David Fleer Lipscomb 2016 Rhetoric

Rhetoric is the Effeminate Anti-Logos and therefore ANTI-Christ

Rubel Shelly the Logos: The Word, Regulative Principle outlaws rhetoric, singing, playing instruments and anything beyond TEACHING the Word Once delivered to the Saints.

Acts 15:21 For Moses of old time
        hath in every city them that PREACH him,
        being READ in the synagogues every sabbath day.


G278 kerusso, kay-roos´-so; of uncertain affinity;
        to herald (as a public crier),
        especially divine truth (the gospel): —
        preacher(-er), proclaim, publish


Aristot. Rh. 1.1.3  Now, previous compilers of “Arts”1 of Rhetoric have provided us with only a small portion of this art, for proofs are the only things in it that come within the province of art; everything else is merely an accessory. And yet they say nothing about enthymemes which are the body of proof, but chiefly devote their attention to matters outside the subject;
1 Manuals or handbooks treating of the rules of any art or science.
enthum-ēma  2. [select] meaning, sense, opp. lexis
3.in Aristotle's Logic, enthymeme, rhetorical syllogism drawn from probable premises (ex eikotōn ē sēmeiōn), OPPOSITE apodeiktikos sullogismos, APr.70a10, cf.Rh. 1355a6, etc.; e. deiktika, elegktika,
II. ZOnvention, device, X.HG4.5.4, 5.4.52, An.3.5.12, Cyn.13.13 (pl.), M

apodeik-tikos , ē, on, A. affording proof, demonstrative,ho a. sullogismosArist.AP0.74b10; “hexis a.Id.EN1139b31; “pisteis a.Id.Rh.1358a1,
   epagōg-ē , , A.bringing on or to,tōn epitēdeiōn
b. incantation, spell, in pl., Pl.R.364c, Lg.933d;
        7. leading away into captivity, captivity, LXX Is.14.17: generally, distress, misery, ib.Si.23.14 (pl.), cf. Hsch.
sullog-ismos   II. putting together of observed facts, Pl.Cra.412a; “s. estin hoti touto ekeinoArist.Rh.1371b9: apodeik-tikos , ē, on,

Aristotle's Rhetorica (1404a), In that regard, epic's position is parallel to that of RHETORIC. Beginning with Aristotle's Rhetorica (1404a),
        critics of
rhetorical performance have ascribed to lively delivery the same effect as that of acting.
There is a persistent association between theatrics, bad rhetoric and effeminacy.

Rhetoric was forever at pains to disentangle itself from unwanted associations
female deception and histrionic art,
        because it was viewed as the art of
socially weak women and slaves,
of all ages have assiduously
        fought against any trace of
bodily and vocal practice associated with these groups.

However, from the examples that I have just used, it is evident,
        I believe, which
art of music I consider appropriate in the training of the orator and to what extent.

Nevertheless, I think that I need to be more explicit in stating that the music
        which I prescribe is not the
modern music which
        has been
emasculated by the lascivious melodies [Effeminate Vibrato] of the effeminate stage
has to
no small extent destroyed the amount of MANLY vigor that we still possessed.

I refer rather to the music of old with which people used to sing the praises of brave men and which the brave themselves used to sing. 
But this fact does not justify degeneration into sing-song or the effeminate modulations now in vogue. There is an excellent saying on this point attributed to Gaius Caesar while he was still a boy:

"If you are singing, you sing badly; if you are reading, you sing."

"Philodemus considered it paradoxical that music should be regarded as veneration of the gods while musicians were paid for performing this so-called veneration. Again, Philodemus held as self deceptive the view that music mediated religious ecstasy. He saw the entire condition induced by the noise of cymbals and tambourines as a disturbance of the spirit.

He found it significant that, on the whole, only women and effeminate men fell into this folly.

Accordingly, nothing of value could be attributed to music; it was no more than a slave of the sensation of pleasure, which satisfied much in the same way that food and drink did.

Plat. Gorg. 455a

Thus rhetoric,
        it seems, is a producer of persuasion for belief,
        not for instruction in the matter of right and wrong.

Peithō ,
II. as Appellat., persuasiveness, “peithous epaoidaisinA. Pr. 173

epōdē , Ion. and poet. epa^oidē , , song sung to or over: hence, enchantment, spell,epaoidē d' haima..eskhethon
ou pros iatrou sophou thrēnein epōdas pros tomōnti pēmatiS.Aj. 582
peithous dēmiourgos estin rhētorikēPl. Grg.453a
dēmiourg-os ,   .one who works for the people, skilled workman, handicraftsman mantikos
mantikos kleosA.Ag.1098; m. mukhoi, thronoi, Id.Eu.180,616; “tekhnē
2.  tekhnē m. faculty of divination, prophecy, S.OT709, Arist.Pol.1274a28, etc.; more freq. mantikē alone, Hdt.2.49, 4.68; . . m. tou daimoniou,
mantikēn Apollōn anēurenSmp.197a; “m. entheosPhdr.244b, cf. Th.5.103.

Eur. Ba. 298 But this god is a prophet—for Bacchic revelry and madness [ bakkheusimon
kai to maniōdes mantikēn] have in them much prophetic skill.
        [300] For whenever the god enters a body in full force,
        he makes the frantic to foretell the future. He also possesses a share of Ares' nature.
For terror sometimes flutters an army under arms and in its ranks before it even touches a spear; [305] and this too is a frenzy from Dionysus.
        You will see him also on the rocks of Delphi,
         bounding with torches through the highland of two peaks,
         leaping and shaking the Bacchic branch, mighty throughout Hellas.
But believe me, Pentheus; [310] do not boast that sovereignty has power among men,
        nor, even if you think so, and your mind is diseased,
        believe that you are being at all wise.
Receive the god into your land, pour libations to him, celebrate the Bacchic rites, and garland your head


And so the rhetorician's business
        is not to instruct a law court
        or a public meeting in matters of right and wrong,
                BUT only to make them believe;
                        since, I take it,
                        he could not in a short while instruct such a mass of people
                         in matters so important.

No, to be sure.

Come then, let us see what actually is our account of rhetoric:

Jude 3  Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation,
        it was needful for me to write unto you,
        and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith [The Word, Logos or Regulative Principle]
        which was once delivered unto the saints.
Jude 4 For there are certain men crept in unawares,
        who were before of old ordained to this condemnation,
        ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness,
        and denying the
                only Lord God, [Theos]                 |
                and                                                 these are trinitarians John called ANTICHRISTS.
                our Lord  [Kurios] Jesus Christ.    |
Jude 5 I will therefore put you in remembrance, though ye once knew this,
        how that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt,
        afterward destroyed them that believed not.  [They engaged in instrumental-trinitarian-perverted idolatry Romans 1
Jude 6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation,
        he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness
        unto the judgment of the great day.
Jude 7 Even as Sodom [JERUSALEM] and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner,
         giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh,
         are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire

ALL "Rhetoric ignoring the Word or Regulative Principle, singing which deceives or musical instruments" are connected with Making the lambs--including Jesus--Dumb before the slaughter or with BURNING.

Elaine Heath and Tongues of Fire at ACU: praying for fire might indicate an unclear understanding of Scripture.
Calling Down God's Holy Fires. ACU, Ken Cukrowski, Mark Hamilton, and James Thompson
Invasion of Liberation and Feminist Theology
Invasion of Purpose Driven Gender-neutral Theology and rhetorical and musical performance
Invasion of Anti-Christian Messianic Judaism built upon the 'traditions of the father' or the Babylonian Talmud.
  1. The only Spiritual Covenant was made by God in Christ to Abraham.
  2. The Law of Moses was added because of Instrumental-Trinitarian-Perverted Idolatry and God abandoned the Jews after they demanded a king
  3. The Israelites lost their land promise because of Mount Sinai and God sentenced them to Assyria and Babylon for Captivity and Death.
  4. Not a single SEED of Israel would be planted so that the Jews who again invaded Israel come from a country with DNA from only one female.
  5. God turned the Jews over to worship the STARRY HOST: they worshipped the Creature and NOT the Creator.

    Amos 9:5 And the Lord GOD of HOST is he that toucheth the land,
            and it shall melt, and all that dwell therein shall mourn:
            and it shall rise up wholly like a flood;
            and shall be drowned, as by the flood of Egypt.
                  Is. 28:15 Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death,
                        and with hell are we at agreement;
                        when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us:
                        for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves:

    Amos 9:6 It is he that buildeth his stories in the heaven,
             and hath founded his troop in the earth; he that calleth for the waters of the sea,
             and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The LORD is his name
    Amos 9:7 Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me,

            O children of Israel? saith the LORD.
            Have not I brought up Israel out of the land of Egypt?
            and the Philistines from Caphtor,
            and the Syrians from Kir? [of Moab]
            Captor is mentioned as one of the Nations the SEED of Abraham was commanded to BLESS and not murder.
    Genesis 10:13-15

    Amos 9:8 Behold, the eyes of the Lord GOD are upon the sinful kingdom,
            and I will destroy IT from off the face of the earth;
            saving that I will not utterly destroy the house of Jacob, saith the LORD.

