Bruce White: The Babylonian Tithe

Bruce White: A Mark of End-Time Babylon Harlot Religion Marked by Musical Ministers. A review of a sermon by Bruce White at Madison Church of Christ.  Trying to make the modern church or "school of the Bible" into a Jewish worship center misses the prophecy of Jacob about the family of Levi:
Jacob says I have waited for thy salvation, O Lord!" Of Simeon and Levi the patriarch remarks that they
Gen. 49:5 Simeon and Levi are brethren; instruments [Sword or Musical]
         of cruelty are in their habitations.
Gen. 49:6 O my soul, come not thou into their secret;
        unto their assembly, mine honour, be not thou united:
        for in their anger they slew a man, and in their selfwill they digged down a wall.

Habitations means "stabbing" from "a cooking range" or boiler, a pot or furnace. God knew that they had a lust for blood and flesh and that was the only rationale for the national or pagan sacrificial systems.

The Levites would be warriors and the latin is bellor To understand such words, the Greek and Latin literature must be read.

In Vergil Aeneit 11 the word Bello is used of the triumph over using music.

With such, return'd triumphant from the war,
Her maids with cries attend the lofty car;
They clash with manly force their moony shields;
With female shouts resound the Phrygian fields.

Pulso To strike or punish, military machines, of musical instruments.

Tŭmultus , 1. In milit. lang., a sudden or impending war, civil war, insurrection, tumult, sedition, rebellion 2. tremendo Juppiter ipse ruens tumultu, i. e. the roar of thunder, storm, etc.:

The sounds are the Halal praise sounds which means "to make self vile" as a threat more often than worship.

Ululu See Hillel, below.  This is the "lord, lord" form of prophesying Jesus does not hear.
B.Transf., of places, to ring, resound, re-echo with howling: căno  I. Neutr., to utter melodious notes, to sing, sound, play.

Gen. 49:7 Cursed be their anger, for it was fierce; and their wrath, for it was cruel:
        I will divide them in Jacob, and scatter them in Israel.

"Dan," he says, "shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse-heels, so that his rider shall fall backwards (i.e., he will teach candidates black magic)
Gen 49:17 Dan shall be a serpent by the way,
        an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels,
        so that his rider shall fall backward.
Dan and the Temple Builder
2Chr. 2:13 And now I have sent a cunning man, endued with understanding,
        of Huram my father’s,
2Chr. 2:14 The son of a woman of the daughters of Dan [Naphtali 1Ki 7:14], and his father was a man of Tyre, skilful to work in gold, and in silver, in brass, in iron, in stone, and in timber, in purple, in blue, and in fine linen, and in crimson; also to grave any manner of graving, and to find out every device which shall be put to him, with thy cunning men, and with the cunning men of my lord David thy father.

so that his rider shall fall backward: Of Pentecostals and Serpent handlers, singers and dancers:  GROUP ELEMENTAL is built through loud, rhythmic music and emotional ploy from the leader beforehand, composed to put the group in unison of thought; group's expectation and desire for the healings and falling backward cause it to happen.

ALL musical terms and names of instruments have evil roots and in the Greek literature singing and playing instruments is known as enchantment: John called them sorcerers (Rev 18:22-23) 

The purpose of the Levites sacrificial music was to "make the lambs dumb before the slaugheter priest." The victim must be silenced and so the LOUD noise of the Levites made it imposible to hear the Word of God.

Biteth is: 5391.  nashak, naw-shak´; a primitive root; to strike with a sting (as a serpent); figuratively, to oppress with interest on a loan: bite, lend upon usury.

This is the bite of the same "serpent" in the garden of Eden:

5175.  nachash, naw-khawsh´; from 5172; a snake (from its hiss):--serpent.
5172. nachash, naw-khash´; a primitive root; properly, to hiss, i.e. whisper a (magic) spell; generally, to prognosticate: certainly, divine
, enchanter, (use) x enchantment, learn by experience, x indeed, diligently observe.

Nachuwsh (h5153) naw-khoosh'; appar. pass. part. of 5172 (perh. in the sense of ringing, i. e. bell-metal; or from the red color of the throat of a serpent [5175, as denom.] when hissing); coppery, i. e. (fig.) hard: - of brass. 

