Bobby Valentine 1 Timothy 2 Silencing Women in Worship

First Timothy 2.8-15 & the Silencing of Women in Worship

Bobby Valentine K.C.Moser The Holy Spirit unleashed. John Defines trinitarians as Antichrists.

Bobby Valentine:  A learned Christian woman may expound the scriptures and urge obedience to them, to one hundred men and women at one time, as well as to one hundred, one at a time, … and no more violate a scriptural command in one instance than the other.” (Silena Holman in the Gospel Advocate, 1888)

Silena Holman spoke at a time when the Disciples-Christians supported by the Christian Standard had vowed to Take Tennessee for the Organ and Society Party within ten years.  Others were mounting an attack against owners of property who would not give it up so that they could as they now say "infiltrate and divert your property and lambs into a Theater for Holy Entertainment." History notes that pagan "worship centers" needed women to strip the men of their food money before they could get out of Corinth or Ephesus.



7. "Well, the churches generally are going into it, and it is 'a foregone conclusion that they will have and use the organ,' and it is useless to stand against it."
        No "the churches generally" are not gone into it, nor are they going that way.
        We do not know the number of churches in the United States;
        but doubt not that six thousand would be a low enough estimate.

How many of them use the organ in worship? We do not know this with certainty, but probably not more than from [431]  one hundred and fifty to two hundred, and certainly not five hundred. [1877]

The organ party is yet small, and would amount to but little, had it not found way into a few places of note and prominence. There are still whole States that have not an organ in the Church.

We think there is not one in use in Canada, not one in Virginia, Tennessee, nor Texas, that we have heard of; scarcely any in Kentucky, West Virginia, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and many other States. The organ is still the exception, not the rule; and the party is small. The main body are true to the great principles of reformation--to the divine purpose of returning to and maintaining, the original practice in all things.

TORO, TORO, TORO.  Mike Cope now delared the Samuri of Churches of Christ

Choate/Woodson note that like David Lipscomb, E. G. Sewell worked for the Gospel Advocate to earn a living and preached for the Woodland Street Church in Nashville. He received little for his preaching. A new building was constructed in 1880 and Sewell was asked to preach there longer and devote more time.

As well funded by the Standard

"From the North, where the Society system was deeply imbedded in the churches, people moved into Nashville and many filled the Woodland Street church. By the end of 1882, a woman from Kentucky asked Sewell about forming an auxiliary society to the Christian Woman's Board of Missions. Sewel objected, and gave his reasons.

But as always, when a group in a congregation wants something, and the preacher stands in their way, there is only one thing to do: dismiss the preacher. Sewell was ousted and at the beginning of 1883, W. J. Loos, son of C. L. Loos, president of the Foreign Society, was hired. In the fall of that year young Loos attended the annual convention at Cincinatti, telling them with some embarassment that he was ashamed to admit he was from Tennessee for the churches of his state were doing nothing."

When he returned, Sewell refuted the false charges about Tennessee churches. Loos was check-mated and was replaced later by R. M. Giddens who "fanned the flames of Societyism." 

"The women were soon busily at work to form an auxiliary society. Sewell's pleas to Giddens went unheeded. During the following summer,

the women wrote letters to the churches of the state
asking funds be
sent to them
they could hire a State Evangelist. Before long, plans were laid
        to secure the services of A. I. Myhr.

"Lipscomb had agreed to publish information in the Advocate after being assured that evangelism was the goal. However, Giddens failed to get the work under the Woodland Street elders. J. C. McQuiddy who had helped raise the money and Sewell who was an elder were not consulted about Myhr.

Myhr made his goals clear about promoting the Society and Instrumental music
even though it would divide the churches. Myhr's goal, Lipscome believed, was to
"ostracize, boycott, and starve every preacher that does not APPROVE the society."

Silena and her "daughters" have the same rights bestowed by Paul in Galatians 3:28 as men.  Theologians in delusions think that Paul said BOTH but Paul said NEITHER male nor female. We have one father meaning TEACHER. The elders are commanded to teach that which has been taught: the Word, Logos or regulative principle.

Silena and her daughters have the same right to EXPOUND Scriptures and MEN: NONE. A Church of Christ by absolute MARK will consist of STUDENTS: Disciples do not go to worship OBSERVATIONS to which Jesus said the kingdom does not come.  The MARK of those who do not speak that which is written without private interpretation or FURTHER EXPOUNDING is of a false teacher: cunning craftsmen or sophists meaning speakers, singers and instrument players are, says Paul denouncing DIVERSITY in Ephesians 4 are LYING IN WAIT TO DECEIVE.  No godly woman would expose her body to judging would want to ASSIST the Spirit OF Christ in the Prophets and Apostles--the inclusive and exclusive resource for READING or SPEAKING which is opposite to ODE or any musical content.