                   The house of Jacob is the Laity exclusive of Priests and Levites who had been abandoned to Sabazianism at Jerusalem called Sodom.
                    Jacob had Cursed the tribe of Levi, commanded that the Godly not attend their SYNAGOGUES nor enter into a covenant with them
                    They were to WAIT For Shiloh as Jesus who will give us all REST from those who make merchandis of you.

    Amos 9:9 For, lo, I will command,
            and I will sift [con-cŭtĭo] the house of Israel among all nations,
            like as corn is sifted in a sieve, [sift by falling]
            yet shall not the least grain fall upon the earth. [To reproduce]

  6. The Godly Jews attended synagogue or the Church of Christ the ROCK in the wilderness: the synagogue was for Reading and understanding the Word.
  7. Joseph Shulam says that the synagogue was modeled after the Temple in BABYLON: That misses reading 101a.
  8. God did not command the king, kingdom, temple, animal slaughter, animal and infant holocaust or the instrumental prophesying called SORCERY.
  9. Paul REPUDIATES everything connected with the Law of Moses and appeals to the Abrahamics Covenant for "spiritual" Israelites.
  10. Paul denounced the concision and dogs and insisted that worship be IN THE SPIRIT instead of IN THE FLESH.
  11. Christ in the Prophets warned about the Lying Pen of The Scribes in their writing about the Temple.
  12. Holy Scripture is ONLY the Prophets by Christ and any prophecy about Messiah in the Law: Moses promised another PROPHET because the Jews refused to hear and were made blind and deaf.
The Church of Christ is built upon or Educated by the Prophets and Apostles: it has no OBSERVATIONS because spiritual kingdom is within the little flock of believers.

Eph. 2:20 And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, [educated in the ekklesia]
        Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone;

That eliminates Moses or David: To claim that David was the PROTOTYPE of Jesus is blasphemy and a cunning way to disparage Jesus because the Jewish Messiah is NOT the Christian Messiah.

Matt. 1:22 Now all this was done,
        that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying,
Matt. 1:23 Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son,
        and they shall call his NAME Emmanuel,
        which being interpreted is, God with us


Jesus spoke only of the Law and Prophets: The Law does not speak of a Temple or the Laws of the Monarchy which VIOLATED Moses

Matt. 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the LAW, or the PROPHETS:
        I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.
ăd-implĕo  to fulfil (as a promise, prediction, dutylegem Christi,ib. Gal. 6, 2: [2] Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ
Gratia vobis et pax adimpleatur,be made full, perfect
The Law of Moses and the Prophets excluding the record of the Scribes whom the prophets say lied and Jesus who called them hypocrites: preachers, singers or instrument players.

Luke 24:44 And he said unto them,
        These are the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you,
        that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses,
        and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me.

That logically excludes the monarchy which rejected God and the Law of Moses because God had abandoned them to worship the starry host on their way back to Sumer and Babylon.

Mark 13:31 Heaven and earth [used of National Judaism] shall pass away:
        but my words shall not pass away.

Luke 21:32 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.
John 13:18 I speak not of you all: I know whom I have chosen:
        but that the scripture may be fulfilled,
        He that eateth bread with me hath lifted up his heel against me.

Mark 9:1  And he said unto them, Verily I say unto you,
        That there be some of them that stand here, which shall not taste of death,
        till they have seen the kingdom of God come with power.

SOP and PSALLO have the same root meaning: when Jesus fed Judas the SOP the devil came into him and Judas went out and hanged himself and slowly twisted into the winds until his guts dropped out: probably the DOGS licked up his blood.

PSALLO was the Violent Attach flashed 100 years before the Lipscomb and Shelly Jubilee and the Judas goats were prepared to be FLUTE PLAYING WORSHIP MINISTERS.

Godly Jews left Jerusalem because it had become such a vile place.  Jerusalem is called the Mother of Harlots (fruits, speakers, singers, instrument players, sorcerers) which would be BURNED WITH FIRE

Rev. 11:8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city,
        which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt,
        where also our Lord was crucified.

The Judas Bag was for carrying the mouthpieces of wind instruments always attached to the spotted flute case.

Messianic Jews are Religious Jews claim:
New Covenant
was made by God in Christ to Abraham bypassing the period of the monarchy.
The New Covenant would be made with the HOUSES or LAITY which excluded Priests and Levites
Claims that Early Believers worshipped at the Temple
Joseph Shulam Claims that the Messianic Jews are the Pattern for Christianity
Joseph Shulam and Supporters May Blaspheme Jesus Christ
        David and the Beast
        David and Jonathan were covenanted or married.
        David is the fairly normal Secular King but Jesus is the ANTITHESIS as Spiritual King of an Invisible Kingdom
Singing Blasphemes the Word or Logos or Regulative Principle and is ANTI-Christian.
Jonathan Storment: John T Willis claiming that MELODY demands instruments
Christ Smith claims Instrumental Authority: the Spirit OF Christ and recorded history REFUTES.
Ronnie Norman: Claims that the  ANTI-instrumentalists are sectarians by refusing to be confiscated..
Joshua Ross: Has no problem with "instrumental worship." That's fine but others do have a problem.
        They shall Mock Jesus with instrumental noise then, now and prophesied.
David Fleer: Selling skills for Roles which Jesus as HOLY SPIRIT  deprived of a DOLE. The only "role" is to READ.

Lynn Anderson:
        Subverting all of the "music" passages Part One.

        Subverting about all of the "music" passages Part Two.

        The Discipling Dilemna
Terry Briley does not consider the host of warnings in Isaiah about Music which makes the lambs dumb before the slaughter.
The Golden Calf Pattern in Egypt
Women-led Instrumental-Trinitarian-Perverted Idolatry at Mount Sinai

Women-led Instrumental-Trinitarian-Perverted Idolatry at Mount Sinai Affirmed by Christ
        Paul in Romans 1 defines the end of the road for those who get aroused by music.

Judas Prophesied" as the Instrumental Attack Agent.
Prophesied and fulfilled: they will Musically Mock Jesus

Babylon Mother of Harlots, Instruments, Sorcery and the Lake of Fire
The Beast is A New Style of Music and Satyric (cappella) Drama 

Elaine Heath Praying for the Baptism of Spirit (wind) and fire promised for the race of Vipers
Elaine Heath Tongues of Fire at ACU

        [159] What we really need today are new tongues of fire, a new Pentecost in American.  This alone will open us to the divine hospitality that is so radical that the walls of gender, race, and class dissolve in its healing reach.  We need a Pentcostal outpouring that is about the love of God, a mighty wind that sweeps away the sinful cast systems that have deformed the Americal Church.  We need a baptism of cleansing that will heal the wounds of domestic violence and sexual abuse, that will liberate both the oppressed and the oppressor, that will send God's people out of the church into their neighborhoods with God's redeeming and reconciling love....The untamed presence of the living God is the only power that can heal the threefold wound. Nothing else will do.

Paul solved the gender problem by silencing both men and women who believed that WRATH or an ORGY drove the women into delusions so that women were always used to get a message from the gods: wine, drugs or music induced the state of babbling which could be  sold to the superstitions.  The need for silence by all but the reader is so that "We might all be saved or safe and come to a knowledge of THE TRUTH or Regulative Principle.  Jesus and Paul did not give any funding beyond a living or food as the honest evangelists obeyed the command to go and preach what Jesus commanded to be taught.

The baptism of spirit (wind) and fire is for the VIPER RACE unfit for John's baptism.  The Glorified Jesus returned as HOLY SPIRIT and poured out WIND and FIRE in the upper room.

Behold, the name of the Lord comes after a long time, burning wrath;
word of his lips is with glory, a word full of anger,
        and the
anger of his wrath shall devour as fire. Isaiah 30:27 LXX

And his breath, [spīrĭtus] ignis
        as rushing water in a valley, reach reach as far as the neck, and be divided,
confound the nations for their vain error;
        error also shall pursue them and overtake them. Isaiah 30:28 LXX

Torreo ,
a torrent: “cum fertur quasi torrens oratio,
3. Trop., of speech: “torrens dicentis oratio,Quint. 3, 8, 60; so, “oratio,Plin. 26, 3, 7, § 12
carmina flammā, aliquid in igne Of thirst:   Of the heat of love: “si torrere jecur quaeris idoneum (Venus),
Must ye always rejoice,
canticumchorus canticum Insonuit,tībĭa ,“ubi curva choros indixit tibia Bacchi,Verg. A. 11, 737
Not slackly do ye join
the ranks of Venus in a midnight war; [Venus is Lucifer, Zoe or Eve among the feminists]
or when fantastic pipes of Bacchus call
your dancing feet, right venturesome ye fly
to banquets and the flowing wine—what zeal,
what ardor then! Or if your flattering priest
begins the revel, and to Iofty groves
fat flesh of victims bids ye haste away!”
and go into my holy places continually, as they that keep a feast?
        and must ye go with a
pipe, as those that rejoice into the mountain of the Lord,
        to the God of Israel Isaiah 30:29 LXX



Calling down Gods "holy" fire: Malachi knew about ACU, Ken Cukrowski, Mark Hamilton, and James Thompson when he asked: "who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a REFINER'S FIRE, and like FULLER'S SOAP: Malachi 3:2 (To Wash). The concept of HOLY FIRE has meaning ONLY in connection with CONSUMING those who refuse to approach God with reverence and Godly fear. Those who PEDDLE or "retail" the Word which they do not believe are enemies of Christ.

