Artios Academy of Nashville:
false Teachings reviewed.

This is a requested critique of the Statement of Faith of ArtiosAcademy. This is pretty much the mostly-discredited Calvinism which was based on the Catholic Augustine who created a burning god in his own image as he saw Molech worship at Carthage.  This was a dominating practice among the Israelites after God turned them over to worship the starry host.  God does not burn infants to prove that He is SOVEREIGN: who would He need to prove it? Especially in Romans 9-11 Paul pauses to convince the Jews that they were NOT predestinated so that they could not be lost.
The method used by PCA (Presbyterian Church of America) and its Hyper-Calvinism at the Smith Spring's Church of Christ was infiltrating it with false teachers and then sowing of massive discord and the forced exit of the owners. This diversion worked because of the gradual exposing of false beliefs. This is connected to Artios by the fact that Jason Charlton is Artios headmaster and principal.  He is a graduate of Lipscomb University, has served on the board of Engedi ministries, and grew up at Smith Springs. Only recently did he leave there, along with his brother-in-law, Abe Goolsby, who also is on the board of Artios and teaches Latin there.  Both of their fathers (Jackie Charlton and David Goolsby) were serving as elders at Smith Springs when Calvinism was infiltrated.  Jason's grandfather, Otis Charlton, was the patriarch of Smith Springs and helped start it over 60 years ago.  We are informed that only one of the elders from that group 10 years ago remains as an elder today: Danny Hall, CEO teacher for Engedi and Artios supporter.

One of the elders who also served as music minister--now in federal prison for soliciting a same-sex minor over the internet--was one of the elders who gave tacit approval for the introduction of hyper-Calvinism
. Indeed, as Spurgeon would say, anyone who infiltrates a church without agreeing with their beliefs was so low he could not find a term to define them. The end time church will see slick speakers, singers and musicians accused of sorcerery who HAD deceived the whole world.
A letter asked: "Was the Music Minister a deluded  hypocrite (Westminister Creed Cpt. 17, Secton III; Cpt. 18, Section I) who only thought that he was chosen OR is was a chosen one who GOD allowed to go back into sin to remind him of how unholy he actually is (Westminister Creed Cpt. V, Section v; Chapter 18, section IV) ? So was Hebrews 13:5 lying when it says "I will never leave you or forsake you.?"

We might not that Jesus quoted Isaiah and Ezekiel to identify performance speakers, singers and instrument players as hypocrites! This agrees with the Greek use of HYPOCRITE to identify those living off the performing arts.
John Calvin repudiated instrumental music and self-composed songs.

Our review will be filled out with links to show that this is a HUMAN CREED which is opposed to the historical views of the Reformers and the Bible.  You are free to correct or comment.  Concerned members have expressed their concern where we have refuted all of David Lawrence small articles.  It is clear that even John Calvin could not prove "Calvinism" and resorted to partial texts out of context to support the old Augustinian heresy.  Click here and read the discussion and respond if you wish.

I have reviewed some of the false teachings at Engedi By David Lawrence--still teaching at Lipscomb University--and have proven that the DOGMA can only be supported by twisting of all of Scripture and lifting proof staments out of the context and ignoring the story line. Because this is so radically irrational, young converts finding themselves questioning the DOMION theology, are told that they will have to just believe it until they believe it.  Many feel trapped and escape

Click here for some exposures of the false teachings at Engedi: called the Goat Springs.  All of the waters of Engedi turn to Salt.

You may look at extensive BIBLICAL CONTEXT to refute each and every  false belief of Engedi which fuels Artios. While David Lawrence has been employed by Lipscomb University it is clear that he sees himself as a Campus Minister selling Calvinism to those unsure of their faith.

Statement of Faith Artios Academy in black

It is our earnest desire to see the school securely anchored within the stream of historic Protestant orthodoxy. To that end we affirm that we are in essential agreement with the historic confessions of the Protestant Reformation. The following articles are a distillation of this confessional
heritage, and they represent the key elements of Christianity that will be taught in various ways through all the grade levels. All teachers, administrators, and School Board members declare unconditional acceptance of these beliefs. In all matters of faith and practice, we desire to be guided at all times by the Scriptures, having our submission to Them aided and informed by our confessional heritage.
My observations in blue: The unspoken message means that they are hyper-Calvinists. David Lawrence etal teach that much was not revealed in the Bible but was left for church councils to WORK out new dogmas such as original sin and most of the "confessionals."  However, John Calvin taught the same principle as the church of Christ: that faith and practice is defined only by Scripture as written.  He denounced the councils upon which the new DOMINION theology rests.

