The Temple--Its Ministry and Services

as they were at the time of Christ

Alfred Edersheim - The Temple


Table of Contents:

Preface (13k)
Chapter 1--A First View of Jerusalem, and of the Temple.
Chapter 2--Within the Holy Place.
Chapter 3--Temple Order, Revenues, and Music
Chapter 4--The Officiating Priesthood
Chapter 5--Sacrifices: Their Order and their Meaning
Chapter 6--The Burnt-Offering, the Sin- and Trespass-Offering, and the Peace-Offering
Chapter 7--At Night in the Temple.
Chapter 8--The Morning and the Evening Sacrifice.
Chapter 9--Sabbath in the Temple.
Chapter 10--Festive Cycles and Arrangement of the Calendar
Chapter 11--The Passover.
Chapter 12--The Paschal Feast and the Lord's Supper
Chapter 13--The Feast of Unleavened Bread and the Day of Pentecost
Chapter 14--The Feast of Tabernacles
Chapter 15--The New Moons: The Feast of the Seventh New Moon, or of Trumpets, or New Year's Day.
Chapter 16--The Day of Atonement
Chapter 17--Post-Mosaic Festivals
Chapter 18--On Purification.
Chapter 19--On Vows--The Nazarite's Vow. The Offering of the First-Fruits in the Temple. Songs of Ascent - Pipe playing only in procession. Psalms

THE BOOK: The Temple : Its Ministry and Services As They Were at the Time of Jesus Christ

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