"The title of this volume, God's Holy Fire, is taken from William Butler Yeats' poem, 'Sailing to Byzantium.' This poem speaks of a yearning for a place of truth and beauty that is beyond our daily routines. Like the poet, we desire to live in such a place. The image of fire also evokes the words of Jeremiah 20:9, 'Is not my word like fire?' Fire has the power to consume and renew life. Jeremiah speaks of a 'fire in [his] bones' so overpowering that he can no longer hold it within himself (20:9). The image indicates that the Bible contains potent words for any age.

The command was to speak ONLY what God inspired him to speak. Jeremiah in chapter 7 affirms "the law of silence" which prevents any human contribution to come to the aid of God.

Sailing to Byzantium
Caught in that sensual music all neglect
Monuments of unageing intellect.

Some critics suggest that Yeats is far more concerned with his loss of sexual potency. A statue in Byzantium which represented the perfect like Adonis.

An aged man is but a paltry thing,
A tattered coat upon a stick, unless
Soul clap its hands and sing, and louder sing
For every tatter in its mortal dress,
Nor is there singing school but studying
Monuments of its own magnificence;
And therefore I have sailed the seas and come
To the holy city of Byzantium.

O sages standing in God's holy fire
As in the gold mosaic of a wall,
Come from the holy fire, perne in a gyre,
To turn in a spiraling circle: Life and Death

Speakers, singers or instrument players are called sorcerers by John who said that they will be CAST ALIVE INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE.

And be the singing-masters of my soul.
Consume my heart away; sick with desire
And fastened to a dying animal
It knows not what it is; and gather me
Into the artifice of eternity.
The unpurged images of day recede;
The Emperor's drunken soldiery are abed;
Night resonance recedes, night-walkers' song
After great cathedral gong;
A starlit or a moonlit dome disdains
All that man is,
All mere complexities,
The fury and the mire of human veins.
Once out of nature I shall never take
My bodily form from any natural thing,
But such a form as Grecian goldsmiths make
Of hammered gold and gold enamelling
To keep a drowsy Emperor awake;
Or set upon a golden bough to sing
To lords and ladies of Byzantium
Of what is past, or passing, or to come.
Aristoph. Lys. 388  Jewish worship was Sabazianism: fire and stars.

Have the luxurious rites of the women glittered
Their libertine show, their drumming tapped out crowds,
The Sabazian Mysteries summoned their mob,
Adonis been wept to death on the terraces,
As I could hear the last day in the Assembly?
For Demostratus—let bad luck befoul him—
Was roaring, “We must sail for Sicily,”
While a woman, throwing herself about in a dance
Lopsided with drink, was shrilling out “Adonis,
Woe for Adonis.” Then Demostratus shouted,
“We must levy hoplites at Zacynthus,”
And there the woman, up to the ears in wine,
Was screaming “Weep for Adonis” on the house-top,
The scoundrelly politician, that lunatic ox,
Bellowing bad advice through tipsy shrieks:
Such are the follies wantoning in them.

The Jewish and apostates religion was Sabazianism

Sa^bazios , ho, (Sabos) a Phrygian deity, whose mysteries resembled the teletai [sodomy] of Dionysus, Thphr.Char.27.8 (but Sabadion Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon

Thesmophorizusae Euoi speaks of EVE the meditrix of the feminists religions.

[995] Euoi! Echo, the nymph of Cithaeron, returns thy words, which resound beneath the dark vaults of the thick foliage and in the midst of the rocks of the forest; the ivy enlaces thy brow with its tendrils charged with flowers. -

ēios  [select] epith. of Phoebus, ēie Phoibe Il. Prob. from the cry ē, ē, cf. iēios, euios.
euoi ( euhoi A exclamation used in the cult of Dionysus, Ar.Lys.1294 (lyr.), etc.; cf. euai, euan: “euoi saboiD.18.260: as an interjection, “anatarasseieuoim' ho kissosS.Tr.219

Within this blanket condemnation of sodomy, pederasty in particular was a target. The 2nd-century preacher Clement of Alexandria used divine pederasty as an indictment of Greek religion and the mythological figures of Herakles, Apollo, Poseidon, Laius, and Zeus: [ Father of KAIROS]: "For your gods did not abstain even from boys.  onetheless the practice continued to surface, giving rise to proverbs such as With wine and boys around, the monks have no need of the Devil to tempt them, an early Christian saying from the Middle East. [definition of WOLVES]

INVASION OF FEMINIST THEOLOGY: The arrival of a thee-separate-person trinity and feminine performance replacing the School of the Word is based on the "back to Babylon" triple goddesses

 "spiritual formation" including CENTERING prayers and Lectio-Divina identify the Moon godess. The Theslian Hag or Witch implicates the power of "moon blood" This originates at Fuller where Carol Wimber promotes a new style of praise singing to induce a sexual-like climax with God. Principalities and Powers in high places promoting music are defined as witches or sorceresses.

"Worship Services" replacing the School of the Word of Christ insists that it must be ecumenical: the Kosmos or Ecumenical is the Kingdom of the Devil.  Nevertheless, there is an urge to be INCLUSIVE so that "worship observations" become sects catering to all people. However, Jesus defined the WAY that is called a SECT. It is a very narrow way because its One-Piece-Pattern is defined from the wilderness as a day of REST from religion and also means that any STAFF has no options:
Matt. 28:19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
Matt. 28:20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

Peter defines that as the PROPHETS and the prophecies made more certain by Jesus and left for our memory by eye-- and ear-- witnesses. Therefore, it is RATIONAL that the only called assembly is:
skholē , , A.leisure, rest, ease, skhol-azō , A.to have leisure or spare time, to be at leisure, have nothing to do, Devote oneself to a Master:  rest or respite from a thing, cease from doing, were set free from the operations .
s. kalōs
spend one's leisure well, Id.Pol.1337b31; s. eleutheriōs kai sōphronōs ib.1326b31:
3. abs., devote oneself to learning: hence, give lectures (cf. “skholē
peri logousas the logos is the Regulative Principle exclusive of rhetoric, singing, playing instruments or acting.
. of students, study, attend lectures, devote oneself to a master, attend his lecture
3. abs., devote oneself to learning: hence, give lectures (cf. “skholē11), Apollon.Perg. Con. 1 Praef.; “s. Athēnēsin
That leaves another 167 hours a week to minister to any group devoted to doing good.  Paul insisted that worship be IN THE SPIRIT ( a place) and not IN THE FLESH.  He warned that the roving parasites looking for a meal ticket would infiltrate and do a hostile takeover. Been there and have been done three times.

The kingdom does not come with observation meaning religious observations claiming some priestly role for which one pays.  Lying Wonders are those rituals such as rhetorical self-authored speaking, singing, playing instruments or acting and claiming a god's authority.

Jesus said that God HIDES from the wise or sophists: performance speaking, singing, playing instruments.

Jesus called the Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites: mouth religion is quoted from Isaiah 29 and Ezekiel 33. The Spirit OF Christ names performance speakers for hire, singers and instrument players.

By using only words like SPEAK (Lexis) or READ which are opposite to SING (Ode) obeys God's wisdom that when you let the "wolves" in to the flock they will eat them and not feed them.


Worship Androgyny The Pagan Sexual Ideal  Like the ancient pagan Sodomites pounding on the door of Lot’s house millennia ago, the modern gay movement is gathering at the doors of our churches, our academies, and our once traditionally “Christian” culture, demanding entrance and full recognition.

According to pagan esoterism, spiritual understanding through intuition and meditation is the only way to salvation. This comes through a nonrational, mystical experience of seeing oneself as the center of a circle that has no boundaries, where all distinctions are eliminated. As the great modern gnostic C. G. Jung said, “The self is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.” 20 

From the center of one’s own limitless universe, the self is sovereign. The unitive experience, essential to this worldview, is engendered through drugs, time-honored (Hindu) meditation or otherwise induced trance. Meditation, rightly practiced, enables the mind-soul to be disconnected from the limitations of the body and to be in direct contact with cosmic spiritual unity. In the words of a leading neo-pagan mystic, “The ultimate metaphysical secret, if we dare to state it so simply, is that there are no boundaries in the universe. Boundaries are illusions, products not of reality but of the way we map and edit reality. And while it is fine to map out the territory, it is fatal to confuse the two [illusion and reality].”   Note 17 Meditation, Prayer and the Still Point Within,” in The Meditation and Prayer Catalog (1999) 2, states that the 12 major religions and more than five hundred movements and sects are all born of the “same spark.” She describes this experience of unio mystica as “the soundless still point of the sacred.