Nechiylah (h5155) nekh-ee-law'; prob. denom. from 2485; a flute: - [plur.] Nehiloth.

Chaliyl (h2485) khaw-leel'; from 2490; a flute (as perforated)

The Hebrew word rendered "serpent" in Genesis 3:1 is Nachash (from the root Nachash, to shine, and means a shinning one. Hence, in Chaldee it means brass or copper, because of its shining. Hence also, the word Nehushtan, a piece of brass, in 2K ings 18:4.

In the same way Saraph, in Isaiah 6:2,6, means a burning one, and, because the serpents mentioned in Numbers 21 were burning, in the poison of their bite, they were called Saraphim, or Seraphs.

"The serpent-charmers usual instrument is the flute. Those who professed the art of taming serpents were called by the Hebrews menachashim, while the art itself was called lachash , (Jer 8:17; Ecc 10:11)" Smith's Dictionary, Serpent.

Lachash (h3908) lakh'-ash; from 3907; prop. a whisper, i. e. by impl. (in a good sense) a private prayer, (in a bad one) an incantation; concr. an amulet: - charmed, earring, enchantment, orator, prayer.

Curse is Maledico  B.Transf., a cursed thing: Christus factus pro nobis maledictum  Plaut. Bacch. 1, 2, 10

The priesthood, tithing, singing and playing instruments and everything we think about the Jerusalem Temple came from Babylon. Even Hiram of Tyre was under the influence of Babylon.

When Israel ROSE UP TO PLAY at Mount Sinai the meaning is that they engaged in musical worship of the Babylon or Egyptian triad. God turned them over to worship the Starry Host including Saturn whose Chaldee number is 666. God sentenced them to go beyond Damascus or Babylon.

When the elders fired God and demanded a king it was so that they could worship like the nations.

The Monarchy and the temple are carnal types of the spiritual body or church of Christ.

The "musical" Levites were warrior panic generators and played during animal sacrifice and burning of animals.

The Holy Place was a carnal type of the synagogue or church of Christ. Not among the Jews or even the vilest of pagan temples ever permitted the singers or musicians into the holy spaces.

Tithing was a Babylonian custom to support the priesthood which was a Babylon custom to provide singers and musicians which was a Babylon custom to lead a nation back to Babylon.

Bruce White states falsely: "Tithing is a common thing in the first century church. Both Jewish Christians and Gentile converts practiced tithing. Now, tithing simply refers to 10 percent of your money, property, wealth, or crops, whatever."

There is not a jot or tittle of truth to that statement or it is well hidden in history. We don't say that it is untruth because the Post-Modern, Post-biblical, Post-Christendom era believes that it has a right to TAKE LIBERTIES with the text to construct a NARRATIVE THEOLOGY which fits the "personal agenda" of the preacher as Rubel Shelly claims for John in writing his gospel account. Justin Martyr speaks for all of the churches during the early years.

In the LATTER RAIN or Jubilee Latter Reign:  
Is this the end of this split that took place in one man? No, it is only the foreshadowing and intercessoral beginning! The split of this man to make him clean is a testimony of what Yahweh has done for all who enter into the Remnant, for the Remnant is equally the baby Yahweh has split. Why did Yahweh split the Remnant?
To make it clean and to reveal its true mother - Jerusalem above! I am not special; I am only the beginning of a work that completes what Yahweh split while man has been in the womb of this dark and breath-deprived earth.
You too enter into that clean work when you believe and come under the fig leaf covering of the tithe.
 You must come under the tithe, otherwise you are not under the covering of the Bride!
Outside of the covering tithe, you are unclean! (Read Tithing, and the Remnant Bride.)
In the early church there WAS NO TITHING. Rather, free will giving to the poor honored the fact that the PRIESTHOOD of specialized men had ceased when Jesus paid the ultimate rice for all and became the FREE MEDIATOR.

Justin Martyr spoke for all early churches which did not treat giving as an ACT of worship:

"And we afterwards continually remind each other of these things. And the wealthy among us help the needy; and we always keep together; and for all things wherewith we are supplied
"And they who are well to do, and willing, give what each thinks fit;
and what is collected is deposited with the president, who succours the orphans and widows and those who, through sickness or any other cause, are in want, and those who are in bonds and the strangers sojourning among us, and in a word takes care of all who are in need.