A similar statement of Faith can be found at:
Dominion Classical Christian Academy

Col 1:5 For the hope which is laid up for you in heaven,
whereof ye heard before in the word of the truth of the gospel;

The gospel demands that believers be BAPTIZED:

Col 1:6 Which is come unto you, as it is in all the world;
and bringeth forth fruit, as it doth also in you,
since the day ye heard of it, and knew the grace of God in truth:

Col 1:13 Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness,
and hath
translated us into [eis] the kingdom of his dear Son:

The missed the punch line that we must "call on the name of the Lord." The SAME Paul was told: "Arise and be baptized, washiing away thy sins, calling on the Name of the Lord."
I.    Concerning Holy Scripture:
We believe that the Scriptures, both old and New Testaments, are the inspired, perfect Word of God. The Bible is the complete revelation of God¹s will for the salvation of man and the only ultimate and infallible authority in all matters of faith and practice. The Scriptures are a unified whole. The Old and New Testaments must each be understood in light of the other.

However, it is a fact that all of the posts at Engedi do NOT even use the context of the passages they use.  One cannot rightly interpet something they REFUSE to even quote.
II.     Concerning God, the Holy Trinity:
We believe in one living, Sovereign, and true God who is infinite, eternal, and unchangeable in all His attributes. He exists eternally in three Persons Father, Son, and Holy Spirit  these three being coequal in power and glory, having the same essence, attributes, and perfections.

Sovereign to Engedi and the PCA means that God controls each and every event.  However, this is NOT a Biblical concept. God created humanity with a free will and no one is ever predestinated to heaven or hell. No one who sinned blamed God.

The word TRIAS never meant three persons.  John Calvin repudiated the Trinity and defined Father, Son and Spirit as ASPECTS of the one God who is ONE DIVINE BEING.  Most of the classical Trinitarians define the Godhead as Thought, Word and Breath. The SON of God is the WORD of God which comes forth when God is said to SPEAK. The Spirit is the Spirit OF God or the Spirit OF Christ .
III.    Concerning God¹s Eternal Purpose:
We believe that the eternal purpose of God extends to all events. Further, we believe that His purpose is holy, wise, and altogether good, does not deprive man of his responsibility, nor does it make God the author of sin. Before the foundation of the world, God the Father chose for Himself, in Jesus Christ, a people whom He gave to His Son that they should be holy and without blame before Him.
When pinned they will tell you that God has a person and controls each and every event. If your child gets run over by a drunk it is because God manipulated both the child and the drunk.  There is no way God can control you and let you continue to be free. There is not a jot or tittle of "interpreted" scripture to support that dogman.

No, God did nto choose INDIVIDUAL to be a child of God.  God predestinated that we be HOLY in Christ but He did not name JIM JONES by name. If so, then he decreed that those not selectede burn in hell.  Those chosen was the tiny remnant of Jews and all Gentiles who would hear, believe, repent, confess and be baptized.  God ELECTS meaning God INVITES: Many are invited butfew ELECT to be saved.

IV.     Concerning Creation and Mankind:
We believe that God created the world and all things out of nothing by His powerful Word  all for His own glory. Mankind, and all life on earth, did not evolve but was created by a direct act of God. Man was created in the image of God, male and female, to have fellowship with Him and to glorify and serve Him by multiplying godly offspring, taking dominion over the earth, and reflecting His holy character.

V.    Concerning Sin:
We believe that all men are sinners because Adam and Eve, our first parents, disobeyed God¹s command and by their own willful sin fell from their original state of innocence and fellowship with God. This terrible choice placed them and all their progeny under the power and penalty of sin and death. God¹s image remains within fallen man, yet marred and defaced beyond all powers of human restoration. All men are therefore sinners by imputation and by choice, spiritually dead, separated from God, unable of themselves to please Him or to merit salvation, apart from which, they remain under His just condemnation.
This false teaching goes on to say that man being DEAD in sin is UNABLE to respond to the Gospel unless
God infuses FAITH in them.  Calvin identified the idea as fanatical.  Mankind was dead in THEIR OWN SINS. That does not mean unconsious but separated from God BY THEIR own sins NOT like those of Adam and Eve.