Asherah (symbolized by errect poles with fertility symbols pouring out the top): She is the Queen of Heaven, in other languages and ages identified as Ashtoreth, Athirat, Astarte, and Ishtar. Yahweh, the Hebrew God elevated to become the sole deity , was Her consort. Her "male" priestesses were known as kelabim, the faithful "dogs" of the Goddess, who practiced divinatory arts, danced in processions, and served as hierodules, qedeshim, in the company of other priestesses. Elements of the goddess worship were largely erased in a cultural purge c. 630 BCE by King Yosiah, at the behest of Yahweh's priests, who required supremacy.
I DIDN'T SAY THAT IT HAS IS TRUE BUT THE PERSONA QUICKLY EMPTIES  PEWS. That gives those who "broke it" an excuse for using RACA words against those who, like Jesus, will not bow down when the men-become-boys pipe.

Music-induced religion is always attached to what Jesus said: "The Jewish MEN were like children or BOYS." In Isaiah 3 (missed by Terry Briley) the boys were  Catamites.
Boys: -Effeminoto make womanish, effeminate, to enervate: “fortitudinis praeceptailla elocutio
res ipsas effeminat,”  “mollis, luxuriosus, dissolutus): ne quid effeminatum aut molle sit,
Cic. Off. 1, 35, 129; cf. id. Tusc. 4, 30: “intolerabile est servire impuro, impudico, effeminato, 

illa elocutio res ipsas effeminat,Quint. 8 prooëm. § 20. ēlŏcūtĭo  I. Transf., in rhet. lang., oratorical delivery, elocution;furialis illa vox, religiosis altaribus effeminata,that submits to unnatural lust: “pathicus,Suet. Aug. 68; Cinaedos: a sodomite, catamite, one who dances publicly
This is important because so-called Messianic Jews have restored the Law and many professors agree: The Jacob-cursed and God-abandoned Levites performing exorcism is the PATTERN some "spirit" is instructing people to impose and you must get over it or get out..


David was a man after God's own heart simply means that God PICKED him. The task was to carry out the captivity and death sentence imposed because of instrumental-trinitarian-perverted idolatry at Mount Sinai.


JOSEPH SHULAM:  Judaizer claims Messiah is for the Jews and tag-along-gentiles. The New Covenant is the same old Covenant given because of Instrumental-trinitarian-perferted idolatry 


The Jacob-cursed and God-abandoned Levites as the PATTERN for Synagogues of Satan appeals to David's replacement of women with men "performing the roles of women."  The "Career Path" has put male leadership in a vise by women in high places introducing that which God and world history has warned against.

Joseph Shulam and all "messianic Jews":  I am not opposed to my Gentile brothers having their own identity, their own culture, and a style of worship that differs from mine, and even that they be Pentecostals, Lutherans, Baptists, or Afro-Americans. But as for me, the most important thing is the fact that the first congregation in Jerusalem, as described in the pages of the New Covenant, was a Messianic Jewish congregation, which was 100% faithful to our Lord Yeshua and 100% faithful to the Torah of Israel.

His TORAH includes a Law given because of transgression:  At Mount Sinai the nobility and "mixed multitude" TURNED BACK to Egyptian or Babylonian idolatry. God gave them the LAW which governed the NOT COMMANDED king, kingdom, temple, animal slaughter and the Jacob-cursed and God-abandoned levites.  This was  now a GENTILE nation by their request and God''s abandonment. The godly Israelites attended the Church of Christ (the Rock) which quarantined  them from the horrors in Jeruslem which is called SODOM.

Contrary to Joseph Shulam, the NEW Covenant is not the OLD LAW but a revival of the only spiritual covenant which God in Christ made with Abraham.  Nothing that happened while God was giving them kings in His anger to carry out the captivity and death penalty.  There would be NO SEED dropped when mostly women were scattered. That is why Joseph Shulam is not a Semite.

New Covenant was made by God in Christ refuting Judaism    when all of the prophecies about Him were fulfilled the Law ceased to have any murderous power. This EXCLUDED anyone who remained a RACISTS and kept any part of the Law of Moses.

The New Covenant would be made with the HOUSES or LAITY which excluded Priests and Levites: that would  cause the murderous animal stealing.

Early Believers Worshipped at the Temple.

Joseph Shulam Claims that the Messianic Jews are the Pattern for Christianity

Joseph Shulam and Supporters Blaspheme Jesus Christ

Joseph Shulam "King David: A Poet, a Mafia Boss a King & the Prototype of the Messiah" (Pt. 1)
The topic was “King David’s Messiah.” It was a background study to the whole “messianic” idea in Israel and King David as the prototype of the Messiah of the end times. As you well know the prophets beginning with Isaiah and on to the very end of the Bible look at the Messiah as “Son of David.”

Prototype: first, typical or preliminary model of something, especially a machine, from which other forms are developed or copied.
Rom. 1:3 Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord,
        which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh;
Rom. 1:4 And declared to be the Son of God with power,
        according to the spirit of holiness,
        by the resurrection from the dead:
David's tomb could still be seen.

Joseph Shulam says that David was God's PATTERN after which Jesus Christ as Messiah was created.  That is a cunning way to denounce Jesus while claiming Christian financing. Jesus in His role as Holy (wholly) Spirit is the ANTITHESIS of David who gloated about the blood he was able to shed.  If you take people's property and claim a god's authority then you are ANTICHRISTIAN.

"The trained musicians which eventually appear around the time of David and Solomon mark a distinctive change in the history of Jewish music. Before this time much of the music was made by women." (Zondervan Pict., Music p. 313).

"Women and girls from the different ranks of society were proud to enter the service of the gods as singers and musicians. The understanding of this service was universal: these singers constituted the 'harem of the gods'." (End of Quasten)

"Before the establishment of the kingdom under Saul, it was the women who, as in every young civilization, played a major part in the performance of music. Such figures as Miriam, Deborah, Jephtha's daughter, and the women hailing the young hero David have become almost archetypes of female musicians. Characteristic of all these cases is the familiar picture of a female chorus, dancing and singing, accompanied by frenzied drum-beating. This is the scene known to the entire Near East, and not even the severe rule of Islam could wholly suppress this age-old practice." (Int Dict of the Bible, Music, p. 457).

"Philodemus considered it paradoxical that music should be regarded as veneration of the gods while musicians were paid for performing this so-called veneration. Again, Philodemus held as self deceptive the view that music mediated religious ecstasy. He saw the entire condition induced by the noise of cymbals and tambourines as a disturbance of the spirit. He found it significant that, on the whole, only women and effeminate men fell into this folly.

Accordingly, nothing of value could be attributed to music; it was no more than a slave of the sensation of pleasure, which satisfied much in the same way that food and drink did.

The kingdom or the Church of Christ is the ANTITHESIS of the world or the ecumenical as the reign of the Devil.  Jesus called the Jews the sons of the Devil because they "sprhetoriceak on their own" and hate the Word, Logos or Regulative Principle. That Word outlaws hireling speakers, personal opinions, personal experiences, , singing, playing instruments or drama.  The David Pattern gives false preachers their authority to "infiltrate and divert" the properties of widows and honest workers into "a theater for holy entertainment." Thieves, liars, dogs and religious teknokrats including singers and instrument players are called SORCERERS (Revelation 18) who HAD once deceived the whole world. Finally they will be CAST ALIVE INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE.

John 18:36 Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world:
        if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight,
        that I should not be delivered to the Jews:
        but now is my kingdom not from hence.

The kingdom of the Sophists or hypocrites BOAST about making WORSHIP WARS.

2Pet. 3:7 But the heavens and the earth, which are now,
        by the same word are kept in store,
        reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

There is no evidence that the Great Oriential Potentate ever existed on the level the Scribes Described. Jesus called the Scribes hypocrites:  in Ezekiel 33 Christ names self-authoring preachers, singers or instrument players. David is defined as the KING over a Gentile-like kingdom which God had turned over to worship the starry host. That is why Jerusalem is called Sodom.  David got aroused with his instrumental prophesying (soothsaying-sorcery) that he went naked with the camp-followers. Faithful Michal chided David and David made certain that no seed of Saul existed as a threat to HIS kingdom. He offered one of Saul's grandchild for human sacrifice.