Therefore, the Latter Rain scheme of tithing is a set up for the prophesied Babylon Harlot worship of music, false religion and commerce in Revelation 18.

It comes as no surprise that LEVITICAL music and the tithe is supported by the fact that THE BABYLONIANS DID IT:

Bruce White: And tithing has the idea that that 10 percent is the first 10 percent; so in the Old Testament when God gave directions to His people, the Jews, about tithing. By the way, tithing is not just [uh] a Jewish thing. It was practiced in Egypt and Babylon and Syria.

So is the Sabbath as WORSHIP DAY of Babylonian origin. This is why God prescribed REST and not WORSHIP for the Sabbath. Israel got the priesthood when they fell back into Egyptian-Canaanite-Babylonian musical worship at Mount Sinai.

As the GODS, or more properly the GOD'S AGENTS, received the benefit of the Pagan Sabbath. This Pagan Sabbath was supported by the Pagan Tithe which, as in Israel was also income tax.

Therefore, because God is NOT EVIL He exempted the Jews from worship on the Sabbath but demanded the tithe to support both government and religion. This was for mediating priests as a result of the musical idolatry as the "because of transgression" which brought on the Law of Moses as punishment.

Nevertheless, the priests got only a tithe of the tithe (1%) of FOOD ONLY every 2 out of 7 years. Paul affirmed that all religious workers such as priests were required to have a trade. Why? Why, because the tithe was only a daily dole of food while the priests were on duty in the temple and could not leave during their cycle.

In Babylon, royalty was the agent of the gods. Therefore,

"Only royalty enjoyed the seventh-day rest.
"The Babylonians were forced to serve their gods in worship on the Sabbath.  
This included making animal sacrifices. The Shabatum means "rest the heart or mind." 
"Therefore, God demanded that the Sabbath be for the benefit of the people - not Him: 
"The Sabbath serves the people and
the people do not serve the Sabbath."
Source: George Barton, Archaeology and the Bible, 7th Edition, p. 309.

Israel's worship was LIKE THE NATIONS because that is what they prayed for. However, when Christ died to replace the human priesthood, the tithe to support those priests ceased.

As God did not tell ME to build an ark but gave baptism as a spiritual fulfillment, He did not tell me to tithe but gave Christ Who PAID all TAXES to free me to help the poor rather than the rich.

The Babylonian religion is also the source of the TRINITY of emerging gods who were often evil:

"The priest-king of each city played the role of a god, usually of Enlil, who was the second figure of the Sumerian pantheon, being the son of the sky god Anu, and represented various forms of natural power and energy. In the role the king performed ceremonies depicting the defeat of Tiamat, the demon of the ocean, and the other monsters who followed her leadership.  
Ea was the patron god of music and magic and his name indicates that he was a Babylonian INCARNATION of Lamech who was the father of the musical Jubal (rimes with rubel). Inanna who is like Sophia or Zoe who was a Lucifer type, seduced Ea by getting him drunk and stealing the MEs or magical practices such as:  
The Gift of the eldership
The gift of descending into hell
The gift of musical instruments
and the gift of sexual perversion.
Fittingly, Lucifer as the harp-playing prostitute wholly seduced Eve in the garden. And the Babylon Whore religion with music and COMMERCE will be the end-time religion noted in Revelation 18.

The Babylonian religion was the source of singing praise songs to help the gods. A priesthood was required to mediate between men and the gods because, it was claimed, the gods were dangerous and one needed to be trained as a god manipulator. For that, one was paid.

Note: the singing of PRAISE SONGS as a ritual was believed to aid the gods in holding the sky up. See the Encomiast or musical precentor.

It comes as no surprise that David frequently seems to have lost God's presence and even sought to arouse or awaken Him.

"In these festivals, which were state festivals, the human state contributed to the control of nature,   to the upholding of the orderly cosmos... Enacting these divine roles in religious dramas,  the king became closely asociated with the gods and was sometimes regarded of divine descent... 
  • See the connection of the Judas Bag to this system.
  • The military normally lived off the enemy. And many lived without civil services. Therefore, the early Babylonian tithe was supporting prophesiers (music and dance and drugs) to get advice on any and all things and to produce rain:

    H. Bamford Parkes observes that:

    "In this fashion evey common tribal interest--the recurrence of the seasons, the increase of the food supply, successful hunting--was likely to become embodied   in some regularly repeated ceremony, which usually included group dancing, singing, and feasting.

