Enuma Elish, the Babylonian Creation Epic, Barton Tablet IV


  1. They prepared for him a princely chamber:
  2. In the presence of his fathers for sovereignty hebecame mighty. [They said:]
  3. "Thou art most honored among the great gods,
  4. Thy destiny is without rival, thy comman d is Anu's!
  5. O Marduk, thou are most honored among the great gods,
  6. Their destiny is without rival, thy command is Anu's!
  7. From today without opposition shall be thy command;
  8. To exalt and to abase is verily in thy power;
  9. Established is thy utterance, irresistible thy command.
  10. None among the gods shall invade thy province.
  11. Sustenance, the desire of shrines of the gods,
  12. While they are in need, shall be certain in thy sanctuary!
  13. O Marduk, thou art the preserver of our lives~!
  14. We give thee sovereignty over the totality of all the world.
  15. Sit thou in the assembly, thy word shall be exalted!
  16. Thy weapon shall never be o'ercome, may it destroy thy foe!
  17. O lord, he who trusts thee--his life save!
  18. But the god that is wed to evil, its life pour out!j"
  19. They they placed in the midst a garment,
  20. And unto Marduk, their firstborn, they spoke,
  21. "Thy fate, O Lord, let it be first among the gods!
  22. To destroy and to create--speak, let it be established!
  23. At thy command let a garment perish!
  24. Again at thy command let the garment re-appear!"
  25. Then he spake with his mouth, the garment perished;
  26. Again he commanded and the garment was recreated.
  27. As the utterance of his mouth the gods, his fathers, saw,
  28. They rejoiced, they uttered blessing: "Marduk is king!"
  29. They bestowed upon him the scepter, the throne, and the battle-axe;
  30. They gave him an unrivaled weapon, which turns back the foe,
  31. "Go, Tiamat's Life cut off;
  32. May the winds bear her blood to secret places!"
  33. When the gods, his fathers had fixed Bel's fate,
  34. The way of prosperity and success they caused him to take.
  35. His bow he prepared, his weapon he chose,
  36. A spear he bound on him at his waist.
  37. He raised the heavenly weapon, with his right hand grasped it,
  38. His bow and quiver at his side he hung,
  39. He placed the lightning before his face,
  40. With quivering flame his body he filled.
  41. He made a net to enclose Tiamat's body,
  42. He caused the four winds to seize so that nothing of her could escape;
  43. The south wind, the north wind, the east wind, the west wind,
  44. He brought to the side of the net, the gift of his father Anu,
  45. He made the evil wind, the bad wind, the tempest and the hurricane,
  46. The four winds, the seven winds, the whirlwind, the unhealthy wind;
  47. He brought forth the winds which he had made, the seven of them,
  48. To trouble the inward parts of Tiamat, they came after him.
  49. The lord raised up the tornado, his mighty weapon,
  50. As a chariot, a storm unrivaled for terror he mounted,
  51. He harnessed for himself and attached to it four steeds,
  52. "Destroyer," "Unmerciful," Overwhelmer," "Fleet-footed."
  53. [Foam-covered] were their teeth, filled with poison,
  54. Skilled were they [to run dow], taught to destroy.
  55. ........................................mighty in battle,
  56. Left and right they opened.................
  57. His garment was [rage], with terror was he clad,
  58. With his overpowering brightness his head was crowned.
  59. He made straight they way, he took his path,
  60. To the place of Tiamat, the raging, his face he set.
  61. With his lip...............................................he cursed her,
  62. A plant of magical power -- he seized with his hand.
  63. On that day they exalted him, the gods exalted him;
  64. The gods, his fathers, exalted him, the gods exalted him.
  65. The lord approached, the waist of Tiamat he scanned,
  66. Of Kingu, her spouse--he beheld his terifying-glance.
  67. As Marduk gazed, Kingu's progress was impeded,
  68. Destroyed was his purpose, frustrated his dee,
  69. Destroyed was his purpose, frustrated at his side,
  70. Saw the warrior and leader; their look was troubled.
  71. Tiamat perceived it; she did not turn her neck.
  72. With proud lips she uttered words of defiance:
  73. "Who decreed that thou shouldst come as lord of the gods?
  74. Have they assembled from their places, are they to serve thee?"
  75. The lord raised the tornado, his mighty weapon,
  76. [Against] Tiamat who was raging, thus he spoke;
  77. "[Why hast thouj] made thyself great? Exalted thyself on high?
  78. [Wo does thy heart] prompt thee to battle.
  79. [How can thy helpers] defy the gods, their fathers?
  80. [Why] doest thou hate their [caommand], their rujj[le despise]?
  81. [Why has thou exalted Kingu] to be thy spouse?
  82. [Hast given] him the functions of deity?
  83. [How] canst thou seek after evil?
  84. [And against] the gods, my fathers, thy evil plan devise?
  85. [Let] thy forces be joined, girded on thy weapons!
  86. Stand! I and thou--come let us fight!"
  87. Tiamat, when She heard this,
  88. Was like one possessed; she lost her reason.
  89. Tiamat cried out vehemently with high voice,
  90. Like roots divided in twain her legs trembled.
  91. She uttered an incantation, she cast a charm,
  92. And the gods of battle demanded their weapons.
  93. Then took their stand Tiamat and the leader of the gods, Marduk;
  94. For the fight they approached, for the battle they drew near.
  95. The lord spread out his net and enclosed her,
  96. The evil wind from behind he thrust into her face.
  97. As Tiamat opened her mouth to its full extent,
  98. The evil wind he drove in, so that her lips could not close.
  99. With the mighty winds he filler her belly;
  100. Her courage was taken away, and she opened her mouth.
  101. He let fall the spear, he burst open her belly,
  102. He cut through her inward parts, he pierced her heart,
  103. He bound her and her life destroyed;
  104. Her body he cast down, upon it he stood.
  105. After Tiamat, the lader, he had slain,
  106. Her army he broke, her host was scattered,
  107. And the gods, her helpers, who marched by her side,
  108. Trembled, fear3ed, they turned their backs;
  109. They sought an exit, to save their lives;
  110. With a cordon they wsere encompassed; escape was not possible.
  111. He coutht them, their weapons he broke.
  112. Into the net they fell, in the snare they remained.
  113. All quarters of the world they filled with lamentation.
  114. His wrath they endured; they were held in bondage.
  115. And the eleven Creatures, whom she had filled with terribleness,
  116. The troop of demons who marked as her helpers,
  117. He threw into fetters, their power he [broke';
  118. Along with their opposition he trampled them under his feet.
  119. And Kingu who had been exalted over them,
  120. He took captive, as the god Dugga he counted him.
  121. He took from him the tablets of destiny, not rightly his,
  122. He sealed them with a seal, in his own breast he laid them.
  123. After his enemies he had seized and destroyed,
  124. His arrogant foe had completly humiliated,
  125. The triumph of Anshar over the foe had fully established,
  126. The wish of Nudimmud had accomplished, Marduk, the warrior
  127. Over the bound gods strengthened his hold,
  128. Unto Tiamat, whom he had bound, he turned back.
  129. The lord trod upon Tiamat's feet
  130. And with his unsparing weapon crushed her head.
  131. He cut through the veins of her blood,
  132. HGe caused the north wind to bear it to secret places.
  133. His fathers saw it; they rejoiced, they exulted,
  134. Gifts and presents they brought unto him.
  135. Then the lord rested; he gazed upon her body,
  136. The flesh of the monster he divided; he formed a cunning plan.
  137. He split her open like a flat fish into two halves,
  138. One half of her he established and made a covering of the heavens,
  139. He drew a bolt, he established a guard,
  140. And not to let her waters come out, he commanded.
  141. He passed through the heavens, he surveded the regions,
  142. Over against the deep he set the dwelling of Nudimmud.
  143. The structures of the deep the lord measured,
  144. In the place Esharra which he built in the heavent,
  145. He caused Anu, Ellil, and Ea at their stations to dwell.

Source: George A. Barton, Archaeology and the Bible, 7th Edition, p. 284-286
Kenneth Sublet

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