Acts 15:21 For Moses of old time 
        hath in every city
        them that preach him,
        being read in the synagogues every sabbath day.
The Latin -Sermo B. A language, the speech of a nation.  Sermonizing used a conversational style and not loquacious. Dialog   hê, discourse, conversation,  6.—Of prose as opposed to poetry: “comoedia ... nisi quod pede certo Differt sermoni sermo merus,Hor. S. 1, 4, 48:

2 Pet 1:20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.

Epiluo (g1956) ep-ee-loo'-o; from 1909 and 3089; to solve further, i.e. (fig.) to explain, decide: - determine, expound.

Epi-lusis  A. release from, e. phobôn [fear] didou A.Th.134 (lyr.): abs., exemption from banishment, [purgatory?]. The word dissertio also carries the idea of trying to REMOVE fear by explaining away any worry about keeping laws.

2. . solution, “sophismatōnS.E.P.2.246; explanation, 2 Ep.Pet.1.20,
3089 luō loo'-o A primary verb; to “loosen” (literally or figuratively):—break (up), destroy, dissolve, (un-) loose, melt, put off.

2. solution, sophismatôn  explanation, 2 Ep.Pet.1.20,  2 Pet 3
Sophisma A.acquired skill, method, stage-trick, claptrap, rhetorikos 2. of persons, skilled in speaking, fit to be an orator Pi.O.13.17 2. in less good sense, sly trick, artifice, dikên dounai s. kakôn E.Ba.489 , cf. Hec.258; eph' hêmas tauta paronta s. Th.6.77, cf. D.35.2; stage-trick, claptrap

Pi.O.13.17 Pindar Ode 0.13 [17] the Seasons rich in flowers have cast ancient inventiveness. But the fame for every work is due to its inventor. Whence did the graces of Dionysus first come to light, with the ox-driving dithyramb? [20] Who invented the bridle for the harness of horses, or placed the double king of birds on top of the temples of gods? And in Corinth the sweet-breathing Muse blossoms, and also Ares, with the deadly spears of young men.

Exêgêtês    II. expounder, interpreter, esp. of oracles, dreams, or omens, Hdt.1.78; at Athens, of sacred rites or customs, modes of burial, expiation, etc., spiritual director, of Apollo, Pl.R.427c. b. at Rome, of the pontifices
    The pagan EXEGETE is identical to: Suristikê (sc. technê), hê, the art of piping: used with hythmice, histrionia

Magicus, belonging to magic, magic, magical. superstitiones, vanitates, that were invoked by incantations: linguae= skilled in incantations, cantus, magicae resonant ubi Memnone chordae, mysterious, id. 15, 5 .Bakchebakchon aisai sing the song (to Bacchus) beginning with Bakche Bakche! Ar.Eq.408.

Aulôid-ia , hê, song to the flute

Sorry Selina who self-congratualtes herself as a learned Christian woman

Maybe Bobby Valentine can make the Selena - Christian Standard attempt to TAKE Tennessee. It is obviously that churches of Christ were never TAKEN by the Christians as Barton W. Stone boasted that the 'Reformers have come over to us."
Heb. 5:12 For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat.
Christ in Isaiah 8 says that if you do not SPEAK the Scriptures THERE IS NO LIGHT IN YOU.  There are SPEAKING placing and ministering places.
1Pet. 4:11 If any man SPEAK, let him speak as the oracles of God;
 if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth:
        that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ,
        to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.
NONE OF BOBBY VALENTINE'S "PATTERNS" FOR WOMEN PREACHERS were those who PREACHED the WORD by READING the WORD in the synagogue where the ekklesia meets were NEITHER are preachers but BOTH can obey the command to "use one MIND and on MOUTH to speak that which is WRITTEN for our LEARNING."

You will note that Bobbly Valentine does everything but SPEAK where Paul SPEAKS in 1 Timothy 2.