     Besides enabling men to express, and thereby to allay, anger and anxiety, such ceremonies also promoted tribal unity and strengthened the loyalty of the individual to tribal traditions,  for the emotional excitement they aroused had the effect of breaking down the barriers between individuals and thus fusing all tribesmen into a collective whole. Meanwhile, whole systems of magical devices were gradually elaborated." (Parkes, p. 29)

    "Certain members of a tribe, marked out either by unusual skills or by some emotional abnormality, ususally became particularly adept at these operations, and gradually assumed specialized functions.

    Released from the duty of hunting, and concentrating on the practice of magic, the shaman, sorcerer, or medicine man was the world's first professional." (Parkes, Henry Bamford, Gods and Men The Origins of Western Culture, p. 29, Knopf).

    "The development both of religion and of the arts can be traced back in a continuous line to the hunting era. The group ritual of the primeval tribesmen were the origin not only of all religious ceremonial, but also of the drama and of poetry and music, while magic gave birth to the visual arts." (Parkes, p. 30).

    "Awed by the mysteries of his own spirit no less than by those of nature, primitive man was likely to attribute to divine influence

    any abnormal emotional state, whether above or below the usual level. Medicine men customarily went into states of trance in which they were believed to be in communication with the gods,   and many tribes supposed lunatics and sexual deviants to be divinely possessed.

    Jesus didn't prescribe any religious ceremonies. The heaven burden the priesthood placed on the working class included creating "spiritual anxiety through religious rituals." For instance, making long prayers gave them the right to take or "eat up" the livelihood of widows.

    To restore the Levitical musicians as "mediators" priests as preachers or "dispensers of the Law" and to restore the tithe is to see church as temple, deny that Christ died to end this system "added because of transgression," and claim to be GODS standing in the Holy Place.

    As the Babylonian priests would smite the king, Psalm 41 prophesied that Judas would try to triumph over Messiah with musical mockery. Therefore, at every point of departure from THE FAITH, the Babylonian model is chosen over the Biblical pattern:

    "In Babylon, for example, his status was symbolized in an annual ceremonial in which he was stripped of his royal insignia,  smitten in the face by a priest, and made to prostrate himself before the image of the city god Marduk and confess his devotion;   then reclothed as a king, he was brought out weeping to show himself to his subjects." (Parkes, Henry Bamford, Gods and Men The Origins of Western Culture, p. 56, Knopf) 
    These were held in groves which were also replaced with free standing pillars representing phalic power. 
    "According to the system which Nimrod was the grand instrument in introducing, men were led to believe    that a real spiritual change of heart was unnecessary, and that so far as change was needful,   they could be regenerated by mere external means.

    Knew a preacher trained by Zig Zigglar billed as able to "revive" or regenerate the church. This was continued under Gnosticism which employes emasculated priests or dogs or catamites or homosexual servants of Cyble. She is now ZOE.

    "Looking at the subject in the light of the Bacchanalian orgies (Read Ephesus and Corinth), which, as the reader has seen, commemorated the history of Nimrod, it is evident that  he led mankind to seek their chief good in sensual enjoyment, and showed them how they might enjoy the pleasures of sin, without any fear of the wrath of a holy God.  
    "In his various lexpeditions he was always accompanied by troops of women; and by music and song, and games (ritual drama) and revelries, and everything that could please the natural hearts, he commended himself to the good graces of mankind." (Hislop, Alexander, The Two Babylons, p. 55, Loizeaux Brothers)

    The temples, like the Jerusalem Temple, were the shrines of the Temple-State.

    "Now if Babylonian culture and religion had thus spread to the Canaanites, it suggests a reason why the colony of Phoenicians from Tyre, who founded Carthage (say about 900 B.C.)  were tithe-payers (see Sacred Tenth, p. 15);  and if Melchizedek may be regarded as a Canaanitish priest, then it would be as natural for him in his royal and priestly character to expect tithes from Abram as it was for Abram to pay them. Hence the professor, alluding to this incident, says (Patriarchal Religion, p. 175):

    Remember that it was the tribe of Levi in Abraham's loins who would TAKE tithes of their fellow Hebrews in order to perform the work of Melchizedek as a Canaanite priest as the CARNAL TYPE. Jesus as the SPIRITUAL fulfillment DOES NOT take tithes.

