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See how "calling on the name of the lord" in Genesis is seen as the beginning of musical idolatry.  We have collected some of the great scholars who agree.  Click to Read.
Cratylus meaning and change of Attic words. See also Clement on Pedagogue I

The Church Fathers On The Trinity, the Holy Spirit, Instrumental Music, Paganism, Idolatry, Greek Influences and other important statements by the early theologians.

Our Hohenwald Church Topical Research
TimeLIne and History Notes


On Instrumental Music, Tongues and Idolatry
Arnobius Against the Heathen. (Adversus Gentes)
Book I, [scant contributions] Book II, Book III, Book IV, Book V, Book VI, Book VII (Dung Sacrifices) 


Athenagoras 180

A Plea for the Christians (Cretans liars)
The Nature of the Tinity
On the Morals of the Manichaeans
Psalm 41 Judas Will Not Triumph over Jesus
Dead Sea Scrolls Version of Psalm 41
Psalm 71
Psalm 106 The Exodus Pattern
Psalm 144
Psalm 149 Literal Musical Warfare Replaced
The Sabbath Anti Manichaean Sabbath
Sermon LVI (CVI) Tithing, Cleansing and Babtism

Barnabas 100? Epistle of Barnabas, Christian exegesis of LXX (AF = Apostolic Fathers)

Epistle of Barnabas

Basil and The Holy Spirit

The Book: Fathers of the Church : Saint Basil : Letters, Volume 1 (1-185) by Agnes Clare Way (Translator)


The Trinity is One God
Boethius - Consolation of Philosophy 1 - Music or the Truth
Book II
Book III
Book IV
Book V

On Line Texts

Basil the Great Spiritual Worship De Spiritu Sancto 9
Basil the Great Baptism De Spiritu Sancto 14 - 15
Basil the Great Holy Spirit - Trinity De Spiritu Sancto 2-10


The Book: Golden Mouth : The Story of John ChrysostomAscetic, Preacher, Bishop by J. N. D. Kelly, John Chrysostom

Dio Chrysostom (Lcl, 257) by J. W. Cohoon (Translator)

Chrysostom Articles on this site:

Homily I, Worship Drama, Music, Dance or Christ?
Homily II, Trinity, Sophists, Philosophers
Homily IV Fortitude and Patience: Jobe and the Three in Babylon
Homily VII: Stephen Against the Temple "Still No Temple"
Homily VIII: First Epistle of St. Paul to Timothy
Homily IX In Colossians Paul Not "singing" but "teaching and admonishing."
Homily XII 1 Cor 1:4. Singing and piping
Homily XIX Ephesians 5 on singing the Words of Christ
Homily XXIX. Spiritual Gifts Romans 12
Homily XXXI Matthew 9:18 Healing the Girl
Homily XVII. the MARK of the Law imposed because of musical Idolatry.
Homily XLVIII Performing Ministers - John Chrysostom, Matthew 13:53
Tom Burgess on Chrysostom and Instrumental Music in Worship 11/11/04

Letter I: An Exhortation to Theodore After His Fall.

Clement of Alexandria

The Book: Fathers of the Church : Clement of Alexandria: Stromateis, Books One to Three by Clement of Alexandria

Our Commentary:

Exhortation to the Heathen
Clement Of Alexandria: Instructor Book I
On Eating and Drinking Instructor Book II
On True Beauty, going to church Book III
Clement of Alexandria: Baptism and the Holy Spirit Instructor Book VI
Clement of Alexandria: Literal Blood?Book VIb
Clement Of Alexandria: Unless You Drink My Blood Instructor X

Clement: Recognitions, the Post Flood Beginning of musical idolatry

Homily VIII Fallen Angels and Giants
Homily IX How Demons Control Men
Exhortation to the Heathen Total
Clement of Alexandria Music Drama Idolatry
Alfred T. DeGroot on the Instructor
Recognitions of Clement on music and idolatry Book IV
Stromata Book I New 11/26/2K

Stromata Book V New 1/14/02 8/11/03 The symbols of the Tabernacle

Stromata Book VII   7.07.08

Stromata on Sophists FathClemStromSophists.html
Professional Preachers FathClemStromProfessional.html
Utility of Written Compositions FathClemStromFathNotAll.html Ch1

