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No wonder the ghost of Meriwether Lewis still haunts the deep valleys of Middle Tennessee and Hohenwald: Locals remember the story handed down from ancestors. Andy says that Meriwether Lewis was mugged two miles away - bones eaten by beasts whose descendants still prowl in the shadow of a great national and local event. National park buried his sister three feet deeper just for Meriwether and threw her tombstone into the ditch.
"Lord, there are many around the drinking trough, but there is nothing in the well."
Lewis, Meriwether (1774-1809) Born near Ivy, Va., August 18, 1774. Governor of Louisiana (Missouri) Territory, 1807-1809. Commanded expedition with William Clark to Oregon, 1803. Died of gunshot wounds under mysterious circumstances (murder or suicide?) at Grinder's Stand, an inn on the Natchez Trace near what is now Hohenwald, Tenn., October 11, 1809. Interment at Meriwether Lewis Park, Hohenwald, Tenn. Lewis counties in Idaho, Ky., Mo., Tenn. and Wash. are named for him; Lewis and Clark County, Mont. is named partly for him. The foundatio to his monument has been recently restored.
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Beginning in New England with the First Great Awakening, the American frontier experienced the overflow of religious revival in what is now East Tennessee. While Meriwether Lewis was involved with Thomas Jefferson is exploring a new territory, the American Frontier was ingaged in the so-called Second Great Awakening.

By the Second Awakening, a great number of people had moved into Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and toward Tennessee and Alabama. The key writings of the Colonial period are here.

Daniel Boone.

That trailblazer was probably more like a real estate agent. My tribe came into Ky with him and, as with most property, my 'meets' don't jive with your 'bounds.' Can't make no money until you have sold it three times! Kentucky was the home of Caneridge (Cane Ridge) found by Daniel Boone for the Presbterian church which formed the center of revivalism which took advantage of the many "churched" people who found themselves insecure on the "wide frontier." Cane Ridge meeting house was not caulked so that they could watch for indians.

A key player in the Second Great American Awakening was Barton W. Stone at Cane Ridge, Kentucky among Methodists, Baptists and Presbyterians. Key player in the Restoration Movement which developed into churches of Christ was Thomas and Alexander Campbell. Daniel Boone picked the place for the future home of the Cane Ridge Meeting place.

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Campbell were friends during the great western surge of settlement and religion. While revivalism and later strivings produced a great sectarian division of perhaps 146 separate Baptist organizations, the western Restoration Movement of religion doubtedly gave stability to the Western march into the new territory made possibly by Thomas Jefferson and Meriwether Lewis.

Articles of Confederation
The Declaration of Independance
Constitution of the United States
First Amendment
Free Exercise of Religion
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Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Campbell were influenced by the writings of John Locke who was more important to both civil and religious freedom than either Jefferson or Campbell. He risked his life to try to wrestle political and religious institution control away from dominant leaders.

The study of Meriwether Lewis provides background for understanding the culture of the surge of civilization and religion into the "west."

The Alexander Campbell Page including The Christian System

The Restoration Movement and Christian Liberty

Lewis County, Middle Tennessee, is much as it existed in the days when Meriwether Lewis left his name and body in a lonely grave. This site is to answer the many questions of interested people and to explain the real "home" and resting place of one of the world's greatest explorers.

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The life of a friend of Thomas Jefferson and the leader of the Lewis and Clark expedition to the Pacific was broken off here in Lewis County. The foundation stones "wore out" and had to be replaced by the park people.

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Museum of Western Expansion 1800 - 1810

Natchez Trace Bed & Breakfast Reservation in Tennessee "The northern terminus of the Natchez Trace is just outside of Nashville. This area includes several historic towns, antebellum homes, and Civil War battlefields, such as Franklin, Spring Hill, and Columbia.

In this section, where the old Trace crossed the Duck River at Gordon's ferry, it left "civilized" country and entered Indian territory. You'll pass through beautiful countryside, with rolling hills, scenic vistas, and waterfalls; this area provides horseback trails, hiking, and canoe rentals.

Be sure to take one of the Old Trace drives, where you will get a feel of what it was like in earlier days. There is an interesting Natural History Museum in Hohenwald, the death place of the explorer Meriwether Lewis and a monument to him, and even an Amish community."

Grave of William Sublette: b. 1799. d. July 23, 1845
William Lewis Sublette was born in the Whitley house in Lincoln County, Ky.
In 1829 William spent a Fourth of July at Independence Rock. When David Jackson and William Sublette were searching for beaver and trying their luck to see if they could trap any, they came across Yellowstone in 1826. William first christened Jackson Hole in 1829.
Fort William (Sublette) was later renamed Fort Laramie. Also, Sublette County and Sublette's Cutoff near South Pass are named in honor of his name. He helped open the Oregon Trail by using wagons in the Rocky Mountains & by finding Sublette's Cutoff.
Story of William Lewis Sublette
Fort Laramie (William)
Articles of Agreement: Ashley, Smith, Jackson, Sublett Inventory
Ashley Boutht Out
Battle of Pierre's Hole
News Release
Sublette Cutoff
The History of the Rendezvous
Gateway to Western Expansion
Philipp. L. Genealogy

Andrew W. Sublett in Mexican War Uniform
Knows as one of the three Mountain Men

Solomoon Sublett known as one of the three Mountain Men
No known picture of William Sublette main Mountain Man
Probably close cousin: Photo Labelled "Billy Sublett" Hand Colored Very Black Tintype in Grandmother's Bible where names were mostly "Sublette"

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