    And verily they that are of the sons of Levi, who receive the office of the priesthood, have a commandment to take tithes of the people according to the law, that is, of their brethren, though they come out of the loins of Abraham: Heb.7:5
    "This offering of tithes was no new thing. In his Babylonian home Abram must have been familiar with the practice. The cuneiform inscriptions of Babylonia contain frequent references to it. It went back to the pre-Semitic age of Chaldaea,
    and the great temples of Babylonia were largely supported by the esra or tithe which was levied upon prince and peasant alike.
    That the god should receive a tenth of the good things which, it was believed, he had bestowed upon mankind was not considered to be asking too much.
    There are many tablets in the British Museum which are receipts for the payment of the tithe to the great temple of the sun-god at Sippara, in the time of Nebuchadnezzar and his successors. 
    From one of them we learn that Belshazzar, even at the very moment when the Babylonian empire was falling from his father's hands, nevertheless found an opportunityfor paying the tithe due from his sister." Resource

    No, Melchizedek was not Jesus Christ any more than David was Jesus. Both are types but Christ is the SPIRITUAL FULFILLMENT of a destructive, earthly system. The priesthood of Christ is LIKE THAT of Melchizedek in that it has no beginning or ending.

    Restoring the TITHE along with MUSIC as MEDIATOR is the fulfillment of the end-time Babyon Whore religion which also exists outside of Rome:

    "BABYLON RELIGION was the ancient and modern enemy of Christianity. It thrives in modern denominationalism where religion and commerce are mixed. At the dawn of history in the middle of the fifth millennium before Christ we find in the Euphrates Valley a number of city-states, or rather city-monarchies, in rivalry with one another  
    The fertility of this rich alluvial plain was in ancient times proverbial; it produced a wealth of wheat, barley, sesame, dates, and other fruits and cereals. The cornfields of Babylonia were mostly in the south, where Larsa, Lagash, Erech, and Calneh were the centres of an opulent agricultural population. The palm tree was cultivated with assiduous care and besides furnishing all sorts of food and beverage, was used for a thousand domestic needs. Birds and waterfowls, herds and flocks, and rivers teeming with fish supplied the inhabitants with a rural plenty   which surprises the modern reader of the cadastral surveys and tithe-accounts of the ancient temples. Catholic Encyclopedia 
    In Israel, the TITHE was for free tribal lands already productive. Therefore, as in this quote about Babylonia, "nature" provided the food almost free. Therefore, it was not unreasonable that the TEMPLE-STATE such as the Tower of Babylon at Ur where Abraham learned about tithing receive 10% of the food. In return for this, the temple staff provided many civil services such as disaster aid and serving as a bank.

    The Jewish tithe was not gross or even net: it was from the INCREASE or what was left to count at the end of the year.

    See Music and Devil Worship.

    This common story appears in many ancient writings. Marduk is the sun god of Babylon but other nations had their own distorted versions. For instance, the serpent steals the Word of God orhe threatens the Sun as the life giver of Egypt. 

    "In Egypt the serpent opposed the S.U.N. god during the night, trying to prevent him from rising.
    In Canaan, it was a sexual symbol in certain cults. According to the Gilgamesh epic, it was the serpent which stole the herb of life."... The essential concern of the text is to show that sin does not come from within man, that it is not part of his nature: it comes from outside." (Charpentier, Etienne, How to Read the Old Testament, p. 40).
    And of female or effeminate "worship teams":
    "Women and girls from the different ranks of society were proud to enter the service of the gods as singers and musicians. The understanding of this service was universal: these singers constituted the 'harem of the gods'."  
    If you are SLICK enough throughout the world including South and Central America you could get paid for MAKING the sun rise and the rains come down!

    No musicians or common people ever went into the Holy Places. Therefore, to demand the tithe today insists that the holy place of church architecture know as the Holy Place must be staffed by professional mediators of the Word for God and mediators of Songs to "bring the worshipers into the presence of God."

    However, for a Levitical musician to have gone into the Holy Place representing the church of Christ would have gotten his head cut off.