Clement of Rome

Clement of Rome to Corinth Unless You Drink My Blood FathClemRomeCor.html

Clementine Homilies

Clementine Homily VIII Fallen Angels and Demons
Clementine Homily IX How Demons get control of men
Clementine Homily XI Peter at Tripolis


To Euchratius about an Actor
The Shows

Ephraim Syrus

The Pearl-Seven Hymns of faith
Hymns and Homilies
On Our Lord

Eusebius Church History

Book VI

Gregory of Nyssa 390 Gregory of Nyssa, Didymus of Alex.; church fathers

The Book: Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, : Gregory of Nyssa (The Early Church Fathers Series) by Philip Schaff (Editor), Henry Wace (Editor)

Gregory Nazianzen, " Julian the Emperor" (1888). Oration 5: Second Invective Against Julian. 2.12.05 radical condemnation of music as worship

Oration XXXIX Oration on the Holy Lights 2.12.05

Our Commentary:

Gregory of Nyssa to Ablabius - On Not Three Gods 1/13/00
Gregory of Nyssa Trinity and the Godhead 1/12/00
Gregory of Nyssa Holy Spirit Against Macedonius 1/12/00

Gregory Thaumaturgus

The Trinity

Hermas, Shepherd of

Full Document
Defining the Elect as the Church


Musical Heresy -- The Satan Connection Book IV
Hippolytus The Refutation of All Heresies Book V.
 Fragments of Hippolytus

Ignatius d. c 110

Epistle to the Ephesians Notes on the Holy Spirit and the nature of "singing."

To the Trallians


The Book: Against the Heresies (Ancient Christian Writers, No 55) by of Lyons, Saint Irenaeus, Dominic J. Unger (Translator)

Online Commentary:

Irenaeus Against Heresies Book I
Irenaeus Against Heresies Book II
Irenaeus Against Heresies Book III
Irenaeus Against Heresies Book IV
Irenaeus Against Heresies Book V

Against Heresies and Speaking in Tongues

Against Heresies and Laughing Exercises

Justin Martyr

First Apology

Second Apology

Dialogue of Justin Martyr, with Trypho, a Jew
Justin's Hortatory Address to the Greeks
Why Christian Worship is not Jewish Worship

The Didache

Preachers, THE DIDACHE, Prophets, Pay, Baptism


Divine Institutes I
Divine Institutes II The Origin of Error
The Trinity Book IV, Chapt XXIX
True Worship IV

Origin 254

The Gospel of John Book I
Origen de Principiis
Against Celsum Book 1

Paul and Thecla - Paul's "appearance"

170 Tatian produces "Diatessaron" (Harmony) by blending 4 "Western" text-type Gospels into 1

Tatian to the Greeks, Demons, Spirit, Soul, Predestination, Idolatry

Lucian of Samosata (Supplimental to Fathers)

Alexander the Oracle Monger
Lucian Explanation of Psallo and Instrumental Worship
Lucian and Authority


Ezekiel 28 Lucifer king of Tyre


The Book: Tertullian : Apology and De Spectaculis (Loeb 250) by Tertullian, G. H. Rendall (Translator), W. C. A. Kerr (Photographer)

Our Commentary:
Tertullian The Apology
Tertullian and the Fall of Women
Tertullian - The Shows, or De Spectaculis - Showtime "Worship"
Tertullian -The Trinity of God, His Wisdom and His Word
Tertullian: Appendix. Against All Heresies
Tertullian (155-220) Necessity of Baptism To Salvation 10/21/2K
Total Document12/5/02
"Christian Apologists" writings against Roman Paganism by: Justin Martyr
(165), Athenagoras (180?), Aristides (145?), Theophilus of Antioch (185?),
Tatian (170), Quadratus (130?), Melito of Sardis (180?), Apollinaris of
Hierapolis (180?), also Epistle to Diognetus in Apostolic Fathers

Theophilus of Antioch to Autolycus

Trinity: God, His Word and His Wisdom
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