Satan's Favorite Bible Verse? Why has one of the history's greatest "cottage industries" trafficking on calling Jesus a liar become so popular that people will destroy? Acts 2:38 baptisthŕt˘ hekastos eis aphesin hamarti˘n:






Dip in or under water;

every one, each one

into the

letting go, dismissal

of fault committed by one

Katadu˘ duck the whole person

every single one


EN = within one's power

to discharge from a bond

of guilt and sin

The Christian System, Alexander Campbell, Baptism

Alexander Campbell in The Christian System on Remission of Sins shows that most scholars and most church creeds acknowledged that remission of sins was the purpose of baptism.

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Memoirs of Alexander Campbell Volume 1

Memoirs of Alexander Campbell Volume 2

Lipscomb: Follow Up to Re-Visioning: I Saw the Lord: The Vision of God in Isaiah at Lipscomb.

b. Sept. 12, 1788, near Ballymena, County Antrim, Ire.
d. March 4, 1866, Bethany, W.Va., U.S.

Alexander Campbell (1788 - 1866 late in his life with his second wife. Library of Congress
According to Philo condenming instrumental music at religious festivals, the gods of the pagans exploit this weakness of men. For the sake of a better effect, and with the intention of more easily cheating their devotees, they have set their lies to melodies, rhythms and meters.

Philodemus held as self deceptive the view that music mediated religious ecstasy. He saw the entire condition induced by the noise of cymbals and tambourines as a disturbance of the spirit. He found it significant that, on the whole, only women and effeminant men fell into this folly. Accordingly, nothing of value could be attributed to music; it was no more than a slave of the sensation of pleasure, which satisfied much in the same way that food and drink did. Johannes Quasten 

Citizens of Zion: The Social Origins of Camp Meeting Revivalism by Ellen Eslinger Citizens of Zion does more than explain a particular instance of religious revivalism (Cane Ridge); it explores the creation of a new form of worship that enabled people to relate more comfortably to a changing society through an intense collective experience.

Unitarianism and The Trinity Refuted
How Alexander Campbell Explains the Trinity

Portions of the Christian System, Second Addition, Published by the Gospel Advocate, 1956 Reprint.

Campbell in The Christian System wrote: "While Protestant hatred to the Roman Pontiff and the Papacy continued to increase,

a secret lust in the bosoms of Protestants for ecclesiastical power and patronage worked in the members of the Protestant Popes, who gradually assimilated the new church to the old. Creeds and manuals, synods and councils,

soon shackled the minds of men, and the spirit of reformation gradually forsook the Protestant church, or was supplanted by the spirit of the world.

"Calvin renewed the speculative theology of Saint Augustine, and Geneva in a few years became the Alexandria of modern Europe. The power of religion was soon merged in debates about forms and ceremonies, in speculative strifes of opinion,

and in fierce debates about the political and religious right of burning heretics. Still, however, in all these collisions much light was elicited;

and had it not been for these extremes, it is problematical whether the wound inflicted upon the Man of Sin would have been as incurable as it has since proved itself to be.

"Reformation, however, became the order of the day; and this, assuredly, was a great matter, however it may have been managed! It was a revolution, and revolutions seldom move backward. The example that Luther set was of more value than all the achievements of Charles V., or the literary and moral labors of his distinguished contemporary, the erudite Erasmus.

The Christian System - Chapter III - God

The Christian System - Chapter IV - The Son of God

The Christian System - Chapter V - The Spirit of God

The Christian System - The Christian Ministry Chapter XXV A Restoration Movement church has its bishops and deacons at home, and its evangelists abroad, wholly devoted to the faithful discharge of their respective trusts

"It is curious to observe how extremes begot extremes in every step of the reformation cause, to the dawn of the present century. The penances, works of faith and of supererogation, of the Roman church, drove Luther and Calvin to the ultraism of "faith alone." PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION, Alexander Campbell, BETHANY, VA., January 2, 1835

Campbell, like Jesus Christ, also warned that confusion and the loss of "the keys to knowledge" and there fore the kingdom are taken away by self-seekers.

Leroy Garrett treats those who believe in baptism as the ultraists by claiming that Alexander Campbell taught salvation by faith only. He quotes from a debate but Campbell used the same comparisons in His Christian System to refute the charge.

Leroy Garret claims that Campbell believed that baptism was the formal sign or seal of prior remission of sins. In order to participate in a world-wide church of God many Restoration Movement offspring also reject the view of baptism held world-wide until the 17th century.

Campbell was aligned with the Baptists at this time but when he was baptized he made it clear that he did not subscribe tot he Baptist views of baptism. This prompted us to post Alexander Campbell's The Christian System section on The Remission of sins:

Catholic Baptismal Regeneration teaches that "the redemption of souls by Christ, whose work it seems is still to be performed, is to depend upon their being baptized, and, consequently, through that baptism brought into a state which renders such redemption unnecessary!

We have posted some of The Christian System from a 1950 reprint:

Proposition I - VII

PROP. I -- sins were forgiven, pardoned or justified
PROP. II -- as justified persons.
PROP. III -- as sanctified persons.
PROP. IV -- as "reconciled to God."
PROP. V -- as "adopted into the family of God.
PROP. VI -- as saved persons.
PROP. VII --A change of views, not equivalent to and never identified with a change of state.
Proposition VIII.- IX
PROP. VIII --The gospel has in it a command, and as such must be obeyed
PROP. IX --That it is not faith, but an act resulting from faith, which changes our state
Proposition X
PROP. X -- immersion and washing of regeneration names for the same act from two different points of view.
Proposition XI.
PROP. XI --All apostolical Fathers, all the ecclesiastical writers of note, of the first four Christian centuries,
speak of Christian immersion, as "
regeneration" and "remission of sins."
Proposition XII.
PROP. XII-- the reformed creeds, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Methodist, and Baptist,
substantially avow the same views of immersion,
though apparently afraid
to carry them out in faith and practice.
Objections and Refutations
The Christian System - Heresy Chapter XXVIII

Effects of Modern Christianity in The Christian System

Immersion Not a Mere Bodily Act
Justification Ascribed to Seven Causes
Peter in Jerusalem, and Paul in Philippi, Reconciled
Regeneration In The Christian System
The Bath of Regeneration Now in Separate Article
New Birth
Renewing of the Holy Spirit
The New Life
Physical Regeneration
The Use of the Theory of Regeneration
The Regeneration of the Church
The Regeneration of the World
Regeneration of the Heavens and the Earth
A Word to the Moral Regenerators of the Age
Alexander Campbell, The Christian System, 2nd Edition,
Gospel Advocate Company, Nashville, Tennessee, 1956.
Italics not carried forward. Page numbers in brackets [211] etc.
Alexander Campbell - Other Writings Reviewed 
Alexander Campbell on Fellowship and Sectarianism

Some annotated portions of The Christian System

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Sermon on the Law
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