Bobby Valentine tries to set up Red Herring from the culture but the object is to understand the WHAT of Paul's direct command before we try to find legalistic end runs to define a WORSHIP RITUAL. Too bad, too sad but from Christ in the willderness onward defined a WORD ONLY ASSEMBLY by non-mercinary sub elders over groups as small as then families.  I find no evidence that he reads the whole letter in context by defining words used and understood school kids. Men were to turn up holy palms (the Jewis-Muslim) pledge to the TEXT without WRATH.  Wrath means anger certainly: when God pours out His wrath he sends strong delusions resulting in wrath as an ORGY: preaching, singing, playing, collecting claiming God's authority. Wrath means that he makes BUFFOONS or jesters so that they debate with three empty chairs and get applauded.

Bobby Valentine:  Approaching the Subject – What are We afraid of?

I am afraid of THEOLOGIANS a word which defines ONLY those who interpreted the will of Abbadon or Apollyon.

I am afraid of PREACHERS who speak on their own to ESCAPE the definition of a Kerusso as a Herald SENT out with a message from the King to the Lost Spirits scatted IN the Word but not OF the World. They cannottamper with the Word and they

I am afraid of Musical Worship Ministers because their persona makes me and up to 3/3 of a membership flee Babylon leaving their "investment behind." As Beasts or Therion meaning "a new style of music and Satyric drama" because they bring on PLAGUES.

I am afraid of BLOGGERS given the end-time chance to fulfill prophecy of Revelation 17-18.

I am afraid of SECTARIANS who love to sow discord by claiming that Churches of Christ inventing the command of Paul in the Hebrews to DIVORCE themselves from neo-paganism of boy and girl performance worshipers claiming to lead you into the presence of God.

And Bobby Valentine using Obscurantism using the language of magic or sorcery, they claim that churches of Christ who have understood the NO MUSIC concept from the wilderness onward; and lie about just your tradition claim YOU ARE JUST SPOOKED AND FEARFUL about using music and USING musicians is fear induced by your godly ancestors.

The purpose driving religious music was to "make the lambs dumb before the slaughter." The clergy would musically mock Jesus as the lambs were made dumb before the Levite Soothsayers named PARASITES and in fulfilment. All forms of music point to sorcery or witchcraft from the time the serpent (musical enchanter) made musical sounds to confuse after the invention of brass or BELL METAL.  Christ calls Lucifer the "singing and harp-playing prostitute in the garden of Eden."

As Obscurantism Valentine quotes Roy Deaver, who like Valentine etal seems unable to read the story line of 1 Timothy 2.  He also OBSCURES by quoting LaGard Smithy who simply joins at the lips the effeminate worship rituals demanding effeminate or feminist leadership. If there is no exception to connecting religious music performers to men who are "emotionally and sexually abnormal" then Bobby Valentine should cough up some Babylonian tablets. Scripture, church history or mocking the modern "Effeminate worship leader" which attributes any MORAL good derived from making music (NOISE says God) when He calls you out of your rest to READ and REHEARSE the Word of God.

Bobby Valentine: LaGard Smith,  that feminism is the cultural engine pushing the church into female ordination, deaconesses, and more participation in worship.  Smith’s charges are even wider than Deaver’s, laying the charge of paganism and New Ageism at the feet of those who believe that Scripture authorizes a broader view of women’s role than previously held in the late 20th & early 21st century Churches of Christ [4].

Why mock that when everyone knows that PATRIARCHAL "gods" were never "worshipped" by music or musicians. Paul warns against the dogs and consision and wishes they would let the knife slip and cut off their total reproductive power.  The worshipers of the Mother Goddesses were SELF-EMASCULATED as the "scholars" are emasculated and do not dare cross the Mother THEOLOGIAN boasting about making so many female MINISTERS that churches will be forced to HIRE them as hierlings.

The rise of FEMINIST with connections in high places has led to things like Spiritual Formation, Renovare or the Lectio-Divina which is defined as PAGANISM'S Sophia (Solomon's Wisdom) as the Jewish repudiation of the LOGOS (Dabar) which is defined as God's Word (His Son) as the Spirit OF Christ in the Prophets and in Jesus of Nazareth. The One God the Father breathed (Spirit is breath) and Jesus the Son SPOKE the Word or LOGOS without METRON which is widely used as METER. We are lucky that God provided no LOGOS which is metrical so we have to violate direct commands, examples and reverence-demanded-inferences to READ the Word or PREACH the Word  by READING the Word in the synagogue.

The Ekklesia consists of all who have been "washed with water into the WORD or into the school of Christ.
"REST" is the Greek PAUO identical to the Hebrew SABBATH meaning rest and never day of worship.
The citizens of the Ekklesia are sheltered under the UMBRELLUM safe from the winds and stroms of the laded burdens and burden laders..