When God abandoned the Jews to worship the starry host the Jewish Encyclopedia and others identify that as SABAZIANISM. David's naked dance in fact was a circular dance imitating the sun which the Jews worshipped.  The BEAST at the end times is associated with the BEAST in the beginning:

David and the Beast

BEAST: Thērion ,  includes A. SikinninD.H.7.72:—Sicinnis, a dance of Satyrs used in the Satyricdrama, S.Fr.772, E. l.c., D.H. l.c., Luc.Salt.22: named from its inventor Sicinnus, Ath.1.20e, cf. Scamon 1; or from Sicinnis, a nymph of Cybele, although originally danced in honour of Sabazios, Arr.Fr.106J.— Also written Sikinnon , to/, Suid.; Sikinna ,
Sa^bazios , ho, (Sabos) a Phrygian deity, whose mysteries resembled the teletai of Dionysus, Thphr.Char.27.8 (but Sabadion [acc.] ib.16.4, cf. Dessau Inscr.Lat.Sel.2189), Nymphis 11; hence afterwards taken as a name of Dionysus himself, Ar.V.9, Av.875, Lys.388; A.theō Sabaziō pagkoiranōCIG3791 (Bithynia), cf. IG12(5).27 (Sicinus); “Di Sabaziō

Iamblichus wrote Of the Hebrew Kadeshim Thus "Bacchus was directly called upon," he says. The Sabazian worship was Sabbatic; the names Evius, or Hevius, and Luaios are identical with Hivite and Levite. The French name Louis is the Hebrew Levi; Iacchus again is Iao or Jehovah; and Baal or Adon, like Bacchus, was a phallic god. "Who shall ascend into the hill (the high place) of the Lord?" asks the holy king David, "who shall stand in the place of his Kadushu [[Heb char]]"? (Psalms xxiv. 3). Kadesh may mean in one sense to devote, hallow, sanctify, and even to initiate or to set apart; but it also means the ministers of lascivious rites (the Venus-worship) and the true interpretation of the word Kadesh is bluntly rendered in Deuteronomy xxiii. 17; Hosea iv. 14; and Genesis xxxviii., from verses 15 to 22. The "holy" Kadeshuth of the Bible were identical as to the duties of their office with the Nautch-girls of the later Hindu pagodas.

The Hebrew Kadeshim or galli lived "by the house of the Lord, where the women wove hangings for the grove," or bust of Venus-Astarte, says verse the seventh in the twenty-third chapter of 2 Kings.

The dance performed by David round the ark was the "circle-dance" said to have been prescribed by the Amazons for the Mysteries. Such was the dance of the daughters of Shiloh (Judges xxi. 21, 23 et passim), and the leaping of the prophets of Baal (I Kings xviii. 26). It was simply a characteristic of the Sabean worship, for it denoted the motion of the planets round the sun.

That the dance was a Bacchic frenzy is apparent. Sistra were used on the occasion, and the taunt of Michael and the king's reply are very expressive. "The king of Israel uncovered himself before his maid-servants as one of the vain (or debauched) fellows shamelessly uncovereth himself." And he retorts: "I will play (act wantonly) before, and I will be yet more vile than this, and I will be base in my own sight."

scurra  A city buffoon, droll, jester (usually in the suite of wealthy persons, and accordingly a kind of parasite; Of the clown in a pantomime,

2 Samuel 6. [14]  David danced before Yahweh with all his might; and David was girded with a linen ephod. [15]  So David and all the house of Israel brought up the ark of Yahweh with shouting, and with the sound of the trumpet

-Saltō āvī, ātus, āre, freq. salio, to dance : in convivio saltare nudus coeperat: nemo enim fere saltat sobrius, nisi, etc.: scire saltare, O.: Fac saltet, O.: ad tibicinis modos, L.—Fig., to speak jerkingly, speak in short clauses : saltat incīdens particulas.—With acc: aliquam mimo saltante puellam, dancing a girl's part , O.: Cyclopa, H.: saltata poëmata, recited with rhythmical movements

-Tertullian: certainly you will not regard with approval those efforts after an artificial body which aim at surpassing the Creator's work;

Paul excluded the concision or dogs by placing worship IN the Spirit and not IN THE FLESH: the Galli or
a. hangers-on or parasites of an eminent or rich “canibus circumdare saltus,” The Cynics imitated the dog in their "praise singing" looking for a mate.
-sălaxI. Fond of leaping, esp. of male animals, lustful, lecherous, salacious: “galli,Varr. R. R. 3, 9, 5: “aries,Ov. F. 4, 771: “salaciora animalia, Lact. Opif. Dei, 14: salacissimi mares,Col. 7, 9, 1; 8, 2, 9: “cauda,Hor. S. 1, 2, 45.—Vulgarly applied to Priapus: “deus,” 
II. Poet. transf., that provokes lust, provocative: “erucae,Ov. R. Am. 799: “bulbi,Mart. 3, 75, 3: “herba, i.e. eruca,Ov. A. A. 2, 422; Mart. 10, 48, 10. Impers. pass.: “cantatur ac saltatur per omnes gentes,Quint. 2, 17,

DAVID'S PRAISE WORD WAS TO MAKE SELF VILE:  : "My god can destroy your god" was a threat that we will Rob you, Rape you and then Rapture you.


Whatever the relationship between David and Jonathan it disqualified Jonathan in all aspects. There is enough agreement about a sexual relationship and David's ongoing extermination of Saul's seed to make it unseemly to say that David was the PROTOTYPE of Jesus Christ. 

1Sam. 18:1 And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul,
        that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David,
        and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.

lĭgo, h7194. qashar, kaw-shar´; a primitive root: to tie, physically (gird, confine, compact) or mentally (in love, league):—bind (up), (make a) conspire(-acy, -ator), join together, knit, stronger, work (treason).
h7195. rqesher, keh´-sher; from 7194; an (unlawful) alliance:—confederacy, conspiracy, treason.

Love h157. ahab, aw-hab´; aw-habe´; a primitive root; to have affection for (sexually or otherwise):—(be-)love(-d, -ly, -r), like, friend.
1Sam. 18:3 Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul.
1Sam. 18:4 And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was upon him,
        and gave it to David, and his garments,
        even to his sword, and to his bow, and to his girdle.

6584. pashat, paw-shat´; a primitive root; to spread out (i.e. deploy in hostile array); by analogy, to strip (i.e. unclothe, plunder, flay, etc.):—fall upon, flay, invade, make an invasion, pull off, put off, make a road, run upon, rush, set, spoil, spread selves (abroad), strip (off, self).
Foedus what other than  marriage contract, marriage, Ov. M. 7, 403; a, um, P. a., loved, beloved, dear
Gary Comstock, in Gay Theology without Apology (1993), draws from Joseph Cady’s insights in an essay on Walt Whitman where he states that “gay writers writing in a time that is hostile to gay people had to invent protective strategies that allow them to express themselves while sufficiently guarding themselves against social exposure and punishment.” Comstock notes that in the time of Jonathan and David, such expressions of friendship and comradeship as we read in the story may have been “appropriate terms” that were “conventional to covenant making” in that period; yet at the same time they served as a vehicle for the expression of same-sex love. Also, the “sharing of attention between Saul and Jonathan [in David’s elegy] provides a good cover” for David’s special feelings for Jonathan.15

Chrysostom (4th cent. bishop of Constantinople) interpreted Saul’s outburst in 1 Sam 20:30-31 as condemning Jonathan as “enervated [weak] and effeminate and having nothing of a man” – which has the ring of a gay slur about it.5 On the other hand, Peter Abelard (French theologian, c. 1100) would extend David’s lament (2 Sam 1:25-26) into 110 lines, writing, ‘to outlive you [Jonathan] / Is to die at every moment: Half a soul is not / Enough for life…”6 John Boswell (1994) wrote that early gay Christian saints surely found a “hallowed tradition” for same-sex love in the story of Jonathan and David, and notes that the term “brother” (that David applies to Jonathan, 2 Sam 1:26) has long been applied in the past with special meaning in same-sex relationships.7 One early chronicler of the homosexual love of Edward II (king of England, 1307-27) wrote, “Upon looking upon him [Piers Gaveston], the son of the king immediately felt such love for him that he entered into a covenant of constancy, and bound himself with him before all other mortals with a bond of indissoluble love, firmly drawn up and fastened with a knot.” In his Life of Edward II (c. 1326?), the Monk of Malmesbury further compared Edward’s love for Piers to that of Jonathan for David and of Achilles for Patroclus, only the king’s love was “incapable of moderate favor.”8

Raphael Patai (1960), a Middle East anthropologist, wrote: “The love story between Jonathan the son of King Saul, and David the beautiful young hero, must have been duplicated many times in royal courts in all parts of the Middle East and in all periods” – one example being Amin (in 8th cent. Baghdad), son of Caliph Harun al-Rashid, who fell in love with a page boy named Kautar.11

He recalls the “world’s first great love story,” between Gilgamesh, king of Uruk, and Enkidu, his inseparable companion, an epic poem that was widely disseminated in the ancient Near East. “No mourner in the history of the world – except perhaps Alexander at the passing of his friend Hephaestion… – has ever been more broken up over the loss of his (or her) beloved friend” as was King Gilgamesh over Enkidu’s untimely demise; and David in his expression of love and loss over Jonathan’s death follows in this tradition.12
Ov. Met. 7.350
And after these events, Medea went
to Aegeus, king of Athens, where she found
protection from her enemies for all
this evil done. With added wickedness
Aegeus, after that, united her
to him in marriage.—

Jungo  Close the ranks. B.1 Of persons, to join, unite, bring together, associate, in love, marriage, relationship,
When Jonathan allowed David to miss Saul'sTable:

1Sam. 18:20 And Michal Saul’s daughter loved David: and they told Saul, and the thing pleased him.
1Sam. 18:21 And Saul said, I will give him her, that she may be a snare to him, and that the hand of the Philistines may be against him. Wherefore Saul said to David, Thou shalt this day be my son in law in the one of the twain.
h8147.   shnayim, shen-ah´-yim; dual of 8145; feminine shttayim, shet-tah´-yim; two; also (as ordinal) twofold:—both, couple, double, second, twain, + twelfth, + twelve, + twenty (sixscore) thousand, twice, two.

