest!'
  48. Oh, we will found our sanctuary as our dwelling!
  49. On the day when we take possession, we will rest in it."
  50. Marduk, when he heard this,
  51. His face like the day appeared exceeding bright:
  52. "Like the founding of Babylon with walls, be the joy of its founding.
  53. Let an enclosed city be built, a district of land surround it."
  54. The Anunnaki protected the kiln; for a year they b urned bricks.
  55. The second year came around, the enclosure of Esagila was founded on the breast of Apsu (Watesr under the earth, Exod 20:4)
  56. They built the temple-tower till it touched the celestial ocean;
  57. For Marduk, Enlil, and Ea they raised it as a dwelling;
  58. With the glory of their presence they entered in.
  59. From its foundation Esagila exhibited its two horns (pillars)
  60. After they finished the work of Esagila,
  61. The Anunnaki their sanctuary set up;
  62. In Esagila, founded on the deep, they all assembled.
  63. In a large garden which they created was their dwelling.
  64. The gods, his fathers, to his prayer hearkened:
  65. Divine fate at the great gate of the beloved dwelling was established.
  66. In the district each in his place and shrine the great gods dwelt.
  67. They placed strong drink at the feasts;
  68. Satisfying food they set in the midst
  69. In Esagila.....
  70. Laws were laid down, authority established.
  71. The place of heaven and earth was established by the gods, all of them.
  72. The great gods dwelt their joyfully
  73. The gods of fate, seven of them over..... were established.
  74. Enlil lifted up his weapon, their... he cast down.
  75. The net which he made for himself the gods his fathers
  76. They saw the bow, hgow skillful its workmanship.
  77. The deed he did.....his fathers.
  78. Anu rose up. he spoke
  79. The bow has been kissed...
  80. "Long-wood" is its first name....
  81. The third of its names is "Bow-star".....
  82. He fixed its station....
  83. After he had fixed the fates.....
  84. He set up a throne.....
  85. Mighty in heaven....
  86. He assembled.....
  87. ........Marduk.....
  88. .................
  89. ...................
  90. ..................
  91. ..................
  92. ................
  93. He caused to abound....
  94. Unto his name....
  95. He opened his mouth.....
  96. Verily he poured out.....
  97. Verily he, the son, was exalted...
  98. .....
  99. Truly his lordship was glorified.
  100. Verily he exercised rulership....
  101. In future days let....be not for gotten.
  102. May he establish for his fathers....
  103. Their maintenance verily....
  104. Verily he caused incense to be smelled....
  105. A replica in heaven, he made....
  106. VErily he like Esagila
  107. Not.....
  108. He opened his mouth....let them kiss
  109. Let free will offerings be brought to their god and goddess
  110. Let them not forget their god, let them feed him
  111. Their land may they adorn, their shrines may they build
  112. Verily the gods enlarge
  113. As for us, by as many names as we call him he is our god.
  114. We will name his fifty names.
  115. His..... is glorious; his work is similar.
  116. Marduk, whom from his birth, Anu his father had nameed,
  117. Who establishes brotherhood, enriches cities,
  118. Who by his weapon, the deluge, took captive the rebellious,
  119. The gods his fathers he preserved from tribulation.
  120. Surely it was his sonship for which the gods called him.
  121. In the brilliant light they walk continually.
  122. The people whom he had made become living creatures;
  123. They established the service of the gods: they pacified them.
  124. .......
  125. Verily favor was restored; they looked on them with compassion--even them.
  126. The divine son they were trusting.....
  127. He gave joy to the hearts of the Anunnaki....
  128. Marduk truly was the trust of his land and his (people),
  129. Th god Barashaggu is mighty....
  130. Large is his heart, warm are his reins....
  131. Divine king, god of heaven and earth, whose name our assembly named,
  132. By word of mouth we exalted him above the gods his fathers--
  133. Verily above the gods of heaven and earth, all of them--
  134. As king.....
  135. The brilliant god, the king of heaven he called his second name; the place of the gods
  136. Of heaven and earth he founded as our dwelling in distress!
  137. Between the Igigi (spirits of heaven) and the Anunnaki (spirits of earth) the place is divided.
  138. As his name may the gods be stirred and the dwelling shake!
  139. Asharu (Marduke) the good, Anu his father named him.
  140. He truly is the light of the gods, the mighty battle-axe,
  141. Who is like the protecting sun-god of the land.
  142. By a mighty battle he delivered our dwelling from distress.
  143. The god Asharu, the good, god of life, a second time they named "the-exalted-divine-companion";
  144. Who, as though his offspring, gave life to us, the gods who were perishing,
  145. The lord who by his holy incantation made the dead gods live.
  146. Destroyer of plotters, hater.....
  147. Verily the one who his father's named "the brilliant god,"
  148. The holy god who illumines our way.
  149. (There came?) Anshar, Lakhmu and Lakhamu,
  150. Unto (the gods their sons) they spoke:
  151. "WE......., we have proclaimed his names."
  152. ..........speech.
  153. They rejoiced (when they heard) their speech.
  154. In Upshukinnaka he granted their desires.
  155. "Of the heroic son our avenger
  156. We, of our preserver, will exalt the name."
  157. They sat in the assembly, they proclaimed his worth,
  158. All of them on the mesu-instrument celebrated his name.

Source: George A. Barton, Archaeology and the Bible, 7th Edition, p. 290-293
Kenneth Sublet

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