By DIRECT COMMAND with no Biblical or historical exception, the free citizens assemble themselves ONCE EACH WEEK and when assembled Paul calls them a SYNAGOGUE.

From the wilderness onward Christ ordained the Qahal, synagogue or Church of Christ the Rock:
EXCLUSIVE of vocal or instrumental rejoicing or rhetoric. The LAW OF SILENCE was only necessary for the little jimmy and sally jumpups because godly Disciples know to sit down and shut up: both men and women in 1 Timothy 2.

The synagogue was a place of contact for the poor or where Bible Scholars as opposed to THEOLOGIANS or the preachers of Abaddon, Appolyn could be paid to hold Bible School.

Bobby Valentine:. These brothers are adamant – and so am I – about the priority of Scripture and listening to it [5]. But I believe they are as glued to a cultural worldview as anyone else. I believe their interpretation of Scripture is “plainly” culturally driven. They both fear something.  That something is, in their opinion, manifested in the women’s movement. It must be opposed.

Bobby Valentine runs with the Rich and Famous and sounds scholarly but in this piece he proves that he doesn't care enough to grasp why Paul wants BOTH men and women to be SILENT and SEDENTARY while some senior male PREACHES the Word (only) by READING the Word.

About the Archaeology Bobby Valentines believes that Paul was NOT inspired as claimed and was just REACTING to the fact that ALL "worship services" were dominated by women.  Prostitution was part of their job and they dominated because the goal was to "fleece the males of their children's food money before they could escape the grasp of the Female Worship leaders.  He misses the point that the Synagogue -- the only once a week assembly -- was never called a Worship Center but a School of the Word. Many Jews still use words like Qahal (a reading only assembly) or SHUL.

Bobby Valentine is thinking about the WORSHIP SERVICES but the synagogue was to quarantine people to their isolated areas. The only WORKS or ENERGY effort was to Rest, Read and Rehears the Word. God NEVER calls His people out of their rest other than to Read, Learn and Mutually confess "that which is written for our learning.  After silencing the Self Pleasure: Areskos or Placeo meaning rhetoric, singing, playing instruments or acting they could hold the ONE PIECE PATTERN SYNAGOGUE.

In Galatians 3:28 scholars just flat missed that Paul used the word NEITHER and not BOTH.

Rom. 15:2 Let every one of us please his neighbour for his good to edification.
Edification is defined as Education of the Ekklesia

Areskô I. of pers. only, make good, make amends, spondas theois aresasthai make full drink-offerings to the gods, please, satisfy, be Lord and Master.

IV. areskei is used impers. to express the opinion or resolution of a public body, also of prevailing opinions; ta areskonta the dogmas of philosophers

I. part. fut. pass.: dos placenda, Plaut. Trin. 5, 2, 35 ; v. I. A. fin.) [cf. placo], to please, to be pleasing or agreeable, to be welcome, acceptable, to satisfy (class.).

1. In scenic lang., of players or pieces presented, to please, find favor, give satisfaction: primo actu placeo, Ter. Hec. prol. alt. 31: cui scenico placenti

Rom. 15:3 For even Christ pleased not himself; but, as it is written,
        The reproaches of them that reproached thee fell on me.

The clergy musical mocked and stripped Jesus as prophesied and fulfilled: jesting, singing, playing instruments and tempting.

Reproaches meant to expose one's nakedness: the authority of 1 Timothy 2 is Authentia which has the same meaning of bringing on reproaches meaning both MURDEROUS and EROTIC.


Rom. 15:4 For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning,
         that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.
Rom. 15:5  Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded
        one toward another according to Christ Jesus:
Rom. 15:6 That ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God [the ONE Theos]
        even the Father of our Lord [Kurios not a god people] Jesus Christ.
Rom. 15:7 Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God.

Bobby Valentine and the small band by imposed DELUSION read Paul's word NEITHER to mean BOTH.

We both have ONE FATHER meaning our only INSTRUCTOR: Elders are the Christ-gifted APT pastor-teachers. They are MARKED by Job One by casting out the cunning craftsmen or SOPHISTS: speakers for hire, singers, instrument players SO THAT the Truth can be taught one to another because THEY ARE LYING IN WAIT TO DECEIVE.

