Engedi Ministries Exposed!

Exposing Calvinist, David Lawrence of Engedi.org and Smith Springs church of Christ. He boasts of inculcating Calvinism into David Lipscomb University, Nashville, Tn.

David Lawrence got his finances in order and jumped ship OPENLY at the Covenant Presbyterian Church, Nashville.

PREREVIEW: Tim Alexander Romans: All to God's Glory.  We will post the entire book of Romans and add some of Tim's opinions and will mostly link to other reviews. It is clear that all predestinators and faith-only people have never read the actual events in the Old Testament to which Paul points. Specificially in Romans 9-10 he DENIES that the Jews were predestinated becuase they fell from grace because of musical idolatry at Mount Sinai.

Thoughts on Biblical Teachings: Otis Charlton
For 33 years I served as an elder of the Smith Springs Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee. After having resigned from that position almost ten years ago, I still have the same shepherding concerns.

8.30.08 David Lawrence How We are Saved part A  David says that we THINK that we have free will. However, after we have made a choice it turns out that we had no choice at all. Most of us would say that once we have made a choice to do somethen then we have exhausted or choce and must suffer the consequences.

David Lawrence (Lipscomb) and Danny Hale, elder of Smith Springs church of Christ--now Engedi-run--are exposed by their published articles and those who have been TRAPPED into a troubling encounter. Of course,
John Mark Hicks of Lipscomb got his Phd from the Calvinists. He sees the RISING UP TO PLAY at sacrificial feasts in the Old Testament as what Paul wants us to do in the Lord's Supper. Feeding the hungry "gods" you know who often showed up as Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies blowing dead flesh and the DUNG-GOD.

Engedi grows The Apple of Sodom, or Dead Sea apple, is a fruit said to grow on or near the site of the biblical Sodom; it turns to smoke and ashes when plucked. Environmental extremes tolerated: Arid.

New: In one "devotional" David Lawrence claims that he tests what he TEACHES by the FRUIT which it bears. Romans 14  EXCLUDES private diversities from being dialoged in "church." Then in Romans 15 Paul defined the "synagogue" which "never had a praise service." It was outlawed in the wilderness and the synagogue never did "music."  Paul defines the church as "teaching that which is written" using words which exclude MUSIC.

David Lawrence now calls the mostly-discredited system "the doctrines of grace" as opposed ot CALVINISM.  Maybe that is because John Calvin claimed that people who claimed that the "Spirit" operated outside of the Word were fanatics.  Martin Luther defined Sola Gratia and Sola Fide as based on Sola Scriptura: He said that you cannot have FAITH unless you read it in SCRIPTURE and because Scripture demands baptism he really also said 'Sola Baptisma."

It is my understanding that:

  1. Two of the elders who were instrumental in bringing this new teaching into 
  2. Former members estimate that half of the congregation was chased off over this divisive doctrine.  Doznens of Baptist churches have already split over this in recent years. Will our fellowship be it's next victim?
  3. Another prominent supporter of Engedi is one of Smith Spring's former pulpit ministers, David Gaylor.  He recently resigned his position as elder at Smith Springs in order to take the pulpit position at the Vultee Congregation. One cannot help but wonder if he will try to carefully and methodically introduce Calvinism to that congregation also.
  4. Smith Springs is still the home to two professors at Lipscomb University: Dr. Lawrence and their song leader, G. Wilson.  However, Lawrence is not allowed to exert his influence at LU.  However, he boasts about ministering to students who have doubt.
  5. We understand that the former music minister is in prison!
Another fruits is leading young people into hyper-Calvinism which has mostly been repudiated as making God worse than Hitler is:

Artios Academy of Nashville: false Teachings reviewed.

Many Calvinist Churches hide the implications of Predestination from most of their students. The doctrines of Election and the lack of Free Will sounds like it is giving GOD the glory. They preach that people should be saved by FAITH ONLY and that is appealing. However, what of the destiny of the people who
never get the HIGH FIVE that they are one of God's select few? Instead, it STEALS all of the glory from the OLD God and even Jesus Christ by putting the focus on the HOLY SPIRIT. The ONLY way to give God the glory and treat Him as at least an EQUAL is to listen to His Words and obey them. The Doctors of the Law and Pharisees rejected BAPTISM and therefore failed to justify God. That is, they called God a liar. They rejected His Counsel and took the glory to themselves. The Jews also believed that God selected them to be preserved, but God selected them as ministers to teach God's righteousness to ALL of the 70 nations. This seemed to give God the glory but they really came to feel superior, despised others and were self-deluded into the worship of the CREATURE and not the CREATOR. These reviews have been requested by those who have grasped the extent of the teachings. Most of the Calvinistic teachings are delivered in small doses so it is not possible to get a coherent picture.
Engedi.org The Goat Springs
For all of its work, the springs end in the Dead Sea
Concerned Members Forum Discussing David Lawrence at Smith Springs Church of Christ.

NEW TODAY 11/21/03: 1 Peter 1. The ELECT are the INVITED. They are the CALLED of the Ekklesia or church. We respond to the invitation by faith and baptism.