There is not a shred of proof: Sin was IN the WORLD but not in either Adam or Eve.  Abel and Seth and Noah and a host of people were righteous because they WORKED RIGHTEOUS DEEDS.  No one INHERITED Adam's Sins.  Sin was in the WORLD and if God does not TEMPT us then how could He MAKE us sinful.  WE sin when WE are aroused by Satan's temptation FROM WITHOUT.

Augustine gave as the MECHANISM for transmitting this sin the fact that the WOMAN enjoyed sex.  This woman hating apostate said that the woman had a disease MORE DEADLY than HIV and She must NOT engage in sex EXCEPT to "generate" else SHE produces a monster worse than Dracula.

Do you want your daughter too be convinced that she is the CARRIER of a deadly virus?
VI.     Concerning Christ:
We believe that Jesus Christ was  and remains  true God and true man, having been conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. While on earth, He lived a sinless life. He was crucified and on the cross He died a voluntary, substitutionary death to save His people from their sins. After three days in the grave He was raised bodily from the dead, He ascended into heaven, where, at the Father¹s right hand, He now intercedes for His church, rules over all things in her behalf, and continues His presence among His people through the agency of His Holy Spirit.
The Bible makes it perfectly clear that Jesus of Nazareth was "a body prepared for men." The ME was the Christ of God meaning His righteousness, justice, love and all sensed expressions LAID aside the glory and majest and TOOK ON the form of a human being. The text shows that the SPIRIT hovered over but did not INSEMINATE Mary.

When Jesus saw Jesus AT THE RIGHT of the Majesty of God he:
Spoke to God, Saying Lord Jesus: Zechariah proves that there is only ONE on the throne where Messiah was the HAND of God.
VII.    Concerning Salvation:
We believe that salvation is totally by God¹s grace  an unmerited gift to the believer. All who are born again by the Holy Spirit receive, by faith, determination to follow Jesus as Lord in a life filled with joyful, thankful obedience and good works, in accordance with His Word.
the Lord Jesus Christ and are justified on the grounds of His shed blood, not because of any works they have done. True faith is always accompanied by repentance and a
The Bible says that Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. The gospel is the SEED which when planted in good soil germinates and comes to full terms before it is BORN as in a resurrection.
  1. Jesus connected BELIEVETH and BAPTIZM to SALVATION.
  2. Peter connected those who believed with REPENTANCE and SALVATION to the REMISSION of Sins.
  3. Those who do not believe those statements are those who BELIEVETH NOT.
  5. Those who BELIEVETH NOT are those who COMPLY NOT.
  6. No one is BORN until they have DIED to themselves, been BURIED with Christ in Baptism and RISEN to NEW LIFE meaning REgeneration.
Baptism is the ONLY way Jesus has promised to REMIT SINS.  John Calvin was literate enough to teach that we cannot believe without a supernatural operation of God. However, he said that that MINISTRY OF THE SPIRIT was conducted by preaching the gospel.  The Spirit, he taught with churches of Christ, rides along with the words of Jesus Christ.
VIII.    Concerning the Return of Christ and the Last Things:
We believe that Jesus Christ will return personally, bodily, and visibly at the end of the age to judge the world  both the living and the dead. We further believe in the bodily resurrection of the righteous and the unrighteous, the everlasting punishment of the unrighteous, and the everlasting happiness and bliss of the saints whom God has called to Himself.

IX.    Concerning the Church:
We believe in one universal church of which Christ is the Head, made up of true believers in all places and in all times. The visible local church is the ordinary means of the spread of God¹s kingdom and the building up of God¹s people in Christ. The primary means by which God extends His grace are the Word, the sacraments, and prayer. The marks of a true church are the proclamation of God in Scripture, the biblical administration of the sacraments, the exercise of biblical government and discipline, the edifying use of the spiritual gifts given to the members of the Body, and a manifestation of unity and love among the members.
The church of Christ is CIRCUMSCRIBED by Jesus who promised to build His EKKLESIA.  That means synagogue which means a school of the Bible.  Paul defines this in all of the NOT musical passages.  Grace is not bestowed by the sacrament of the Lord's Supper. Paul said that we SHOW FORTH or PREACH the death of Christ until he returns.