1Tim. 2:4 Who will have all men to be saved [always speaks of being SAFE from ritualists]
        and to
come unto the knowledge of the truth.
2Tim. 3:6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses,
         and lead captive silly women laden with sins,
         led away with divers lusts,
The BEASTS or Therion is defined as A New Style of Music or Satyric Drama. The Muses are the "Locusts" defined as dirty adulteresses ready to expose themselves as occupation.
Plat. Laws 660b
LEGALISM is is applied only to rhetoricians, singers or instrument players who must have talent (God cannot use in school of the Word), spend a life of practicing, rehearsing, performing and being judged by the paying audience."

but I do know that novelties are always being introduced in dancing and all other forms of music, which changes due NOT to the laws, but to disorderly tastes and these are so far from being constantly uniform and stable—like the Egyptian ones you describe—that they are never for a moment uniform.

[660c] probably I stated my own desires with regard to music in such a way that you imagined me to be stating present facts. To denounce things that are beyond remedy and far gone in error is a task that is by no means pleasant; but at times it is unavoidable.

Only those who call grasp the message: failing persuasion, he will compel him—to portray by his rhythms the gestures, and by his harmonies the tunes,
2Tim. 3:7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
2Tim. 3:8 Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses,
        so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.
2Tim. 3:9 But they shall proceed no further:
their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as theirs also was.

Jesus said that God HIDES from the wise or SOPHISTS: preacher opinions, singers, instrument players. THEY would be the ones under the domination of the MOTHER FEMINISTS in authority at places like ACU intimidate the males with no role and no dole to entice women into their own sins.

failing persuasion, he will compel him—to portray by his rhythms the gestures, and by his harmonies the tunes,
1Tim. 4:13 Till I come, give attendance to [public] reading, to exhortation, to doctrine. 

Bobby Valentine:  It is clear from the content of 1.3-7 that Paul is seriously concerned with Timothy’s handling of the false teachers and their gangrenous teaching. However the unhealthy teachers are finding a receptive field among some ignorant (of the basic truths of the faith??) women who go from house church to house church spreading misinformation (5.13) [14].


1Tim. 1:3 As I besought thee to abide still at Ephesus, when I went into Macedonia, that thou mightest charge some that they teach no other doctrine,
1Tim. 1:4 Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying [TEACHING] which is in faith: [THE WORD LOGOS] so do.

G3453 mueo moo-eh'-o From the base of G3466 ; to initiate, that is, (by implication) to teach: ;instruct.

muthos , ho2. fiction (OPPOSITE. logos, historic truth), Pi.O.1.29 (pl.), N.7.23 (pl.), Pl.Phd.61b, Prt.320c, 324d, etc. 3. generally, fiction, “m. idioiPhld.Po.5.5; legend, myth, Hdt.2.45, Pl.R.330d, Lg. 636c, etc.; “ho peri theōn m.Epicur.Ep.3p.65U.; “tous m. tous epikhōrious gegraphenSIG382.7 (Delos, iii B.C.).

fābŭla , ae, f. fari, I.a narration, narrative, account, story; the subject of common talk quae versatur in tragoediis atque carminibus non a veritate modo
B. Of particular kinds of poetry. 1. Most freq., a dramatic poem, drama, play (syn.:ludus, cantus, actio, etc.): in full, fabula scaenica,Amm. 28, 1, 4; “or, theatralis,id. 14, 6, 20: “fabula ad actum scenarum composita,Quint. 5, 10, 9; cf. id. 11, 3, 73 sq.:

dĕus , 2. Of Bacchus, Verg. A. 9, 337; 1, 636.—
C.1. In poets sometimes a goddess; cf. Gr. theos: “ducente deo (sc. Venere),Verg. A. 2, 632: “audentes deus ipse juvat (sc. Fortuna),Ov. M. 10, 586; Macr. Sat. 3, 8; cf. of Aurora, Cat. ap. Cic. N. D. 1, 28 fin.;
Vĕnus , ĕris (I.gen. sing. VENERVS, Inscr. Orell. 1364), f. v. veneror, the goddess of Love, the goddess Venus [Zoe, Lucifer]
fabula nullius veneris sine pondere et arte,Hor. A. P. 320: “sermo ipse Romanus non recipere videatur illam solis concessam Atticis venerem,
II. Derivv.: Vĕnĕrĕus or Vĕnĕrĭus , a, um, adj., of or belonging to Venus: “sacerdos,Plaut. Rud. 2, 2, 23:
Bobby Valentine:  However the unhealthy teachers are finding a receptive field among some ignorant (of the basic truths of the faith??) women who go from house church to house church spreading misinformation (5.13) [14].