    "The rectangular central shrine of the temple, known as a 'cella,' had a brick altar or offering table in front of a statue of the temple's deity. The cella was lined on its long ends by many rooms for priests and priestesses. These mud-brick buildings were decorated with cone geometrical mosaics, and the occasional fresco with human and animal figures. These temple complexes eventually evolved into towering ziggurats.  
    "The temple was staffed by priests, priestesses, musicians, singers, castrates and hierodules (Temple Prostitutes). Various public rituals, food sacrifices, and libations took place there on a daily basis. There were monthly feasts and annual, New Year celebrations. During the later, the king would be married to Inanna as the resurrected fertility god Dumuzi..." -
    Asherah: Queen of Heaven, Ashtoreth, Athirat, Astarte, and Ishtar. Her "male" priestesses were known as kelabim, the faithful "dogs" of the Goddess, who practiced divinatory arts, danced in processions, and served as hierodules, qedeshim, in the company of other priestesses. Goddess worship were largely erased in a cultural purge c. 630 BCE by King Josiah.
    (These were Catamites or male prostitutes. Jesus insinuated that the Jews hoped that John the Babtist was such a person) 
    "there may have been large numbers of eunuchs, as well as temple slaves. Merlin Stone believes that "sacred women" celebrated their sexuality and fertility by making love in Eanna in Inanna's name. This seems to be supported as that H.R. Hays says that there were temple prostitutes associated with Inanna, which is not too out of line as that she is supposed to be the goddess of prostitutes." (Interpreter's Dict of the Bible, Music, p. 461).  
    It should come as no surprize that the end-time Babylon harlot religion implicates music. And the singers and musicians whatever their sex were always know of as "the harem of the gods." Musical performers at Greek feasts which were always religious in nature provided the after dinner entertainment.
    Babylonian religion enslaves through economic control.  
    A. Political: Rev. 18; Zech. 5:5-11
    B. Personal: tithing, indulgences, commercialism 
    Babylonian religion enslaves through *knowledge* control.  
    A. Separation of the clergy and laity.
    B. Discouragement of independent bible study.

    In Canaan, Baal had to be fed, clothed, housed with temples, supplied with vocal and instrumental music and, of course, Baal's AGENTS got all of the goodies. It must have consumed the wealth of the poor.

    Ba´al Celebrates His Victory Over Yahm

    Athirat set her eye on; a thousand
    pitchers he takes of (new autumn) wine,
    ten thousand he mixes in - his mixture (D/G)/the mixing bowl (C).
    ALT: 16. barrels it holds, wine enough (Ga) 17.
    to be mixed in
    ten thousand portions. While he is mixing it, (Ga)
    One does rise, one chants and sings,
    cymbals in the hands of the minstrel;
    sings the youngster with a sweet voice
    over/of Baal in the Heights
    of Tsaphon, the North. Catches sight does Ba´al of
    his daughters, he sets his eye on Pidraya
    daughter of `Ar/mist/light; also on Talay
    a daughter of Rabb/showers/rain.

    When not oppressed, the tithe collected from the farmers in times of prosperity and stored it for their own use during famins. The Bible shows how Joseph helped save Egypt:

    When Jacob's son, Joseph, was sold into slavery in Egypt, he rose to a high position in the government. When God revealed that a famine was coming, Joseph bought all of the farm land and rented it back to the people. The renters gave 20% of their food and it was stored for them for the years of famine. Genesis 47:24. The priests grew their own food.

    The fact that Egypt like all countries had some form of income tax or other taxes, does not give the modern religious extorter to impose another income tax on top of the backs of the poor and widows.

    Because people now give up to 50% for all taxes, it would be brutal and ruthless to impose another 10%. This has clergy claiming the INCOME TAX on top of their 1% fee for burning animals.

    When God gave Israel the Book of the Covenant it included no TITHE because, as under Abraham, the elders were the religious leaders of the tribes.

    However, when at Mount Sinai they ROSE UP TO PLAY they repeated the Babylonan-Egyptian-Canaanite musical idolatry. As a result, God "turned them over to worship the starry host" and sentenced them to ultimate return to Babylonian captivity. The BOOK OF THE LAW was then given and the None Levites became STRANGERS. Thereafter, none but the tribe of Levi could come into the symbolic presence of God at the Tabernacle. The tithe was then imposed for a system of human mediators quite identical to that of Babylon.

