Apocalyptic Literature

On Line Texts: These texts have been annotated and cross linked with other ancient documents and the Bible.

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Primary Sources

Indentented: Secondary Sources

Baruch [Part of the O.T. Apocrypha]

II Baruch

III Baruch (Greek Apocalypse)

IV Baruch Paraleipomena Jeremiou

Adam and Eve Home Page

First Adam and Eve

Second Adam and Eve Slavonic Another Account of Music

Genun - Jubal - Musical Worship : Genun is a composit of Jubal, Jabal, Tubal-Cain and Naamah. They were the offspring of the evil Lamech who had his "second incarnation" as Ea, the patron god of music and other skills in Babylon.

VITA ADAE ET EVAE (Translation of the Latin)

From Dead Sea Scroll 4Q201

Apocalypse of Moses Adam and Eve, Life of -- translation of the Greek version

Some Other Informative Documents

Life of Adam from the Golden Legend

The Book of Adam

Adam's Helpmeets

Cave of Treasures

Book of Giants DSS

Sons of God and Daughters of Men

Apocalypse of Moses, A fragment Concerning Adam and Eve)

Assumption of Moses, The (a.k.a. Testament of Moses)

Ahikar, Story of

Apocalypse of Adam

Added from Ginzberg

Legends of the Fallen Angels
Legends of the Punishment of the Fallen Angels
Legends of the Jews - Cain
Cain - Cainites

1 Enoch Part A

1 Enoch Part B

Book of Enoch Book 1 - The Watchers

Book of Enoch Book 2 - Parables

Book of Enoch Book 3 - Astronomy

Book of Enoch Book 4 - Dreams

Book of Enoch Book 5 - Dreams

Total Book in one file

2 Enoch (Slavonic Book of the Secrets of Enoch)

Joseph and Aseneth

Jubilees, Book of

Aristeas, The Letter of

Martyrdom of Isaiah

Ascension of Isaiah

Revelation of Esdras

Second Treatise of the Great Seth, The not posted

Testament of Solomon

The Psalms of Solomon

Odes of Solomon

Used to defend Instrumental Music:

Tongue is instrument of God

Testament of Abraham, The

The Testament of Job

Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs

Testament of Reuben Dont trust sight and sound

Testament of Simeon

Testament of Levi Last Jewish Jubilee Priest Polluted, Jesus to be the last

Testament of Judah Prophesies of singing girls

Testament of Issachar

Testament of Zebulun

Testament of Dan

Testament of Naphtali

Testament of Gad

Testament of Asher

Textament of Joseph

Testament of Benjamin



Musical Worship Index cross links many of these

Home Page


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