The Gift of the Holy Spirit
Baptism Saves Us, says Peter, because that is how we REQUEST from God A holy spirit or A good conscience. That, according to Paul in 2 Corinthians 3 gives us the ability to read BLACK Text on BROWN paper.  Salvation is not an unconditional ticket to heaven: salvation is FROM the crooked race of the world--for which Jesus refused to pray.  In addition we are washed with water INTO the Word or into the School of Jesus.


CLICK HERE FOR THE FREE, TRUE GOSPEL MADE AVAILABLE TO ALL NATIONS WITH SUNLIGHT--FOR A WITNESS Scripture says that those rejecting baptism are treacherous: they call Jesus Christ a liar.

Acts 2:[38] andres adelphoi; Petros de pros autous Metanoêsate, kai baptisthêtô hekastos humôn en tôi onomati Iêsou Christou eis aphesin tôn hamartiôn humôn, kai lêmpsesthe tên dôrean tou hagiou pneumatos

Metanoêsate baptisthêtô hekastos eis aphesin hamartiôn:


Change one's mind

Dip in or under water;

every one, each one

into the

letting go, dismissal

of fault committed by one

Concur change purpose

Kataduô duck the whole person

every single one

EN = within one's power

to discharge from a bond

of guilt and sin

Baptism for remission of sins in Mark 16:16 and Acts 2:38 does not deny God's free grace.

See a few quick notes refuting FAITH ONLY in Romans 1. NEW 2.18.05

<>Everything in life is totally free. However, everything that is free is not available unless the rules of "planting, watering and harvesting" are followed.

Mark 1:1 The "Beginning" of The Gospel: Mark quotes Malachi to prove that the MOST IMPORTANT or the FOUNDATION of the gospel for those WHO ARE NOT JESUS CHRIST is baptism FOR (in order to) the remission of sins and a NEW BIRTH as a little child (Jesus), receiving A holy spirit (Peter) which is A clear conscience or consiousness as a co-perceiver of the WORD. Peter says that this is why the SCRIPTURES are not subject to a private interpretation which is FURTHER EXPOUNDING. You are terminal if you BELIEVETH NOT which means DISESTEEM or call God a liar. The word identifies you as TREACHEROUS.

Requested Review: James Melton Acts 2:38 - Satan's Favorite Bible Verse. "The teaching of the Reformers becomes most intelligible when seen against the Western Catholic doctrines (e.g., sin, grace, atonement), as they saw them. Even good works, piety, religiousness, and efforts, apart from justification by grace through faith, fell under God's curse. On the other hand, the justified sinner could be described in the most lavish terms, as one who could be "as Christ" or even sometimes "a Christ." Outside of misunderstood Zwinglian Calvinism, believer's baptism is defined just as ancient pagan baptisms: as a work of merit by enduring all over the sacrifice of Christ.

The same false theology which rejects baptism also absolutely repudiates PREACHERS going out and preaching to the either damned or saved.

Review of Max Lucado's Creed on baptism:
Part One: The Thief on the Cross Saved without Baptism! No: Christ had not yet preached to the pre- Cross faithful nor ascended into heaven.
Part Two: Baptism is just a pledge that you have been saved? No: Baptism is our REQUEST TO God; not OUR guaranteeing OUR faith and future conduct to gain "church" membership.
Part Three: Salvation by Trust Only or Prayer Only? 12/5/02 See how the GA, Shelly, Lucado Trithism as A Family of Gods leads naturally to despising the counsel of the human Jesus and how Baptists Baptism denies that Christ came FULLY in the flesh.
Part Four: Romans 6: Baptism DOES NOT save?
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Free Grace, The Gospel, The Gift of God And its Relation to Immersion
The Gospel means freedom from human-imposed rules: To become a disciple of Christ one "enrolls" by believing in Him, redirecting our lives and confessing our faith in water baptism. You need no clergy or approval of a "gathered church" to become a Christian. The "gospel" and baptism according to some historical views:



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Faith Only

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Baptism Prophesied
Baptism Prophesied and Fulfilled All Old Testament events are prophetic types of some spiritual need in mankind. For instance, the "flood event" is repeated at the Red Sea, in the demise of Israel in Jeremiah 4 and in Christian Baptism. None of these events see people saved before they obey God's command upon which their faith rests.
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Just a Symbol?
The symbol only argument also made of the death of Christ:

'Valentinus [fl. 138 -160], from whose teaching, as we shall see, the principal system of the Pistis Sophia [c. 160 - c. 388 (Legge (see 497))] was probably derived, also adhered to this Docetic theory, and said that the body of Jesus was not made of human flesh, but was constructed "with unspeakable art" so as to resemble it, the dove-like form which had descended into it at His baptism leaving it before the Crucifixion5.

According to Irenaeus, too, Valentinus held that the Passion of Jesus was not intended as an atonement or sacrifice for sin, as the Catholics taught,

but merely as a symbol or reflection of something that was taking place in the bosom of the Godhead

"Not only was Alexandria the natural meeting-place of Greeks and Orientals ["easterners"], but it was at the early part of the IInd [second] century a great deal more the centre of the intellectual world than either Athens or Rome." [88].

[Valentinus] "Jesus was accordingly born of the Virgin Mary; He was entirely pneumatic, that is His body was endowed with a spiritual soul, for Sophia Without herself descended into Mary and the germ thus sown by her was formed into a visible shape by the operation of the Demiurge [Gnostic (yours to define)] 

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