    This is well illustrated by the worship of Israel in the north condemned by Amos. The "gods" were Molech or Chiun or Remphan. The musical rituals are identified as the Marzeah which was a "feast for and with dead ancestors.

    In Judah it involved the worship of all of the pagan gods but Molech was worshiped in Jerusalem in what had been "the king's music grove." This was Topheth a symbol of hell and named after the tabret or tambourine.

    The Assyrian or Babylonian TITHE is, like that of the Jews, was associated with S.U.N. worship because as a result of the musical idolatry at Mount Sinai, God turned them over to worship the starry host according to Stephen who affirmed that God doesn't live in houses. The following note defines the musical worship condemned by Amos:

    "This Assyrian-Babylonian god Chiun without doubt represented Saturn. Heylel represents the god once associated with the planet Venus. In our English translation the name is translated as "Lucifer" in Isaiah 14:12 (Charles, R. H. The Book of the Secrets Of Enoch. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1896.)  
    The leaders bragged about their daily "collections" and enjoyed wine, women, song and musical instruments. This derived the people of the Water of the Word. In time, the sentence imposed at Mount Sinai was carried out and the northern tribes were carried into Assyrian captivity and death.

    Lucifer is the "harp playing prostitute" acting as the serpent or nachash in the garden of Eden. She was a musical enchanter but not a snake.

    In modern LOOK TO THE HILLS Gnosticism, Sophia is the serpent and her daughter, Zoe is the BEAST or "female instructing principle."

    When Israel's elders FIRED GOD and demanded a king like the nations it was so that they would worship like the nations. In this system, "God gave them kings in His anger and took them away in His anger." They were specificially chosen to play the role of GOD in order to lead the people into captivity and death.

    Where does Bruce White get this? Well, it is the SERPENTS SEED sowed at the Jubilee finally germinating. The end-time Babylon Whore religion will MERGE government, commerce and false religion. The Tithe cannot be imposed until the JUBILEE (for the atonement) is restored:

    The Jubilee system
    "The correct application of the biblical system of both tithing and the law is dependent upon the Jubilee. Resource

    The restoration of the Babylon singers, sacrifices, temple-states, priests and tithing is the MARK of the end-time Babylonian Harlot worship. Like those of the original king/queen of Babylon, the end time religionist will go into sheol with their harps and harpists (Revelation 18).

    Don't pay the locusts to MARK you for destruction: Paul denied that GIVING was a commandment and he said nothing about LAYING BY IN STORE in the collection plate to support able bodied men. 

    You may be circumcised if you wish, but if you allow it to be imposed as a religious duty you are under the curse of the law. Keeping JUBILEE put you under the curse of the law because you denied that Lord Jesus finished the redistribution of the land and with it the TITHE of FOOD only on FREE LAND only in CANAAN ONLY.

    You may tithe if you wish, but if you come under the LAW OF GIVING or the TITHE you are bound to keep every jot and tittle (613 laws) of the Law of Moses and keep them perfectly EVERY TIME and you are UNDER THE CURSE OF THE LAW.

    It is highly probable that the CURSE imposed upon the priests in Malachi will belong to you if you spend GOD'S MONEY on the rich while letting the POOR suffer or even impose a tithe on them. You are guilty by association.

    Don't get caught with your purses down.

    The instant anyone suggests or demands that you TITHE one penny of your income from wages you have the authority of Lord Jesus and Paul to instantly make sure that your LEFT HAND never puts a penny into the RIGHT HAND of anyone but the poor: legalism demands that you OBEY THE LAW.

    The LAW OF GIVING advised the Corinthians to lay by money in THEIR OWN HANDS and save it up. Then, this money went ONLY to the poor in Jerusalem through the hands of the elders.

    Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come. 1 Corinthians 16:2

    You are a sinner if you don't obey this the instant anyone claims the right to collect from you or make you tithe. When you have LAID BY YOU IN STORE then you can give ALMS when you see the need. There is no LAW OF GIVING to the TAKERS. Gospel means FREEDOM from tithing.

    Gospel also means giving your last mite or sliver of bronze: but as soon as Jesus walked away from the episode He prophesied that the den of thieves would be dismantled stone by stone.

    Check for yourself because BABYLONIAN RELIGION takes away the Word.

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