Today, you are son-in-law with two of my children
1Sam. 20:30 Then Saul’s anger was kindled against Jonathan, and he said unto him, Thou son of the perverse [mŭlĭer] rebellious [răpĭo woman, do not I know that thou hast chosen the son of Jesse to thine own confusion, and unto the confusion of thy mother’s nakedness?
confūsĭo , A mingling, mixing, uniting, combining Oris, a reddening, blushing, Tac. H. 4, 40.
ignōmĭnĭōsus , a, um, adj. ignominia,
I. disgraceful, shameful, ignominious (not freq. till after the Aug. per.). a person branded with ignominy, one publicly disgraced:
1Sam. 20:31 For as long as the son of Jesse liveth upon the ground,
        thou shalt not be established, nor thy kingdom.
        Wherefore now send and fetch him unto me, for he shall surely die.
As long as David lived, Jonathan could not be stăbĭlĭo 
He could not be considered:
1.  make firm, steadfast, or stable person

2. He could not be confirmed, 
pūblĭcus  in a public office,  a. A public officer, public functionary, magistrate
Rather, he would be Opposite or confirmed as:
ē-verto  -vorto 1. To overturn any thing from its position, to overthrow, upset, throw down:  subvert, destroy: drive out, expel a man from his possession  To overturn any thing from its position, to overthrow, upset, throw down:leges, testamenta,patrimonium,to waste, squander,
Cic. Ver. 2.2.46  What sort of a partnership in that of yours? You take away a man's inheritance, which had come to him from a relation, had come by will, had come in accordance with the laws; all which property, he, who made the will, had made over to this Heraclius to have and to use as he would, some time before he died,—of which inheritance, as he had died some time before you became praetor, there had been no dispute, nor had any one made any mention of it.
3. He could not be Established as King regnum , dominion, sovereignty, rule, authority.
4. He could not be Established in a marriage mātrĭmōnĭum , ii, n. mater, . e. to be married, to give in marriage I. wedlock, marriage, matrimony.

5. He could not be considered pĭĕtas , So of love and duty towards God (eccl. Lat.; “freq.),Vulg. 2 Macc. 3, 1;
1Sam. 18:4 And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was upon him, and gave it to David, and his garments, even to his sword, and to his bow, and to his girdle.
"Uncovering the nakedness of a family member was a euphemism for incest in the holiness codes of the Old Testament, and Saul would not have used this phrase lightly. (See note 1.) The implication is that Jonathan is bringing sexual shame on his family.
Note 1. Leviticus 18:6-18 begins, “You shall not approach anyone near of kin to uncover nakedness” and goes on to list every possible incestuous relationship (except that of father and daughter), stating before each one, “You shall not uncover the nakedness of . . .
2Sam. 1:26 I am distressed for thee, my brother Jonathan: very pleasant hast thou been unto me:
        thy love to me was wonderful,
passing the love of women
ămābĭlis , that deserves to be loved, worthy of love, lovely, amiable

dĕcor  II. In partic., of personal comeliness, charms, beauty, ornament , of personal comeliness, charms, beauty
ămor Of sexual love, whether lawful or unlawful: A strong, passionate longing for something, desire, lust: , since benevolentia designates only an external, friendly treatment; but amor a real, internal love  Conjuges autem et liberi et fratres et alii,  

mŭlĭer woman, wife, as a term of reproach, a woman, i. e. a coward, poltroon: “non me arbitratur militem, sed mulierem,Plaut. Bacch. 4, 8, 4.

David F. Greenberg also discusses the Epic of Gilgamesh, along with other examples of Near Eastern homosexual warrior love relationships on pages 110-116 of The Construction of Homosexuality. He states, “Parallels to the Gilgamesh-Enkidu relationship have often been seen in the biblical stories of David and Jonathan, and in the devotion of Achilles and Patrocles for one another in the Illiad.” (Page 113) For further discussion of the Epic of Gilgamesh and how it might have been used by the writers of the Bible, see also Reading the Old Testament (Wadsworth Publishing Company, Belmont, CA, 1999) by Barry L. Bandstra, pages 76-77.

Moses began to write an inverted version from Clay Tablets: this was after God had sentenced the Jews to captivity and death and were warned against mingling with Canaanite Baalism.

Table of Contents of Babylonian Clay Tablets often referenced in the Bible and defining the end-time worship of the Babylon Mother of Harlots by a literal or spiritually-emasculated clergy.
SINGING BLASPHEMY OR DESPISING THE WORD (Regulative Principle) COMES AUTOMATICALLY TO DOCTORS OF THE LAW (rhethoricians, singers, instrument players) whom Jesus said Take away the key to knowledge. That is their Driven Purpose and Jude says that they were FOREORDANED with the Mount Sinai idolatry as one of his examples.

Trying to compare Jesus with David is truly the message of "Messianic Jews" who claim that the temple was a pattern for Christian worship even though God never commanded a king-kingdom-temple-sacrifices-animal and child holocaust or the Jacob-cursed Levites to make EXORCISM NOISES.

Acts 2:29 Men and brethren, let me freely speak unto you
        of the patriarch David, that he is both dead and buried,
        and his sepulchre is with us unto this day.
Acts 2:30 Therefore being a prophet,
        and knowing that God had sworn with an oath to him, that of the fruit of his loins,
        according to the flesh, he would raise up Christ to sit on his throne;

Rom. 1:3 Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord,
        which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh;
Rom. 1:4 And declared to be the Son of God with power,
        according to the spirit of holiness,
        by the resurrection from the dead:
Rom. 1:5 By whom we have received grace and apostleship,
        for obedience to the faith among all nations, for his name:

In the case of instrumental music there is no violation of any command.
Adding the instrument does not prohibit singing, [Lexis is the opposite of ODE]. There is no command, example or remote inference that God called HIS people out of their REST to engage in singing with or without instruments]


preaching, [There is no command to make sermons; Read and Speak the Word or Regulative principle]

giving, [There is no command to lay by in store in the church house]

communion, [The command is to show forth the DEATH of Jesus: the Jews musically mocked him]

 or anything else that we understand to be part of our corporate worship unto God.

Jesus said that worship was IN THE SPIRIT (a place) and that the kingdom does not come with OBSERVATION meaning religious observations). Paul commanded worship IN THE SPIRIT in contrast to IN THE FLESH to ward off the dogs and concision]

Sabbath or REST as PAUO is a School of the Word and both words excludes rhetoric, singing, playing instruments, acting  or dancing.

Joseph Shulam: By cultural I mean a practice used by the people of God, but not necessarily by command of God

Homosexual lifestyle
It is indecent for a woman to speak in an assembly (1 Cor. 14:35)
Speaking in tongues
Singing without musical instruments in church (Col. 3:16)
Taking collections in church (1 Cor. 16:1)
Be baptized

JONATHAN STORMENT: Highland the Mother of all apostasy.
John T. Willis 2. "Sing" is vocal; "make melody" is instrumental. Psalms 33:2-3; 144:9; 149:1, 3 make this crystal clear. Amos 5:23 further verifies this reality.

That's a lie: because it despises the Word (regulative principle) the Latin word is BLASPHEMY
CHRIS SMITH : Owns the prophesied and fulfilled INSTRUMENTAL MOCKING of Jesus
What Chris Smith says: that: Casual Observer would know not heard a sermon preached [against instruments] for 30 years. The youth had been led using instruments for ten years or more.

The Purpose Driven Plot was to stop preaching against music. However, it never stops lying to God and about God by planting the seed that Jesus loves instrumental noise when He (if allowed) promises to be our only Teacher if we come outside of OBSERVATIONS: The kingdom does not come with religious observations. It takes time to boil a frog wiithout letting it get out of your grasp:

Last fall, the elders began a period of prayer and consideration about where we feel that God is leading the Harpeth Hills Church of Christ. These strategy conversations were held in eight specially called sessions between November and April.

We always know what the Holy Spirit Person is going to tell us (audibly) if we come out of the presence of A god with our agenda confirmed. The only personified spirit is Apollon who is the leader of the Muses or Locusts. Revelation 17 warns about the gender bleed and Jesus has John called the SORCERERS who HAD deceived the whole world. They music is not the fatal sin: it is the mark as in Amos 8 that God will not pass by there again.

From these significant discussions emerged the idea of becoming a welcoming community that receives both disciples and the lost. We want to allow God to transform all of us into the fullness of Christ.
RONNIE NORMANWorship Arts encompasses various areas: Vocalists, Band, Production/Technical, Visual Design/Build, Drama
Ronnie Norman Blasphemes: The Anti-instrumental music view is a product of the Restoration movement bact to the Bible no creed but Christ, Christians only, in Essentials unity, in all things love. He further says that "churches of Christ were founded around the non-instrumental ussue.
JOSHUA ROSS:  Sycamore View has no problem with instrumental worship, we come from a rich heritage of vocal music that emphasizes simplicity, participation, and community. Jesus called the Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites. In Isaiah 29 and Ezekiel 33 hypocrites are self-authoring preachers for HIRE, singers or instrument players.  Psalm 41 prophesied the Judas Character whose BAG was always attached to his flute case because HE WAS A THIEF.