1Ti 5:5 Now she that is a widow indeed, and desolate,
        trusteth in God, and continueth in supplications and prayers night and day.
1Ti 5:6 But she that liveth in pleasure is dead while she liveth.

6] nam quae in deliciis est vivens mortua est

"Scholars" wander from church to church and workshop to workshop and are LIVING IN PLEASURE by teaching things they out not to.  Living in pleasure was bad for women but was without redemption for the males who fell into rhetoric, singing, playing instruments, acting or dancing.

-spa^ta^l-aō ,
*A.  ive softly or in excessive comfort or indulgence, Plb.36.17.7, IG14.2002 (Rome), LXX Si.21.15, 1 Ep.Ti.5.6, Ep.Jac.5.5; ta spatalōnta tōn paidiōn spoilt children,

-Truphaô 2.revel in, LXXSi.14.4 ; delight in, .Ne.9.25. [Nehemiah called the kings-priests parasites]
A. live softly, luxuriously, fare sumptuously, of a child, leukos . Ep.Jac.5.5, Gal.6.416, etc.; paison, truphêson, zêson
paison paizô [pais] 4. to play (on an instrument),  to sport, play, jest, joke, to make sport of one, mock him,
to truphōneffeminacy,III. give oneself airs, be dainty, fastidious, connected to the Polus, Spoiled pets: en tais ekklêsiais t. kai kolakeuesthai, of the people,
-dēlĭcĭae delicio; that which allures, flatters the senses delicias facere, to play tricks, to joke, to make sport of one, to sport as lovers, deliciae (pretensions)
II of living beings: delight, darling, sweetheart, beloved: a voluptuary, minion,
scurra , ae, m. I. Orig., an elegant, town-bred man; a fine gentleman, gallant, dandy: 1. A city buffoon, droll, jester (usually in the suite of wealthy persons, and accordingly a kind of parasite; “syn.: sannio, parasitus): urbani assidui cives, quos scurras vocant,” off the clown in a pantomime, venustissimus inter rhetores scurra,
vīvo puellae,Hor. C. 4, 9, 11; : carmina,id. Ep. 1, 19, 2: “scripta,Ov. Tr. 1, 7, 25: “das nostro nomen victurum amori,
Making Music (called parasites)
Making sermons, songs, versus,
Making Love
        nōmen canitur, similitudine nomen invenit,
A. To live on any thing or in any manner, i. e. to support life; to sustain or maintain one's self:

Vinco conquer, overcome, get the better of, defeat, subdue, vanquish, be victorious, etc. (syn.: supero, debello).
II A. In gen., to prevail, be superior; to convince, refute, constrain, overcome, etc.: “argumentis vincit,

Dead mŏrĭor , vocibus,dying accents, the accents of a dying man, desperately in love, dying for love, of the loss of moral or spiritual vitality, to die, to lose virtue and divine guidance: lacking faith

Jingling, banging, and rattling accompanied heathen cults, and the frenzying shawms of a dozen ecstatic cries intoxicated the masses. Amid this euphoric farewell feast of a dying civilization, the voices of nonconformists were emerging from places of Jewish and early Christian worship ..." (Encyclopaedia Judaica, 1971 ed., s.v. "Music")

"Awed by the mysteries of his own spirit no less than by those of nature, primitive man was likely to attribute to divine influence

any abnormal emotional state, whether above or below the usual level. Medicine men customarily went into states of trance in which they were believed to be in communication with the gods,

and many tribes supposed lunatics and sexual deviants to be divinely possessed.

1Ti 5:7 And these things give in charge, that they may be blameless.


1Tim. 5:13 And withal they learn to be idle,
        wandering about from house to house;
        and not only idle, but tattlers [ “ ph. philosophia” also and busybodies,
        speaking things which they ought not. 
They were not just gossips but female preachers earning a living by the normal pagan religions.
argos not working the ground, Hdt.5.6  free from it, tōn oikothen from domestic toils, have no trade,diatribē which nothing is done, fruitless
b. argos   logos, name of a sophism,
Hdt. 5.6 The idler is most honored, the tiller of the soil most scorned; he is held in highest honor who lives by war and robbery.
perierkhomai  go about like a beggar [parasite], Wandering overreach, cheat, “sophiē p. tina
sophia A.cleverness or skill in handicraft and art, Hephaestus and Athena, Pl.Prt.32 1d; of Daedalus and Palamedes, in music and singing, tekhnē kai s. h.Merc.483, cf. 511; in poetry, in divination, Plu.Them.2; also, cunning, shrewdness, craft, Hdt.1.68, etc.; to loidorēs ai theous ekhthra s. Pi.O. 9.38.