The boast of David Lawrence probably speaking of his inculcating at David Lipscomb University:

David Lawrence: "Now this reformed once recalcitrant legalist has the opportunity to reach thousands through the various avenues of this ministry and by personal interaction with university students to help others to see the really good news of a gospel of joy and assurance.

Of course, Calvinism SEEMS like good news but its effects are devestating. The very rare person who is absolutely confident that they are predestinated to salvation may seem happy but they are loosing the meaning of Discipleship. The majority who never get a SIGN of God's approval are led into despair and into suicide before Calvinism was swept under the rugs by most churches.

Those who have had to leave their own property reject both the false dogma and the take over of the teaching:

One Respondent on the forum notes on Smith Springs Church of Christ.

"I've attended a congregation that has become home to many of the wounded families who have fled from Smith Springs over all of this in recent years. It's amazing how many of them share a similar story. If they pointed out scriptures or quotes from noted theologians which exposed some of the obvious inconsistencies of the Calvinistic system, or Reformed theology,

they were accused of not approaching the Bible with an open mind, or not having the right spirit, or of being legalist attempting to take glory from God. It is a demeaning diversion that seemed to have worked on several, but it is just to bypass the real point:

What is being taught, and why is it that most of the Christian world rejects their ideas, as Engedi even admitted. (see devo link, 03.17.03) Is everyone else just not chosen to see it? And how come these concepts somehow got completely overlooked for the first 500 years of the church?

Another respondent:

"This type of control is an extremely frightening arena and is highly volatile politically (pick a dictator, any dictator), corporately (Enron & Co.), in families (an abuser who says 'you made me hurt you') but especially religiously (Jim Bakker, Jim Jones, etc.)

These situations often have agonizing outcomes as the sometimes passive-aggressive leaders (who incidentally are usually extremely sincere, at least in the religion area)

begin to lose their grip and the average guy in the pew begins to realize that they have been LIVING OUT the fable of THE KINGS NEW CLOTHES.

While on the dole of churches of Christ the goal is to continually berate the churches of Christ. This is the well used Hegelin Dialect used by those who boast of INFILTRATING and DIVERTING to change the church into a VENUE FOR ROCK AND ROLE or into a THEATER FOR HOLY ENTERTAINMENT. The deliberate sowers of discord to bring about SCHIZOPHRENIA often steal THE COMMUNITY CHURCH logo. This is happening especially with Presbyterians.

"The gospel of Calvinism is likewise good news - but only if your are one of the elect" (see 12.23.03). "..to the non-elect.it is an eternal death sentence."

"Calvinism is, in many of its facets, a human philosophic system. It is a constantly divisive element in the church."

My brother, who has studied this quite a bit while in seminary, says that this is probably along the lines of the Presbyterian PCA (as opposed to the Presbyterians USA or the Cumberland Presbyterian factions.)

The PCA, the newest of their schisms, was founded in the 1970's, and they were so aware of their past track record that they've semi-officially encouraged some of their congregations to primarily focus their identity as a 'Community Church' in several cases. He also says to not get distracted in your study by the 'slander' charges or their other common claim when faced with obviously conflicting Biblical concepts: 'it's just a mystery of God that we can't understand'; that has become their ROOK card for years. The New Testament is pretty clear about the mysteries it refers to (often regarding Gentiles being saved.) The only mystery here is how unsuspecting people have been thrown off by this line for so many years.

PCA sees getting on the Campus as a primary tool of evangelism. Too bad that our Campus Ministries have been diverted. Also see the 1995 proof.

"How to have eternal life Administrative Committee serves the Church by providing the ecclesiastical and administrative functions enabling churches, presbyteries and the General Assembly to fulfill their ministries.Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)

seeks to communicate the gospel
by sending ordained PCA ministers to serve on the college campus,
to equip students to live all of life under the Lordship of Christ.

"Christian Education and Publication Serves the PCA through teaching and training leaders and members of churches and providing resources for the equipping and building of the church. Mission to the World the mission agency that exists to advance the body of Christ worldwide by identifying, selecting, training and empowering men and women focused on the tasks of evangelism and church planting worldwide. Mission to North America is a Christ-centered organization dedicated to providing the leadership and the resources enabling the PCA to plant, grow, and multiply churches throughout North America.

Covenant Theological Seminary is a graduate theological school committed to training servants of the triune God

to interpret and communicate God's Word, and to lead Gods people.

"Covenant College is Christ-centered institution, emphasizing liberal arts, that serves the PCA and the wider public, by teaching students to discern and unfold the implications of Christ's pre-eminence in all things.

Engedi is a revealing MARK. First, it is a spring in the desert. This may presume to say that only Engedi's Calvinism is the only FRESH WATER among a desert of those they propose to mislead:

"Engedi - fountain of the kid, place in the wilderness of Judah (Josh. 15:62), on the western shore of the Dead Sea (Ezek. 47:10), and nearly equidistant from both extremities. To the wilderness near this town David fled for fear of Saul (Josh. 15:62; 1 Sam. 23:29). It was at first called Hazezon-tamar (Gen. 14:7), a city of the Amorites.