And they shall mock Him with Music
Matthew 27:29 And when they had platted a crown of thorns, they put it upon his head,
        and a reed in his right hand: and they bowed the knee before him,
        and mocked him, saying, Hail, King of the Jews!
Matthew 27:28 And they stripped him, and put on him a scarlet robe.
Matthew 27:31 And after that they had mocked him, they took the robe off from him,
        and put his own raiment on him, and led him away to crucify him.

Empaizō , fut. to be deluded  II. sport in or on, “hōs nebros khloerais e. leimakos hēdonaisE.Ba. 866 (lyr.); tois khoroisin e. to sport in thedance, Ar.Th.975; “ gumnasiōLuc.Lex.5.
-Prospaizô2. abs., sport, jest3. laugh at, make fun or sport ofsing to the gods, sing in their praise or honour, 2. banter, tous rhêtoras
2 Peter 3 Marks of the End Time Mockers

DAVID FLEER: Peter outlawed Private interpretation which means FURTHER EXPOUNDING. Paul outlawed corrupting the Word which is selling learning at retail or prostitution. If you don't speak that which is written for our learning Peter identifies you as a false teacher.

The Glorified Jesus as HOLY SPIRIT inspired Paul in Ephesians 4 but just flat failed to include PREACHER in the list of APT leaders. If you have APT elders they are defined as Pastor-Teachers and commanded to teach that which has been taught.  A preacher is a kerusso and he is a HERALD and a HERALD does not do homolectics: he delivers the seal message without tampering with it and does not charge on the receiving end. The Command of the Spirit OF Christ from the wilderness onward determined that ekklesia would be a SCHOOL OF THE WORD ONLY: the Campbells taught that. Here is the one-piece pattern which does not required a hired doctor of the Law.

Acts 15:21 For Moses of old time
        hath in every city them that PREACH him,
        being READ in the synagogues every sabbath day.
Ephesians 4:14 That we henceforth be no more children,
        tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine,
        by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;

God breaths His message and Jesus speaks only what He hears without metron or meter.

Wind of Doctrine
Venio A. In gen.: “vides, quo progrediente oratione venturum me puto,Cic. Rep. 1, 40, 62.
B. fin. and the passages there cited: “oratorum laus ita ducta ab humili venit ad summum, ut, etc.,
prava [crooked] ex falsis opinionibus veniunt,Quint. 5, 10, 34:

Latin săpĭo
ops voice, whether in speaking, shouting, lamenting or in singing, “Kirkēs . . aeidousēs opi kalēOd.10.221, cf. 5.61; aeidon   also of cicadae, “opa leirioessan hieisiIl.3.152;
  Leir-ioeis of the cicadae, opa leirioessan their delicate voice, 3.152; of the Muses' voice, Hes.Th.41; “HesperidesQ.S.2.418

-Panourg-êma  A. knavish trick, villainy, S.El.1387 (lyr.), LXX Si.1.6 (v.l.); sophistry, Gal.5.251; cf. panourgeuma.

Cunning craftiness has the same meaning as SOPHOS:
1Cor. 3:18 Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you
        seemeth to be wise [sophos] in this world,
        let him become a fool, that he may be wise.
1Cor. 3:19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.
        For it is written,
        He taketh the wise  sophia
        in their own craftiness. pa^nourg-ia
1Cor. 3:20 And again,
        The Lord knoweth the thoughts of the wise, sophōn
        that they are vain.
-Sophia A. cleverness or skill in handicraft and art, as in carpentry, tektonos, hos rha te pasēs eu eidē s. Il.15.412; of the Telchines, Pi.O.7.53; entekhnos s., of Hephaestus and Athena, Pl.Prt.32 1d; of Daedalus and Palamedes, X.Mem.4.2.33, cf. 1.4.2; in music and singing, tekhnē kai s. h.Merc.483, cf. 511; in poetry, Sol.13.52, Pi.O.1.117

LYNN ANDERSON going out singing.
Lynn Anderson Lies about all of the Scriptures Part One
Lynn Anderson Lies about all of the Scriptures Part Two.

The Discipling Dilemna
Terry Briley at Lipscomb: "The book of Isaiah begins with an analysis of Israel's worship. Outwardly, there's nothing wrong. But their hearts are not engaged and their lives are disconnected from their worship." 

No, there was something fundamentally wrong with their worship. Remember that when Israel's elders fired God and demanded a king like the nations it was so that they could WORSHIP LIKE THE NATIONS. Thereafter, Israel was on the path to captivity and destruction and God gave the kings to lead them there.

Ecclesiasticus 48

1. Then the prophet Elijah arose like a fire, and his word burned like a torch.
2. He brought a famine upon them, and by his zeal he made them few in number.
. By the word of the Lord he shut up the heavens, and also three times brought down fire.
. How glorious you were, O Elijah, in your wondrous deeds! And who has the right to boast which you have?
. You who raised a corpse from death and from Hades, by the word of the Most High;
. who brought kings down to destruction, and famous men from their beds;
. who heard rebuke at Sinai and judgments of vengeance at Horeb;
. who anointed kings to inflict retribution,

and prophets to succeed you.

This began at Mount Sinai with musical idolatry:

Ephraim Syrus On Our Lord notes that Sinai was a test.

O Israel, thou hast destroyed thyself; but in me is thine help. Hosea 13:9

I will be thy king: where is any other that may save thee in all thy cities? and thy judges of whom thou saidst, Give me a king and princes? Hosea 13:10

I gave thee a king in mine anger, and took him away in my wrath. Hosea 13:11

Terry Briley allows those to BUY AND SELL who are decidedly ANTI--Church of Christ. The Synagogue or Church of Christ (the Rock) was further defined after Israel's nobility rose up AGAINST God in instrumental-Trinitarian-Idolatry.  Terry Briley and COHORT sees the Jacob-Cursed and god-Abandoned Levites as the PATTERN for imposing "instrumental praise" when The Spirit OF Christ explicitely outlawed "vocal or instrumental rejoicing or any self-speak" when the assembly was Called.

Terry Briley False Teaching about Isaiah proven by violating the Word of the Spirit OF Christ.

Israel Rose up to play AGAINST God in instrumental-Trinitarian-Perverted Idolatry. God sentenced them to captivity and death in Babylon.   God quarantined the godly Jews to their local isolated areas to REST which never means WORSHIP but REST from all of the trappings of the Worship of the Starry Host including Apollon-Abaddon who is the leader of the Muses or Locusts.

The only commanded assembly for the godly to rest FROM the pagan seventy day WORSHIP was:

EXCLUSIVE of vocal or instrumental rejoicing or rhetoric. This is the ALARM reserved for Judas who would try to musically triumph over Jesus.
INCLUSIVE of Rest, Reading and Rehearsing the Word. ALL of the Jewish and Christian assemblies first must silence the hypocrites: rhetoricians, singers or instrument players. The command was always to PREACH the Word by READING the Word for comfort and doctrine.  The Word is the LOGOS or Regulative Principle. You could not get a degree from once-Christian universities without repudiating the WORD as Regulative Principle.

The Jews continued the loose-women led being made naked and a laughingstock. Universities still hold Exodus worskshops and NEGLECT the Meaning of Is Is

The Golden Calf in Egypt as the PATTERN:  the Jacob-cursed and God-abandoned were an old Infant burning priesthood in Egypt,


Israel quickly followed by Judah burned infants to Moloch to the accompaniment of instrumental noise:

Women-Led Instrumental-Trinitarian-Perverted Idolatry at Mount Sinai.

Amos 5:26 But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images,
        the STAR of your god, which ye made to yourselves.

Acts 7:41 And they made a calf in those days,
        and offered sacrifice unto the idol,
        and rejoiced in the works of their own hands


Outwardly, there's nothing wrong

The FORM of Israel's worship was OUTWARDLY wrong BECAUSE they had a bad mental attitude. God would not accept these OUTWARD FORMS imposed because of musical idolatry at Mount Sinai because they were devoted to the worship of the STARRY HOST:

"This passage (Amos 5:23-24) shows us that Amos was opposed to the forms in which people acted out their worship of God, and other passages strengthen this impression.

Turning back to the Mosaic period, Amos asks the rhetorical question: 'Did you bring to me sacrifices and offerings the forty years in the wilderness, O house of Israel?" (5:25). He is merciless in his attack on the shrines, especially the royal shrine of Jeroboam II at Bethel (3:14; 7:7-9, 10-17; 9:1). It is very doubtful, however, that he intended a wholesale abolition of the system of worship.

Rather, Amos was probably demanding that the cult be purified, for it had become so contaminated by pagan thought and practice that the people had become indifferent to the true worship of Yahweh and the demand of his torah... He demanded that everything be swept away that did not conform to the proper worship of Yahweh." (Anderson, Bernard, Understanding OT, p. 277).