In the twisted Ephesians 2 Paul proves that BAPTISM is how we SHOW FORTH "salvation by grace through faith until he returns." Baptism is a MEANS to the remission os sins and not a memorial of salvation BY FAITH ALONE.

People who can lift passages out of context truly believe that they have a SPIRITUAL GIFT.  However, these supernatural gifts were given to PROVE or MARK the arrival of that which was prophesied. Only the Apostles were gifted to reveal the Word once for all times to MARK those who teach false doctrine.

The church has no ROLE to play in regulating or facilitating the gifts of individuals; the ekklesia or synagogue met one day out of seven to TEACH that which is written. The church dismisses and the elders have no right to impose anything until the next called meeting.  The ekklesia as the pattern Jesus sued had a contact man who called meetings and made sure that any needs were met. In the church the elders have the duty of teaching the whole area within his reach. Otherwise, this SHEPHERDING and DOMIONION and GOVERNMENT has the marks of all cults.

Anyone who presumes such oversight of private lives should grasp that THERE IS NO LAW OF GIVING: Paul denied it and the early church did not practice it. Those who PROSPERED during the week were encouraged to give to the DESTITUTE "but only if they were willing." Be certain that you don't let people into your pocketbook.
X.    Concerning the Sacraments:
We believe that Christ has ordained two sacraments for the church in the present age: water baptism and the Lord¹s Supper. They are not, merely in themselves, means of salvation. They are signs and seals of God¹s covenant of grace and are properly given to every member of the visible church.
John Caivin would repudiate that ANTI-scriptural statement.

We have shown and will expand on the notion that Baptism is a MEANS to the remission of sins because that is where God in Christ put the REQUEST for A good conscience (1 Pet 3:21) or for A holy spirit (prsonal) (Acts 2:38 etc).

Baptisnm is where we OBEY God and He ADDS us to the church: no one is a member of the church without being baptized and given A holy, REgenerated human spirit.  Scripture says that BAPTISM SAVES. These people can find no other means to the remission of sins.

The Lord's Supper is a teaching activity and has no power to confer grace.

The fact that these same false dogmas are still spread in peaceable churches of Christ and Lipscomb University should be a mark of character if nothing else.
XI.    Concerning God Ordained Governments:
We believe that God has ordained various governments among men. To the civil government He has assigned the power of the sword and the administration of justice. To the church He has assigned the task of discipling the nations through the proclamation of the Word and the administration of the sacraments.
Jesus send the Apostles into all the world to make disciples BY baptism AND ongoing teaching.  Paul's example followed that of Jesus to go preach and MOVE ON and leave the government in the hands of elders who are "identified" because they "are already laboring in preaching an teaching."  There are NO SACRAMENTS to administer.
To the family He has assigned the task of nurture and education. We deny that the authority of any of these governments should be considered absolute or set against the others. God has assigned to them differing responsibilities. Each relies upon His grace to accomplish its given tasks, and each is ultimately subject and answerable to Him.
That is why families who subject their children to hyper-Calvinism have abrogated their duty and their children will be led into an irrational and ANTI-Christian form of teaching.  And, just when most Baptists have abandoned most of Calvinism.

The NAME of the Holy Spirit or "another Comforter" meaning a fuller Comfroter is said by John to be named "Jesus Christ the Righteous."  The SPIRIT is an adjective and defines the DIMENSION where God lives invisibly but not "far away." Other than that the Spirit speaks of the Spirit OF Christ.  Paul defined The Holy Spirit as the Mind of Christ. That Mind is revealed through the Words of jesus Christ.  No historicl trinitrian, including Calvin, believed that the Holy Spiriti was a Divine Being.

People claim that the Holy Spirit person has superceded the SON person because they use it in psychological violence to make sure that you do not quetion your superiors.

R. L. Dabney is used to discuss secular education.  One of the facts of the takeover of Smith Springs and other churches is the use of music and the defense of instrumental music.   We have noted over and over the MUSIC -- Gender-Confused connection down through recorded history. Nevertheless, all ofthe arousal singing and instrument terms point to enchantment or sorcery: used by people to force you to believe something you would never believe if they told you the WHOLE context and story line.  Not even Calvin was exempt from jumping into isolated parts of verse to explain Caivinism which, he is reported to have said, gags me.

This false system has no connection to the Bible READ IN CONTEXT and NOT interpreted or with historic Christianity.

R. L. Dabney against Instrument Music

R.L. Dabney on Preaching.

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