"The vineyards of Engedi were celebrated in Solomon's time (Cant. 1:4). It is the modern 'Ain Jidy. The "fountain" from which it derives its name rises on the mountain side about 600 feet above the sea, and in its rapid descent spreads luxuriance all around it. Along its banks the osher grows abundantly. That shrub is thus described by Porter: "The stem is stout, measuring sometimes nearly a foot in diameter, and the plant grows to the height of 15 feet or more. It has a grayish bark and long oval leaves, which when broken off discharge a milky fluid. The fruit resembles an apple, and hangs in clusters of two or three. When ripe it is of a rich yellow colour, but on being pressed it explodes like a puff-ball. It is chiefly filled with air...This is the so-called 'apple of SODOM.'"

If you look up ENGEDI you will discover that it literally means THE PLACE OF WATERING FOR THE GOATS. It was the DWELLING PLACE of the Amorites.

Jesus defined Himself as the ONLY source of Living waters: the WORD which went forth from Jerusalem when the Apostles began to evangelize. Out in the desert lies Engedi, north of Masada where hundreds committed suicide.

Engedi is also Hazazon-Tamar which defines DIVISION. it is made up of two parts:

FIRST, the Hebrew

Chacac (h2686) khaw-tsats'; a prim. root [comp. 2673 to CUT OR DIVIDE]; prop. to CHOP into, PIERCE or server; hence to CURTAIL, to distribute (into ranks); as denom. from 2671, to SHOOT an ARROW: - archer, * bands, cut off in the midst.

This word is translated:

The LOCUSTS have no king, yet go they forth all of them by BANDS; Pr.30:27

This word is used in the same sense that arrows cut or abrade:

The clouds poured out water: the skies sent out a sound: thine arrows also went abroad Ps.77:17

Bread of deceit is sweet to a man; but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel.Pr.20:17

Sodom's Apple: When ripe it is of a rich yellow colour, but on being pressed it explodes like a puff-ball. It is chiefly filled with air...This is the so-called 'apple of SODOM.'"

He hath also broken my teeth with gravel stones, he hath covered me with ashes. Lam.3:1

The last part of the word is TAMAR which speaks of sitting under palm trees. A woman wearing that name seduced Judah. You remember that TAMAR, Judah's daughter in law trapped Judah into PAWNING the scepter of his KINGDOM because CANAAN got him drunk. Well, the WEB OF "POSSIBLE" MEANING GOES ON AND ON. You remember that the Jews looked to their OWN SPRINGS as the source of living waters and ENGEDI looks to the place of DIVIDING and SHOOTING ARROWS. You know, MELODY or PSALLO'S primary meaning is to TWANG BOW STRINGS TO SEND SINGING ARROWS INTO THE HEART OF THE ENEMY. David Lawrence also says that we had to wait for CHURCH COUNCILS to define things like the trinity and predestination.


To many, Calvinism goes against the whole flow of New Testament teaching. It substitutes a vengeful, capricious and merciless God, for the loving Father of Jesus's teachings. The price paid for unravelling the tangled knot of Lutheran logic is too high. In order to avoid the need for Good Works, the Gospel has been distorted out of all recognition. Jesus's teachings make little sense under Calvinism, and make no sense at all if we do not have Free Will to act on them. In addition Calvinism has led to..

1. Fatalism. What is the point of evangelising, if it is already decided who is to be saved? Similarly, if a person is starving or in need, God has put him in that position, so there is no need to do anything about it.

2. A Tribal Consciousness. Groups and Nationalities began to see themselves as "Chosen by God". Other peoples, not being so "chosen", could be treated harshly. Calvinist groups are seen as exacerbating divisions in places like Ireland, the USA and South Africa. (See: By their Fruits)

This is nowhere better proven and illustrated than by those who SECRETLY BRING IN DAMNABLE HERESIES so they can appropriate the "CHURCH HOUSES OF WIDOWS" and leave them out in the cold.

Buy the Book: Institutes of Christian Religion: 1536 Edition Calvin.

Buy the Book: Discourse on Free Will Erasmus Luther

Some of our reviews linked to Engedi.org web pages and David Lawrence.

-# 1: David Lawrence of David Lipscomb on predestination Number One.

# 2: A Look at Galatians 3 on PREDESTINATION to a system of FAITH like Abraham who was justified because he obeyed all of God's commands and decrees.

#3: David Lawrence: Predestination Acts 11:8 and 2 Timothy 2

Calvin, Predestination and Molech.

Shepherd of Hermes

We believe that David Lawrence and Engedi uses the typical proof text and plays loose with historical evidence.

It is probable that many once- Christian Universities have slipped into the same error and you should be prewarned:

C. Leonard Allen (ACU ) and Richard T. Hughes: ---Royce Money ACU---Carrol D. Osburn ACU

Carrol Osburn speaks of the university training PROPHETS, Chanellers and Facilitators to go out and spreach the false dogma.

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