Titus 1:7 For a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God; not selfwilled, not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre;
Titus 1:11 Whose mouths must be stopped,
        who subvert whole houses,
        teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake.
1Pet. 5:2 Feed the flock of God which is among you,
        taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly;
        not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind;
la^l-eō , A. [select] talk, chat, prattle
II. chatter, opp. articulate speech, as of locusts, chirp, Theoc.5.34; mesēmbrias lalein tettix (sc. eimi), a very grasshopper to chirp at midday, Aristopho 10.6; “anthrōpinōs l.Strato Com.1.46.
III.  of musical sounds, “aulō laleōTheoc.20.29; of trees, v.supr.1.2; “di'aulou ē salpiggos l.Arist. Aud.801a29; of Echo, D.C.74.14: also c.acc. cogn., magadin lalein sound the magadis, Anaxandr.35.

deō (A), imper. 3pl.   it is (was, etc.) necessary (as binding):—
2. alone, bind, keep in bonds, pōs an egō se deoimi; says Hephaistos [Tubal-Cain], pointing to the nets in which he had caught Ares 3. metaph., bind, enchain,glōssa de hoi dedetai” later, bind by spells,to stoma
4. c. gen., hinder from a thing, “edēse keleuthou
Pind. P. 3 [50] or with their bodies wasting away from summer's fire or winter's cold, he released and delivered all of them from their different pains, tending some of them with gentle incantations, others with soothing potions, or by wrapping remedies all around their limbs, and others he set right with surgery. But even skill is enthralled by the love of gain. [55] Gold shining in his hand turned even that man, for a handsome price, to bring back from death a man who was already caught
sophia Daedalus and Palamedes, X.Mem.4.2.33, cf. 1.4.2; in music and singing, tekhnē kai s. h.Merc.483, cf. 511; in poetry, in divination,
sophos” 1.3) Ba.395 (lyr.), etc.; freq. in Arist., speculative wisdom,
Soph. OT 502 Zeus and Apollo indeed are keen of thought and know the affairs of the earth. [500] But there is no sure test of whether a mortal seer attains more knowledge than I do, though man may surpass man in wisdom.

Well, there you have it Bobby Valentine.  If you had a hundred males on a desert island Scripture and recorded history proves that they would NEVER pick out an appealing MALE to pontificate each week and pay him the rest of the week which violates the Direct Command for a ONCE A WEEK when the workers and vocational elder have time to conduct School of theWord.

From Eve (Evah or Abomination) who was Wholly Seduced says Paul like a young bride with the Devil going first. Cain (a musical note or mark) was OF that wicked one.  Eve gets a bad rap because Moses defined the Babylonianism to which God sentenced the Jews BECAUSE of musical idolatry at mount Sinal led by the women into sexual and homosexual "worship services." See Romans 1 etal.

Hyppolytus Book V Satan Worship The Naasseni: Mystery of the "Great Mother; "  See The Hypostasis of the Archons

They rashly assume in this manner, that  whatsoever things have been said and done by all men, (may be made to harmonize) with their own particular mental view, alleging that ALL things become spiritual. Whence likewise they assert, that those exhibiting themselves in theatres,not even these say or do anything without premeditation.

Therefore, he says, when, on the people assembling in the theatres, any one enters clad in a remarkable robe, carrying a harp and playing a tune (upon it, accompanying it) with a song of the great mysteries, he speaks as follows, not knowing what he says:
"Whether (thou art) the race of Saturn (Satans) or happy Jupiter, or mighty Rhea (ZOE, Eve), Hail, Attis, gloomy mutilation of Rhea. Assyrians style thee thrice-longed-for Adonis, and the whole of Egypt (calls thee) Osiris, celestial horn of the moon; [The bull, Apis, at Sinai] Greeks denominate (thee) Wisdom; Samothracians, venerable Adam; Haemonians, Corybas; and them Phrygians (name thee) at one time Papa, at another time Corpse, or God, or Fruitless, or Aipolos, or green Ear of Corn that has been reaped, or whom the very fertile Amygdalus produced-a man, a musician."
This, he says, is multiform Attis, whom while they celebrate in a hymn, they utter these words:
"I will hymn Attis, son of Rhea, not with the buzzing sounds of trumpets, or of Idaean pipers, which accord with (the voices of) the Curetes; but I will mingle (my song) with Apollo's music of harps, evoe, evan, ' inasmuch as thou art Pan, as thou art Bacchus, as thou art shepherd of brilliant stars."
On account of these and such like reasons, these constantly attend the mysteries called those of the "Great Mother,"supposing especially that they behold by means of the ceremonies performed there the entire mystery. [Moved into the presence of the gods with music]

For these have nothing more than the ceremonies that are performed there, except that they are not emasculated:they merely complete the work of the emasculated.