After God abandoned the Jews to Worship the Starry Host (Acts 7) BECAUSE of the musical idolaltry at Mount Sinai, the godly Jews were quarantined to their local and isolated settlements: SABBATH meant REST and not a day of worship where clergy can impose its will on the people.  On the other hand, the Civil-Military-Clergy whom God abandoned slaughtered and burned and ATE thousands of innocent animals they had stolen from the honest workers: they claimed that even in their ABANDONED state that God had commanded the poor to support them.

Jude used this event which caused God to make the Jews blind and deaf as a PATTERN of those who always want to add Performers and Performances: they obey their father.
Jude 3 Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation,
        it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you
        that ye should earnestly contend
        for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.
Jude 4 For there are certain men crept in unawares,
        who were before of old ordained to this condemnation,
        ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness,
        and denying the ONLY Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.  [Trinitarians are called antichrists by John]
Jude 5 I will therefore put you in remembrance, though ye once knew this,
        how that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt,
        afterward destroyed them that believed not.
Jude 6 And the angels which kept not their first estate,
         but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains
        under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.
Jude 7 Even as Sodom [earthly Jerusalem] and Gomorrha,
        and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication,
        and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example,
        suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.
Acts 7:42 Then God turned,
        and gave them up to worship the HOST of heaven; 
        as it is written in the book of the prophets,
        O ye house of Israel,  have ye offered to me slain beasts and sacrifices
        by the space of forty years in the wilderness?

Instrumental-Trinitarian-Worship at Mount Sina Agreement by the Spirit OF Christ.

When God deludes people they perform lying wonders: rhetoric, singing, playing instruments claiming that they are in the presence of God: history notes that they are in the presence of APOLLON who is the Leader and guiding spirit of the Muses, locusts or dirty prostitutes: selling any skill in the name of God is defined by the Greeks as prostitution.

Read John Chrysostom's Account of the Added Sacrifices and Temple
Why deluded? no scholars seems to grasp that OF is a preposition.

Amos 5:27 Therefore will I cause YOU to go into
        captivity beyond Damascus,
        saith the LORD, whose name is The God of hosts.
Acts 7:41 And they made a calf in those days, 
        and offered sacrifice unto the idol, 
        and rejoiced in the works of their own hands.

, Ep. euphr-, fut. Att.155.12, Pi.I.7(6).3   II. Pass., make merry, enjoy oneself,
i. mēkhanēn, [sound, lights ] in the theatre,
4. take up and bear, as a burden, “moronA.Pers.547; “athlonS.Tr.80; “algosA.R.4.65.
2. raise by words, hence, praise, extol, E.Heracl.322, etc.; ai. logō to exaggerate, D.21.71.
mēkha^n-ē   3. theatrical machine by which gods, etc., were made to appear in the air “sophistōn m.Pl.Lg.908d:
Musical instruments are "machines for doing hard work mostly making war."
Acts 7:43 Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch
        and the star of your god Remphan
        figures which ye made to worship them: 
        and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.
Terry Briley: Outwardly, there's nothing wrong

Judas  was a thief: his bag or box was
always attached to the spotted flute case.


And God WATCHED the prophesied and fulfilled Musical Worship Team
Trumpet, drums, flute, cymbals and castinets with buffoons
Psallo permits ONLY smiting a string with your FINGERS: not a plectrum
Psallo and SOP have the same root meaning.




The Original Babylon Mother of harlots shows up again in Revelation 17.  In Chapter 18 here emasculated priests were "lusted after fruits." These were the same "fruits" in Amos 8 whose singing had become HOWLING and God said "I will not pass by again. The same pattern is defined in Revelation 17f.

Babylon Mother of Harlots, Instruments, Sorcery and the Lake of Fire

ALL musical terms and names of instruments are connected to "making the lambs dumb before the slaughter" and with BURNING

Rev. 18:20 Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; for God hath avenged you on her.
Rev. 18:21 And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying,
        Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down,
        and shall be found no more at all.
Rev. 18:22 And the voice of harpers, and musicians, and of pipers, and trumpeters,
        shall be heard no more at all in thee;
        and no craftsman, [All religious craftsmen were called PARASITES]
        of whatsoever craft he be, shall be found any more in thee;
        and the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in thee;
Rev. 18:23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee;
        and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride [Te Heiros Gamos]
        shall be heard no more at all in thee:
        for thy merchants were the great men of the earth;
        for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.
Rev. 18:24 And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints,
        and of all that were slain upon the earth. 

“And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more: The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble,   And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men.” Revelation 18:11-13.

agorazō a^g, fut. asō Ar.Lys.633,
A.agorōLXX Ne.10.31: aor. “ēgorasaX.HG7.2.18, D.21.149, etc.: pf. “ēgorakaArist.Oec.1352b7, Plb.6.17.4:—Med., aor. “ēgorasamēnD.50.55: pf. ēgorasmai (v. infr.):—Pass., aor. “ēgorasthēnId.59.46: pf. “ēgorasmaiIs.8.23, Men. 828:—frequent theagora, hai gunaikes a. kai kapēleuousi Hdt.2.35, 4.164, cf. Arist.Ph.196a5, Com.Adesp.710; occupy the market-place, Th.6.51.
2. buy in the market, “pōlein a.Ar.Ach.625; “epitēdeia a.X.An.1.5.10; generally, buy, Ar.Pl.984, etc.; farm taxes or state-contracts, “ōnēn a.PRev.Laws41.22, al.; ton Saitēn agorasas ib.60.23:—Med., buy for oneself, X.An.1.3.14:—Pass., “diatinos a.D. 50.25 : pf. Pass. in med. sense, “anti tou ēgorasthai autois ton oinonId.35.19.
3. haunt the agora, Corinn.34, Pi.Fr.103; oud' agorasei g' ageneios oudeis en agora nor shall any boy lounge in the agora, Ar.Eq.1373. [-a_zō (i. e. -azō) in sense 1, Hdn.Gr.2.14.]
Jesus cast the pipers wanting to initiate Him into the always-gay priesthood into the AGORA or marketplace where they sold radishes and young boys.
The Beast is A New Style of Music and Satyric (cappella) Drama

Rev. 19:20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone
BEAST: Thērion

to (in form Dim. of thēr),  A. wild animal, esp. of such as are hunted, mala gar mega thērion ēen, of a stag, Od.10.171, 180 (never in Il.); in Trag. only in Satyric drama

sikinn-i^s si^, or siki_nis (E.Cyc.37), idos,
A. SikinninD.H.7.72:—Sicinnis, a dance of Satyrs used in the Satyric drama, S.Fr.772, E. l.c., D.H. l.c., Luc.Salt.22: named from its inventor Sicinnus, Ath.1.20e, cf. Scamon 1; or from Sicinnis, a nymph of Cybele, although originally danced in honour of Sabazios, Arr.Fr.106J.— Also written Sikinnon , to/, Suid.; Sikinna ,
Sa^bazios , ho, (Sabos) a Phrygian deity, whose mysteries resembled the teletai of Dionysus, Thphr.Char.27.8 (but Sabadion [acc.] ib.16.4, cf. Dessau Inscr.Lat.Sel.2189), Nymphis 11; hence afterwards taken as a name of Dionysus himself, Ar.V.9, Av.875, Lys.388; A.theō Sabaziō pagkoiranōCIG3791 (Bithynia), cf. IG12(5).27 (Sicinus); “Di Sabaziō
Cybele or Kubebes: CII. Kubêbês. The ‘Great Mother’ goddess of the Phrygians worshipped at Pessinus, the mêtêr Dindumênê of i. 80. 1. For the Anatolian ‘Great Mother’ cf. App. I. 2, Frazer, G. B. iv, Bk. II, Attis, &c.; Ramsay, in Hastings' Bible Dictionary, extra vol., p. 120 f. The Atys myth which involved her cult is connected with Sardis by H.'s story of the son of Croesus (i. 34. 2 n.). The Great Mother was worshipped at Athens in the days of Sophocles (Phil. 391), and identified by the Greeks with Rhea, mother of the gods (cf. iv. 76; Strabo 469), with Aphrodite, with Demeter, and with Artemis as the lady of the wild woods. But here she is regarded as a foreign goddess.

 “ mousikē aei ti kainon thērion tiktei” 

mousikê aei ti kainon thêrion tiktei
Mousikos, musical, agônes m. kai gumnikoi  choroi te kai agônes ta mousika music,  

II. of persons, skilled in musickuknos [minstrel]  kai alla zôia; peri aulous - professional musicians, mousikos kai melôn poêtês, use with singing, skilled in speaking before a mob. Melody

B. aei always
C. kainos , esp. of new dramas, the representation of the new tragedies,  (Aphrodisias dedicated to Aphrodite (ZOE); comedy, sexual love, pleasure, a woman's form of oath, Aster or Venus or ZOE Lucifer
D. Therion
E. Tikto mostly of the mother  of Rhea one of the zoogonic or vivific principles

sunestiōmenon, of woman

Sunesti^-aō , A. help to entertain, AP4.3.24 (Agath.):—Pass., live or feast along with or together, Lys.Fr.53.2, Is.3.70, D.19.190, etc.; [theois] Plu.2.121f; “meta tinōnIG22.12

Rev. 20:15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

2.17.19. 121

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