For with the utmost severity and vigilance they enjoin (on their votaries) to abstain, as if they were emasculated, from intercourse with a woman. The rest, however, of the proceeding (observed in these mysteries), as we have declared at some length, (they follow) just as (if they were) emasculated persons.
And they do not worship any other object but Naas, (from thence) being styled Naasseni.

But Naas is the serpent from whom, i.e., from the word Naas, (the Naassene) says, are all that under heaven are denominated temples (Naos).  And (he states) that to him alone-that is, Naas-is dedicated every shrine and every initiatory rite, and every mystery; and, in general,  that a religious ceremony could not be discovered under heaven, in which a temple (Naos) has no existence; and in the temple itself is Naas, from whom it has received its denomination of temple (Naos)

Eve is mentioned only twice in the New Testament and because Jesus spoke in parables to HIDE the truth from the WISE (sophists=rhetoricians, singers, musicians, actors).  Moses was writing an INVERTED version of Babylon Myths AFTER the nation fell from grace BECAUSE of instrumental idolatry at Mount Sinai.  Therefore, those who mock Paul do not understand that Paul knew all about Eve and scholars know nothing. While not necessarily true, Paul understood that women especially looked to EVE (Zoe, Mary) as THEIR Mediatrix.
The serpents, however, of the magicians-(that is,) the gods of destruction-withstood the power of Moses in Egypt, but the rod of Moses reduced them all to subjection and slew them. This universal serpent is, he says, the wise discourse of Eve. This, he says, is the mystery of Edem, this the river of Edem;
this the mark that was set upon Cain,
that any one who findeth him might not kill him. This, he says, is Cain, [Gen. iv. 15] whose sacrifice [Gen. iv. 5. ] the god of this world did not accept.

Theophilus to Autolycus 

This Eve, on account of her having been in the beginning deceived by the serpent, and become the author of sin, the wicked demon, who also is called Satan, who then spoke to her through the serpent, and who works even to this day in those men that are possessed by him, invokes as Eve.58 And he is called "demon" and "dragon," on account of his revolting from God. For at first he was an angel. And concerning his history there is a great deal to be said; wherefore I at present omit the relation of it, for I have also given an account of him in another place.

58 Referring to the bacchanalian orgies [wrath] in which " Eva " was shouted, and which the Fathers professed to believe was an unintentional invocation of Eve, the authoress of all sin.

The word "abomination" is also key to understanding the context. In Hebrew, the word "to 'evah," (abomination) is almost invariably linked to idolatry. In the passages from which both verses are taken, God tells Moses to tell the people not to follow the idolatrous practices of the people around them, people who sacrificed their children to Molech, or who masturbated into the fire to offer their semen to Molech, for example. Chapter 20 starts off with the same warning.

"To 'evah" also means "something which is ritually unclean."
But also, concerning music, some have fabled that Apollo [Abaddon, Apollyon]  was the inventor, and others say that Orpheus discovered the art of music from the sweet voices of the birds. Their story is shown to be empty and vain, for these inventors lived many years after the flood. And what relates to Noah, who is called by some Deucalion, has been explained by us in the book before mentioned, and which, if you wish it, you are at liberty to read.

Bobby Valentine thinks that the Jacob-cursed and God-abandoned Levites who were sorcerers with instruments as an old Egyptian infant burning sect just before 2 Chronicles 29 and just after the chapter.  The authentia women were unsafe in child bearing because she hatched children to feed Moloch the god of the Jews and women would expose herself for a few shekals which Isaiah 33-1 Corinthians says there will be no shekal takers or PULPITS in the kingdom of Christ.


The MUSES or LOCUSTS with Apollyon being the Musical Worship Leader along with the craftsmen (parasites) and instrument players will be punished in the same way the Jews worshipped fire, stars and serpents. As in the Prophetic type in Isaiah 30 in Revelation they WILL BE CAST ALIVE INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE.

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